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Early Generations (3)
   1             George Nelson (…1803) m. Issabella Lindsay (1779…1843)
   1.1          Jane Nelson (1803…1892) m. James Falls (…1851-)
   1.1.1       James Falls (1834…1911) m. Mary Ann McCaskie (c1840…1915)

   2             James Fleming (1769…1848) m. Isabella Nelson née Lindsay (1779…1843)
   2.1          John Fleming (1806…1879) m. Susannah Brien (1803…1877)
   2.1.1       James Fleming (1843…1925) m. Elizabeth Johnston (…)
   2.2          William Fleming (1807…1892) m. Lucinda Wilson (c1813…1869) 
                            m2? Margaret Ettles McDiarmid née Larnach (1826…1917)
   2.2.1       Isabella Fleming (1834…1866) m. James Doust (1822…1906)    James Doust (1864…1940) m. Sarah Wilson (1865..…1928)
   2.2.2       Anne Jane Fleming (1838…1891) m. William Crispin (1827…1904)
   2.2.3       Mary Alicia Fleming (1844…1910) m. William Hamilton (1838…1932)
   2.2.4       Emma Fleming (1850…1913) m. Robert Wilson Slater (1846…1904)
   2.3          Thomas Fleming (1816/18…1898) m. Elizabeth Eaton (1825…1894)
   2.3.1       Eliza Jane Fleming (1853…1905) m. James Thomas Wilcox (1859…1946)
   2.3.2       William Lindsay Fleming (1861…1875)

Possibly Related Lineages
   2             James Fleming (1833…1915+) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Barns / Burns / Byrnes (1844…1815)
Related Families from the same areas
Other (probably unrelated) Lineages


The Nelson, Falls and Fleming families included herein had their roots near Trillick and Kilskeery in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland; Falls and Fleming descendants emigrated to the Oberon region in New South Wales, Australia.

Early Generations      

1 George Nelson (…1803) m. Issabella Lindsay (1779…1843)

George Nelson of Kilskeery, Tyrone, married Issabella Lindsay of Makenny townland (two miles from Kilskeery and half a mile from Trillick; now Bleakleys?) at the Kilskeery CoI parish church on 25 March 1800. The couple had at least one child:

Issabella remarried on 8 July 1803 at Kilskeery CoI parish church to James Fleming, following George’s death c1803. James and Issabella of Cordromedy were the parents of (at least):

Isabella Fleming, formerly Nelson, née Lindsay, aged 64, of Cordromedy, was buried at Kilskeery on 24 August 1843 by A H Irvine. James Fleming, aged 75, of Cordrumedy [Cordromedy], was buried at Kilskeery on 25 December 1848 by J G Porter.

Sally Crawford (née Lindsay) of New Brunswick, Canada eMailed [27jun2012]:

I am looking for the parents ( father most likely named Thomas) or siblings or any connections for the three Lindsay three brothers who arrived in New Brunswick Canada about 1820. William, on a land grant here in NB, said he was from Kilskeery. Census material has them from Fermanagh. I realize that it is a stone’s throw from KiIskeery to Fermanagh and that lines changed etc throughout history,etc.
Here is the info I have:
Three Lindsay brothers came to Bath Maine USA then travelled on to New Brunswick, Canada about 1818-20. They settled in Wakefield parish and the community was later named Lindsay after them. I am a descendent of William.
a.. Alexander Lindsay, b.June 5, 1781 in Fermanagh Co; d. April 4, 1878 in Woodstock, N.B.. Canada; married Elizabeth Hetherington (b 1790 in Ireland; d. Nov.2 1859 in Woodstock, N.B. Canada)
b.. Robert Lindsay, b.1789, Ireland; arrived in N.B. abt 1819-1822 Never married.
c..William Lindsay, b.1799 in Fermanagh(?)Ireland; d. 1840 in Wakefield, N.B.Canada. Married Elizabeth Porter
They were given land grants in N.B. Canada (have printouts of these) and were listed as Church of Ireland.
We have extensive information about their descendents. (Well, at least my dad, the real genealogist in the family, does).
If you have any ideas or clues for me. I’d appreciate hearing from you.

1.1  Jane Nelson (1803…1892) m. James Falls (…1851-)

Jane Nelson, of the Parish of Kilskeery, daughter born circa 1803 to ISSABELLA LINDSAY and her first husband GEORGE NELSON, married James Falls, of the Parish of Enniskillen, at Kilskeery COI parish church by Licence on 1 December 1824. The couple had four known children:

The widowed Jane Falls arrived in New South Wales with her four children aboard the Garland in March 1851, accompanied by her step-sister's son Thomas Fleming, his wife Elizabeth Eaton and son James, and Henry Brien.

Jane Falls née Nelson, remembered as a community leader, died at Oberon in 1892.

1.1.1 James Falls (1834…1911) m. Mary Ann McCaskie (c1840…1915)

James Falls, son born c1834 in Co Tyrone to JAMES FALLS and his wife JANE NELSON, married Mary Ann McCaskie, the marriage registered at Bathurst in 1865. The couple apparently had five children:

James Falls died aged 77 years in June 1911; Mary Falls née McCaskie died aged 75 yers in May 1915. They lie buried with their son George in Oberon General Cemetery.

2  James Fleming (1769…1848) m. Issabella Nelson née Lindsay (1779…1843)

Following the death of her first husband George Nelson (q.v.), Issabella Nelson née Lindsay married James Fleming, the wedding taking place on 8 July 1804 in the parish church at Kilskeery. James, born c1769 at Cordromedy between Trillick and Kilskeery, was from a family of farmers and corn millers; James' farm was some 28 acres. Isabella and James produced five children:

Isabella Fleming, formerly Nelson, née Lindsay, aged 64, of Cordromedy, was buried at Kilskeery on 24 August 1843 by A H Irvine. James Fleming, aged 75, of Cordrumedy [Cordromedy], was buried at Kilskeery on 25 December 1848 by J G Porter.


Janet Flemming of Coffs Harbour NSW emailed re:

I am looking for a Fleming male related to your Flemings of Trillick Tyrone who migrated to Australia...
I would like to see if they match any in our DNA Project.
Also my own John William Fleming apparently married Mary Griffin/Griffith at Kilskerry in 1831 so am wondering if he was related to those on your web site.
John William Fleming was born apparently in 1801 in Ireland and died in 1900. He may have been at Hertsfordshire in 1851 a prisoner.
I am looking for further family connections for his Fleming line. He had a son Robert Fleming born 1852 in Dromore Tyrone and this Robert came to Australia in 1879. His two older sisters...
Mary Jane Fleming and Margaret Fleming had migrated to Australia much earlier in 1854 and had settled firstly at Marshall Mount on the South Coast and then moved out to March near Orange.
Mary Jane married into the Priest family and Margaret married into the Griffith family who were related to her mother Mary Jane Griffith whose parents Alexander and Jane lived at Cornamuck Dromore Tyrone in the 1800s.
I have my brother Wade and a great uncle Peter Flemming in the DNA project so would be keen to find a Fleming male related to those on your web pages... any help would be appreciated.


Winsome Cox of 2/31 Chepana St., Lake Cathie 2445, near Port Macquarie NSW eMailed [07jan2012] re 'Fleming Ancestry':

… my ancestry is
William Fleming arr. Aust. 1858 "David McIvor" wife Rosanna Cunningham with issue. William and family went to Kiama where their son-in-law John Hamilton and eldest daughter Esther (Fleming) Hamilton arr. " Switzerland" 1854. were living. William Fleming died 1867. His death cert. stated his father was James Fleming and Esther Lindsey.
I obtained the marriage certificate at PRONI when I was in Ireland 2006 of John Hamilton residing at Lissaneden townland and Esther Fleming residing at Rahony townland (both townlands are in Dromore parish Co. Tyr.) who were married in the C of I Bar Church Co Tyrone 7th July 1853, each stated their father was Robert Hamilton and William Fleming respectively, witnesses were Hamilton McKerahan and Alexander Lindsey. There is listed in the Griffith Survey an Alexander Lindsey living in Rahony Townland Dromore Parish on 88 Acres.
Do you think there is any Connection to your Fleming/Lindsay/ey ancestors?.
Regards, Winsome Cox. 2/31 Chepana St., Lake Cathie 2445, near Port Macquarie.

2.1 John Fleming (1806…1879) m. Susannah Brien (1803…1877)

John Fleming, eldest child of JAMES FLEMING and ISABELLA LINDSAY his wife, was born circa 1806 in Co Tyrone. At Kilskeery on 16 November 1838, John married Susannah Brien, daughter born 24 November 1803 to farmer ROBERT BRIEN (or BRYEN) and his wife MARY JOHNSTON of Gargadis TYR. John and Susannah were the second of this Fleming family to emigrate to Australia, following by four years his younger brother William. John, a carpenter and wheelwright aged 27, and Susannah, a laundress aged 29, sailed aboard the Argyle ex Gravesend under the command of the well-known John Gatenby on 28 November 1838, Plymouth 12 December 1838 and arriving in Sydney on 31 March 1839. John and Susannah were described in the ship's logs as being members of the Church of England, both able to read and write. They soon moved to join William and settling at Gingkin south of Oberon.

The two children of John and Susannah were born at Gingkin:

After the birth of their children, John and Susannah Fleming moved from Gingkin to purchase land adjoining "Ferndale", the Brien property on the Fish River east of Oberon.

Susan Fleming née Brien died 29 December 1877, aged 74; John Fleming died 17 June 1879, aged 73.

2.1.1 James Fleming (1843…1925) m. Elizabeth Johnston (…)

James Fleming, to JOHN FLEMING and SUSANNAH BRIEN his wife, was born 9 October 1843. James married Elizabeth Johnston; they appear to have parented the following children (one, Lydia, is definite):

James Fleming, son of John, died near Molong NSW on 2 September 1925.

Note 1: Lynette Kirby kindly eMailed [19 August 2007] a substantial correction regarding children previously erroneously considered by this author as possible issue of James Fleming (born 1843) and his wife Elizabeth née Johnston: rf section 3, James Fleming (1833…1915+) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Barns / Burns / Byrnes (1844…1815).

Note 2: between 1867 and 1880, five births (for Alexander, David, Robert James, Bella J and William Mason Fleming) were registered to James and Elizabeth Ann Fleming at Kiama; and between 1870 and 1888 eight births (for Alice, Mary E, Alexander J, Elizabeth M, James A, Ethel, Harold E and Ruby I Fleming) were registered to James and Elizabeth Fleming at Paddington, Waverley and Sydney) - it is assumed that none of these are related to the Oberon stock.

2.2 William Fleming (1807…1892) m. Lucinda Wilson (c1813…1869) m2? Margaret Ettles McDiarmid née Larnach (1826…1917)

William Fleming, son of JAMES FLEMING and ISABELLA LINDSAY his wife, was born July 1807 in Co Tyrone. In 1833 William married Lucinda Wilson, of Derryhillagh FER. The children of William and Lucinda included:

William, Lucinda and infant Isabella were the first of this Fleming family to emigrate to Australia, departing Liverpool ENG on 18 October 1835 aboard the Clyde, arriving in Sydney on 7 February 1836. James was born en passage. The family soon moved 100 miles westward and settled on the Fish River Creek near today's Oberon township; the homestead built before 1868 on their principal property "Springfield" was still extant in 1989. William also owned land abutting Charles Whalan's "Glyndwr", and 800 acres on the Fish River at Yetholme between Lithgow and Bathurst. On 1 November 1851 he purchased 80 acres on Fish River Creek near Bullock Flats; that land was one of a number of selections made available by a government proclamation of 25 November 1850 and sold for £1 per acre. William sold several of his properties to his sons-in-law, and "Springfield" in 1889; the latter was in part sub-divided into residential blocks that year.

Lucinda Fleming née Wilson died 20 February 1869 aged 56 years and was buried in the Old Methodist Cemetery at Oberon.

It is possible that William re-married. The marriage of widow Margaret Ettles McDiarmid née Larnach and William Fleming was registered at Bathurst in 1870 (rf Larnach data). Margaret died at Bathurst in 1917, aged 90 years: note however that William apparently died in Sydney in 1892 (see below).

After the sale of "Springfield", William Fleming lived with the family of his daughter Emma Slater at 61 Norton Street, Leichhardt (and inner-western suburb of Sydney), where he died 29 June 1892 [source uncertain].

2.2.1 Isabella Fleming (1834…1866) m. James Doust (1822…1906)

Isabella Fleming, daughter of WILLIAM FLEMING and LUCINDA WILSON his wife, was born 27 April 1834 in Co Tyrone. Isabella married James Doust (born 1822 at Goudhurst KNT) at "Springfield" near Oberon on the Bathurst - Hill End Wesleyan Methodist circuit in 1854. Isabella bore James the following children (all except Mary registered at Bathurst):

Isabella Doust née Fleming died 14 February 1866 at "Bloomfield" Dubbo NSW. Her young children were raised at "Springfield" near Oberon with the Slaters.

James may have re-married; a James Doust married Charlotte O Clarke at Hill End in 1872. James died in 1906, aged 84 years. James Doust (1864…1940) m. Sarah Wilson (1865..…1928)

Sarah Wilson, daughter born at Oberon in 1865 to ALEXANDER WILSON and his wife MARY ARMSTRONG, married James Doust in the Macquarie district of central-western NSW on 20 April 1887. James had been born 4 January 1864 near Bathurst, the son JAMES DOUST and his wife ISABELLA. The issue of James and Sarah included:

2.2.2 Anne Jane Fleming (1838…1891) m. William Crispin (1827…1904)

Anne Jane Fleming, daughter of WILLIAM FLEMING and LUCINDA WILSON his wife, was born in 1838 in NSW. She would have been amongst the first European children born in the district. Anne married William Crispin, born in Paris France of an English engineer, at "Springfield" near Oberon; their marriage was registered at Bathurst in 1869.

William was married previously, to Sarah A Pappin, at Sydney, Christ Church St Lawrence's CoE in Sydney in 1851, with possibly nine children resulting:

The Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 23 August 1867 (p8) carried two announcements regarding the Crispin family:

CRISPIN - July 22nd at No 15, Francis street, Glebe, the wife of William Crispin, of a daughter, stillborn.
CRISPIN - July 31st, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of William Crispin of No 15 Francis street Glebe, leaving an affectionate husband and four children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.

The death of Sarah A Crispin, daughter of Unknown PAPPIN and JOSEPHINE, was registered at Glebe in 1867.

The death of Sarah Crispin, daughter of R CHURCHWARD and SARAH, was registered at Redfern in 1869. It appears she had died aged 77 on 21 April 1869 (viz. born circa 1792) and was interred in the Old Church of England section, Rookwood cemetery, as the wife of Richard Crispin. Richard deceased aged 88 on 15 July 1871 (viz. born circa 1783). Also at Rookwood lie Susannah Crispin, 'Wife of Robert Churhward Crispin', who died aged 80 on 2 June 1891 (viz. born circa 1811, her headstone 'Erected by her children'); Susannah is buried with her daughter Martha Elizabeth Morley who deceased 30 August 1933, aged 82.

Issue of William by Ann included:

The death on 28 November 1891 of Ann Jane Crispen née Fleming, aged 54, daughter of WILLIAM and LUCINDA, was registered at The Glebe, age 76, was registered at The Glebe: she was interred in Old Wesleyan section of Rookwood Cemetery with her husband and infant children Richard and Maude.

In 1894 William was nominated as an Alderman in Sydney' borough of Darlington [Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 7 February 1894 (p3)]:

NOTICE is hereby given that tho following Candidates have been duly nominated as Aldermen and Auditors for the above Borough.
WILLIAM CRISPIN, Derwent-street, Glebe
NEIL LIVINGSTON, Rose-street, Darlington
JAMES HENRY BEALE, Heatherbrae, Summer Hill
JOHN WARE, Rose-street, Darlington.

Perhaps William married again: the Sydney Morning Herald of Saturday 17 March 1894 (p1) announced:

CRISPIN-SMITH.—March 7, by the Rev William Pearson, Alderman William Crispin, of 52 Derwent-street, Glebe to Charlotte, relict of the late J. C. Smith, of Balmain.

The death on 29 February 1904 of William Crispin, son of RICHARD, age 76, was registered at The Glebe: he was interred in Old Wesleyan section of Rookwood Cemetery.

2.2.3 Mary Alicia Fleming (1844…1910) m. William Hamilton (1838…1932)

Mary Alicia Fleming, daughter of WILLIAM FLEMING and LUCINDA WILSON his wife, was born in 1844 in NSW. Mary married William Hamilton, born in Ardbarron TYR, at "Springfield" near Oberon. Jill Hamilton [, 15jun2010] commented that William seems the brother of Charles John Hamilton who married Mary's niece Harriett Josephine Crispin (rf Section 2.2.2 above) and that William, born April 1832, died in Toowoomba Qld in 1932.

2.2.4 Emma Fleming (1850…1913) m. Robert Wilson Slater (1846…1904)

Emma Fleming, daughter of WILLIAM FLEMING and LUCINDA WILSON his wife, was born in 1850 in NSW. Emma married Irish-born Robert Wilson Slater at "Springfield" near Oberon.

2.3 Thomas Fleming (1816/18…1898) m. Elizabeth Eaton (1825…1894)

Thomas Fleming, aged 28, son of JAMES FLEMING and ISABELLA LINDSAY his wife, born at c1816/18 Cordromedy near Trillick TYR, was a bachelor miller when he married Elizabeth Eaton at Trillick in the parish of Kilskeery on 23 February 1849. A witness at the wedding was Elizabeth's brother John Eaton. Elizabeth, spinster aged 20 [in fact 24] from Carran, was the daughter born July 1825 to farmer JOSEPH EATON and REBECCA BRIEN.

Elizabeth bore corn miller Thomas seven known children:

Thomas and Elizabeth emigrated in the Garland, landing in Sydney on 15 March 1851, sixteen years after his brother William and twelve years after eldest brother John. Wit h them on the Garland were his son James and his step-sister, widow Jane Falls (daughter of GEORGE NELSON and ISABELLA LINDSAY, who married Thomas' father James Fleming on 8 July 1804, following George's death c1803) and Jane's children Jane Falls (22), twins George Falls and James Falls (17) and Isabella Falls (13). Henry Brien was also aboard the Garland.

Thomas purchased several properties, including one at the confluence of Fish River Creek and Deep Creek, adjacent to William Brien's "Ferndale". This he sold on 13 August 1892 to David Eaton, son of Robert Coleman Eaton. Elizabeth died 21 August 1894, aged 68 and was buried at Oberon. Thomas followed his married daughters and their families to the Cowra district, purchasing land at Morongla Creek where he died on died 2 August 1898; his remains were buried at Oberon.

2.3.1 Eliza Jane Fleming (1853…1905) m. James Thomas Wilcox (1859…1946)

Eliza Jane Fleming, daughter of farmer THOMAS FLEMING and ELIZABETH EATON his wife, was born in  September 1853 in the Bathurst - Hill End area of NSW. Eliza married James Thomas Wilcox, son of JOHN WILCOX and his wife MARY ANN HUMPHRIES, in May 1881. Eliza and James had three sons and two daughters [for further details of this family refer to the Wilcox data].

Eliza Jane Wilcox née Fleming died 1 January 1905 at Canowindra NSW..

2.3.2 William Lindsay Fleming (1861…1875)

William Lindsay Fleming, son of farmer THOMAS FLEMING and ELIZABETH EATON his wife, was born in 1861 near at Fish River Creek near Hartley. Aged 14, William died on 1 March 1875 at Fish River Creek from "concussion of brain", sixteen days after an accident. He had been attended by the redoubtable Dr Eaton the day prior.

Possibly Related Families:

3   James Fleming (1833…1915+) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Barns / Burns / Byrnes (1844…1815)

Lynette Kirby kindly eMailed [19 August 2007] a substantial correction regarding issue previously erroneously considered by this author as possible issue of James Fleming (born 1843) and his wife Elizabeth née Johnston:

"Fleming family O'Connell Plains/Fish Creek near Dubbo"
… I have just found your web pages on the Fleming Family, and was very surprised to see our family members attributed to a different set of parents to the ones I know.
My husband is a direct descendent of Catherine Ellen Fleming (referred to as Motho) born 3/8/1870, Brisbane St Dubbo, to parents James Fleming and Elizabeth Ann Byrnes (Burns).
James Fleming was born c.1830-35 Cork Ireland and Elizabeth Ann was born 8/9/1844 in NSW
They were married on 15/4/1861 at Bathurst.
Their Known children were:
Mary, Bigly J, Agnes, George, James, Catherine Ellen, Amelia Ellen, Isabella, Martin Joseph and William Wevery
I have evidence that these are the children of James b. Cork and Elizabeth Ann nee Byrnes (Burns).
Bigly was named for Elizabeth Ann Burns’ stepfather Bigly Hermitage, who her mother Mary Ann Burns married after the death of William Burns, her husband.
Wevery was also a family name which Catherine Ellen passed onto one of her children.
I have photos of Catherine Ellen and some of her sisters and their children, as they were a very close family.
I believe it is quite possible that my James Fleming is related to yours, perhaps a cousin. I have always also believed that there were 2 couples, James and Elizabeth Fleming in the Fish Creek area in the 1860s & 70s, as there were far too many children, too close together for one couple, but the ones I have claimed clearly state the mother as Elizabeth nee Burns (Or Byrnes), plus I have their names on family papers passed on to me.

Marcus Bleasel [, 29 January 2008] seconded the correction (with some variations], adding issue and details with the resultant construct:
James Flemming, born 1833, County Of Cork, Ireland, married Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Barns / Burns / Byrnes on 15 April 1861 at St Michael’s Roman Catholic church, Bathurst. Betsy, born 13 August or 8 September 1844 along Parramatta St, Sydney, was the daughter of shepherd WILLIAM? JOHN R? BURNS (…1851) and his wife MARY née LAMB (1819…1877). James was described as a farmer 1861 (marriage) and 1877 (Isabella's birth certificate) and in 1916 an engineer. Issue to James and Betsy were:

James died after 1915, Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Barns died 23 June 1915 at Tudor St Bourke NSW and was buried on 24 June 1915 at Bourke.

Related Families from the same areas:

Tyrone and Fermanagh

NSW: ..

Other (probably unrelated) Lineages:
None known.

Anything to add?
If you have any queries about this family, or information to add, please eMail
[check here for further contact details]

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