Ross Beattie's ROBINSON and WILLIAMS(ON) Lineage

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Early Generations
    1            John Robinson (c1828…1899) m. Phoebe Williams(on) (c1824…1890)
                            [Tartaraghan, Lurgan Co Armagh > Oberon NSW]
    1.1           Sarah Robinson (1853…1854)
    1.2         Mary Jane Robinson (1854…1916) m. William Batcheldor (1852…1929)
    1.3           Susanna Robinson (1857…1881) m. Joseph Henry Luxton (c1858…1952)
    1.4           John Robinson (1859…1927) ?m. (…)
    1.5           Henry Robinson (1861…1946) m. Agnes Christina Isabella Ponton (1866…1951)
    1.5.1        George Alexander Robinson (1890…1964) m. Hilda Owen (1900…1991)     Ronald Alexander Robinson (1929…) m. Judith May Peterson / Hackney (…)     Owen Robert Henry Robinson (1931…2010) m. Edna Aileen Ayres (1935…2006)

    2              Thomas or Richard Robinson (c1808…) m. Sophia Ruddle Todd (c1808…)
                            [Portadown Co Armagh > South Australia]
    2.1           Isabella Robinson (c1809…1884) m. James Todd Carrick (…1852)
    2.2           Benjamin Robinson (c1821…1899) m. Mary Tiller
 3              Benjamin Robinson (c1800…) m. Elizabeth Blevins (…)

    3.1           Joseph (c1828-33…1884?) m. Elizabeth Williams (…1867)
                           [Charlesmont, Armagh, Ireland → Victoria, Australia → South Australia → Victoria]

    3.2           Benjamin Robinson (1837-38…1875) m. Sarah Jane Williams (c1841…)
                           [Armagh, Ireland → Victoria, Australia → South Australia → Victoria → South Australia]           

Other Robinson and Williamson Lineages
    O-1           Another John and Phoebe Robinson [Windsor, NSW]
    O-2           William Robinson (1809…1887) m. Jane Margaret Stilwell (1821…1885)
[Manchester ENG > Oberon, NSW]
    O-2.1        Joseph Robinson (1845…1916) m. Jane Crampton (1838…1911) [Bathurst, NSW]
    O-2.1.1     William Maurice/Morris Robinson (1870…) m. Catherine E L Wood (…) [Bourke, Bathurst, Sydney NSW]
    O-3           Alexander and ?Mary ?Ann Robinson
[Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh > Australia]
    O-4           John Williamson (c1817…1899) m. Esther Bickett (c1822…1892)
                            [Drumnagoon, Portadown Co Armagh > New Zealand]
    O-4.1        William Williamson m. Lizzie  —
    O-4.2        Sarah Williamson (1851…1925) m. James Atkinson (1848…1926)
    O-4.3        Esther Williamson (c1857…1938) m1. John Atkinson (…); m2. Henry Dagg
    O-4.4        Annie Williamson (c1862…1904) m. Edward Millichamp
    O-4.5        John Williamson (c1865…1900) m1. Sarah Little Taylor


Lineages 1 and 2 have been traced back to the Tartaraghan parish area of County Armagh, Northern Ireland, in the early 1800s.
Some descendants of Lineage #1are known in New South Wales, Australia, and descendants of Lineage #2 in South Australia to the present.

Early Generations

1.  John Robinson (c1828…1899) m. Phoebe Williams(on) (c1824…1890)
[Tartaraghan, Lurgan Co Armagh > Oberon NSW]

John Robinson, farm labourer from Grange Onella [most likely the parish of Grange, part of which lies in the barony of O’Neilland], County Armagh Northern Ireland, was the son born c1828 to HENRY and SARAH ROBINSON (both living at Tartaringham in mid-1854).

John married Phoebe Williamson (or Williams) in Ireland during 1852, the marriage being registered at Lurgan, Co Armagh. Phoebe, the daughter of farmer JOHNATHON WILLIAMSON and his wife SARAH IRVINE (both deceased before September 1854), was born c1824 at Tartaringham on the southern shores of Loch Neagh, Co Armagh (near Portadown).

Phoebe and John Robinson sailed to Australia aboard the 583 ton London registered Lady Kennaway which docked in Sydney from Plymouth on 8 December 1854; neither had any previous relatives in the colony. The couple had five children:
Also aboard the Lady Kennaway was Phoebe's sister Sarah Williamson, listed as a domestic servant aged 33 years, from Derrycore Co Armagh, daughter of John and Sarah (both deceased), CoE and able to read; her implied birthdate would be 1821.

Phoebe Robinson died of old age at her home at Back Creek near Oberon NSW on 11 January 1890, aged 66 years.

John Robinson remarried, c1892 aged 63 at Oberon, to Hannah Cole; there was no issue to this marriage. John, farmer of Caves Road near Oberon, died near Oberon on 13 April 1899, aged about 70 years.
Robinson-Williamson tree[.gif, 10KB]


Church of Ireland, Taratraghan, Co Armagh [photographer: R Beattie, July 2009] [larger image]

Possibly related, a Mary Jane Robinson married farmer Robert Todd on 11 March 1858 in the Parish Church at Tartaragham. The marriage, performed by George Robinson, was witnessed by James Carrick and William Williamson; all parties were able to sign the register. The bride was the daughter of farmer George Robinson of Eglish, and the groom the son of Wolsey Todd of Foy.

1.1 Sarah Robinson (1853…1854)

Sarah Robinson, first child of JOHN ROBINSON and PHOEBE WILLIAMS(ON), died at sea in the Lady Kennaway, en route to Australia; the same voyage saw the birth of her sister Mary Jane.

1.2  Mary Jane Robinson (1854…1916) m. William Batcheldor (1852…1929)

Mary Jane Robinson, born circa August 1854 at sea en voyage to Australia aboard the Lady Kennaway, was the daughter of JOHN ROBINSON and PHOEBE WILLIAMS(ON). A spinster residing at Duckmaloi east of Oberon, Mary Jane married bachelor farmer William Batcheldor, bachelor farmer, at her parents' home on 21 November 1878. William, born 1852 in Warwickshire ENG, was the son of JOHN BATCHELDOR and JANE WORRALL.

William and Mary Jane Batcheldor had eleven children:
In addition, William and Mary Jane raised as their own child the surviving natural twin of their daughter Sarah,
The death of Mary Jane Batcheldor née Robinson was registered at Oberon in 1916; a 1969 obituary notice for E O Batcheldor stated that 'the deceased's mother was Miss Mary Jane Robinson of Upper Back Creek, Oberon, and later of the Shooters Hill Road property "Bracondale"'.

William Batcheldor died 22 May 1929 at Oberon.

1.3 Susanna Robinson (1857…1881) m. Joseph Henry Luxton (c1878…1952)

The marriage of Joseph Henry Luxton and Susanna Robinson was registered at Bathurst in 1880. Susannah was a daughter of JOHN ROBINSON and PHOEBE WILLIAMS(ON): her birth had been at Hartley in 1857. Joseph's birth to CHARLES and MARIA had been registered at Bathurst in 1858. Joseph's brother Thomas Luxton married Mary Selina Sloggett in 1878. Joseph and Susannah were the parents of:

The death of Susanna Luxton née Robinson, aged 23, daughter of JOHN and PHOEBE on 28 September 1881 was registered at Lithgow: she was buried in Oberon's Old Methodist Cemetery.

Joseph's subsequent marriage to Elizabeth Catherine McDonald, 'Matron of Isisford', was registered at Lithgow in 1883, with issue:

The 1930, 1933, 1936 and 1937 NSW Electoral Rolls shew Joseph Henry Luxton [labourer] and Elizabeth Catherine Luxton [home duties] at Montrose St., Quaker's Hill, in 1943 Joseph [——] is listed at Montrose St., Quaker's Hill and at 24 Elizabeth St., Mayfield, in 1949 Joseph [no occupation] is listed at 605 Great North Rd., Abbotsford [no occupation].

The death of Elizabeth Catherine Luxton, daughter on NEIL and MARY JANE, was registered at Mayfield in 1943. Joseph's death was registered at Five Dock in Sydney in 1952.

Joseph's brother Thomas Luxton married Mary Selina Sloggett in 1878.

1.4 John Robinson (1859…1927) ?m. (…)

John Robinson, fourth child and eldest son of JOHN ROBINSON and PHOEBE WILLIAMS(ON), was born in 1859 in New South Wales. John died at Portland NSW in 1927.

1.5 Henry Robinson (1861…1946) m. Agnes Christina Isabella Ponton (1866…1951)

Henry Robinson, born in February 1861 at Duckmaloi east of Oberon, was the youngest of five children born to JOHN ROBINSON and PHOEBE WILLIAMS(ON). Henry was christened at Harry’s Mount, Backs Creek near Oberon. He married Agnes Christina Isabella Ponton at Manly NSW on 8 July 1889. Agnes had been born at Manly in 1866, the daughter of JOHN GEORGE PONTON and his wife CHRISTINA NESS ROBERTSON. [John George Ponton, born at Lambeth, London, in 1833, was the son of JOHN PONTON (born 1806, died 25 July 1853) and MARY ALLEN (born 1810, died 5 July 1907). He had married Christina on 4 September 1863 at 110 Prince Street, Sydney NSW; Christina had been born in 1834 at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. John died at Manly on 2 June 1898; Christina died in 1923.]

Henry, a miner and farmer, and Agnes, a dressmaker, lived at Balgowlah NSW. They had three known children:

Henry was buried/cremated at Rookwood Necropolis on 20 May 1946. Agnes died at nearby Auburn Hospital on 29 July 1951, and was buried/cremated at Rookwood two days later; her death registration, made at Petersham, noted her father as WILLIAM.

Lynn [per eMails 18apr2011, 09jul2013] contributed details regarding Francis and Violet.

1.5.1 George Alexander Robinson (1890…1964) m. Hilda Owen (1900…1991)

George Alexander Robinson, born 1890 at Oberon, was the son of HENRY ROBINSON and his wife AGNES CHRISTINA ISABELLA PONTON. George married Hilda Owen on 12 January 1929 at Woollarah NSW to Congregational rites. Hilda , born 1900 at Waverley NSW, was the daughter of ROBERT OWEN and his wife MARGARET KNIGHT. [Robert Owen, born in the Oxfordshire ENG in 1864, son of SARAH GUNN of Bath Cottages, Neithrgn (?), and JAMES OWEN, died in 1931 at Wollarah NSW. Margaret Knight, born 1873 at Parramatta NSW, was the daughter of HENRY KNIGHT (born England 1834; died 1859) and JESSIE DIXON (or DICKSON) (born Midlothian SCT, 1834) and grandaughter of JAMES and ANNE DIXON (or DICKSON).]

George and Hilda had two sons:

George served with the Australian Infantry Forces in World War I, and was disabled. He later worked as a telephone technician, and lived at Petersham NSW. George died at Camperdown Hospital NSW on 31 December 1964. Hilda Robinson née Owen died at Camperdown Hospital in 1991. Ronald Alexander Robinson (1929…) m. Judith May Peterson / Hackney (…)

Ronald Alexander Robinson, born November 1929, New South Wales, was the elder son of GEORGE ALEXANDER ROBINSON and HILDA OWEN. Ronald married Judith May Peterson / Hackney on 25 February 1957 at Petersham NSW. Owen Robert Henry Robinson (1931…2010) m. Edna Aileen Ayres (1935…2006)

Owen Robert Henry Robinson, born February 1931 at Woolarah NSW, was the son of GEORGE ALEXANDER ROBINSON and HILDA OWEN. The 1954 Electoral Roll shews Owen [electrical fitter] at 19 Croydon St., Petersham North, with George [telephone mechanic], Hilda [home duties] and Ronald Alexander Robinson [operator]. Owen married Edna Aileen Ayres on 21 April 1956 at St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Kingsgrove NSW. Edna, born 19 February 1935 at Croydon Park NSW, her father had been born 3 October 1906 at Croydon and died 29 October 1968 at Croydon, her mother had been born 2 July 1908 at Rutherglen VIC, and died 14 January 1985 at Burwood NSW; they had married at Croydon on 7 September 1929 and had two children.

Owen and Edna had four children:

Owen, who worked in the electrical trade, lived at Roselands NSW. The death of Edna Aileen Robinson on 17 January 2006, 'late of Roselands', was noted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 19 January 2006. The death on 2 June 2010 of Owen Robert Henry Robinson, aged 79, 'late of Roselands', was noted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 5 June 2010.

2. Thomas or Richard Robinson (c1808…) m. Sophia Ruddle Todd (c1808…)
[Portadown Co Armagh > South Australia]

Thomas Robinson, born c1809, and his wife Sophia Ruddle Todd were parents of

[Some of the remaining information in this section is provided by Mrs Anita Buttfield (1994), whose relative George Robinson of Portadown responded to an inquiry by Mrs Buttfield published 1994 in the Ulster Gazette. George’s great-grandfather was an elder brother of Mrs Buttfield’s grandfather. It was this information that identified Sophia's husband as Thomas.]

["Tillybegal" on 5 May 2005 posted on the Ancestry 'Carrick' Message Board:
James Todd Carrick b: c1799 in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Married Isabella Robinson c1829, children born in Armagh: David, William, James Todd, Sophia, Benjamin, Jane Todd, Charles Todd, Richard. Isabella was the daughter of Richard Robinson and Sophia Ruddle Todd.
The family migrated to South Australia in 1847.]

["Jamben6" on 4 Feb 2009 posted on the Ancestry 'Carrick N Ireland and South Australia' Message Board:
James Todd Carrick born 1799, married Isabella Robinson (born 1809), lived in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Children: David c1830, William c1830, James c1831, Sophia c1837, Benjamin c1841, Jane Todd c1841, Charles Todd c1843, and Richard 1848. The family arrived in South Australia in 1847, settling in the Noarlunga district south of Adelaide. James Todd Carrick died in 1852, his wife and sons carrying on his publican work.
Isabella was the daughter of Richard Robinson and Sophia Ruddle Todd. I know nothing of James' origins.]

2.1 Isabella Robinson (c1809…1884) m. James Todd Carrick (…1852)

Isabella Robinson, born c1809, apparently a daughter of THOMAS or RICHARD ROBINSON and SOPHIA RUDDLE TODD, married James Todd Carrick. Their children included:

James Todd Carrick died in South Australia in 1852, survived by his wife who died there in 1884, aged 75 years.

Presumably regarding James Todd Carrick the younger, the South Australian Register (Adelaide) of 9 March 1852 (p3) noted amongst 'Licences Granted': "James Todd Carrick, Jolly Miller, Noarlunga". The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide) on 14 March 1860 (p3) reported the Noralunga District Council had on 12 March authorised Publicans' licences to John Clift, sen.. Thomas Dungey, Ellen Potter, and James Todd Carrick.

Wikipedia [accessed nov2010] notes "In 1850 the South Australia Company laid out the 'No-orlunga Township' at the 'Horseshoe', Onkaparinga River. The name "No-orlunga" supposedly comes from the Kaurna word meaning 'fishing place'. In the early years of settlement, the surrounding area was cleared for wheat farming, and a flour mill was built in the town in 1843 along with wharves used to transport produce down the Onkaparinga River to Port Noarlunga via barge. The town also had a stone bridge across the Onkaparinga, making the town a focal point for travel further down the Fleurieu Peninsula. 1856 saw the formation of the Noarlunga district council. By the 1860s the town had a post office, council chamber, 6 churches, a public pound, 2 hotels, mill, brewery and brickyard.

2.2 Benjamin Robinson (c1821…1899) m. Mary Tiller

Benjamin Robinson, born in Armagh c1821, son of farmer THOMAS or RICHARD ROBINSON and SOPHIA RUDDLE TODD, emigrated when about 18 years old to South Australia in 1839, apparently unaccompanied aboard the three-masted 434 ton barque Fairfield. In 1851 Benjamin married Mary Hall Tiller, the South Australian marriage being witnessed by James Todd Carrick (q.v.) and his son David Carrick (q.v.). Mary had been born on 9 September 1835 in England. Benjamin and Mary moved to the Victorian Goldfields near St Arnaud in 1856. Benjamin fathered ten children by Mary:

Benjamin Robinson died at Stin Victoria in June 1899, aged 78, his death certificate noting his parents as Thomas Robinson and Sophia Ruddle Todd. Mary died on 26 September 1906 at St Arnaud.

Leonie Cassidy of Cairns [per eMail, 23 November 2010], great-great-granddaughter of John Robinson, is researching Benjamin Robinson.

3. Benjamin Robinson (c1800…) m. Elizabeth Blevins (…)

W Robinson [per eMail, May 2011] seeks information on the "Robinson Family Ancestry - Charlesmont, Armagh, Ireland", noting a similarity of family names [between those of this author and] his ancestors, Benjamin Robinson and Elizabeth Blevans of Armagh, Ireland.
"The surname Blevans is clearly written on bmd certificates in Victoria. But the correct spelling may be Blevins, difficult to know.
My great grandfather was Joseph Robinson born approx 1830 in Charlesmont, Armagh Ireland, parents Benjamin Robinson & Elizabeth Blevans. To date, I haven't found any brothers and sisters. Joseph Robinson death certificate noted that he was in the Australia colonies for 44 years.
Checking shipping records, I found the vessel named "Salsette" with a Joseph Robinson part of a Robinson Family that arrived in Victoria 2 January 1841 from England.
The Robinson family is as follows: Benjamin Robinson (age 39) and Elizabeth Robinson (age 39), Ruth Robinson (age 18), William Robinson (age 16), David Robinson (age 15), James Robinson (age 14), Joseph Robinson (age 12, possibly my great grandfather), Annie Robinson (age 10), Charlotta Robinson (age 8), Margaret Robinson (age 6), Elizabeth Robinson (age 5) And Benjamin Robinson (age 3).
I am writing to you to seek any information that you may have came across in your research that may be matched to this particular family from Armagh, Ireland."
Wendy Walker, researching the same lineage, also sent a very interesting eMail [30 July 2011] asking for comments on her Robinson lineage, especially whether tere was any 'fit' with the other lineages.
[to date no definite 'fit' to other lineges has been found, though there are strong similarities]:

The following structure merges the data from W Robinson eMailed [May 2011] and Wendy Walker, [30jul2011]
Benjamin Robinson of Armagh, Ireland, married Elizabeth Blevins [or Blevans]. Benjamin and Elizabeth and ten of their children emigrated to Victoria, Australia, in the Salsette, arriving on 2 January 1841. The children were

3.1   Joseph Robinson (c1828-33…1884?) m. Elizabeth Williams (…1867)
[Armagh, Ireland → Victoria, Australia → South Australia → Victoria]

Joseph Robinson, son of BENJAMIN ROBINSON and ELIZABETH BLEVINS and brother of Benjamin Robinson (below), was born in Charlesmont, Armagh, Ireland, circa 1828 [per Salsette logs] or possibly in Armagh, Ireland, circa 1833, according to his children's birth certificates. [Charlemont is proximal to Moy, some 10km WSW from Tartaraghan.] Joseph possibly [apparently] married Elizabeth Williams, daughter of JOHN WILLIAMS, in Adelaide, South Australia, in August 1856, according to his children's birth certificates. They were the parents of:

Joseph's wife Eliza Robinson née Williams died at Moyston, Victoria, in November, 1867. If Wendy Walker has the correct Joseph Robinson, and if he is brother of the Benjamin below, he died in 1884 in Victoria, son of BENJAMIN ROBINSON and ELIZABETH BLEVINS; W Robinson observed that Joseph Robinson's death certificate noted that he was in the Australia colonies for 44 years.

3.2  Benjamin Robinson (1837-38…1875) m. Sarah Jane Williams (c1841…)
[Armagh, Ireland → Victoria, Australia → South Australia → Victoria → South Australia]

Benjamin Robinson, son of BENJAMIN ROBINSON and possibly [probably] brother of Joseph Robinson (above), was born in Armagh, Ireland, circa 1837-38, according to his children's birth certificates. A brewer aged 22 and resident of Angas Park [Nuriootpa], South Australia, Benjamin married 18-year old Sarah Jane Williams of Angas Park (daughter of JOHN WILLIAMS and sister of Elizabeth Williams (above)) on 7 October, 1859. Benjamin and Sarah Jane then went to Maldon, Victoria, where Sarah Jane's sister, Eliza, and possibly Benjamin's brother, Joseph Robinson, were living. Benjamin and Sarah Jane had two known children:

Benjamin and Sarah Jane Robinson returned to Angas Park, South Australia, about 1863, and remained there until about 1867. Benjamin was a brewer, and, briefly, a publican. They shifted north, to Melrose, about 1867-68, where Benjamin began a brewing business. He died there in February, 1875, and is buried in Melrose Cemetery.

Other Robinson and Williamson Lineages
O-1 Another John and Phoebe Robinson

[Windsor, NSW]

It appears that there was another John and Phoebe Robinson couple in New South Wales about the same period as those detailed above. This second John was a tailor resident at Windsor NSW in early 1854, where his son Henry was baptised in the Wesleyean faith on 1 October 1854 . These may also have been the parents of

O-2  William (1809…1887) m. Jane Margaret Stilwell (1821…1885)
[Manchester ENG > Oberon, NSW]

William Robinson (who is buried in the churchyard of S Barnabas CoE, Oberon NSW) was born c1808/9 at Manchester, England. William was granted a Ticket of Leave on 28 April 1832 and his Certificate of Freedom on 12 January 1833: the latter detailed that he had been transported on the England (master Reay) in 1826 [the England arrived in Sydney on 18 September 1826], that he had been a baker born in Birmingham in 1809, that he had been tried in Warwick Quarter Sessions on 2 January 1826 and sentenced to seven years for picking pockets, that he was 5' 8¼ " height, ruddy complexion (slightly freckled and pock[marked], brown hair, grey eyes, had a scar on the back of little finger of left hand and a scar on forefinger of right hand from being broken.

On 20 March 1837, at Goulburn Plains NSW, he married Jane Margaret Stilwell. Jane, born in Sydney on 11 May 1821, was the daughter of convicts JOHN STILWELL and JANE JONES, convict (later married John Webster), both of whom arrived in the colony aboard the Broxbornebury on 28 July 1814. [Jane Jones had previously embarked the transport Emu which sailed on 12 November 1812, captured by American pirates and dumped in the Cape Verde islands, returned to England in October 1813 and dispatched again on the larger Broxbornebury on 22 February 1814; she met fellow convict John Stilwell on board]. Jane later married John Webster.

Jill Gordon's commendable research on her WebSite The McKinnon Journey from Skye to Australia [accessed May 2011] notes:

William was convicted of picking pockets at Warwick Quarter Sessions, England, on 9 January 1826 and sentenced to transportation for 7 years in the Colony of NSW. The transport ship 'England' left The Port of London/Downs, England on 6 May 1826, and after 135 days at sea, William was one of 148 convicts who disembarked in Sydney on 18 September 1826. William was described in the ship's journal as aged 16, reads, protestant, single, of Birmingham, brassfounder's boy, height 5'2½", ruddy/freckled complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes. …
… In the 1828 census he was listed as being stationed at the Hyde Park Barracks. He married Jane Stilwell in 1837 at Goulburn Plains Courthouse when she was 16 and he was 25 years. Her mother Jane Webster and her step-father John Webster, gave consent to the marriage. Jane`s family lived at Goulburn at the time of their marriage and William lists Goulburn as his place of residence on their marriage certificate. William and Jane lived at Kelso from 1853-54 and later William acquired land at `Melville Park` Porters Retreat and brought up their family there. William and Jane lived on the farm until they died. William Robinson built St Barnabas Church which was dedicated as an Anglican Church in 1859. William & Jane had 16 children and 12 children survived.

The many children of William and Jane [detail largely per Jill Gordon on, accessed April2011] were:

Jane Robinson née Stilwell died at Swashfield on 10 January 1885, aged 63 years, and was buried in the CoE churchyard in Oberon on the 12th instant. William, her husband, died at Native Dog Springs Creek on 20 January 1887, aged 76, and was interred two days later. Their deaths were registered in the Macquarie and West Macquarie district respectively but neither had parental details.

On his Goulburn marriage certificate, William Robinson born 1809 appears surnamed Robson, "free by servitude". The marriage was witnessed by Jane Stilwell's mother and step-father John Webster. Apparently John Stilwell had disappeared towards India some seven years previously.

O-2.1  Joseph Robinson (1845…1916) m. Jane Crampton (1838…1911)
[Bathurst, NSW]

The marriage of Joseph Robinson, born 1845, son of WILLIAM ROBINSON and JANE MARGARET STILWELL, and Jane Crampton was registered at Bathurst in 1869. Jane, born in Ireland about 1838, was the daughter of MAURICE CRAMPTON and JANE REDDINGTON [per Colston & Wenck families in Australia on [accessed April2011]. The children of Joseph and Jane included:

The death of Jane Robinson née Crampton was registered at Bathurst in 1911.

O-2.1.1  William Maurice/Morris Robinson (1870…) m. Catherine E L Wood (…)
[Bourke, Bathurst, Sydney NSW]

The birth of William Morris Robinson to JOSEPH and JANE was registered at Bathurst in 1870. William's marriage to Catherine E L Wood was registered at Bourke in 1896. Children of William and Catherine included:

Lesley Casey [, 1 November 2010] eMailed:
…I am the grandaughter of Eileen Robinson dob 5/5/1901 her father was william maurice Robinson and his father Joesph Robinson and Jane Crampton and his parents were William Robinson and Jane Margaret Stillwell.I would like any other information about the Robinsons from William and Jane Stillwell back. …there is a plaque to Joseph Robinson and Jane Crampton on the Bathurst Heritage wall..

O- 3 Alexander and ?Mary ?Ann Robinson
[Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh > Australia]

This family interests the author because of the number of families known to have emigrated from the Enniskillen-Trillick-Kilskerry region of northern Ireland to the Oberon-Cowra-Orange district in NSW.
Alexander Robinson (39) and his wife ?Mary ?Ann (née Ellis) (36) emigrated to Australia from Enniskillen in 1850 aboard the Anglia. With them were their children

The family were Wesleyean. They dispersed somewhat over south-eastern Australia; for further details refer to the source correspondent, Lyndall Kirchmajer. The father may have died c1861.

O-4 John Williamson (c1817…1899) m. Esther Bickett (c1822…1892)
[Drumnagoon, Portadown Co Armagh > New Zealand]

This information is per David Atkinson of Whangarei, New Zealand (21 May 1990).
John Williamson, born c.1817, died 1899, Drumnagoon townland near Portadown and Lurgan, married Esther Bickett, born c.1822, died 1892, Lumsden, New Zealand. John and Esther emigrated to New Zealand in 1891; their children were (not in order):

O-4.1 William Williamson m. Lizzie  —

William Williamson lived in Drumnagoon; he married Lizzie —. Their issue were (at least):

Heather Saunders of Waringstown arm eMailed [, Good Friday 2 April 2010] re Williamson and Atkinson photographs:
… I have photographs of my great-great-grandparents John and Esther Bickett and some of the Atkinsons if you would like me to send copies of them to you by email attachment.
Best wishes, Heather Saunders, ….

O-4.2 Sarah Williamson (1851…1925) m. James Atkinson (1848…1926)

Sarah Williamson, born in 1851 at Drumnagoon near Portadown and Lurgan, married James Atkinson (born 1848) at Seagoe Church near Portadown in 1873. Sarah's family lived on the townland and were farmers; they were Quakers.

Sarah and James emigrated to New Zealand the same year and raised their children:

Sarah Atkinson née Williamson died in 1925 at Masterton, New Zealand. Her husband James died the following year.

Sarah was the great great grandmother of David Atkinson, 50 Crawford Crescent, Kamo, Whangarei 0101, New Zealand (21 May 1990), who is able to supply a more extensive history. Some of his Atkinson relatives visited Drumnagoon in 1930 and again in 1946. They met with William Williamson and his family. David would like to hear from other rresearchers. He has written to Harry Wellborne, who advertised an interest about Williamson in Ireland, however they were unable to make a connection.

O-4.3 Esther Williamson (c1857…1938) m1. John Atkinson (…); m2. Henry Dagg

Esther Williamson, born circa 1857, married twice. Her first marriage was in 1882 at Greymouth, New Zealand, to John Atkinson (brother of James Atkinson of Tarson, Seagoe parish, near Portadown). Esther's second marriage, in 1901 at Lumsden, New Zealand, was to Harry Dagg. There were no children from either marriage.

Esther Dagg née Williamson died in 1938 at Lumsden, New Zealand.

O-4.4 Annie Williamson (c1862…1904) m. Edward Millichamp

Annie Williamson, born circa 1862, emigrated to New Zealand about 1884/5. In 1889 at Lumsden NZ Annie married Edward Millichamp; the couple had no children.

Annie Millichamp née Williamson died in 1904 at Lumsden, New Zealand.

O-4.5 John Williamson (c1865…1900) m1. Sarah Little Taylor

John Williamson, born circa 1865, married Sarah Little Taylor circa 1888 at Greymouth, New Zealand. Their children were

John Williamson died in 1900 at Greymouth NZ.

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