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Early Generations (5)
    1.                 Jeremiah Kay (1795c…1840) m. Jane Cross (1808…1893) 
Jane Kay née Cross and Thomas Millington
                             Jane Millington née Cross (m1. Kay) and William Price
    1.1                 Jane Helen/Ellen Kay (1826…1920) m1. John McKenzie (1815…1884), Michael Higham, m3. Thomas Martin 
    1.1.1              Mary Jane McKenzie (c1844…1915?) m1. William Montague Cooke (1836…c1883), m2. George Henry Casburn (c1851…)           Mary Winifred Cooke (c1868…c1937) m. William Taylor           William Cooke (1870…)           Ada Emma Cooke (1873…1922) m. William J Laffin (…1923)           Emily Rosser Cooke (1874…c1936) m. Arthur Gordon Hall (…c1956?)           John McKenzie Cooke (1876…c1955) m. Ruby Dring Colless (1882…c1968)           Edward Montague Cooke (1879…c1932) m. Margaret Lily Priest (1885…c1984)           Alice Edith Cooke (1881…1902)          
Walter Rowland Cooke (1883…c1949) m. Edith May Langford (c1877…)
    1.2                 Harriet Kay (1827…1886) m. Robert Turner (1820…1895) 
    1.2.1              Harriet Turner (1848…1896) m. Alexander Armstrong Farthing (c1844…1917)
    1.3                 Joseph Kay (1829c…1903) 
    1.4               Ralph Jackson Kay (1833…1922) m. Mary Ann Rowe (1827…1907) 
    1.4.1            Jeremiah James Kay (1853…1925) m. Amelia Millicent Humphries (1862…1933)           Ralph George Horsley Kay (1882…1934) m. Martha Harper née Chadd (1882…1940)         William Henry Kay (1886…1955) m. Mary Ann Connell Richardson (1893…1962)        George William James Richardson Kay (1918…1942)      Marion Millicent Richardson Kay (1920…1998) m. Sidney Morris Brown (1919…2000)           Autumn Sidney Kay (1887…1929)           Clarence Leslie Kay (1889…1971) m. Florence Tripp (1888…)           Gladys May Kay (1892c…1962) m Walter Michael Williams (1882…1959)           Cyril Charles Kay (1894…1917)           Ella Muriel Kay (c1896…1972) m. Arthur Edward Maidens (1900…1977?)           Ethel Millicent Kay (1898…1973) m. Kenneth McKenzie           Bertie J Kay (1901…1902)         Clyde Athol Kay (1903…1995) m. Eileen Elenore Kelly [?Fielder] (c1905…1963)      Clyde James Henry Kay (1926…1990) m Patricia Norma Gray (1927…2008)      Noel Athol Kay (1928…1999) m Nola Jane Targett (1932…)      Bryan Elwyn Kay (1932…1992) m Lesley Robin Grayson (c1936…2010)      Geoffrey Kay (1934…) m Margaret Catherine Rose (…)         Stanley Alfred Kay (c1906…1931) 
    1.4.2              William Robert Kay (1855…1905) m. Priscilla Rebecca Bath (1861…1935) 
    1.4.3              John Henry Kay (1857…1946) m. Sarah Susanna Neaves (1864…1935)           Ethel May Kay (1890…1963) m. Edward George Fuller (1899…)
    1.4.4              Ralph Thomas Kay (1858…1934) m. Ellen M McGuiness  (c1871…1941)           John Thomas Kay (1889…1907)           Florence Mary Kay (1891…1963) m. John James Hindmarsh (1889…1947)        Eileen Hindmarsh (1913…1984) m. Leslie Keevers (1911…1972)        Albertine Mabel Hindmarsh (1925…2003) m. Stanley Thomas John Wray (1924… )           Edith May Kay (1893…1962) m. Hugh Ernest Robert Elkins (1886…1970)           Harold Lawrence Kay (1895…1956) m. Annie Bridget Hogan (1892…1983)           George Allen Kay (1897…1970) m. Florence May Plumb (c1898…)           Ellen Kay (1905…1959) m. William George Crossley (1901…1968)           William Robert Kay (1908…1963+) m. Mildred Maud Bray (1913…1978)           James Kay (1913…1980+) m. Freda Octavene Gardner (1906…1980+)
    1.4.5              Valentine Wallace Kay (1861 …1862) 
    1.4.6              Alfred Horsley Kay (1862…1946) m. Eliza J Neaves (1865c…1888); m2? Ellen Jane Bridekirk (…1935)           Carlyle Kay (1886…1963) m. Pearl Maud Wasson (c1887…1960)
    1.4.7              Ellen Jane Kay (1864 …1866) 
    1.4.8              Joseph Jackson Kay (1865 …1865) 
    1.4.9              Annie Florence Kay (1866…) ?m. James L Cummings 
    1.4.10            George Allen Kay (1867…1929) m. Clara L A C Allen  (1869…1932) 
    1.4.11            Mary Ann Kay (1873…1953) m. David Emery Kirkby (1870…1940) 
    1.5                 Robert Kay (1836…1890) m. Maria Hawthorn(e) (c1843…) 
    1.5.1              Lillian Kay (1871…1945) m. James Richard McDonnell (…)
    1.6                 Hannah Cross Kay (1838c…1928) m1. [1853] Peter Rush; m2. [1874] Thomas Ralph Francis Fox 
    1.7                 Jeremiah Millington Kay (1840…1910) m. Sarah Evans Weary (…1913) 
    1.7.1              Grace Amelia Kay (c1876…1960) m. Edward James Gibson (1879…1945)

Possibly Related Lineages
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The Cross and Jackson families traced herein lived generally in the East Riding, Yorkshire, England (ERY) about 1800; Robert Cross (born 1786) was transported to New South Wales, Australia, in 1814, his wife Jane and their three children arriving the following day as free emigrants.

Early Generations

1  Jeremiah Kay (c1795…1840) m1. Jane Cross (1809…1893)

Jeremiah Kay was born in Yorkshire ENG in 1795. Tried and convicted before W.D. Evans, Esq., at Lancaster Assizes on 22 June 1817 for the theft of a calf, the property of Mary Smith of Eccles [Lancastershire], Jeremiah was sentenced to death and held prisoner at Lancaster Castle. There on 27 August 1817 he was reprieved and later transported to Australia for seven years aboard the 480 ton Thames built Morley, arriving in Sydney on 7 November 1818.

On 27 August 1824 Jeremiah was granted a Certificate of Freedom . It described him as a butcher, 28 years old [suggesting born about 1796], 5 feet 63/4 inches (169.5cm) tall, of ivory complexion slightly pockmarked, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Jane Cross was born in Hull, Yorkshire, in December 1808, the daughter of ROBERT CROSS (born 1786; died September 1864) and JANE JACKSON (c1790 … 1840). Robert Cross, convict, was transported to Australia for life, and arrived in Sydney aboard the Surrey on 27 July 1814. His wife Jane, accompanied by their two sons William and Ralph and daughter Jane aged 5 years, arrived as "Free Settlers" on the Broxbornebury the next day. [Some Census and Musters shew the children as having arrived aboard the Surrey].

In February 1825 at St Peters CoE, Richmond, NSW, Jane Cross, 15 years old, married Jeremiah Kay, who was about 30 years old. At least six of the following children were born to this marriage [Note: order revised based on data on Robyn Bray's thetreeofus Website, 10may2011]:
The 1828 NSW Census notes Jeremiah as a Protestant whose occupation was a butcher. Jeremiah died May 1840, aged 42 years

Elizabeth Mills of Oxford, England [ 28 January 2006] wrote:
I … have been wondering if your Jeremiah Kay b. 1795 Yorkshire d. 1840 Australia could be the brother of my Ralph Kay b. 1799 Beverley, Yorkshire; married Mary?; d. 14 Nov 1862 Hull, Yorkshire. Their children were:
       Mary Ann Kay b. 1827
       John Kay b. 1828
       William Kay b. 1829
       Ann E Kay b. 1834
       Thomas Kay b. 1836
       James Kay b. 3 Mar 1841
       Emma Kay b. 1843
       Charles Kay b. 14 Jun 1846
       All born in Hull, Yorkshire (also known as Kingston on Hull).
There seem to be enough common Christian names with Jeremiah’s family to be more than just a coincidence!
I have found census returns for Ralph for 1851 and 1861 as follows:
       1851 census: Ralph Kay, 52, Mariner, living at Nicholsons Buildings, Holy Trinity Parish, Hull with his wife, Mary, 49, and their children, William 22 (labourer), Anne E 17, Thomas 15 (Printers apprentice), James 10 and Emma 7.
       1861 census: Ralph Kay, 63, Messenger living at 3 Nicholsons Entry, Holy Trinity Parish, Hull, with his wife, Mary 59, and their children, Thomas 25 (Letterpress printer), Emma 18 (hay maker), and Charles 15 (Teacher)
       [Ralph Kay was] Described as a Mariner on the Marriage Certificate of his son James to Elizabeth Fooks in 1866
       Ralph Kay was my husband’s Great Great Grandfather. … I know nothing about Ralph Kay’s father. Have you found out anything about Jeremiah’s parents?
All good wishes,
Elizabeth Mills, Oxford, England

To date [May 2008] no connection has been established between Ralph Kay, born Beverley YKS c1799 and Jeremiah Kay born YKS c1794-8. Ralph may have been born 3 November 1798, baptised 13 December 1798, Saint John and Saint Martin, Beverley, Yorkshire, the son of WILLIAM and MARY KAY. Jeremiah’s birth and ancestry remain obscure. Listings for Ralph Kay (b1799) appear in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 English census returns.

[Jeremiah may have been a brother of Ralph Kay (born 1799, Beverley YKS : it is possible that he was the boy christened 22 March 1795 at Saint Mary parish, Bury, Lancashire, or the child baptised 8 September 1794 at All Saints Church, Wakefield YKS. Vicki Kay (pers comm. 2008, Sydney) located a 1779 baptism for a Jeremiah, son of Joseph, and has postulate that Joseph may have been baptised 13 July 1740 at Saint Peters, Leeds YKS the child of Isaac Kay and Ruth Sheffield, and married 14 July 1760 at Saint Peters, Leeds.]

Jane's Other Marriages

Jane Kay née Cross and Thomas Millington
Jane Kay née Cross later married mounted police sergeant Thomas Millington at S Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Singleton NSW in November 1840; Jane bore Thomas two sons and two daughters.

Jane Millington née Cross (m1. Kay) and William Price
Jane's third marriage, as the widowed Jane Millington, was in October 1859 to William Price, a widower, at St Paul's CoE, West Maitland NSW. When more than 50 years old, Jane bore William a son:
[Further details of these marriages refer to the CROSS-JACKSON lineages].

Jane died in June 1893, aged 84 years, at the home of her son Thomas Millington in New Lambton, NSW, and was buried next day at Sandgate Cemetery under the name Millington. Her grave is shared by her daughter Harriet Turner (née Kay).

1.1 Jane Helen/Ellen Kay (1826…1920) m1. John McKenzie (1815…1884), m2. Michael Higham, m3. Thomas Martin

[Virtually all the detail related herein to the descendants of Jane Helen [Ellen] Kay (born c1828) was provided by Kim Cooke [Blue Mountains; [pers comm. dec2004] and is presented reformatted and abridged with some minor additions and editing]

Jane Helen [Ellen] Kay, daughter of JEREMIAH KAY and JANE CROSS, appears with her sister Harriet in the 1828 census, and seems to have been born c1828. Robyn Bray's Website [accessed April 2011] has her as Jane Eleanor Kay [indexed as Key], born 19 January 1826 at Liverpool NSW. She first married (as Jane G Kay) John McKenzie, on 20 April 1843 in a Presbyterian ceremony near Singleton ; by John she had one child:

John was a cattle and horse thief who escaped from the Berrima Gaol, was sent to Tasmania as a convict and was a part of the gang who stole the cattle from Bowen Downs Station QLD (the story of Captain Starlight). Robert Turner who married Harriett Kay was John McKenzie’s cousin (his mother’s sister’s son).

Jane later married Michael [or Richard?] Higham, and later still Thomas Martin. [the marriage of James Thomas Martin and Ellen Jane Higham was registered at Tamworth NSW in 1873]. Jane Ellen Martin, who did not have any children to the later two husbands, died at New Lambton in April 1920.

Jean Pritchard, a great-grand-daughter of William McKenzie, younger brother of John, eMailed [01mar2011] some background information regarding the McKenzies. The notorious behaviour of John (Jack) and William McKenzie had seen them both transported to Tasmania. William returned to Windsor in NSW and, well in his forties, married a very respectable Irish woman Lucy Ryan [St Matthew's Roman Catholic church, Windsor, 1853]; while their three children were very young, he died at Warialda to which he had travelled a great deal and where he owned a property. William used to make frequent trips to northern NSW and Queensland with John:— Jean believes they were dealing in horses and cattle. John was 'out west' permanently and Jean believes his wife had married again. John was heavily involved in the legendary Bowen Downs cattle theft with Harry Re[a]dford - the Redford family used to live near the McKenzies at Pitt Town and John and Harry had known each other during those years - they both moved to various part of western NSW and Harry Readford appeared before magistrates on a number of occasions for unlawful activies. John was tried for cattle theft and found not guilty after the Bowen Downs theft.

A son of William and Lucy Ryan, William Henry McKenzie by his wife Mary Heiler begat Thomas Francis McKenzie [Leichhardt NSW, 1902] when he was in his fifties and she was over 40; Thomas did not marry until he was almost 40.

1.1.1 Mary Jane McKenzie (c1844…1915?) m1. William Montague Cooke (1836…c1883), m2. George Henry Casburn (c1851…)

Mary Jane McKenzie appears to have been baptised to JOHN and JANE E in 1844. Mary married William Montague Cooke in September 1865 in a CoE ceremony at Singleton; the witnesses were Thomas Morse Cooke (the groom’s next youngest brother) and Harriet Turner (the bride’s aunt??? on her mother’s side). Denise Thompson of Cherrybrook NSW [, 30 October 2008] is the grand-daughter of Freda Rosser Ann Cooke, the daughter of Thomas Morse Frederick Cooke and his wife Louisa Bradshaw.

William (later known as William Montague Lascelles Cooke), born August 1836 in Hereford, England was the son of WILLIAM COOKE (convicted of fraud on a fairly big scale and given a life sentence; he arrived in Australia as a transportee on 1 February 1839 aboard the Theresa) and ELIZA COOKE née ROSSER (baptised June 1800 in England; emigrated to Australia with William and their five oldest children).

William the transportee worked for the Australian Agricultural Company in the Newcastle area (Stroud) and continued to live in the region for the rest of his life; he died at Maitland Hospital in October 1878 aged 82 and was buried in the West Maitland cemetery (Church of England section). William (senior) and Eliza were from a "better class of people" back in England: Eliza's sister married Edward Viscount Lascelles, of Harwood House, hence the Lascelles and Montague names later in the Cooke family. It would appear that William Cooke senior died separated from his wife and children (he was known to be a bit of a scoundrel).

William Cooke junior was a station master at Lochinvar NSW. Mary Jane and William Cooke's children were

William Cooke, born 1836, died at Pine Ridge in 1883 and was buried in the Gulgong Cemetery.

The widowed Mary Jane Cooke née McKenzie remarried on 9 March, 1886 at St Luke’s Church, Gulgong to widower George Henry Casburn (from Cambridge, England, aged 35 years, a butcher of Stubbo Creek, son of farmer/miller Robert Frederick Casburn and Mary Harber (or Hasker). Mary Jane Cooke gave her details as aged 40 years, Windsor NSW 40, Stubbo Creek., and parents as squatter/grazier John McKenzie and Mary Key.

Word has it that George Casburn was a brute of a man and made a habit of beating up Mary Jane and at times the children; eventually the boys had enough and the two oldest Cooke boys gave George Casburn the beating of his life and he fled the home never to be seen again. It is thought that there was no issue from Mary Jane’s second marriage.

The death of a Mary J Casburn, daughter of JOHN and MARY J [sic], was registered at Ryde in 1915. Mary Winifred Cooke (c1868…c1937) m. William Taylor

Mary Winifred Cooke married William Taylor in 1885 at Gulgong NSW. Her birth date is uncertain, but she was the eldest [surviving] child and two years older than her brother William, the next eldest. Mary and WilliamTaylor lived on a place called "Stubbo" or at Stubbo at Slapdash Creek. According to Mert they had two girls and one boy, however Kim Cooke has found possibly five girls and two boys. Children of William and Mary seem to have included:

The death of Mary Winifred Taylor née Cooke, daughter of WILLIAM MONTAGUE L and MARY JANE, was registered at Gulgong in 1937. William Cooke (1870…)

William (“Bill”) Cooke was born in 1870, possibly at Maitland NSW. Bill was a gun shearer, a great fist fighter and was a shearer’s union representative. His youngest brother Walter worked with him in the shearing sheds. Bill never married. He eventually developed cancer, he was brought from Blackall in QLD to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney where he died. Ada Emma Cooke (1873…1922) m. William J Laffin (…1923)

Ada Emma Cooke, born in 1873 at Gulgong, became a governess and worked for Mr William Laffin caring for his two boys as his first wife had died; Ada formed a relationship with William J Laffin [“Bill”] and [as Emma A Cooke] went on to marry him [the marriage was registered at Paddington NSW in 1901]. Ada and William lived in a house called "Mollyvale" on a large block of land in Constitution Road, Meadowbank in Sydney with a small creek running through it where Bill had a small vineyard, fruit trees and a tennis court.

Bill and Ada were the parents of:
When Ada and Bill died within a short time of each other while the children were young, Ada's younger sister Emily and her husband Arthur came to live at "Mollyvale" and took on the rearing of the three children. "Mollyvale" has since been demolished and the land split up into house blocks.

The death of Ada E Laffin née Cooke, daughter of MONTAGUE and MARY J, was registered at Ryde in 1922. The death of William J Laffin, aged 50 years, was registered at Ryde in 1923. Emily Rosser Cooke (1874…c1936) m. Arthur Gordon Hall (…c1956?)

Emily Rosser Cooke, born in 1874 at Gulgong, married Arthur Gordon Hall.; the marriage was registered at the Glebe, Sydney, in 1910. Arthur and Emily were theatre performers; Arthur, 5 feet in height, was a tenor; Emily was 5’ 10”. They lived in a place called Clivedin Manor / Flats, in Roslyn Rd, Kings Cross, Sydney, where many theatre people lived. Emily and Arthur cared for Ada and Bill Laffin’s children after Ada and Bill died.

The death of Emily Rosser Hall née Cooke, daughter of WILLIAM MONTAGUE L and MARY JANE, was registered at Waverley NSW in 1936. The death of an Arthur Gordon H Hall, son of JAMES GORDON H and HARRIET, was registered at Paddington NSW in 1956. John McKenzie Cooke (1876…c1955) m. Ruby Dring Colless (1882…c1968)

The birth of John [“Jack”] McKenzie Cooke, son of WILLIAM MONTAGUE and MARY J COOKE, was registered at Walgett in north-western NSW in 1876. He married Ruby D Colless at Coonamble in 1904; her birth had been registered at Coonabarabran in 1882 to GEORGE H and HANNAH Colless. Jack was also a gun shearer and a quiet country bloke and good fist fighter; he had a mixed business shop in Talbrager Street, Dubbo, it was of wood construction and was near the railway gates. Jack also worked for the railways as a timber getter or fettler.

The death of John MacKenzie Cooke was registered at Dubbo NSW in 1955. The death of Ruby Dring Cooke née Colless, daughter of GEORGE HENRY and HANNAH, was registered at Kogarah NSW in 1968 . Edward Montague Cooke (1879…c1932) m. Margaret Lily Priest (1885…c1984)

Edward [“Ted”] Montague Cooke, born in 1879 at Gulgong (uncle Ted), was a timber getter and saw-doctor in his younger days. Ted married Margaret Lily Priest at Byron Bay NSW in 1912; Margaret’s birth was registered at Glen Innes NSW in 1885 JOSEPH C and MARGARET PRIEST. Ted and Margaret later moved to Sydney and Ted became a tram driver and lived at Newtown. They had five children:
The NSW Electoral Rolls shew Edward Montague Cooke [machinist] and Margaret Lily Cooke [home duties] at Bloomfield street, Cabramatta and Edward [manager] and Margaret at Mollienvale, Constitution road, West Ryde in 1930, Margaret[home duties] at 63 Campbell street, Camperdown in 1933, Margaret with William Montague Lascalles Cooke [labourer] and Margaret Lily Cooke [salesgirl] at 185 Wilson street, Newtown in 1936 and 1937, Margaret, William [student] and Joseph Alexander Cooke [plastic moulder] at 30a Carrington street, Summer Hill in 1943, Margaret, John Edward Cooke [engineer], Joseph and Gordon [fitter] still at 30a Carrington street, Summer Hill in 1949 and Margaret, Joseph and Gordon at 30a Carrington street in 1954, 1958 and 1963.

The death of Edward M Cooke, son of WILLIAM M L and MARY J, was registered at Newtown NSW in 1932. The death of Margaret Lily Cooke on 16 September 1984, aged 99, 'late of Summer Hill', was noted in the Sydney Morning Herald the next day.  Alice Edith Cooke (1881…1902)

Alice Edith Cook was born in 1881 at Gulgong. She never married, and died 16 December 1902. She was buried at Rookwood Necropolis on 18 December 1902 in the same plot as her sister Ada and mother Mary Jane (CoE No 45 & 46, sec5). Her death notes say that she was 22 but BDM records show she was 26.  Walter Rowland Cooke (1883…c1949) m. Edith May Langford (c1877…)

Walter Rowland Cooke was born in 1883 at Gulgong. He worked with his brothers in the shearing sheds, a roustabout, an expert and a cook. He then became a barber, he was also a "wheelman" with the League of Wheelmen, (travelling bike riders troupe) they raced and people bet on them, also sang in 'barber shop style' quartet in shearing sheds entertaining people. Walter worked as an apprentice barber/hairdresser at Alfred Street, Circular Quay NSW.

Wal opened a shop in City Road, Newtown opposite Missenden Road opposite the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and next door to a carriage works that had a 12 foot wheel as the front window. The barber shop had about four chairs in it. On two floors under the shop Wal, Bill and Ted had a gambling place where people played baccarat, euchre et cetera They formed the Newtown Uralla Pastime Club which went on to be the NSW Leagues Football Club.

About 1911 he married Edith May Langford at Newtown, whose birth had been registered to HENRY and MARY A LANGFORD at Mudgee in 1887: she was apparently born in Lue near Gulgong (it is not clear whether they knew each other at Gulgong). Wal and Edith had three children:

Soon after Merton’s birth, Wal and Edith bought and lived in a house in Elswick Street, Leichhardt; at the same time Wal opened a barbers shop at 422 Parramatta Road. Merton attended the Crystal Street Public School at Stanmore.

The family holidayed at Collaroy and liked it so much they sold up and moved there where Wal worked for Wittacre and Hayward in a timber yard at Dee Why, driving a truck. They moved several times within that region as they battled through the Depression.

The death of Walter Roland Cooke, son of WILLIAM MONTAGU and MARY, was registered at Manly NSW in 1949.

1.2  Harriet Kay (1827…1886) m. Robert Turner (1820…1895)

Harriet Kay, second child of JEREMIAH KAY and his wife JANE CROSS, was born or baptised on 2 September 1827 and baptised CoE at St Luke’s Liverpool. Harriett married hotel keeper Robert Turner on 20 April 1843 in a Presbyterian ceremony in the Hunter district (Maitland, Morpeth, Paterson, Singleton), their union producing three children including:
Robert Turner, son of WILLIAM TURNER and ELIZABETH HOBBS, was a hotelier in inland NSW. He was a cousin of John McKenzie, a husband of Harriet's sister Jane Helen Kay, the sisters being married on the same day and at the same place. Robyn Bray's Website notes a second marriage for Robert, to Edith Cooper [also known as Emily Edith Scrimes] in May 1877, and his death on 3 August 1895 at an asylum in George St., Parramatta, aged about 74.

Harriet Turner née Kay died in October 1886 at the Ship Inn hotel in Newcastle NSW.

1.2.1 Harriet Turner (1848…1896) m. Alexander Armstrong Farthing (c1844…1917)

Harriet Turner, born at West Maitland and baptised 1848 as CoE in the Hunter region of NSW, daughter of ROBERT TURNER and his wife HARRIET KAY, married Alexander Armstrong Farthing at West Maitland c1879. Alexander was the son of WILLIAM and LILIAS FARTHING, and had been baptised in NSW c1844. Harriet and Alexander were the parents of twelve children:

Harriet Farthing née Turner died in March 1896 at Paddington NSW and was buried in the Roman Catholic section of Waverley Cemetery. The death of Alexander A Farthing, son of WILLIAM and LILLIAS, was registered at Woollahra in 1917.

1.3 Joseph Kay (1829c…1903)

Born c1829 [or 27 June 1830] (his baptism was entered in the 1829 registers of Christ Church CoE, Hexham near Newcastle), Joseph Kay, a son of JEREMIAH KAY and his wife JANE CROSS, is thought not to have married. He died in the New Lambton home of his Millington half-sisters in July 1903.

1.4  Ralph Jackson Kay (1833…1922) m. Mary Ann Rowe (1827…1907)

Ralph Jackson Kay, apparently born January 1833 at Singleton NSW, though baptised at St Luke’s CoE Liverpool, was the son of JEREMIAH KAY, butcher, and his wife JANE CROSS (1809…1893). Ralph, a bachelor, married Mary Ann Rowe (or Roe), a spnster, at St Mary's church, West Maitland NSW in March 1852 . The marriage, witnessed by Ralph's sister Harriet and her husband Robert Turner of Maitland, was by banns and with the consent of friends. Mary Ann Rowe was the daughter born in Sydney in October 1827 to JAMES ROWE (or ROE or RAE) and ELLEN CARROLL (or CARROTT, later m2 RICHARDSON).

The children of Ralph Jackson and Mary Ann Kay were:
Mary Ann Kay née Rowe died at Wyong on June 1907 and was buried in Jilliby Cemetery (CoE section); her son Alfred is also buried there. After her death, Ralph moved to New Lambton, apparently to his sister's place. Ralph was in a local masonic lodge, sponsored by his son John Henry Kay. Ralph Jackson Kay died at New Lambton NSW in May 1922.

1.4.1  Jeremiah James Kay (1853…1925) m. Amelia Millicent Humphries (1862…1933)

Jeremiah James Kay, born c1854 at Grafton NSW or April 1853 at Lochinvar NSW, son of RALPH JACKSON KAY, carpenter, and MARY ANN ROWE (1867…1907), married Amelia Millicent Humphries at Gunnedah in March 1880. Amelia was the daughter of GEORGE HUMPHRIES (1828…1903, bailiff) and ANN ELIZABETH JORDEN (c1832…). At the time of the marriage, Jeremiah, 26, was a miner residing at Vegetable Creek, and Amelia, 18, was a resident of Boggabri. Witnesses at the wedding were Amelia’s father George Humphries and John Kay, possibly Jeremiah's younger brother.

The Sydney Morning Herald of Wednesday 25 April 1883 (p7) announced for the Government Gazette:
            ACCEPTED TENDERS.—The tender of Jeremiah Kay has been accepted for the supply of provisions, &c., to the gaol at Casino.

The 1906 [NSW] Electoral Rolls (Gwydir Electorate, Moree polling place) have Amelia Kay engaged in domestic duties, Jeremiah James Kay a carpenter, Ralph George Hosley Kay a labourer and William Henry Kay a tailor, all resident at Moree.

Jeremiah and Amelia's eleven children were:
During the First World War, all the eligible Kay boys enlisted as Privates in the Australian Infantry Forces. A photograph [Standing, from left: Pte Cyril Charles Kay (died of wounds WWI); Pte William Henry Kay (served WWI); Pte Ralph George Horsley Kay (served WWI); Pte Clarence Leslie Kay (wounded WWI); Seated: Jeremiah James Kay] of the was submitted by Geoffrey Kay of Allambie Heights NSW to the Anzac Day 2009 Honour Wall (Part 18) and made available through several regional Australian newspapers such as the Central Coast Express Advocate and can be purchased at

The 1930 Electoral Roll (Commonwealth division of Gwydir, State division of Barwon, sub-division of Moree) shews Amelia Kay engaged in home duties, Clarence Leslie Kay a labourer, Florence Kay [Clarrie’s wife] in home duties, Stanley Alfred Kay a labourer, all at Heber street, Moree. Ethel Millicent McKenzie was also engaged in home duties at Heber street, Moree [a Kenneth William McKenzie is enrolled as a manager at Koreen, Gurley]. Clyde Athol Kay was a printer and Eileen Elnor Kay engaged in home duties at Boston street, Moree.

The 1936 Electoral Roll (Commonwealth division of Gwydir, State division of Barwon, sub-division of Moree) shews Clarence Leslie Kay a labourer and Ethel Millicent Kay and Florence Kay engaged in home duties, all at Heber street, Moree.

Jeremiah James Kay, undertaker aged 73 years, died at Moree on 15 May 1925. Amelia lived until June 1933, when she died at Moree, aged 70 years. Ralph George Horsley Kay (1882…1934) m. Martha Harper née Chadd (1882…1940)

Ralph George H Kay, first of eleven children of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT KAY, was born on 1 September 1882 near Inverell. During the First World War Ralph enlisted as a Private in the 55th Battalion of the Australian Infantry Forces on 25 September 1915; he returned to Australia on 31 March 1919.

The marriage of Ralph G H Kay and Martha Harper née Chadd on 9 April 1925 was registered at Newtown NSW. Martha was the daughter of THOMAS and HANNAH CHADD; her birth was registered in Sydney in 1882. Martha was previously married in 1904 to Joseph Harper, with issue Joseph William Harper (birth registered at Redfern in 1905; death registered at Newtown in 1956), Ruth E Harper (birth registered at Ashfield in 1907; marriage to Allan Settree registered at Newtown in 1925), Henry and Hazel Harper (probably twins; births registered consecutively at Newtown in 1910; deaths registered at Newtown in 1910, Henry's first) and Arthur Harper (birth registered at Newtown in 1911). The death of a Martha Harper, daughter of Joseph and Martha, was also registered at Redfern in 1926. Joseph was killed Pozières 26 July 1916. Martha had three surviving children when she married Ralph Kay in 1925, one of whom was the mother (deceased by 2010) of Janet Gulley [per eMail, 12jun2011]..

The 1930 Electoral Roll (Commonwealth division of Cook, State division of Annandale, sub-division of Camperdown) shews Ralph George Hosley Kay a labourer and Martha engaged in home duties at 18 Bucknell street [Camperdown]; Martha remained in the 1936 Roll.

Ralph’s death on 22 July 1934 was registered at Newtown in 1934 . It is possible that he was a house painter, regarded as a nice fellow, who died of lead poisoning. Janet Gulley thought that “… Ralph suffered from mustard gas poisoning, as my late sister always remembered him coughing up his lungs, sitting down in some shed at the back of the house.  I have never seen a photo of Ralph, and only have 2 of Martha.  Martha died suddenly of a heart attack 1.7.1940 … .  Her death took place at 18 Bucknell St. Newtown.  There were no children from [her] second marriage”. The following obituary was printed in the Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser on Monday 23 July 1934 (p2) and in Narrabri's The North Western Courier of Monday 30 July 1934 (p2):
The death occurred at his residence, 18 Bucknell Street, Newtown, on Sunday morning of Mr. Ralph Kay, eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kay, of Moree. The deceased, who was 54 years of age, was a native of Moree, and had served through the Great War.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by three sisters and three brothers, the former being Mrs. Walter Williams (Moree), Mrs. Barney Maidens (Moree), and Mrs. McKenzie (Talwood, Queensland), and the latter Messrs. William Kay (Rockley), Clarrie Kay (Moree), and Clyde Kay (Narrabri).  William Henry Kay (1886…1955) m. Mary Ann Connell Richardson (1893…1962)

William Henry Kay (Bill), born April 1886 (or 1885, per year of registration) at New Lambton near Newcastle NSW, was the second son of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY (master cabinetmaker and undertaker, c1854…1925, Moree), and AMELIA MILLICENT KAY (née HUMPHRIES)(c1861… ....).

Bill received some of his education at the Moree Superior Public School. With the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914, Bill soon enlisted, joining on 11 January 1915 as a Private; he returned to Australia on 9 July 1919. On leave in Scotland while serving as a bandsman with the 25th (?or 26th?) Battalion Australian Infantry Forces on active duty at Gallipoli and in France during World War I, he met Mary Ann Connell Richardson (Molly), the daughter of GEORGE RICHARDSON (boot and shoe merchant, 1871…1936) and MARION PATERSON. Bill, a bachelor whose civilian profession was a tailor, married Molly at her residence at 21 Glebe Street Kilmarnock AYR in February 1918; witnesses were P N McCracken and Maggie N Richardson.

Bill and Molly travelled to Australia aboard the Prince Ludwick in 1919 with their infant son George while Bill was still in uniform. Bill was re-employed by the Australian Post Office and worked for them at Moree. Molly, unaccustomed to the the isolation and wilting summer heat of north-western New South Wales, later repatriated to Scotland with their Australian-born daughter Marion and young George. From Australia, Bill persuaded Molly to try once more to adapt to the Australian climate, and she and the children returned to Australia aboard the Themistocles in early 1924.

Almost immediately the family was transferred by the Post Office to Bulyeroi, some 70km west along the Gwydir River. Bulyeroi, little more than the post office itself, served isolated farming communities and passing travellers. About 1927 they were again transferred, this time to the Central Tablelands township of Rockley, where they were much happier in the hilly wooded terrain.

Bill and Molly Kay had two children:
The 1930 and 1936 Electoral Rolls (Commonwealth division of Macquarie, State division of Bathurst, sub-division of Rockley) shew William Henry Kay a postmaster and Mary Annie Connell Kay engaged in home duties at Rockley,

William Henry Kay, retired Post Master aged 69 years, died in May 1955 at the Repatriation General Hospital. His residence at time of death was at 2 Potts Street (at the corner with Bycool Avenue) Kingsgrove NSW. The Australian Repatriation Department concurred that his death was attributable to the effects of German mustard gas poisoning occasioned while on active service in France during World War I. Mary Ann Connell Kay (née Richardson), aged 68 years, died in January 1962 at the same hospital as had her husband. George William James Richardson Kay (1918…1942)

George William James Richardson Kay, born in October 1918 at 21 Glebe Road, Kilmarnock AYR, was the only son of WILLIAM HENRY KAY (Bill) and his war-bride MARY ANN CONNELL RICHARDSON (Molly). George emigrated to Australia with his parents aboard the Prince Ludwick in 1919, repatriated to Kilmarnock with his mother and sister, and returned to Australia aboard the Themistocles in early 1924, to Bulyeroi NSW and about 1927 to Rockley NSW.

Private George William James Richardson Kay, Signaller, sailed from Sydney for Singapore aboard the Queen Mary in February 1941, following training at Bathurst NSW. Serving with the H.Q. Company, 24th Battalion 8th Division of the Australian Infantry Forces in Malaysia, he was killed on 11 (or 12”?) February 1942 during the Japanese invasion of Singapore, probably defending the Causeway linking Singapore to Peninsular Malaysia. At the time his family were living at 5 French Street, Artarmon NSW.  Marion Millicent Richardson Kay (1920…1998) m. Sidney Morris Brown (1920…2000)

Marion Millicent Richardson Kay, born January 1920 at, Moree NSW, was the second child and only daughter of WILLIAM HENRY KAY (Bill) and his war-bride MARY ANN CONNELL RICHARDSON (Molly). She went with her mother and brother to Kilmarnock Ayrshire, returning to Australia aboard the Themistocles in early 1924. Almost immediately the family was transferred by the Post Office to Bulyeroi; about 1927 they were again transferred, to Rockley.

Marion began working for the Post Office at Rockley, and about February 1941was sent by the Post Office to work at Coolah NSW. After about three months, the Post Office moved her south to the historic gold-mining town of Gulgong. In November 1941 Marion was moved to Katoomba; there she met Sidney Morris Brown, then a telegram deliverer, who she married in December 1942 at the Manse, Katoomba NSW. The next day Sid entrained in Sydney with a RAAF contingent bound, they thought, for Brisbane and thence New Guinea: Sid actually detrained at Townsville QLD, where after three or four weeks in training camps he and two others were detailed for special duties and moved to Cairns. After two years at Cairns, Sid was transferred to Bowen QLD to join the 9th Squadron Air-Sea Rescue, and later posted to the Flight Training School at Temora NSW.

Marion Brown spent the early war years working in the Post Office at Katoomba and Bondi. Reunited after the war, Sid and Marion moved to Parramatta NSW, and later to Kingsgrove NSW, where Marion gave birth to two daughters:
Sid and Marion and their children moved to Epping NSW, circa 1964. Marion died at Wahroonga NSW in December 1998. Sid died in December 2000 at Westmead. [Further details of the Brown family can be found in the Brown lineage notes].  Autumn Sidney Kay (1887…1929)

Autumn Sidney Kay, third son of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, was born on 31 March 1887 at Ourimbah near Gosford NSW; the birth was registered at Brisbane Water.

The 1913 Electoral Roll (division of Maranoa, sub-division of St George) shews Autumn Sydney Kay, male, a painter at St George in Queensland.

Autumn Sidney Kay died on 11 April 1929 at Moree District Hospital; the Moree registration [index] names his parents as GERALD and AMELIA. An obituary was published in the Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser on Monday 15 April 1929 (p2):
MR. A. S. KAY.
The death occurred in the Moree District Hospital on Thursday night of Mr. Autumn Sidney Kay, third son of Mrs. Kay, of Moree, and the late Mr. J. J. Kay. The deceased had been in failing health for the past three months, and had entered the institution about a fortnight prior to his death. He was 40 years of age, and was born at Ourimbah. He came to Moree when about seven years of age, and has resided here ever since. The late Mr. Kay was keenly interested in football, and in his young days represented Moree on many occasions. Besides his mother, who has reached the advanced age or 70 years, five brothers and three sisters survive him. The brothers are Messrs. Ralph (Sydney), William (Rocksley), Clarrie, Clyde and Stanley (Moree), and the sisters Medames W. M. Williams, A. E. Maidens, and K. McKenzie, all of whom reside in Moree. The funeral took place on Friday to the Church of England portion of the cemetery, the Rev. C. E. Hulley administering the last sad rites..  Clarence Leslie Kay (1889…1971) m. Florence Tripp (1888…)

The birth of Clarence Leslie Kay at Teralba NSW in October 1889, son of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, was registered at Wallsend in 1889. During World War I Clarrie enlisted as a Private in the 3rd Battalion of the Australian Infantry Forces. His brother Cyril enlisted at the same time. Clarrie, bachelor aged 29 Years, married 30-year old English spinster Florence Tripp of Yeovil SOM at the CoE parish church of St Michael and All Angels at Yeovil on 19 July 1919. Florence was the daughter of deceased gardener CHARLES TRIPP. [Bill Kay, Clarrie's brother, also had a war-bride.] Clarrie returned to Australia on the Marathon, disembarking on 1 January 1920. Clarrie’s children were:
Clarrie and Max were each captain of Moree Fire Brigade. In August 1964 Clarrie wrote to the Army from 3 Neilson Street, Wallsend, requesting a copy of his discharge papers. In 1955 Clarrie was a patient in Concord Military Hospital. The death of Clarence Leslie Kay, son of JEREMIAH and AMELIA, on 28 September 1971, was registered at Moree. Gladys May Kay (1892c…1962) m Walter Michael Williams (1882…1959)

Gladys M Kay, born c1892, daughter of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, married Walter M Williams at Moree in 1913 ; no children; lived at Newcastle in 1955. Used to live at Tea Gardens. In 1926 Gladys and her brother Clyde survived the horrific train crash of 13 September when the Sydney-bound North West Mail train collided with several break-away wagons of a goods train at Murulla on the Murrurundi Range NSW — Clyde escaped with minor injuries but his sister Gladys received crippling injuries; 27 people died in the accident. Among those on the Mail were several schoolgirls returning to boarding schools after the spring school holidays.

The 1930 and 1936 Electoral Rolls (Commonwealth division of Gwydir, State division of Barwon, sub-division of Moree) have Walter Michael Williams a labourer and Gladys May Williams engaged in home duties at Heber street, Moree.

The death of Walter Michael Williams, son of WILLIAM JOHN and ANNE CAROLINE E, was registered at Newcastle NSW in 1959 (birth registered at Narrabri in 1882). The death of Gladys May Williams, daughter of JAMES [sic] and AMELIA, was registered at Chatswood NSW in 1962.

Contemporaneously, the birth of another Gladys May Kay on 14 May 1895 was registered at Raymond Terrace NSW; her mother indexed as EMMA, possibly the Emma Kay whose birth to ROBERT KAY and ELLEN LETITIA KAY née DOYLE on 28 June 1873 had been registered at Port Stephens NSW [“Jen” eMailed (20jul2011) that Robert's parents seem to be another Robert Kay and Brigid]. Ellen died on 5 April 1878, aged 34, and was buried in the Anglican portion of Stroud Cemetery NSW, where also lies her son Robert Kay who died 10 June 1873, aged 4 years. A Robert Kay, Innkeeper at Stroud, was declared insolvent on 28 May 1881 (date of sequestration) [note also a Robert Kay, stockman at nearby Gloucester, declared insolvent on 13 June 1874]. The death of Emma Kay was registered at Newcastle in 1903.

This Gladys' marriage to Leslie John Bridges was registered at New Lambton NSW in 1918.

The NSW Electoral Rolls shew John Bridges [labourer] and Gladys May Bridges [home duties] were residing at 76 Grove street, Tempe; in 1933 John and Gladys were at Cook Park Camp, New Brighton. The 1936 and 1937 Rolls shew Leslie John Bridges [labourer] and Gladys May Bridges at Curtis avenue, Taren Point, where Gladys remained in 1943, 1949 and 1954 (the death of Leslie John Bridges, son of JAMES and ANNIE, had been registered at Kogarah in 1940). The 1949 Roll also shews Leslie James Bridges [glass cutter] at 'Curtis street' and Gwendoline Ellen Bridges [process worker] at '47 Curtis street'. The marriage of Leslie James Bridges to Mary Elizabeth Evans was registered at Sutherland NSW in 1950: in 1954 he [mechanic] and she [home duties] were enrolled at 191 Taren Point road, Taren Point. Gwendoline's marriage, to William Williams, was also registered at Sutherland in 1950. Perhaps Leslie James Bridges and Gwendoline James Bridges were related to Gladys.

The death on 21 June 1973 of Gladys May Bridges née Kay, aged 78 years, 'late of Taren Point', was noted in the Sydney Morning Herald next day and registered at Helensburgh NSW.  Cyril Charles Kay (1894…1917)

Cyril Charles Kay, son of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, was born on 24 April 1894; the birth was registered at Canterbury NSW. Cyril and three of his brothers fought in World War I; Cyril enlisted as a Private in the Australian Infantry Forces. Cyril and Bill were to die as a result of their service, Cyril killed in action and Bill many years later as a result of gassing.  Ella Muriel Kay (c1896…1972) m. Arthur Edward Maidens (1900…1977)

Ella Muriel Kay, born c1896 at Moree, daughter of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, married Arthur Edward Maidens (Barney) at Waratah NSW on 5 December 1917; in 1955 Ella was living in Moree NSW. Arthur’s birth had been registered to WILLIAM JOHN and EMILY J MAIDENS at Moree in 1900. Arthur and Emily had seven daughters and two sons [not necessarily in the order following] including:
NSW Electoral Rolls shew Arthur Edward Maidens [labourer] and Ella Muriel Maidens [home duties] at David street, Moree, in 1930 and 1936. Ella Muriel Maidens [home duties] was listed at 28 David street, Moree, in 1937, and at 175 Heber street, Moree, in 1949, joined there by William James Maidens [greaser] in 1953 and 1958. Ella remained listed at that address in 1963 and 1968.

It appears that Ella and Arthur separated about 1936-37, with Arthur entering another relationship bearing at least three issue. NSW Electoral Rolls shew Arthur Edward Maidens [carpenter] at Bourke Street, Brewarrina, in 1937 and at Roto in 1937, Arthur Edward Maidens [carpenter] and Catherine Patricia Maidens [home duties] at 17 Princes street, Gladesville, in 1956, 1963, joined thereat by Anthony Maidens [carpenter] and Robyn Frances Maidens [home duties] in 1968; Arthur Edward Maidens [no occupation], Catherine Patricia Maidens [home duties] and Peter Maria Maidens [carpenter] were listed at 17 Princes street, Gladesville, in 1977 [Robyn Francis Maidens [maid] was at 26 Massey street, Gladesville].

The death on 2 February 1972 of Ellen Muriel Maidens née Kay, daughter of JAMES JEREMIAH and AMELIA MILLICENT, was registered at St Leonards.

The death of Arthur Edward Maidens, son of WILLIAM JOHN and EMILY, was registered in 1977. A notice regarding the death on 11 June 1977 of an Arthur Edward Maidens, “late of Gladesville”, appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 13 June 1977.

Daphne, Gwen and Maisie died in 2006. A notice appeared in Brisbane's Courier Mail on 29 April 2006 regarding the death on 27 April 2006 aged 84 years of Daphne Kathleen Rankin “at Greenslopes Private Hospital, late of Stanthorpe”. A notice regarding the death of Emily Millicent Bishop ("Maisie") née Maidens on 11 November 2006 appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald of Tuesday November 14, 2006. Ethel Millicent Kay (1898…1973) m. Kenneth McKenzie

The birth of Ethel Millicent Kay on 10 November 1898, a daughter of JEREMIAH JAMES KAY and his wife AMELIA MILLICENT HUMPHRIES, was registered at Moree in 1899. Ethel married Kenneth McKenzie at the Methodist church, Moree, on 4 February 1919. Kenneth and Ethel had at least one child (possibly two or more):

Ethel and Kenneth divorced in 1928. Ethel lived at Moree in 1955.

The death of Ethel Millicent McKenzie née Kay, daughter of JEREMIAH and AMELIA, on 14 April 1973, was registered at Newcastle NSW. Bertie J Kay (1901…1902)

The birth of Bertie J Kay on 21 July 1901, son of JEREMIAH J KAY and his wife AMELIA HUMPHRIES, was registered at Moree. His death on 4 June 1902 was also registered at Moree. Clyde Athol Kay (1903…1995) m. Eileen Elenore Kelly [?Fielder] (c1905…1963)

Clyde Athol Kay, born July 1903, worked for the Narrabri newspaper from the early 1920/30s well past normal retirement age.
Clyde married Eileen E Kelly [an obituary has Fielder] at Moree in 1926 ; the daughter of MARGARET E KELLY [Eileen's father is thought to have been a Michael Heffer(n/m)am], she was born near Narrabri in 1905 . Clyde and Eileen had four sons:
Eileen died in February 1963; aged 56 years, the daughter of MICHAEL JOHN and MARGARET EMMA KELLY, her death was registered at Narrabri. In 1992 Noel was living with his father in Narrabri. Clyde died in May 1995 at Narrabri, aged 91 years, and was buried next to Eileen in the Narrabri Old General Cemetery. The Narrabri Courier of 16 May 1995 wrote:
Passing of respected Narrabri resident
The death of a respected Narrabri resident, Mr Clyde Athol Kay, occurred on Sunday, May 14, at Narrabri Hospital.
The late Mr Kay, aged 91, was a resident of Narrabri from l932 until his death.
Mr Kay's working life was largely centred on The North Western Courier and Courier Productions.
He began work as a compositor with the company in 1933 and retired as foreman of Courier Productions in 1983.
For those 50 years he worked closely with Mr. Bruce Dunnet, co-proprietor of The Courier.
Mr Kay was acknowledged as being a crafts-man of the highest order.
He gained his knowledge after entering the printing industry in Moree in l918 and completed a six year apprenticeship under Mr Alf. Handley, the then proprietor of the Moree Champion.
Mr Kay learned the traditional skills of composing handset type and hot metal typesetting.
In 1930 Mr Kay left the 'Champion' and, after a period of a few months in Muswellbrook, accepted a position at Narrabri.
Mr Kay married Eileen Fielder, a Narrabri girl, in 1924. The couple had four children, all boys.
The late Clyde Kay was a keen sportsman. He played first grade rugby league for Moree in the 1920's but became an administrator in Narrabri, serving for 17 years as secretary of Narrabri Rugby League Club. He was secretary during the "glory days" of Narrabri when it swept all before it for the Spicer Cup be-tween 1946 and 1948. He was a life member of the club.
Mr Kay was a survivor of one of the State's worst ever rail disasters. He was a passenger on the Sydney-bound North West Mail which ploughed into a runaway chain of goods wagons near Murulla. A total of 26 people were killed and 42 injured in the smash. Mr Kay and his sister, Mrs Gladys Williams were in the third carriage when the train hit the runaway wagons from the 746 ton wool laden goods train. Mr Kay emerged from the splintered, twisted wreckage with a back injury but his sister was more seriously injured. Mr Kay could never remember details of the crash but believed he was thrown through the glass of the carriage window.
His interest in community affairs saw him become and alderman of the former Narrabri Municipal Council in the early 1950's.
Mr Kay's wife died in 1963. He retired from Courier Productions in 1983.
Mr Kay was predeceased by two sons, Clyde (who died in 1990), and Bryan (1992) and is survived by sons Noel and Geoff. and Clyde's children Stephen and Vickie, and Geoff's children Leisa and Scott.
The general manager of The Courier, Mr J. Dunnet, said that the late Mr Kay had been a "true craftsman" and had provided example, training and leadership for many younger staff members.
Mr Dunnet said that Mr Kay's service to Courier Productions had been virtually unbroken with injury rather than illness responsible for absence from work.
The funeral service for Mr Kay will be held at St. Cyprians Anglican Church on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Clyde James Henry Kay (1926…1990) m. Patricia Norma Gray (1927…2008)

Clyde James Henry Kay, born 11 August 1926, eldest son of CLYDE ATHOL KAY and his wife EILEEN ELNOR KELLY, worked for an automotive firm owned by Norman Booth in Moree and subsequently for the same firm's Holden distributorship in the Sydney suburb Mosman. Norman Booth of Oberon, who had two daughters Barbara and Wendy, had a high regard for Clyde and when Booth died, Clyde went to Oberon to manage Booth's daughter's property.

At Tamworth in November 1950 Clyde J H Kay married Patricia Norma Gray (born 1927 at Upper Horton NSW (between Bingara and Barraba)).Pat was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. GRAY, of Rockleigh, Wallabadah; NSW Electoral Rolls for 1949 list Patricia Norma Gray [telephonist] at 6 Iris street, Inverell and at 37 Gipps street, Tamworth Wes, while Clyde James Henry Kay [mechanic] was listed at 84 Boston street, Moree. Clyde and Pat moved to Sydney in 1950, living in in Kensington and then Collaroy Plateau before moving to Seaforth in 1954. They had two children:
Clyde Kay, aged 64 years, ‘late of Seaforth, formerly of Narrabri and Moree’, died in  September 1990. In 1992 Patrica was working for a plant nursery. Patricia Norma Kay née Gray, ‘late of Seaforth’, died aged 80 years in February 2008.  Noel Athol Kay (1928…1999) m. Nola Jane Targett (1932…)

Noel Athol Kay, born 1928, was the second son of CLYDE ATHOL KAY and his wife EILEEN ELNOR KELLY.

The North Western Courier of Monday 20 October 1952 (p4) advised:
After serving in the employ of Messrs A. E. Collins Pty. Ltd. for eight years Noel Kay left by plane this morning for Lake Cargelligo, where he has accepted a position in an iron-mongery department there. After the close of business hours on Saturday morning the staff of Messrs A. E. Collins tendered Noel a farewell and made him a presentation.

Electoral Rolls have Noel Athol Kay [sales] with his younger brother Bryan Ellwin Kay [carpenter] and their parents Clyde Athol Kay [printer] and Eileen Elnor Kay [home duties] at 1 Doody street, Narrabri, in 1953; perhaps Noel had not updated his address.

After a long engagement (commenced in 1951), the marriage of Noel and Nola Joan Targett on 11 June 1955 was registered at Sutherland NSW. There were no children to this marriage.

Electoral Rolls shew Noel Athol Kay [salesman] with his father Clyde Athol Kay [printer] at 14 Doody street, Narrabri, in 1980.

Noel Athol Kay, aged 71 years, ‘late of Narrabri, died 10 September 1999; a notice regarding his death was published in Narrabri’s North Western Courier on 14 September and an obituary (aged 70 years, ‘at Narrabri Hospital, formerly of Lake Macquarie, Keita, New Guinea, Sydney & Narrabri’) on 5 October 1999. Probate notices appeared in the same publication on 21 September and 4 November 1999.  Bryan Elwyn Kay (1932…1992) m. Lesley Robin Grayson (c1936…2010)

Bryan Elwyn Kay, born 7 May 1932, was the third son of CLYDE ATHOL KAY and his wife EILEEN ELNOR KELLY. Narrabri's The North Western Courier of Monday 20 October 1952 (p4) announced:
The engagement is announced of Lesley, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Grayson, of Dangar Village, to Brian Elwyn, third son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kay, of Braeburn.

Bryan’s marriage to Lesley Robin Grayson was registered at Narrabri in 1953. Bryan and Lesley were the parents of two children:
Bryan died 19 August 1992 (buried in the Anglican section of Condobolin General Cemetery); an obituary (‘late of Condobolin, formerly of Narrabri’) appeared in the North Western Courier on 3 September 1992.

Lesley Robyn Kay, aged 76, died on 14 July 2010, 'late of Condobolin'; the Condobolin Argus on 21 July 2010 published a notice for her funeral (held 19 July 2010) and an obituary on 24 November 2010.  Geoffrey Kay (1934…) m. Margaret Catherine Rose (…)

Geoffrey Kay, born 1934 at Narrabri, was the youngest of four sons of CLYDE ATHOL KAY and his wife EILEEN ELNOR KELLY. Geoffrey married Margaret Catherine Rose in 1962 (registered at North Sydney); they were the parents of two children.

NSW Electoral Rolls shew Geoffrey Kay [police officer] and Margaret Catherine Kay [home duties] at 12 Byng Street, Holbrook, in 1980. Geoffrey, a good (medal-winning) swimmer, was in the NSW police force, retiring aged 55. He lived at Allambie Heights. Stanley Alfred Kay (1906c…1931)

The birth of Stanley Alfred Kay, son of JEREMIAH J KAY and his wife AMELIA HUMPHRIES, was registered at Moree in 1906.

Stanley had a hand crushed in a tram accident and then amputated at hospital on 1 January 1922 [in 1931 it was stated that his arm had been severed].

The 1930 Electoral Roll shews Stanley Alfred Kay [labourer] at Heber street, Moree, presumably in the same house as his mother Amelia Kay, his brother Clarence Leslie Kay [labourer], Clarrie’s wife Florence Kay and his siter Ethel Millicent McKenzie.

In his final years Stanley suffered from an advanced state of pulmonary tuberculosis, and despondency. Brought to Newcastle by his sister, Gladys Williams, for treatment of a severe attack of influenza, Stanley died by his own hand at 30 Watt Steet, Newcastle, on 1 October 1931, the tragedy reported in several newspapersii. An obituary appeared in the Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser of Monday 5 October 1931 (p2):
MR. S. A. KAY.
The death occurred at Newcastle early on Thursday morning last of Mr Stanley Alfred Kay, son of Mrs. Kay and the late Mr. J. J. Kay, of Heber Street, Moree. The deceased was 25 years of age, and had resided in Moree all his life.
Besides his mother, who is 67 years of age, four brothers and three sisters survive him. The former are Messrs. William (postmaster, Rockley), Ralph (Sydney), Clarrie and Clyde (Moree), and the latter are Mesdames McKenzie, Maidens and Walter Williams, all of whom reside in Moree. The body was brought to Moree by train on Saturday morning and the funeral took place in the afternoon. The remains were interred in the Church of England portion of the cemetery. Rev. W. J. Pritchard officiating at the graveside. Messrs. Logan and Co. carried out the mortuary arrangements.

1.4.2  William Robert Kay (1855…1905) m. Priscilla Rebecca Bath (1861…1935)

William Robert Kay, born May 1855 at Newcastle to RALPH JACKSON KAY and MARY ANN ROWE, married Priscilla Rebecca Bath on 11/16 May 1881. Priscilla, born 1861, was the daughter of WILLIAM and PRISCILLA BATH . William and Priscilla Kay had seven children:
William Robert Kay died in December 1905; his death was registered at Casino.

In 1916 the widowed Priscilla married George Dixon in Queensland. The death of Priscilla Rebecca Dixon formerly Kay née Bath, daughter of WILLIAM BATH and PRISCILLA BAILEY, was registered in Quensland in 1935.

The Kay family Bible records the death of Mark Bath on 1 November 1881, aged 22 years: son of WILLIAM and PRISCILLA, the death was registered at Vegetable Creek NSW. He was presumably Priscilla's brother; his birth in 1859 had been registered at Armidale NSW; he had some thirteen siblings.

1.4.3 John Henry Kay (1857…1946) m. Sarah Susanna Neaves (1864…1935)

Perhaps (but given geography it is unlikely) John Henry Kay first married Sarah Eliza ?, with two children
John Henry Kay, born May 1857 near East Maitland NSW, son of carpenter and wheelwright RALPH JACKSON KAY and his wife MARY ANN ROWE, married Sarah Susanna Neaves of Wee Waa NSW at Moree in 1884. John’s younger brother Alfred Horsley Kay had married Sarah’s younger sister Eliza Jane Neaves in 1882. Sarah’s birth to ALFRED NEVES and his wife CHARLOTTE F FORD had been registered at Wee Waa NSW in 1863. Children of John and Sarah were:
The death of Sarah Susan Kay née Ford, daughter of ALFRED and CHARLOTTE, on 28 August 1935, was registered at Wyong, The Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday 29 August 1935 (p8) noting:
KAY—. August 28, 1935, at her residence, Panonia-road, Wyong, Sarah Susan, loving wife of John Henry Kay and loving mother of Percy, Stella, Ethel, Susie, Vera, Leslie, Vida, and Dorry aged 71 years.

Apparently John Henry Kay was a great clog dancer and artist. A member of Masonic lodges, he was at one time in Moree where he had a newsagents shop. It is said that he was a gambler and lost his money, and so moved to Wyong where he had a billiards shop and hairdresser’s saloon, which his son Perce ran in later years. In 1922 John Henry Kay was living at New Lambton NSW. His death on April 8, 1946 at R.P.A. Hospital was registered at Newtown NSW: The Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday 9 April 1946 (p14) noted:
KAY.—April 8, 1946, John Henry, loving father-in-law of Dot and grandfather of Rex, Meriel, John, and Donald Kay.
KAY.—April 8, 1946, at R.P.A. Hospital, John Henry, of Wyong, loving father of Stella (Mrs. Hand), Ethel (Mrs Fuller), Suzie (Mrs. Potter), Leslie, Vida (Mrs. Colley), Dorrie (Mrs. Holmes), in his 89th year.
KAY.—April 8, 1946, John Henry, loving father-in-law of Fred and grandfather of Jack, Bob and Eileen Potter..  Ethel May Kay (1890…1963) m. Edward George Fuller (1899…1982)

Ethel May Kay, whose birth to JOHN HENRY KAY and SARAH SUSANNA NEAVES was registered at Moree in 1890, married Edward George Fuller (“Ted”, son of WILLIAM ALBERT FULLER and GRACE ELIZABETH MORGAN) near Gosford in 1920, with issue:

The 1930 and 1933 NSW Electoral Roll shew Edward George Fuller [attendant] and Ethel May Fuller [home duties] at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River north of Hornsby; by 1937 Edward [hawker] and Ethel were at 8 Short Street, Thornleigh; in 1943, 1949 and 1954 Edward [fishmonger] and Ethel were at 17 Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank.

The death of Ethel May Fuller née Kay on 15 November 1963, aged 74, 'late of Seven Hills', daughter of JOHN, was noted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 16 November 1963 and registered at Parramatta.

The death of Edward George Fuller on 14 March 1982, aged 82, 'at Kempsey, late of Hickeys Creek', was the reported in Kempsey's Macleay Argus on 15 April 1982.

1.4.4  Ralph Thomas Kay (1858…1934) m. Ellen Anne McGuiness  (c1871…1941)

Ralph Thomas Kay was born in October 1858 at West Maitland NSW, son of carpenter and wheelwright RALPH JACKSON KAY and MARY ANN ROWE. His mother, witnessed by two Jane Millingtons (one a midwife of West Maitland) provided the registrar with particulars of the birth. In October 1888, ten days before his 30th birthday, bachelor labourer Ralph Kay of Teralba NSW married Ellen Anne McGuinness in the St John the Baptist CoE at Lambton NSW. The bride being under the age of twenty-one years, the consent of her father JOHN McGUINNESS was sought and obtained, and the marriage witnessed by Jeremiah J Kay (Ralph Thomas Kay's brother) and Mary Jane McGuinness. Ellen had been born in June 1870 at Dora Creek NSW, and like Ralph Thomas was living at Teralba prior to her marriage. Their children were:
Ralph Thomas Kay, labourer aged 75 years, died in July 1934 at Paxton NSW (in Kearsley Shire, near Cessnock) was buried at Ellalong NSW. Ellen Kay née McGuinness, aged 70 years, died in February 1941 at Argenton and was buried at Ellalong. as noted in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate of Monday 17 February 1941 (p41), and again on Saturday 14 February 1942 (p2):
KAY.-The relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. HINDMARSH (Paxton), Mr. and Mrs. H. ELKIN (Barnsley), Mr. and Mrs. H. KAY (Mayfield), Mr. and Mrs. G. KAY (Wakefield), Mr. and Mrs. W. CROSSLEY (Paxton), Mr. and Mrs. W. KAY (Adamstown), and Mr. and Mrs. J. KAY (Argenton), and FAMILIES. are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late dearly beloved Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, ELLEN KAY, relict of the late Ralph Thomas Kay), to move from St. Ambrose's C. of England Church, Paxton, This Morning, after service. commencing at 10.30 o'clock, for C. of England Cemetery, Ellalong. R. M. EVANS & SONS, Funeral Directors. Phone. Wallsend 51.
KAY.-In loving memory of our dear mother, Ellen, who passed away February 15, 1941; also our dear father, Ralph Thomas, who passed away July 27, 1934. Deep In our hearts a memory is kept Of two we loved and will never forget. Inserted by their loving daughter and son-in-law, Edith and Hugh Elkins. Barnsley.

Kerryn Goldsworthy [ , 18 October 2005] eMailed
"… Ellen McGuinness was the direct descendant of two First Fleeters: Jane Langley, transported for theft, and marine Thomas Chip or Chipp. They arrived on different ships and were married on Norfolk Island in 1791. Their daughter Sophia was Ellen's great-great-grandmother".  John Thomas Kay (1889…1907)

John Thomas Kay, first-born of RALPH THOMAS KAY and ELLEN McGUINNESS, was born in May 1889 at ?Narrabri NSW. John was accidentally killed at Killingworth Colliery on 4 December 1907, aged 18 years and seven months. Florence Mary Kay (1891…1963) m. John James Hindmarsh (1889…1947)

Florence Mary Kay, born February 1891 at Corrimal NSW [birth registered at Hamilton],was the daughter of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS. In December 1912/15 at Muswellbrook NSW, Florence married John James Hindmarsh, son born January 1889 at Tickhole, Wallsend, to JAMES and MARY HINDMARSH. Mary Hindmarsh died in June 1925. John's siblings included twins Francis J H Hindmarsh and Thomas W L Hindmarsh, born in 1886 . Children born to Florence and John Hindmarsh were:
John James Hindmarsh died in November 1947, aged 58 years, at Anderson Avenue, Paxton. His wife Florence Mary Hindmarsh née Kay died in January 1963, in her 72nd year, at Wallsend District Hospital. They were both buried at Newcastle Memorial Park, Beresfield NSW .

Other KAY Family Bible extracts per Keith Crossley include:
          Ralph Hindmarsh born November 1937.
             Margot Hindmarsh February 1942. Eileen Hindmarsh (1913…1984) m. Leslie Keevers (1911…1972)

Eileen Hindmarsh, born in October 1913 at Muswellbrook to FLORENCE MARY KAY and JOHN JAMES HINDMARSH, married Leslie Keevers at St Ambrose's CoE, Paxton NSW, on 16 June 1934. Leslie had been born 7 October 1911 at Great Northern Road, Mayfield NSW, to JAMES RICHARD ("Bull") KEEVERS and his wife FLORENCE ISABEL MELMOUTH [married 1907, West Maitland]. Children of Ellen and Leslie were:


Leslie Keevers, son of JAMES RICHARD and FLORENCE ISOBEL, died 25 December 1972, aged 61 years at the Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards NSW. Eileen Keevers née Hindmarsh died 20 May 1984 at Broken Hill Hospital NSW. They were buried at Newcastle Memorial Park, Beresfield NSW. Albertine Mabel Hindmarsh (1925…2003) m. Stanley Thomas John Wray (1924 … )

Albertine Mabel Hindmarsh, born 11 June 1925 to FLORENCE MARY KAY and JOHN JAMES HINDMARSH, married Stanley Thomas John Wray; the marriage was registered at Mayfield NSW in 1944.
Stanley was born at Crookwell on 22 March 1924, a son of JOHN ADOLPH ALFRED WRAY and EMMA PLUMB ALCHIN, who had married at Crookwell on 21 December 1910 [rf .An Affinity for Wood: Steve Green's History of the Alchin Family]

Stanley and Albertine were the parents of:


Stanley had enlisted in the RAAF at Sydney on 21 December 1942, noting his birth details, his 'locality' as Crookwell and his next-of-kin as A Wray; he was discharged a Leading Aircraftman at Eastern Area Headquarters on 19 February 1948.

NSW Electoral Rolls shew Stanley Thomas John Wray [clery] and Albertine Mabel Wray [home duties] at Bay road, Bolton Point {near Toronto] in 1949, 1954, 1958 and 1963; Stanley [foreman] was listed at the Caravan Park, Elsdon st., Redhead, in 1980, while Albertine was listed with sons Neil Stanley Wray [no occupation given] and Peter Glen Wray [painter] at 1 Lake St., Bolton Point.

A funeral notice regarding the death on 24 September 2003 of Albertine (Ann) Wray née Hindmarsh, aged 78 years, 'at Toronto Private Hospital, late of Bolton Point', was published in the Newcastle Herald on 27 September 2003.  Edith May Kay (1893…1962) m. Hugh Ernest Robert Elkins (1886…1970)

Edith May Kay, born 4 February 1893 at Moree NSW, third child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, married Hugh Ernest Robert Elkins at Lambton NSW on 23 July 1910. Hugh, born on 27 November 1886, was a son of MATTHEW A ELKINS and SUSAN LYNDSAY; his birth was registered at Wallsend. Edith and Hugh appear to have been the parents of (at least):
NSW Electoral Rolls shew Hugh Ernest Robert Elkins [labourer] and Edith May Elkins [home duties] at Barnsley (near Teralba) in 1930, Hugh [miner] and Edith at Barnsley in 1933 and 1934, Hugh [no occupation] and Edith at Charlton street, Barnsley, in 1949, 1954 and 1958, with Hugh remaining listed there in 1963 and 1968.

Hugh Ernest Robert Elkins, son of MATHEW and SUSAN, died on 4 May 1970, aged 84. Edith May Elkins née Kay, daughter of RALPH THOMAS and ELLEN, died on 10 November 1962, aged 69; she was buried at West Wallsend, where her death was registered.  Harold Lawrence Kay (1895…1956) m. Annie Bridget Hogan (1892… 1983)

Harold Lawrence Kay, born 1 February 1895 at Moree NSW, fourth child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, married Annie Bridget Hogan at Waratah NSW on 9 August 1924. It appears Annie was the Ann B Hogan, daughter of THOMAS and MARY, whose birth on 31 March 1892 was registered at Muswellbrook. Harold and Annie appear to have been the parents of (at least):
A labourer aged 20 years and 7 months, and with his father's written consent, Harold enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 7 September 1915, joining '13 Coy. 4Th Reinfts of 30th Batt.' He stated that he had been born in Moree and his next-of-kin was his father R T Kay of Brogheda, Muswellbrook. Harold was noted to be height 6' 1" with chest 38"; he was unmarried and CoE. Embarkion Nominal Rolls shew Harold left Sydney on 11 March 1916 in HMAT Orsova A67 for service in the Middle East and France, noted as a Private, an unmarried labourer aged 21, residence Wybong, via Muswellbrook, NSW, and his next-of-kin as 'Sister, R. T. Kay, Brogheda, Muswellbrook, N.S.W.'. He returned to Australia in the Ceramic on 3 October 1919 and was discharged on 25 November 1919.

During the Second World War, Harold enlisted in the Australian Army on 17 January 1944 at Newcastle NSW, noting his birth details, his 'locality' as Mayfield NSW and his 'next-of-kin' as Ann Kay; Harold was discharged a Gunner from '32 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps Part Time Duty' on 30 September 1945.

NSW Electoral Rolls shew Harold Lawrence Kay [labourer] and Annie Bridget Kay [home duties] at Northcote-avenue/street, Paxton, in 1933, apparently joined there by Ralph Thomas Kay [labourer] and Ellen Kay [home duties] in 1934 (when George Allen Kay [carpenter] and Florence Mary Kay [home duties] were listed at Wollombi road, Greta Main, and Thomas Swinburn Kay [miner] at Kearsley street, Bellbird). Later 1934 Rolls shew Harold and Annie at 28 Moolcha St., Mayfield. The 1935 Rolls shew Harold and Annie still at 28 Moolcha St., Mayfield, with several other Kay listings nearby, including Catherine Kay [home duties] at 30 Moolcha St., Mayfield. In 1936 Harold and Annie were listed at 2 Buruda street, Mayfield, where they remain listed in 1937, when Muriel Irene Kay appears at 28 Moolcha St., Mayfield. The 1942 and 1949 Rolls shew Harold and Annie still at 2 Buruda street, Mayfield, joined there by Harold Marton Kay [welder] in 1954.

Harold Lawrence Kay, son of RALPH THOMAS and ELLEN, died on 1 June 1956, the event registered at Mayfield NSW. Ann Bridget Kay, daughter of THOMAS and MARY, died on 27 July 1983, the event registered in NSW in 1983. George Allen Kay (1897…1970) m. Florence May Plumb (c1898…)

Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy [; 18 October 2005] kindly supplied these details
George Allen Kay, born April 1897 , NSW, son and fifth child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, married Florence May Plumb; Florence, whose birth was registered at Inverell in 1898, was the daughter of JAMES PLUMB and ALICE A WOOD, who had married at Inverell in 1896. George and Florence were the parents of four daughters:
George Allen Kay died 16 August 1970; his death was registered at St Leonards.  Ellen Kay (1905…1959) m. William George Crossley (1901…1968)

Ellen Kay, born 9 September 1905, NSW, sixth child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, married William George Crossley on 20 May 1925 at Cessnock. William's birth on 14 September 1901 was registered to GEORGE THOMAS CROSSLEY and DINAH EVELYN CABAN at Wollombi, the latter couple having married on 27 March that year at Wollombi. William became underground manager at Pelaw Main Colliery. Possible children of Ellen and William were:
The death of Ellen Crossley née Kay, daughter of RALPH THOMAS and ELLEN, on 6 November 1959, was registered at Muswellbrook. The death of William George Crossley, son of GEORGE THOMAS and DINAH, on 24 June 1968, was registered at Islington.  William Robert Kay (1908…1963+) m. Mildred Maud Bray (1913…1978)

The birth of William Robert Kay ["Bill"], son and seventh child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, was registered at West Wallsend NSW. Bill's marriage to Mildred Maud Bray was registered at Muswellbrook NSW in 1935. The birth of Mildred M Bray had been registered at Muswellbrook in 1914, the daughter of FREDERICK E BRAY and EMMA BATES whose marriage had been registered at Muswellbrook in 1913. Bill and Mildred were the parents of (at least, but not necessarily in the following order):
The NSW Electoral Rolls shew William [labourer] at Woodland Grove, Wybong in 1933, 1936, 1937 [in 1936 and 1937 Mildred Maud Kay [home duties] is shewn at Pine Cottage,Wyalong], in 1943 both are listed at 2 Buxton Lane, Adamstown, while in 1949 and 1954 they are at Kenibea avenue, Kahibah. In 1958 William Robert Kay [garage proprietor] and Mildred Maude Kay [home duties] were listed at 185 Pacific Highway, Charlestown. In 1963 William Robert Kay [labourer], Mildred Maude Kay [home duties] and John Lawrence Kay [labourer] were listed at 13 Lake street, Warner's Bay. A William Robert Kay [plant operator] is listed in the 1980 Roll at 42 King St., Waratah. John Lawrence Kay [skinbuyer], Valma May Kay [home duties] and Susan Marie Kay [—] are listed in the 1980 Roll at 3 Janice St., Warners Bay; Stanley Robert Kay [joiner] and Dalmer Ann Kay [home duties] are at 56 Bayview St., Warners Bay; Allan Leslie Kay [carpenter] and Kaye Kay [home duties] are listed at 13 Nott St., Warners Bay.

William Robert Kay died post-1962. The death of Mildred Maude Kay, daughter of Albert [sic] and Emma, was registered in NSW in 1978.

The Newcastle Herald of Saturday 2 June 2012 announced:
KAY, JOHN LAWRENCE. 30th May 2012. Late of Warners Bay. Dearly loved husband of VAL. Loving father and father-in-law of SUSAN and ALAN, and LOUISE and DAVID. Loved grandfather of ALYSSA, BRIAN and NATHAN. Much loved son of BILL and MILLIE KAY (both dec'd) and grandson of EMMA and ERNEST BRAY (both dec'd). Adored brother of STAN, ALLAN and ELAINE. Loved brother-in-law and uncle of the INGLIS FAMILY and their spouses, children and friends. Aged 74 Years. Family and Friends are invited to attend a Celebration of JOHN's life this WEDNESDAY, 6th June 2012 commencing 10am at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park, Cessnock Road, Ryhope. In lieu of flowers, donations made at the Chapel to the Mercy Hospice would be appreciated.  James Kay (1913…1980+) m. Freda Octavene Gardner (1906…1980+))

James Kay, born 15 August 1913 at Muswellbrook NSW, eighth child of RALPH THOMAS KAY (1859…1934) and ELLEN M McGUINNESS, married Freda Octavene Gardner at Muswellbrook in 1935. Freda' birth, to WILLIAM and ISABELLA, had been registered at Manilla NSW in 1901.

NSW Electoral Rolls shew James Kay [labourer] and Freda Octavene Kay at 50 Regent-st., New Lambton, in 1937, at Montgomery street, Argenton, in 1943, 1949, 1954 and 1958, with Patricia Joan Kay [clerk] at 59 Montgomery street, Argenton, in 1963, with Patricia Joan Kay [clerk] and Brian James Kay [clerk] at 59 Montgomery street, Argenton, in 1968, where James, Freda and Brian remained in 1977 and 1980.

1.4.5  Valentine Wallace Kay (1861 …1862)

Valentine Wallace Kay was born on 14 February 1861, and died on 23 November 1862 .

1.4.6  Alfred Horsley Kay (1862…1946) m. Eliza J Neaves (1865c…1888); m2? Ellen Jane Bridekirk (…1935)

Alfred Horsley Kay was born on July 1862 at Glenmore; he died in 1946. In 1882 he married Eliza Jane Neaves, whose birth to ALFRED NEVES and his wife CHARLOTTE F FORD was registered at Warialda NSW in 1865 . Eliza's sister Sarah Susanna Neaves, born c1863 married Alfred's older brother John. Eliza's other siblings included Mary Jane Neves, born c1859 , and John Neaves, born c1861. Alfred and Eliza had at least three children:
After his wife's early death at Moree in May 1888, aged 22 years, Alfred eventually moved to The Entrance. He was a player at the Wyong Bowling Club with his brother John. . Alfred’s death was registered at Wyong in 1946

Perhaps Alfred married a second time, since a marriage was registered in Moree in 1891 between Alfred H Kay and Ellen Jane Bridekirk. The death of an Ellen J Kay, daughter of WILLIAM and CAROLINE, was registered at Wyong in 1935. Helen Woodward of Uralla, New England NSW [, 26 November 2004] is researching the Bridekirks from Durham, Yorkshire.

Samantha McDonald [, 07dec2008] is a great-grandaughter of Carlyle Kay.  Carlyle Kay (1886…1963) m. Pearl Maud Wasson (c1887…1960)

Carlyle Kay, whose birth was registered at Moree NSW in 1886, was the son of ALFRED HORSLEY KAY and ELIZA JANE NEAVES; Eliza died in 1888. Carlyle, hairdresser at Tighes Hill, married Pearl Maud Wasson of Armidale NSW on 11 May1910 at St Mark’s Church of England, Islington, Wickham NSW. Pearl’s parents were JOHN THOMAS WASSON (born 1834, Co Tyrone, Ireland, died 1914 at Armidale) and MARY JANE GURR (born 1847 Maitland NSW; died 1921, New Lambton NSW; she had married John in 1870 at Scone NSW).

Carlyle and Pearl had seven or eight children.

Pearle Maud Kay née Wasson died in March 1960 aged 73; Carlyle Kay died in February 1963 at The Entrance; both wereburied in the Church of England Cemetery, Wamberal NSW.

1.4.7  Ellen Jane Kay (1864 …1866)

Ellen Jane Kay was born at Branxton on 2 December 1864 and died on 7 February 1866 .

1.4.8  Joseph Jackson Kay (1865 …1865)

Joseph Jackson Kay was born in May 1865, and died the same day.

1.4.9  Annie Florence Kay (1866…) ?m. James L Cummings

Annie Florence Kay was born in July 1866, daughter of RALPH JACKSON KAY and MARY ANN ROWE. It appears Annie married James L Cummings in 1887 near Moree, their union producing five children (births registered at Moree):

1.4.10  George Allen Kay (1867…1929) m. Clara L A C Allen  1869(…1932)

George Allen Kay was born September 1867 at ?Minmi (birth registered at Newcastle). The marriage of George to Clara L A C Allen was registered at Moree in 1891, the union producing at least three children:
The 1906 [NSW] Electoral Rolls (Gwydir Electorate, Moree polling place) have George Allen Kay as a painter and a Clara Kay engaged in domestic duties, both resident at Moree.

Minmi-born George Allen Kay, painter aged 44 years 7 months (with four years spent as an apprentice painter with J Cummin at Moree), noting his next-of-kin as his wife Clara Kay at 5 William St., Paddington NSW, enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 9 April 1917. George was 5' 9½ “ height, 140lbs. Weight, chest 32-34½”, fair complexion, blue eyes and grey hair. A Private, he was discharged next day, as medically unfit.

The death of George A Kay, son of RALPH and MARY A, was registered at Redfern in 1929. The death of Clara Kay, daughter of JOHN and ANNE, was registered at Redfern in 1932.

1.4.11  Mary Ann Kay (1873…1953) m. David Emery Kirkby (1870…1940)

Mary Ann Kay was born on 6 December 1873 at [?at Darlington Beach] near Grafton. Mary Ann married David Emery Kirkby in 1892 at Moree. David [baptised "Emery David"] was a son of FREDERICK WILLIAM KIRKBY and CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH EMERY, his birth was registered at Warialda in 1870.

David and Mary Ann were the parents of:
The death of David Emery Kirkby was registered in 1940 in Waverley. The death of Mary Ann Kirkby née Kay was apparently registered in 1953 at Randwick [father indexed as Ralph John]..

1.5  Robert Kay (1836…1890) m. Maria Hawthorn(e) (c1843…)

The marriage of Robert Kay, son of butcher JEREMIAH KAY and JANE CROSS, and Mary Hawthorne was registered at Maitland in 1858. Mary was possibly the Maria Hawthorne, daughter of ALEXANDER and MARY, baptised in 1843. Robert and Mary were the parents of ten children:

Carpenter Robert Kay, son of butcher JEREMIAH KAY and JANE CROSS, died of carcinoma on 23 January 1890, aged 54 years . The informant for his death certificate, his brother-in-law William Hinton of Teralba, stated that Robert had been born at Lake Macquarie NSW and had married Maria Hawthorn at West Maitland when aged 23, fathering five sons and five daughters (two of the males predeceased Robert). William Hinton was the husband of Mary J Millington, eldest daughter of Thomas Millington and Jane (formerly Kay, née Cross), so he was Robert Kay's half brother-in-law. Robert Kay, born 1836 at Lake Macquarie NSW, was buried in the General Cemetery (Roman Catholic section) at Sandgate.

1.5.1  Lillian Kay (1871…1945) m. James Richard McDonnell (…)

Lillian Kay, daughter of ROBERT KAY and MARIA HAWTHORN, married James Richard McDonnell on 13 April 1896 at St Nicholas Roman Catholic church, Penrith. James was a Station Master with the New South Wales Government Railways. James and Lillian had three children:

The NSW Electoral Rolls shew James Richard McDonnell [tram employee] and Lily McDonnell [home duties] with Lance Francis McDonnell [clerk] at 117 Railway street, St Peters.,in 1930.

The death of James R McDonnell, son of THOMAS, was registered at Marrickville in 1932.

Lillian McDonnell née Kay died on 2 April 1945, aged 73 years, at Bondi Junction.

Francis Lance McDonnell was the grandfather of Genevieve Fyfe [, 5 September 2002]

1.6  Hannah Cross Kay (1838c…1928) m1. [1853] Peter Rush; m2. [1874] Thomas Ralph Francis Fox

Hannah Cross Kay, daughter of JEREMIAH KAY and JANE CROSS, was baptised c1838 as CoE in the Hunter region of NSW. Hannah's first marriage [indexes as Annie Kay(e)s] was to Peter Rush in a Roman Catholic ceremony in 1853 at East Maitland - Maitland - West Maitland. In 1874 her marriage [indexed as Annie Rush] to Thomas Ralph Francis Fox was registered at Newcastle in 1874

Hannah Cross Fox née Kay of New Lambton, was buried in June 1928, aged 80 years, in the same grave as her brother Ralph Jackson Kay (died 1922, aged 89 years).

1.7 Jeremiah Millington Kay (1840…1910) m. Sarah Evans Weary (…1913)

Jeremiah Millington Kay, baptised c1840 as Wesleyan Methodist on the Maitland circuit, married Sarah Evans Weary at Tamworth in 1871, with children:
Jeremiah Millington Kay died in 1910 at Lismore. Sarah seems to have died there in 1913.

1.7.1  Grace Amelia Kay (c1876…1960) m. Edward James Gibson (1879…1945)

Grace Amelia Kay, daughter of .JEREMIAH MILLINGTON KAY and SARAH EVANS WEARY, was born at Richmond River near Casino NSW c1876. She was the mother of:
The marriage Grace Amelia Kay to Edward James Gibson was registered at Newcastle in 1912. They were the parents of (at least):
In the 1930 Electoral Roll Edward [service layer] and Grace [home duties] were residing at 58a Cleary street, Hamilton. In the 1936 Electoral Roll Edward [labourer] and Grace were residing at 107 Lindsay street, Hamilton. In 1943 they are listed at 66a Gosford road, Broadmeadow. It is quite possible that Edward was the Edward James Gibson, son of JOHN and JANE, whose death was registered at Newcastle in 1945 [birth registered at Newcastle in 1879; marriage of parents , of JOHN GIBSON and JANE M BRINKLEY registered at Newcastle in 1879]. The 1949 Electoral Roll shews Grace (senior) [home duties] and Grace (junior) [mail sorter] at 79 Cheltenham road, Cheltenham and at 44 Artarmon road, Willoughby, where they were also listed in 1954.

Grace Amelia Gibson née Kay, daughter of JEREMIAH and SARAH, died on 26 February 1960 ‘at R.N.S. Hospital, late of Crows Nest’; a notice was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 19 February and the death was registered at North Sydney.

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Other (probably unrelated) Cross or Jackson Lineages:
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