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Early Generations (4)
     1.            Joseph Eaton (c1780?…1833) m. Rebecca Brien (c1782…1863)
     1.1          John Eaton (c1809…1889) m. Sarah Liddell (1815…1888)
     1.2          William Eaton (1812…1874) m1. Eliza Scott, m2. Jane Falls (c1829…1910)
     1.3          Joseph Eaton (1814…) m. Faithful Buchanan (c1814…)
     1.3.1       Rebecca Jane Eaton (c1852…1937) m1. James Sydney Rollinson (c1844…1884); m2. Richard Chapman Burt (c1845…1924)
     1.3.2       William Coleman Eaton (1855…1933) m. Elizabeth Morrow (1863…1949)    John Eaton (1888…1959) m. Pearl Roberta Batcheldor (1890…1962)
     1.4          Robert Coleman Eaton (1818…1898) m. Sarah Beatty (1830…1904)
     1.4.1       Mary Jane Eaton (c1859…1922) m. James Thomas Wilcox (1859…1946)
     1.5          Ann Jane Eaton (1822…1888) m. Henry Brien (1837…1921)
     1.6          Elizabeth Eaton (1825…1894) m. Thomas Fleming (1816…1898)

     2             William Fawcett (1841c…1902) m. Elizabeth Mary Wilcox (1861c…1913+)
     2.1          Francis John Fawcett (1888…1949) m. Dorothy Eaton (1873…1935)

Possibly Related Eaton Lineages
              Timothy Eaton m. Margaret Beattie (Toronto CAN)
Related Families from the same areas
Other (probably unrelated) Eaton Lineages


These Eatons were a Scots-Irish family, with roots probably amongst the reivers of the West Border Marches of the Scottish Lowlands, and likely to have initially arrived in Ireland with the Jacobean Plantation of Ulster (1609) or shortly thereafter. The earliest individuals identified lived in the Tyrone / Fermanagh region of northern Ireland, with later emigration to New South Wales in Australia. Related families emigrated to Canada and the United States.

Early Generations

1.  Joseph Eaton  (c1780?…1833) and Rebecca Brien (c1782…1863)

The structure of this lineage rests on the tireless researches of Colin Fleming Brien and Noel Wickliffe Brien in their work The Brien Family Irish Origins (1990) and of their cousin Betty Garrad, and in our communications over the decades: Noel died at Northmead, Sydney NSW on Christmas Day 2001, Colin and Betty live near Surfers Paradise in Queensland. Their work with only a few corrections has been augmented by my own investigations and by the work of others, including especially that of Vynette Sage, William "Bud" Flanagan and George Armstrong on the thankkfully now-resurgent Fermanagh_Gold WebSite.

Joseph Eaton, farmer of Carran townland near Trillick Co Tyrone IRL, married Rebecca Brien, sister of Robert Brien, on 25 November 1802. Rebecca had been born in 1782 in Ireland. The eleven progeny of Joseph and Rebecca Eaton included:

Joseph Eaton died 25 July 1833 and was buried in Magheracross Old Graveyard.

John's widow Rebecca emigrated to NSW with her son Robert, daughter Ann, Robert's wife Sarah and Eliza Eaton (9, daughter of William), arriving in Victoria in the Shooting Star in February 1858.

Rebecca Eaton née Brien, aged 81 years, daughter of HENRY and REBECCA, died 9 March 1863 [death registered at Bathurst] and was buried at Bullock Flat, NSW, near Oberon.

Note: Also in Magheracross Old Cemetery is the headstone of Robert Eaton (c1795…1884, rf the County Fermamagh Gravestone Project which would appear to be closely related to Joseph Eaton (above, c1780?…1833, buried in Old Graveyard Magheracross).

1.1  John Eaton (c1809…1889) m. Sarah Liddell (1815…1888)

John Eaton, born c1809, son of farmer JOSEPH EATON and his wife REBECCA BRIEN of Carran townland near Trillick TYR, graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from Trinity College, Dublin IRL, on 16 July 1835. Betty Garrad [pers comm, 2010] noted that she had "found his name in a NSW medical list with the letters L.A.H. Dublin 1835. I found in the EPPI in (Return of persons examined & certified as qualified by the Apothecaries’ Hall in Dublin) '2 Mar 1827 John Eaton, Enniskillen, Fermanagh'. This would possibly have led up to his degree in 1835". Licentiates of the Apothecaries' Hall, qualified in medicine, surgery and midwifery, were officially allowed to call themselves physicians and surgeons following the Medical Act of 1886 as the term Apothecary had become identified with pharmacists.

It seems probable that John was at Trillick during the 1846-48 Famine, as noted in on Wikipedia's 'Trillick' WebPage:
From the 1800s, the corn mills at Cavanamarra and Corlea were in full swing and the ‘floe’ bog kept the town well supplied with turf, which sold in the market at around one shilling a crate. There was fire in people’s hearts also and fights between Orangemen and Ribbonmen were a regular fair day feature. A famous battle was fought on 14 October, 1821, beside the Black Lion Inn on the Moneygar road, between the Orangemen, led by Dr. Alexander and the Ribbonmen, let by Captain Doyle of Effernan. In the battle scythes, grapes, spades and pitchforks were used, both sides suffering sever casualties. Twenty years late, the Temperance Crusade led by Father Matthew reached here in 1841, a short time before the famine years of 1846/7/8 were to bring this and every other town and village to its knees. The town’s soup kitchens were at the dispensary and at McQuaides at the Dromore road junction. The Church of Ireland rector, Rev. Arthur Irvine, the Catholic curate, Father Joseph Shields and the rector at Kilskeery, Rev. John Porter, along with doctor Eaton, worked tirelessly to aid a stricken people, while Cathcart’s and McCullagh’s home bakeries supplied bread daily as far as supplies permitted, mainly made from the new Indian meal. The opening in 1854 of the railway stations at Trillick and Bundoran Junction brought a new life to the town, carters and side cars began operating a regular service to meet the trains and there was a big increase in business at the Imperial Hotel, then being run by John Rutledge.

John was a witness at the wedding of his sister Elizabeth to Thomas Fleming at Trillick in the parish of Kilskeery TYR on 23 February 1849.

John apparently worked as a ship’s surgeon before settling as a farmer and medical doctor in the Fish River district of New South Wales in 1854. Betty Garrad [pers comm, 2010] reflected "[Brien] Family lore has it that William Brien and his brother John Brien were wards of Dr John Eaton for 12 years and that John Eaton was a ship’s doctor before he settled In NSW. The story has it there were two other Brien brothers who went to Canada. Were they all orphans? It has always seemed to me that there must have been a kinship between Dr Eaton and this Brien family.".

John married Sarah Liddell, a spinster of nearby Fish River Creek, in a Wesleyan Methodist ceremony at Glyndwr near Bullocks Flats [Oberon] in February 1861, witnessed by James Fleming and Mary Ann Armstrong. There was no issue to this marriage.

Sarah Liddle was the nurse attending the 1856 birth of Abraham Wilson, last-born of William Wilson and his wife Rebecca Liddle (daughter of William and Sarah Liddle) who had emigrated aboard the United Kingdom in 1843-4.

Sarah Eaton née Liddle, Irish-born daughter of farmer WILLIAM LIDDLE, died aged 73 years near Oberon on 5 November 1888. John Eaton, her husband and medical attendant, stated on her death certificate that Sarah had emigrated to NSW thirty-four years previously [ie, about 1854] and that she had been 40 years old when she married [ed.: this does not match with her wedding certificate]. Sarah’s burial at Oberon by Methodist clergyman Fancis J Curwood and undertaker James Wilson was witnessed by by W C Eaton and W L Wilson.

The renowned Dr John Eaton, an active farmer, son of JOSEPH and REBECCA, died in 1889 at Oberon: he had been in that district more than 30 years, The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday 25 September 1889 (p8) noting: “OBERON, TUESDAY. Dr. Eaton, a resident here for over 30 years, was buried to-day, all classes attending the funeral. The deceased will be much missed in this district, there being no medical man nearer than Bathurst.”

1.2  William Eaton (1812…1874) m1. Eliza Scott, m2. Jane Falls (c1829…1910)

Bachelor William Eaton of Larterush [Loughterush townland], Parish of Kilskeery, Tyrone, and Eliza Scott, spinster of Mulloughbane [Mullaghbane townland], Parish of Dromore, were married at Kilskeery CoI parish church on 26 April 1844, their union producing at least one child:

John Edgar was the son of WILLIAM EDGAR and Gargadis-born MARY BRIEN.

William, a widower, emigrated and arrived in NSW in 1861: his marriage to Jane Falls, daughter of JAMES FALLS and JANE NELSON, was registered at Bathurst in 1866. Jane had been born in Co Tyrone circa 1829; her parents had married at Kilskeery CoI parish church on 1 December 1824, James from the Parish of Enniskillen and Jane [Nelson] from the Parish of Kilskeery. Progeny to William and Jane included:

William, son of JOSEPH and REBECCA, died at Oberon on 15 May 1874. The death of Jane Eaton née Falls, daughter of JAMES and JANE, was regisrered at Lithgow in 1911. Several descendants live in the Lithgow - Wallerawang district of NSW.

1.3  Joseph Eaton (1814…) m. Faithful Buchanan (…)

Joseph Eaton, son of JOSEPH and REBECCA of Carran townland, was baptised on 4 August 1814 at Kilskeery CoI parish church, Tyrone. Joseph, aged 31, a farmer at Carron [Carran], son of farmer Joseph, married Faithful Buchanan (“Faithy”), daughter of farmer Thomas Buchanan of Shanaclough townland, on 18 December 1848 at Kilskeery. Faithful was probably the Faith Buchanan baptised at Kilskeery CoI parish church on 21 December 1814, the daughter of THOMAS and ELIZABETH of Keenoge [Keenogue townland?]. [Note though the marriages of Christopher Wilson of Derryhellagh, Derryvollen and Faithful Buchanan of Shanmullagh at Kilskeery on 30 August 1839 and of John Buchannan of Shanmullagh, and Faithy Buchannan of Shanmullagh at Kilskeery on 30 October 1840.].

Known children of Joseph and Faithful were:

Joseph and Faithy remained in Ireland; Rebecca emigrated to New Zealand about 1872.

1.3.1  Rebecca Jane Eaton (c1852…1937) m1. James Sydney Rollinson (c1844…1884); m2. Richard Chapman Burt (c1845…1924)

Rebecca Jane Eaton, born 6 September 1852 at Kilskeery, County Tyrone, to farmer JOSEPH EATON of Shanmullagh townland and his wife FAITHY [FAITHFUL, née BUCHANAN], emigrated to New Zealand where she married for the first time on 2 October 1875, to James Sydney Rollinson (pers comm. Colin Dent, 21 February 2004). That marriage took place in the Roman Catholic church at Hamilton, Waikato. James was described as a bachelor saw-mill owner aged 30 years, and Rebecca a spinster of “full age” [i.e. over 21 years]; witnesses were Thomas Cassidy and Margaret Ryan, both of Hamilton. Rebecca bore James Rollinson at least three children, including:

The death of James Sydney Rollinson, aged 39, registered in NZ in 1884.

Rebecca's second marriage, in Auckland, was to Richard Chapman Burt on 24 April 1884. Richard, a 39 year old sawyer, had been widowed on 26 February 1882; he hailed from Cornwall, the son of carpenter JOHN BURT and MARIA CHAPMAN, and was currently residing in Auckland. Rebecca was aged 30 years and had been widowed on 28 January 1884; she was noted as a native of Tyrone, the daughter of farmer JOSEPH EATON and FAITHFUL BUCHANAN, and a resident of Auckland.

Rebecca bore Richard Burt at least five children including three sons and two daughters.

The death of Richard Chapman Burt, aged 80, was registered in NZ in 1924.

Rebecca Jane Burt, formerly Rollinson, née Eaton, died on 9 July 1937 at 8
Cricket Avenue, Kingsland NZ, she was 85 years old. She was survived by two daughters aged 56 and 55 years from her first marriage, and three sons aged 52, 46 and 42 years and two daughters aged 50 and 48 years from her second marriage.

1.3.2  William Coleman Eaton (1855…1933) m. Elizabeth Morrow (1863…1949)

William Coleman Eaton, born in 1855 to JOSEPH EATON and his wife FAITHFUL BUCHANAN, emigrated to NSW in 1878. A [?road] contractor, William married Elizabeth Morrow on 25 November 1885 in Oberon. Elizabeth, born near Picton NSW in October 1863, was a daughter of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE.

The children of William and Elizabeth Eaton, several of whom died in infancy, were:

William Coleman Eaton died 15 October 1933; Elizabeth Eaton née Morrow died 18 November 1949. John Eaton (1888…1959) m. Pearl Roberta Batcheldor (1890…1962)

John Eaton, born September 1888 at Duckmaloi near Oberon to farmer WILLIAM COLEMAN EATON and his wife ELIZABETH MORROW, married Pearl Roberta Batcheldor, daughter born at Oberon in 1890 to ganger WALTER BOYS BATCHELDOR and his wife EMMA MATILDA CUNYNGHAME, on 8 November 1915, in her parent’s house at Edith near Oberon. John was a bachelor farmer residing at Tarana and Emma a spinster engaged in domestic duties; the marriage was witnessed by Sydney James Cunynghame and Eva Maude Mary Batcheldor.

John and Pearl had three children:

The death of John Eaton, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, was registered at Bathurst in 1959. The death of Pearl Roberta Eaton, daughter of WALTER and MATILDA, was registered at Bathurst in 1962.

George Morrow, Elizabeth’s father, was a son of GEORGE MORROW, born c1789 at Dungannon TYR (whose parents were James Morrow and Elizabeth (?or Rebecca) Robinson) and his third wife ELIZABETH BEATTIE. The elder George had married his first wife, NANCY, circa 1818; they had one known child. George re-married circa 1822, his second wife being MARY BEATTIE (born about 1803), who bore him two known children. George Morrow married again circa 1828, this time to Elizabeth Beattie, from Mullinagore TYR, daughter of ANDREW and JANE BEATTIE (both deceased by October 1843). According to her death certificate, Elizabeth had been “about 39 years” old when she married George, to whom she bore three children, the youngest being George (1831 TYR … 1924 NSW).

Note that there is no definite blood relationship yet known to have existed between Mary and Elizabeth Beattie, wives of George Morrow, or between those two ladies and the Beatties mention elsewhere in this text. For further details of the Morrow family, refer to the Morrow file.

1.4  Robert Coleman Eaton (1818…1898) m. Sarah Beatty (1830…1904)

Data in this lineage is, with only a few corrections and augmented by my own investigations, largely from the research of Colin Fleming Brien and Noel Wickliffe Brien in their work The Brien Family Irish Origins (1990) and of their cousin Betty Garrad, and in our communications over the decades: Noel died at Northmead, Sydney NSW on Christmas Day 2001, Colin and Betty live near Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

Sarah Betty, born circa 1830, Tyrone/Fermanagh, was baptised 13 March 1830 at Magheracross, Fermanagh, her parents noted as JOHN McGREGOR BETTY and his wife DOROTHEA BETTY née BETTY] of Bigh [Beagh?]. Sarah, 25, spinster of Canine, married Robert Coleman Eaton, 30, bachelor farmer of Carron at Kilskeery on 27 October 1857. Robert, baptised at Kilskeery in September 1818, was the son of JOSEPH EATON and his wife REBECCA BRIEN. Robert and Sarah Eaton emigrated to Australia, arriving in Port Phillip [Melbourne] in February 1858 aboard the Shooting Star, apparently proceeding later that year to New South Wales by unknown coastal steamer: the names of this Eaton family group match but the stated ages differ greatly from those expected.

Surname Given Name Age Month Year Ship Fiche Page
Eaton Rebecca 58 Feb 1858 Shooting Star 141 004
Eaton Robert 25 Feb 1858 Shooting Star 141 004
Eaton Ann 23 Feb 1858 Shooting Star 141 004
Eaton Sarah 23
1858 Shooting Star 141 004
Eaton Eliza 9 Feb 1858 Shooting Star 141 004
Eaton Assisted Immigrants Arriving Victoria per Shooting Star, 1858

Robert and Sarah's eight children were:

Robert, on 8 October 1862, paid £3 deposit for the immigration of his sister-in-law Lucinda Beatty. The deposit was refunded on 15 October 1863 following an application by Robert. Details are given in footnotes to a following section on Lucinda Beatty.

Robert died 3 January 1898 and was buried in the CoE section of Oberon General Cemetery. Sarah Eaton née Beattie, daughter of JOHN McGREGOR BETTY and his wife DOROTHY BETTY née BETTY, died 30 March 1904 at "Apple Grove", Fish River Creek near Oberon NSW and was buried next day, beside her husband.

1.4.1  Mary Jane Eaton (c1859…1922) m. James Thomas Wilcox (1859…1946)

Mary Jane Eaton, born September 1860(?59) to ROBERT COLEMAN EATON and SARAH BEATTY, married widower James Thomas Wilcox on 27 October 1909 at St Stephen’s Presbyterian church in Bathurst. Mary, 49, was a spinster engaged in domestic duties at Titania, her birthplace near Oberon; both her parents were deceased by 1909. James, 50, a farmer at Canowindra nsw, had been born in 1859 to farmer JOHN WILCOX (deceased by 1909) and MARY ANN HUMPHRIES.

Mary Jane Wilcox née Eaton, daughter of ROBERT C and SARAH, died 4 January 1922 with no issue: her death was registered at Canowindra. The death of James Thomas Wilcox was registered at Canowindra in 1946

1.5  Ann Jane Eaton (1822…1888) m. Henry Brien (1837…1921)

Ann Jane Eaton, born 30 June 1822 to JOSEPH EATON and his wife REBECCA BRIEN, emigrated to Victoria in March 1858 aboard the Shooting Star, migrating to New South Wales soon afterwards. Ann, with her younger brother Robert and his family, was following her sister Elizabeth who had emigrated as Elizabeth Fleming aboard the Garland in 1851, accompanied by husband Thomas. In 1859 Ann married Henry Brien, son born in 1833 to JOHN BRIEN and his wife MARGARET nee BRIEN (who had emigrated aboard the Clyde in 1836; Margaret was a niece of Rebecca Brien wife of Joseph Eaton). Ann and Henry were to raise three children:

Ann Jane Brien née Eaton, daughter of JOSEPH and REBECCA, died 8 July 1888; her death was regitered at Cowra.

1.6  Elizabeth Eaton (1825…1894) m. Thomas Fleming (1816…1898)

Elizabeth Eaton, daughter of JOSEPH and REBECCA, married bachelor miller Thomas Fleming at Trillick in the parish of Kilskeery on 23 February 1849. Thomas, aged 28, was born c1816/18 Cordromedy near Trillick TYR, the son of JAMES FLEMING and ISABELLA LINDSAY his wife. For further details of Elizabeth and Thomas, who had seven children, refer to the Fleming file.


2.  William Fawcett (1841c…1902) m. Elizabeth Mary Wilcox (1861c…1913+)

Farmer William Fawcett, born at Newtown Butler, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland circa 1837 to farmer WILLIAM FAWCETT and his wife MARY ANN LIDDLE, emigrated about 1855 to New South Wales. A farmer aged 38, he married Elizabeth Mary Wilcox on 12 February 1880 at St Philip's Church, Sydney (1880/170) [not Oberon as stated on his death certificate], the ceremony officiated by William J Killick of Paddington, and witnessed by John Matthews and Mary Jane Matthews. Elizabeth, a spinster aged 19 of Oberon, had been born at Fish River Creek near Oberon to farmer WILLIAM WILCOX (who consented to Elizabeth's marriage) and ELIZA MAY AGNES THORNTON. William and Elizabeth were the parents of:

William Fawcett, son of WILLIAM and MARY A, died at Fish River Creek near Oberon on 10 December 1902. William was buried in the Methodist section of Oberon General Cemetery by undertaker George Spicer and minister J Tarn, witnessed by E J Sloggett and T F Kern. William's brother John Fawcett of Fish River Creek provided details for the death certificate, stating that William's offspring were Thomas L (22), William A T (20), Jane L (19), Mary A (15), Francis J (14), George S (10), Albert N (9), Harnett A (7) and Hector M (1), all living, and one male and two females deceased.

2.1  Francis John Fawcett (1888…1949) m. Dorothy Eaton (1873…1935)

Dorothy Eaton, born 4 February 1873, youngest child of Irish-born immigrants ROBERT COLEMAN EATON, and SARAH BEATTY, married Francis John Fawcett ("Jack") on 16 July 1913 at St Stephen's Presbyterian church, Bathurst NSW, before the Revd. J H Robertson and witnesses E J Sloggett and E Sloggett. Dorothy was noted as a spinster engaged in home duties at Titania (4km east of Oberon NSW) where she had been born; her parents were both deceased; her father had been a farmer; she Dorothy was 38, Jack was 25.
Jack Fawcett, born at Titania in 1888 and still residing thereat, was the son of farmer WILLIAM FAWCETT (deceased) and ELIZABETH MARY WILCOX.
Jack and Dorothy were the parents of (at least):

Dorothy Fawcett nee Eaton died 8 July 1935, her death registered at Bathurst. The death of Francis John Fawcett, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, was registered at Newtown in Sydney in 1949.

Possibly Related Families:

Timothy Eaton m. Margaret Beattie [Toronto CAN]

Perhaps distantly related to the Kilskeery - Oberon families were Timothy Eaton and Margaret Beattie, an Ulster couple who settled in Toronto CAN.

Margaret Crowle [, 10 September 2003], eMailed:

Minnie Beattie was a sister to Margaret Beattie, wife of Timothy Eaton. She married my grandfather Benjamin Thomson in 1888 and died of tuberculosis in 1889, buried in Douglas Manitoba. I am interested in finding out her date of birth. I understand that Timothy wanted Ben to go into the department store business with him but Ben decided that there was more future with the CPR. After their marriage they moved to Douglas Manitoba where he was a CPR agent.

Barbara Fitzsenry [, 2 July 2003], VP/Web Editor/Web Master of The Eaton Families Association, eMailed the Eaton URL

The following details are taken from an article in Familia – Ulster Genealogical Review, volume 2 number 3, 1987, pp134-135.

Timothy Eaton was born c1835 on a farm at Killyfleugh Road, Ballymena ANT IRL, the youngest of four sons and five daughters of farmer JOHN EATON and his wife MARGARET CRAIG of Clogher, Ballymena; John died before Timothy’s birth. John worked 33 acres owned by Sir Robert Adair; his family had originated from the Adair estates in Kinhilt, Wigtownshire in the south-west Scottish lowlands many years before, as mentioned in the 1669 Hearthmoney Roll for Co Antrim.

Timothy’s three older brothers were Robert Eaton (born c1817, emigrated to Canada in 1841, aged 24), John Eaton (remained in Ireland where he looked after his mother and ran the family farm) and James Eaton (emigrated to join Robert in Canada). Three sisters followed to Canada.

After basic education and an apprenticeship to a grocer in Portlegone, Timothy emigrated to join his brothers in Canada, moving first to Glen Williams near Georgetown, then at London ONT and St Mary’s. On 8 December 1869 Timothy and James opened a store in Toronto; this developed into the renowned Eaton’s department store chain.

Frank Morrow (, 8 October 2002) eMailed "…the department stores started by Timothy Eaton are no longer in business (much to our chagrin), having filed for bankruptcy a few years ago. Their stores in some locations - mainly in the downtown areas - were taken over by Sears, the well established Canadian arm of an American firm, Sears-Roebuck, and the remainder closed. For a number of years they operated under the Eaton name, but now … Sears are abandoning the old name and will operate under their own. They too have lost money on the old stores."

Related Families from the same areas:

Tyrone and Fermanagh

NSW: Beattie, Bailey, Edgar, Fleming, Graham.

Other (probably unrelated) Eaton Lineages:
None known.

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