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Twin-screw Steamer; 11,231t.; 1910…1947

The Themistocles made her inaugural voyage to Australia on 16 February 1911, carrying 102 first class and 258 third class passengers, with a crew of 160, from London to Capetown, Melbourne and Sydney. She made many trips to and from Australia both before and after World War I. During that war she worked as a troop-ship (from 1914) and a hospital ship, resuming service to Capetown, Sydney and Brisbane on 2 July 1920. In World War II she served as a troop-ship.

The T.S.S. Themistocles, under Commander W M Jermyn, sailed to Australia in 1924; passengers included Mary Ann Connell Kay (nee Richardson), her daughter Marion and new-born son George. A grand concert was programmed to be held on the Well Deck Aft on Wednesday 30 April.

In 1925 the Themistocles sailed from Plymouth on 3 January 1925, reaching Melbourne on 12 February via Capetown and Albany; Dacre Smyth, aged 18 months, was aboard emigrating with his family.

In 1927 the.Themistocles was sold to the Royal Steam Packet Co., then chartered to the White Star Line, steaming from Liverpool to Capetown, Sydney and Brisbane in September 1928. In 1932 she was transferred to Shaw Savill and Albion Co., along with other ships of the failed previous owners. On 30 June 1932 she ran again from Liverpool to Capetown, Sydney and Brisbane.

Sources: Marion Brown nee Kay (pers comm), Maber (1967), Smyth (1992).

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