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1/ Æ1 Ship; 480/579t.; 1811…1854+

Selected Voyages:
The three masted rigged ship Morley served as a convict transport in 1817, 1818, 1820, 1822-23, 1827-28 and 1829. On her first such voyage, she made Sydney on 10 April 1817 with 175 prisoners, after a voyage of 113 days.

Departing the Downs England on 18 July 1818, the convict transport travelled direct to Sydney which she reached on 7 November 1818, a voyage of 112 days. Her Master was Robert R Brown, her Surgeon John Whitmarsh. Amongst the 120 male convicts embarked was Jeremiah Kay, a butcher convicted of the theft of a calf in Yorkshire.

Departing London on 22 May 1820 under Robert Brown, and with Surgeon Thomas Reid, the Morley reached HobartTown on 29 August, bringing 121 female prisoners of whom 71 were destined for Sydney . This passage of 99 days set a record for convict transports which stood for many years.

In 1822, commanded by George Halliday, the Morley left London and the Downs on 25 September, arriving in HobartTown on 10 January 1823 with 170 male prisoners. This voyage took 108 days.

Henry Williams was the master when the Morley from Dublin on 3 November 1827, reaching Sydney via Teneriffe on 3 March 1828 with 192 male prisoners. She had embarked 195 convicts, her largest convict cargo. This voyage also introduced whooping cough to Sydney, unintentionally brought out amongst children of the guard.

In 1829 it was William Harrison who commanded her as she sailed from London on 11 August, landing 200 male prisoners in Sydney on 3 December.

Conveying free passengers, the Morley made a voyage to Adelaide in 1840, arriving on the 16 April. On this voyage she had departed The Downs London on 8 December 1839, and Plymouth on 28 December.

Source(s): Smyth (1992), and others.

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