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Early Generations (6)
     1                   James Morrow (c1769…) m. Elizabeth/Rebecca Robinson (c1770…)
     1.1                George Morrow (c1789…1856) m1. Nancy, m2. Mary Beattie, m3. Elizabeth Beattie (d1872)
     1.1.1             Margaret Morrow (c1819…1878) m. John Fairley (…1896)
     1.1.2             Robinson Morrow (c1823…1858+)
     1.1.3             William Morrow (c1825…1892) m1. Mary Ann Skelton (…1863), m2. Eliza McIlwain (…1870)
     1.1.4             Elizabeth Morrow (1830…) m. William Page (…)
     1.1.5             Maria Morrow (1825-31…) m. James Morrow (…1891)          Eliza Jane Morrow (1852…) m. Samuel Hartley (…)          Andrew Morrow (1856…1929) m. Charlotte Rye (…)       Frederick Morrow (1886…1970s) m1. Alberta Vivian Tribble (c1897…1931);
                                    m2. Queenie Elizabeth Baines née Sach (1898…1973); m3? Florence Ruby May Murphy (…)
     1.1.6             George Morrow (1831…1924) m. Margaret Spence (1833…1910)          James Morrow (1855…) m. Lucy Wilson (…)          George Morrow (1856…1941) m. Mary Ann Bailey (1859…1949)       Stanley Herbert Morrow (1898…1968) m. Mary Ann Emma Davies (1901…1983)    Harley Hastings Morrow (1925…2005) m. Alice Mary Bennett (1930…)          John Morrow (1858…1946) m. Elizabeth Jane Bailey (1861…1951)       Sabina J Morrow (1887…1908) m. Thomas Charles Gibbeson (1869c…)       John Roy Morrow (1900…1992) m. Hilda Nellie Williams (1909…1995)          William Morrow (1861…1951) m. Matilda Letitia Bailey (1870…1953)          Elizabeth Morrow (1863…1949) m. William Coleman Eaton (1855…1933)          David Morrow (1865…1948) m. Lillian May Martin (c1872…1943)          Charles Peter Morrow (1874c…1912) m. Lucinda Bailey (1879…1958)       Albert Charles Morrow (1908…1976) m. Gladys May Wilcox (…)          Louisa Morrow (1877…1956) m. William J Brien (1871…1946)
     1.2                William Morrow (c1804…) m. — — (…)
     1.3                Robinson Morrow (c1805…1841) m. Mary Moore (1810…1883)
     1.3.1             Joseph Morrow (1824…1859) m. Caroline Fuller (1829…1867)
     1.3.2             James Morrow (18…1) m. Caroline Morrow née Fuller (1829…1867)
     1.3.3             Thomas Morrow (1832…1911) m. Rose Cecelia West (…1864)

                    Other Morrow Lineages
     O-1               James Morrow (…pre1844) m. Isabella McCurdy
     O-1.1            David Morrow (c1823…) m. Mary Milligan (c1816…)
     O-2               William Morrow (c1821…) m. Elizabeth Webster
     O-3               Jane Morrow (…) m1847. John Hall [Killeeshil near Dungannon, Tyrone IRL]


Several Morrow families emigrated to Australia from Dungannon, in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Early Generations

1.  James Morrow (c1769…) m. Elizabeth/Rebecca Robinson (c1770…)

James Morrow, born 1769c in Co Tyrone IRL, and Elizabeth (?or Rebecca) Robinson, born c1770 TYR, were married c1788 in Dungannon TYR. The couple produced at least three sons:

In at least the lifetime of William Morrow (b1804) it appears that the family lived at Mulnagore townland TYR [in the eastern portion of Pomeroy civil parish, near the intersection of Mulnagore Road and Mulnagore Lane, about seven kilometres nor’nor’west from Dungannon; likely the Mullinagore referred to below]. Both James and Elizabeth/Rebecca died before mid-1843.

Some descendants of this family (specifically, of George Morrow's son George) moved to the Oberon district where they intermarried with (among others) descendants of George and Jane (nee Armstrong) Bailey. Also, in Co Tyrone, there were marriages between Morrows and Beatties; there appears as yet no close or direct connection between these Beatties and the Beatties of the Oberon district (most of whom came from the Kilskeery-Trillick-Enniskillen area of Co Fermanagh IRL.

1.1  George Morrow (c1789…1856) m1. Nancy, m2. Mary Beattie, m3. Elizabeth Beattie (d1872)

George Morrow, according to his death certificate son of JAMES MORROW and ELIZABETH ROBINSON, born c1789 at Dungannon TYR, married his first wife, Nancy, circa 1818. They had one known child:

George re-married circa 1822, his second wife being Mary Beattie (born about 1803), by whom was born:

George Morrow married again circa 1828, this time to Elizabeth Beattie, from Mullinagore TYR, daughter of ANDREW and JANE BEATTIE (both deceased by October 1843). According to her death certificate, Elizabeth had been "about 39 years" old when she married George, to whom she bore three children:

George and Elizabeth Morrow, and most of George's children, emigrated aboard the Elizabeth, arriving in Sydney on 20 January 1844. [The Elizabeth's log had George the son of JAMES and REBECCA, both deceased by October 1843]. George and his family came, according to the ship's log, to join his brother near Campbelltown. They were also expecting to meet George's eldest son, Robinson Morrow, who had come to Sydney as a soldier and written to them of the colony's merits over homeland hardships. When George et al embarked, Robinson was stationed at the Victoria Barracks in Sydney, but by the date of their arrival he had been posted to a military establishment in Tasmania. George took lodgings in Gipps Street, Paddington, opposite the gates of Victoria Barracks, but Robinson never returned - he was transferred directly from Tasmania to India and later to other countries, but never saw his father again.

George Morrow, son of James and Elizabeth, died at Gipp's Street, Paddington on 27 August 1856. His wife Elizabeth died on 24 May 1872 at Gipps Street, Paddington, aged 86. Elizabeth was possibly related to John McGregor Beattie. Refer to Morrow correspondence.

[Children born to another George and Elizabeth Morrow, not known to be related to the above line, included

This author previous to April 2009 thought that these Morrows came from southern Ireland. George was the son of HENRY MORROW and his wife ELIZABETH LEONARD (Bessy), who lived in Kent Street, Sydney, ?and later (1863-1876) farmed at Warwick. George, Elizabeth, Bessy and Edward arrived in Australia in the ship Helen in 1841.

Margaret Barnes [of Gosford NSW;, 20 April 2009] eMailed the following, correcting the provenance of this family and adding information:

… researching my Morrows from Magheraculmoney, Co. Fermanagh. I came across a George Morrow Farm Labourer or Coachman of Kesh aged 24 - parents Henry & Elizabeth Morrow [and] wife Elizabeth 26, parents William & Susannah Leonard. They arrived aboard "Helen" in July 1841.
I believe Kesh is in Parish of Magheraculmoney, Co. Fermanagh and I believe that George was probably the son of Henry & Elizabeth MORROW from the townland of Drumcrin, Magheraculmoney.
The Morrows from Crevinish used the name "Henry" through the generations and I believe that probably most of the Morrows in Magheraculmoney are related but don't know how I would prove it.
My ggrandfather George MORROW (son of Robert & Fanny, son of Henry & Mary Anne) was born in Crevinish in 1823 and came to Aus. aboard Orestes in 1841.

Crevenish is about 2km to the south west of Kesh; Thomas Blennerhasset was granted an estate there circa 1615 and established a castle.

The Griffiths Valuation for Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh, has:
     Morrow Christopher      Gubbaroe Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow Henry                 Ederny Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow James               Tullanaglug Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow John                   Drumhoney Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow Joseph               Aghagaffert Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow William               Lavaran Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
     Morrow William               Leaghan Magheraculmoney Fermanagh         ]

1.1.1  Margaret Morrow (c1819…1878) m. John Fairley (…1896)

Margaret Morrow, eldest child of GEORGE MORROW and only known child of his first wife NANCY, married John Fairley (son of WILLIAM and CHARLOTTE FAIRLEY) in a CoE ceremony at Pomeroy TYR in December 1841. Margaret and John emigrated to New South Wales in 1854, after the rest of her father's family, settling at Picton where Margaret died on 22/8 June 1878; John died in 1896, a Roman Catholic. The seven offspring of John and Margaret Fairley were:

1.1.2  Robinson Morrow (c1823…1858+)

Robinson Morrow, second child of GEORGE MORROW and eldest of his second wife MARY BEATTIE, enlisted at Armagh on 28 February 1843 and joined the 51st Regiment at Canterbury in England on 15 March 1843. Robinson embarked with the Regiment and left England on 29 June 1843 aboard the freight ship Hydrabad, arriving in Sydney on 17 October 1843. The Regiment encamped in the Victoria Barracks at Paddington; a fortnight later Robinson's father, step-mother aunt and most of his siblings embarked the Elizabeth in Liverpool ENG to immigrate and join him. On 17 November 1843 the Regiment was shipped to (or arrived in) Hobart TAS. The Regiment departed Hobart on 27 January 1847 bound for Calcutta IND via King George's Sound WA aboard the Java. They later moved to Burma (the Second Burma War), returning to Madras IND and from there to England in 1854. The Regiment sailed for Crimea in 1855 but because of the fall of Sebastapol was held at Malta, returning to England in 1856. It returned to India the following year reaching Bombay on 1 January 1858; nothing is known of Robinson's movements after that date.

Anne Flood [, 27 August 2002) located references to the birth of three children to a Robinson Morrow (possibly the above) and Sarah Trimble in Armagh:

1.1.3  William Morrow (c1825…1892) m1. Mary Ann Skelton (…1863), m2. Eliza McIlwain (…1870)

William Morrow, third child of GEORGE MORROW and second of two of his second wife MARY BEATTIE, married Mary Ann Skelton, Armagh-born only surviving child of JAMES and JANE SKELTON, in a Wesleyan Methodist ceremony at Crown Street Woolloomooloo in Sydney, 1853. The Skeltons had arrived in Sydney per the Orestes on 14 May 1841. Mary died at Camperdown 29 September 1863, apparently having borne to William:

William's second marriage, on 22 June 1864, was to Eliza McIlwain, born at Stewart's Town TYR, daughter of HUGH and ELIZA McILWAIN. The marriage certificate described William as a bootmaker at Bankstown NSW. Eliza died in 1870; William died at Annandale, Sydney, in 1892, having fathered five children.

1.1.4  Elizabeth Morrow (1830…) m. William Page (…)

Elizabeth Morrow (Eliza), daughter of GEORGE MORROW and his third wife ELIZABETH BEATTIE, arrived in Australia at Sydney per the Elizabeth on 20 January 1844, when Eliza was thirteen. Born 13 April 1830, she became an adherent of Roman Catholicism in 1849 and married William Page on 15 January 1849 at St Saviour's Church, Goulburn NSW.

The couple had an extensive family (the official index records are confused by another family raised by an Eliza and William Page about Raymond Terrace in the Hunter Valley on NSW's mid-north coast region). One of their offspring was the hapless JOSEPH PAGE (born 1860), who somehow locked in a toilet from the outside, accidentally hung himself from the top of the door while trying to climb out.

Anne Flood [, 24 July 2002, of Brisbane] is a descendant.

1.1.5  Maria Morrow (1825-31…) m. James Morrow (…1891)

Maria Morrow, daughter of GEORGE MORROW and his wife ELIZABETH BEATTIE, arrived in Australia at Sydney per the Elizabeth on 20 January 1844. In 1850 Mary married her cousin James Morrow, third eldest son of JOSEPH MORROW and PHOEBE FLEMING née JAMIESON. James had emigrated to Sydney in 1838 aboard the Adam Lodge. The offspring of James and Maria were:

Maria died at the declared age of 92 in 1917 at Maryborough VIC; James died in 1891 (?Talbot??).  Eliza Jane Morrow (1852…) m. Samuel Hartley (…)

Eliza Jane Morrow, daughter of JAMES MORROW and his wife MARIA MORROW, was baptised 26 April 1852 at St Andrew's Scots Church, Sydney. [Eliza] Jane married Adelaide-born Samuel Hartley in Victoria in 1873; their union produced:

All the children bar Samuel were born and reared in Victoria.  Andrew Morrow (1856…1929) m. Charlotte Rye (…)

Much of the detail regarding Andrew Morrow and his descendants was based in information from Belinda Henderson (2012) and Lyn Morrow (2012).
Andrew Morrow, son of JAMES MORROW and his wife MARIA MORROW, was born in 1856 (at Beaufort VIC according to the marriage indexes). His marriage to Charlotte Rye, in Victoria in 1885, produced:

The death of Andrew Morrow aged 73, son of James and Maria, was registered at Maryborough VIC in 1929. Victorian Electoral Rolls shew Charlotte Morrow [home duties] at Bertoli st., Boort in 1931, 1936, 1937, 1942.  Frederick Morrow (1886…1970s) m1. Alberta Vivian Tribble (c1897…1931);
m2. Queenie Elizabeth Baines née Sach (1898…1973); m3? Florence Ruby May Murphy (…)

Frederick Morrow, son of ANDREW MORROW and his wife CHARLOTTE RYE, was born on 27 March 1886 at Talbot VIC. Frederick, bachelor aged 21, married Alberta Vivian Tribble on 6 March 1918 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Victoria Street, Swindon, Wiltshire. Alberta, spinster aged 21, was a daughter of carriage builder ALBERT VICTOR (deceased) and HELENA TRIBBLE.

Frederick and Alberta were the parents of:

Private Frederick Morrow, having enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces on 14 July 1915 and seeing service in Africa and Europe, returned to Australia with Alberta, Victor and Frederick on army family ship H.T. Port Napier, on 23 December 1919, disembarking on 10 February 1920 and discharged medically unfit on 11 April 1920. The family settled at Newton Street, Maryborough VIC after demobilisation.

Alberta Morrow née Tribble died from tuberculosis on 27 August 1931 at Maryborough: her death certificate noted five issue by Frederick and her father's occupation as 'English soldier'.

Frederick Morrow married Queenie Elizabeth Baines in 1934: Queenie, whose birth was registered as Elizabeth Queeney Sach at Kerang VIC in 1898, daughter of WILLIAM HENRY SACH and ELIZABETH ANNA WILLIAMS, had previously married Charles-James Ainley Baines in 1922. The Argus (Melbourne), Saturday 16 September 1933 (p18) noted: "Charles James Ainley Baines, aged 33 years, labourer, of Bridport street, Albert Park, from Queenie Elizabeth Baines, aged 35 scars, of Burns street, Maryborough, on the ground of desertion. The parties were married on January 2, 1922, at Richmond, and there is one child." Victorian Electoral Rolls shew Frederick Morrow [railway employee], Queenie Elizabeth Morrow [home duties] at 30 Davison st., Brunswick West in 1936 and Frederick and Queenie with Victor James Morrow [labourer] at Railway av., Swan Hill in 1942. Queenie Morrow died aged 75 in 1973 at Coburg; her remains were cremated at Fawkner Cemetery on 8 November 1973.

In 1946 Frederick Morrow married Florence Ruby May Murphy ["Ruby"], youngest of ten children born to NICHOLAS EDWARD MURHY and SARAH JANE MURPHY née GATES. Frederick and Ruby were the parents of:

Victorian Electoral Rolls shew Frederick Morrow [labourer] and Florence Ruby M Morrow [home duties] at 242 Heatherton rd., Noble Park, Dandenong in 1954, Frederick [collector] and Florence at 77 Paperbark st., Doveton in 1963 and 1968, Florence Ruby May Morrow [—] at 30/3 Peace Ct., Doveton in 1972 and at 9/2 Peace Ct. in 1977.

1.1.6  George Morrow (1831…1924) m. Margaret Spence (1833…1910)

George Morrow, born August 1831 at Mullinagore TYR, son of GEORGE MORROW and ELIZABETH BEATTIE, and Margaret Spence, daughter of PETER SPENCE and lacemaker ELIZABETH KAY, were married on 28 February 1853 in Sydney (records lost). The Spence family had arrived in Sydney from Gourey in Perthshire SCT aboard the John Barry on 13 July 1837, dwelling at one time in Belvoir Street, Surrey Hills, Sydney; Peter Spence was a stonemason. With Peter and Elizabeth on the John Barry were Margaret (born October 1833, Gourey PER) and her siblings George Spence (2, died of typhoid en passage) and Peter Spence (born at sea (aged 3 months on arrival); married (Mary) Ann Gibbeson, at least seven children). Later children were (?) George Spence (1839), John Spence (a stonemason; twelve children), Eliza C Spence (1841), Catherine Fife Spence (1843; married Tom Gibbeson (born 15 April 1864, died 1895 - run over on railway), eleven children, one of whom - Thomas Charles Gibbeson (1869-1946) as widower married in 1908 Sabina Morrow (Sabina died six weeks later)), Jean Spence (1850) and George T Spence (born 1852).

As a shoemaker, George is known to have been in Melbourne in early 1854, afterwards returning to Sydney and then Picton by 1856, still as a shoemaker. The family moved over the next few years towards Oberon, via Penrith and Hartley Vale. Later in his life George worked as a carrier and road contractor in the Oberon area; he may have cut the Two Mile road descending from the north-west into Jenolan Caves. Some cuttings in the Oberon area were long known as "Morrow cuts".

George and Margaret Morrow had ten children:

The Spences, who came from Gourey, Perthshire, Scotland arriving in Sydney 3 July 1837 aboard the John Barry, were stonemasons of the Surrey Hills area. One son died of typhoid; one was a mason involved in building S Stephen's church in Sydney; a daughter C/Katherine married a Thomas Gibbeson (sic: there are three Thomas Gibbesons involved with the Morrow family).

Margaret Morrow, aged 76, died on 17 September 1910 at Charlie's Hill near Oberon and was buried in the Old Anglican section of Oberon General Cemetery on 18th instant; her husband George, aged 93, was interred in the same grave on 10 October 1924, having died at Kelso two days earlier.. James Morrow (1855…) m. Lucy Wilson (…)

James Morrow, born near Paddington in October 1854, eldest child of shoemaker GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE, Lucy Wilson at Bathurst in 1877, begetting:

James and Lucy lived at "Spring Grove" near Oberon. George Morrow (1856…1941) m. Mary Ann Bailey (1859…1949)

George Morrow, son of shoemaker GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE, was born at Picton near Camden in November 1856 and married Mary Ann Bailey at Oberon on 25 May 1895. Mary Ann, the daughter of WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife JANE CAMPBELL, was born November 1859 at Oberon. The four children of George and Mary Ann Morrow were:

At South Bowenfels the family lived about 100m towards Lithgow from the schoolhouse, near a small graveyard where the children often played their games.

George Morrow died at Lithgow NSW on 16 August 1941 and was buried there; Mary Ann died 12 December 1949 at Lithgow. The following obituaries were published in the Western Times:

WT, 20 August 1941:
The death occurred in Lithgow Hospital of Mr. George Morrow, at the age of 84 years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Ann Morrow, a son Mr. Stanley Morrow, a school teacher at Belmont, and three daughters — Mesdames J. J. Robertson, Ferro-street, Lithgow, V. Laing, Oakey Park, and Miss Hilda Morrow, Academy-street. Other members of the family are Messrs. John Morrow (Kelso), Will (Molong) and Dave (Canowindra), brothers, also Mesdames E. Whalan (Narromine), W. O'Brien (Molong) and E. Eaton (Kelso), sisters.
Deceased was born at Picton and in earlier days resided at Oberon, and afterwards for many years at South Bowenfels. He followed road maintenance work for 45 years and was employed by the Government and Blaxland Shire, retiring at the age of 70 years.
The funeral took place from St. Paul's, Lithgow, and was well attended by fiends and relatives from Narromine, Molong, Bathurst and Oberon. Interment was made in the Church of England portion of Bowenfels cemetery, the Rev. A. E. S Begbie officiating.
WT, 15 December 1949:
Oberon and Lithgow residents will regret to learn of the death in Lithgow hospital on Monday of Mrs. Mary Ann Morrow, of 21 Ferro-street, Lithgow, after an illness extending over three weeks. She was 90 years of age. The late Mrs. Morrow was a member of a district pioneer family, her grandfather having settled more than 100 years ago in the Oberon district, where deceased was born. Both Mrs. Morrow and her late husband, George Morrow, were well-known residents of Lithgow for more than 50 years and were held in the highest esteem by all who knew them. Mrs. Morrow was an active worker in church affairs, always willing to assist when and wherever possible and in this work she won for herself and her family a large circle of devoted friends. She is survived by her three daughters, Mrs. J. Robertson, Mrs. V. Laing (both of Lithgow) and Hilda (Sydney), and one son, Stan (Belmont), and seven grand-children. Surviving sisters and brothers are: Mrs. Elizabeth Morrow, Mrs. Lucy Morrow, Mrs. J. Whiteley, Mrs. W. Morrow (Molong), Mr. Paul Bailey (Oberon), Mr. S. Bailey (Singleton) and Mr. G. Bailey (Castle Hill). The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at Bowenfels.. Stanley Herbert Morrow (1898…1968) m. Mary Ann Emma Davies (1901…1983)

Stanley Herbert Morrow, born October 1898 at Bowenfels NSW, son of GEORGE MORROW and MARY ANN BAILEY and a fraternal twin, married Mary Ann Emma Davies ("Myrrie") at St Stephen's CoE Camperdown (Newtown) in Sydney's inner south-west on 26 December 1922. Mary, the daughter of GEORGE DAVIES and his wife GEORGINA LOT, was born August 1901 at Broadmeadow, an inner suburb of Newcastle and a major railway locomotive and freight centre. Stanley and Mary were the parents of four children:

Stanley died at Belmont NSW on 14 August 1968, aged 69 years. Mary died 22 August 1983 at "Allandale", Cessnock. Harley Hastings Morrow (1925…2005) m. Alice Mary Bennett (1930…)

Harley Hastings Morrow, born June 1925 at Wauchope (where the family lived in Hastings Street), 19km from the mouth of the Hastings River on the NSW mid-north coast, son of STANLEY HERBERT MORROW and MARY ANN EMMA DAVIES, married Alice Mary Bennett at Earlwood NSW. Alice was the daughter of ALBERT JOHN BENNETT and SARAH ELLEN SUMNER ("Nellie"). Harley and Alice had seven children. Harley and Alice lived at Thornton, west of Newcastle nsw in the 1990s. Harley Hastings Morrow died 11 July 2005 and was buried in the Anglican section of East Maitland General Cemetery (grave 31). In 2008 Alice was living at Thornton. John Morrow (1858…1946) m. Elizabeth Jane Bailey (1861…1951)

Elizabeth Jane Bailey was born July 1861, daughter of WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife JANE CAMPBELL; she and John Morrow were married in Oberon on 21 May 1884 - the same day as Elizabeth's aunt Matilda Bailey married Andrew McGregor Beattie at S Barnabas' CoE Oberon. John was born May 1858 at Picton, son of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE.
John and Elizabeth's children included:

John Morrow died 5 September 1946; his wife Elizabeth Jane née Bailey died 24 September 1951. Sabina J Morrow (1887…1908) m. Thomas Charles Gibbeson (1869c…)

Sabina J Morrow, the 21 year old daughter of JOHN MORROW and ELIZABETH JANE BAILEY, married widower Thos. Chas. Gibbeson, 39, of Willoughby NSW in a Methodist ceremony at Tarana on 30 September (?or July?) 1908. Sabina ["Cissy"] died on 15 November 1908, six weeks after her marriage.  John Roy Morrow (1900…1992) m. Hilda Nellie Williams (1909…1995)

John Roy Morrow (Roy) was born 26 June 1900 near Oberoni, the son of JOHN MORROW and his wife ELIZABETH JANE BAILEY, Roy married Hilda Nellie Williams (Nell) of Canowindra on 2 January 1932 at Holy Trinity Church, Kelso. Hilda was at least fourteen children of FREDERICK WILLIAMS and ADA A GROUNDS [marriage registered at Cargo in 1890], her birth registered at Cargo in 1909. A son of Hilda's brother Jack Ernest Kenneth Williams (birth registered at Cargo in 1904) is the husband of Sue Williams who is researching the Williams line and has substantial information on the Grounds, and a wedding photograph of Fred and Ada [per eMail, 5 May 2011].

Roy and Nell’s children included:

Electoral Rolls shew John [labourer] at Bank St., Molong in 1930 (with his parents), John [dairyman] and Hilda [home duties] at Mayfield, O'Connell Rd., O'Connell in 1933, John [labourer], his parents (father retired) and Hilda at Kelso in 1936 and 1937, John and Hilda at Perthville in the 1937 Supplementary, at 191 Piper St., Bathurst in 1943 (with Harold Milton Morrow [labourer]) and at Kelso in 1954.

The death of John Roy Morrow (Roy) on 28 November 1992, aged 92, 'late of Bathurst' was noted in the Western Advocate on 5 November 1992:

MORROW John Roy, late of Kelso. Died 3rd November 1992. Loving husband of Hilda Nellie. Dear father and father in law of Keith and Evelyn, Mavis and Elson Markwick, Robert and Kay. Much loved grandfather of Louise and Timothy Markwick and Sandy Cannady, Shirley Morrow, Wendy, Robert and Phillip Morrow. Son of the late John and Elizabeth (Bailey) Morrow. Brother of Margaret (Gretty), Sabina (Cissy), George, Florence, William, Harold, all deceased. A loving uncle to his numerous nieces and nephews. Aged 92 years. 'Rest in Peace'.
MORROW: The relatives and friends of the late John Roy (Roy) Morrow, of Bathurst Nursing Home, formerly of 29 Gilmore Street, Kelso, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral to leave Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kelso, today (Wednesday), after a service commencing at 3pm, thence for interment in the Holy Trinity Lawn Cemetery, Kelso. Godfrey Smith Funerals, FDA of NSW, 182 Piper Street, Bathurst. Telephone 314084.

Probate notices followed on 28 November 1992 and 14 January 1993, and an obituary on 2 February 1993:

Death of John Roy Morrow
Kelso lost one of its oldest and most respected residents on November 3 last year with the death of John Roy Morrow, at the age of 92 years.
The late Mr Morrow was born at Oberon, being the second youngest of seven children of the late John and Elizabeth Jane (Bailey) Morrow.
Roy's grandfather, George Morrow, was well known in the Oberon district, being a road contractor. He was one of the road builders who laid the road for the rail lines from Springwood to Tarana. Another road his grandfather built, together with [h]is four eldest sons was the popular 'Two Mile' down to Jenolan Caves.
Mr Morrow was always a country man at heart and pursued a rural lifestyle where possible. He moved to Canowindra with his parents in 1921 and together with his father, John Morrow, and brothers Will and Harold they owned and worked a chaff cutting business.
Mr Morrow, his father and Harold eventually moved back to the Bathurst district in 1927, where the chaff cutter and steam engine were eventually sold. The coming of the depression saw Roy taking a variety of jobs — bridge building on the Blayney Road, pipe laying and reservoir making in the Bathurst district and elsewhere.
He married Hilda Nellie Williams, of Canowindra, on January 2, 1932, at Holy Trinity Church, Kelso. They celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary early in 1992.
After their marriage when work was scarce, Mr Morrow sought work and found it at Jamberoo, Bingara and Blackheath. Eventually Mr Morrow, his wife and young family returned to the old family home at Kelso on the Sydney Road in 1942. In 1971 because of advancing years, the couple sold the large family home on the main road and moved to a smaller house in Gilmour Street.
His funeral service took place at Holy Trinity Church, Kelso. Canon Campbell Brown conducted the service.
Godfrey Smith Pty Ltd was the undertaker, while pall bearers were Keith and Bob Morrow, Elson and Timothy Markwick, Roy Watson and Michael Sewell.
The late Mr Morrow is survived by his wife Nell, and family Keith and Evelyn Morrow (Caringbah), Mavis and Elson Markwick (Bathurst), and Bob and Kay Morrow (Lane Cove). Grand children Louise, Timothy and Sandra Markwick, Shirley Morrow, Wendy and Robert Morrow, Great grandchild Phillip Morrow.
He was predeceased by his sisters Margaret (Gretty) Bourchier, Sabina (Cissy) Gibberson, Florence Wilson and their husbands.
Brothers George, William and Harold and their wives. A brother-in-law, Ron Williams, of Cootamundra, also survives him as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

The death of Hilda Nellie Morrow on 9 July 1995, aged 86, 'late of Kelso', was noted in the Western Advocate the following day.. William Morrow (1861…1951) m. Matilda Letitia Bailey (1870…1953)

William Morrow, 38, born near Picton May 1861, son of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE, married Matilda Letitia Bailey, 27, child of WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife JANE CAMPBELL, at Oberon 30 November 1898. To this union were born:

William Morrow died on 12 March 1951 aged 89 years. Matilda Letitia Morrow née Bailey died 24 August 1953 aged 83 years and was buried in the same grave as her husband at Molong..  Elizabeth Morrow (1863…1949) m. William Coleman Eaton (1855…1933)

Elizabeth Morrow, born near Picton in October 1863, daughter of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE, married contractor William Coleman Eaton on 25 November 1885 at Oberon. William, born October 1855 to JOSEPH EATON and his wife FAITHFUL BUCHANAN in Ireland, emigrated to NSW in 1878. Children of Elizabeth and William included:

William Coleman Eaton died 15 October 1933; Elizabeth Eaton née Morrow died 18 November 1949.  David Morrow (1865…1948) m. Lillian May Martin (c1872…1943)

David Morrow, born near Penrith in November 1865, son of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE, married Lillian M Martin at Bathurst in 1898. Lillian's birth, to WILLIAM MARTIN and his wife ROSE ELLEN TREVITT (married 1855, CoE Hunters Hill, Sydney), had been registered at Bathurst in 1872. Children of Dave and Lily included:

The death of Lillian May Morrow, daughter of WILLIAM and ROSE, was registered at Canowindra in 1943. The death of David Morrow, son of GEORGE and MARGARET, was registered at Bankstown in 1948. Of their children, one moved to Seven Hills; two descendants were policemen at Oberon; only one was living in 1981.  Charles Peter Morrow (1874c…1912) m. Lucinda Bailey (1879…1958)

Lucinda Bailey, aged 23, married Charles Peter Morrow, aged 29, on 24 June 1903 at St Thomas', O'Connell. Charles, born near Bathurst on 10 July 1874, was the son of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE. Lucinda was the tenth and youngest child of WILLIAM BAILEY and his wife JANE CAMPBELL. The children of Charles and Lucinda Morrow included:

Charles Morrow, 38, was buried at Oberon on 19 October 1912, having been killed the previous day in a tree-felling accident at Charley's Hill; ; the Molong Express and Western District Advertiser on Saturday 26 October 1912 (p11) wrote:

Death of Mr. Chas. P. Morrow.
A fatal accident occured at Beaconsfield on Friday afternoon last which resulted in the death of Mr. Chas. P. Morrow of Oberon. Deceased was engaged in falling a tree when he was struck by one of the limbs and killed instantly.
Quite a gloom was cast over the the district when the sad news of the accident had spread round.
Mr. Morrow (who had lately purchased the Beaconsfield estate) was in company with Mr. Thos. Cleary when the fatality occurred.
The body was brought to his home on Saturday morning, and an inquiry was held before Mr. M. J. Looby, coroner, when a verdict of accidental death was recorded.
The deceased was a popular and much respected resident of the district, and leaves a wife and four young children, and to them the sincerest sympathy of the whole of the community is expressed, this being one of the saddest accidents recorded in the Oberon district.
The late Mr. Morrow has many relatives resident in this locality, among whom are three brothers, viz, Mr. Jas. Morrow of Manildra, Mr. David Mor-Morrow of Cumnock, Mr. William Morrow of Molong, and a sister Mrs. W. J. Brien of Manildra, to whom the sudden blow came as an awful shock, and to these sorrowing relations the deepest feelings of sorrow and condolence are conveyed.
The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was one of the largest ever held. The Oddfellows lodge, of which deceased was a prominent member, led the solemn procession in full regalia, with black arm bands, and the body was laid to rest in the Church of England portion of the Oberon general cemetery, the service at the grave being read by Rev. J. F. Harris, which was followed by an impressive reading of I.O.O.F. ceremony by Bro. H. V. Stevenson (N.G.) The deceaseds officer's collar, sash and apron, as well as a number of beautiful wreaths were placed on the coffin.
The late gentleman was in the prime of life being only 38 years of age.

The Sydney Morning Herald of Saturday 19 October 1912 (p18), and The Maitland Daily Mercury of Monday 21 October 1912 (p3) similarly, reported:

KILLED BY FALLING LIMB. OBERON. Friday. A sad fatality occurred at the sawmills near Blacksprings this morning, whereby C. P. Morrow was instantly killed by the limb of a tree which he was felling. The deceased leaves a widow and four young children. He was a prominent officer of the local Grand United Order of Oddfellows.

Lucinda Morrow, 76, was buried on 4 October 1958. [refer to Bailey file].  Albert Charles Morrow (1908…1976) m. Gladys May Wilcox (…)

The birth of Albert Charles Morrow [known as Bertie until his father’s death in 1912, after which he was known as Charlie], son of CHARLES PETER MORROW and LUCINDA BAILEY, was registered at Oberon in 1908. Charlie's marriage to Gladys May Wilcox was registered at Oberon in 1935. Charlie and Gladys were the parents of:

Charlie and Gladys lived at Forbes NSW..  Louisa Morrow (1877…1956) m. William J Brien (1871…1946)

Louisa Morrow, born March 1877 at Fish River Creek near Bathurst, was the youngest of ten children of GEORGE MORROW and MARGARET SPENCE. She married William John Brien in 1899 at Oberon. William, born August 1871, was the third of eight children of WILLIAM BRIEN and his wife MARY JANE FLEMING. William John Brien died 17 April 1946; Louisa Brien née Morrow died in 1956. Children of William and Louisa included:


1.2  William Morrow (c1804…) m. — — (…)

William Morrow, born c1804 at Dungannon, second known child of JAMES MORROW and his wife ELIZABETH ROBINSON, married — —. It appears that William remained in Ireland where he and his wife raised three children:

Alan Fleming of Chatswood NSW eMailed [, 8 April 2008] re the Morrows:
There’s a strong possibility your family line will tie back into my Morrow family line … I’m a 4th generation descendant of William Morrow (i.e. on my grandmother’s side of the family). William Morrow had three children (William James Morrow, Maggie Morrow and Jenny Morrow) – I’ve yet to identify his spouse and birth details from public records. I was born in Mulnagore, Tyrone and now reside in Sydney. This William Morrow had a brother called George Morrow who according to family stories, migrated to Australia in the 1800s, although I’ve just made this connection at 6:30am this morning.
Alan eMailed again on 25 April 2008:
I received the envelope from my father and it would appear from the information contained that we have a match on the George Morrow & William Morrow brothers. …

Louis Fleming [, 5 June 2008] also eMailed regarding the Morrow lineage:
I believe I am a direct descendant of "That part of the Morrow family" which did not move to Australia in early 1800's.
I believe my G G Grandfather (William Morrow of Mulangore) was a brother of the George Morrow referred to in your Morrow linage in section 1.1 and section 1.1.6.
My brother Stanley Fleming still lives in the old Morrow home.
My mother was Eve Morrow and her sister Hilda and her brother Bill (William) came to New Zealand in the early 1900"s. Hilda Morrow married George Crossan and there are numerous Crossans and descendants living in Auckland. Bill Morrow married Dina Hayes and their are numerous Morrow families and other descendants living around Hamilton.
My parents stayed in Co Tyrone, my brother Alan and myself came to New Zealand in the1950's.

1.3  Robinson Morrow (c1805…1841) m. Mary Moore (1810…1883)

Robinson Morrow, born c1805 at Dungannon TYR to JAMES MORROW and his wife ELIZABETH ROBINSON, married Mary Moore, daughter born August 1810 at Dungannon of JOSEPH MOORE. Mary bore Robinson six children:

Robinson paid £79 for his family's passage to Sydney, at a time when a night's lodging in London, including breakfast, cost 24p and a week's lodging £1. Robinson and Mary, with ?four of their children, embarked on the Orestes on 6 January 1841 and were on their way to Sydney when Robinson died off the Cape of Good Hope RSA on 2 April 1841; Robinson was buried next day in Cape Town.

Mary continued her passage to Australia where she remarried in Australia and settled in the Picton area, bearing no further children. She died in 1883, apparently at Inglewood in Victoria where her son Thomas was living.

Julie Price [, 15 December 2007] eMailed:
… My grandmother was Annie Morrow and I have just found out she is a descendant of James & Elizabeth Morrow through their son Robinson Morrow who died en route to Australia and was buried in South Africa.
Keith West [, 27 December 2007] eMailed:
[I] Am a Morrow descendant.
Robinson ( brother of George) who died aboard the Orestes in 1841 and was buried at Capetown is the line of particular interest to me.
Have visited Dungannon (1998) as part of a more extensive trip to Ireland.
More material if you are interested and still at this contact point.

1.3.1 Joseph Morrow (1824…1859) m. Caroline Fuller (1829…1867)

Joseph Morrow, baptised April 1824 at Dungannon to ROBINSON MORROW and his wife MARY MOORE, married Caroline Fuller [?or Catherine], daughter born in 1829 in Kent ENG to CHARLES FULLER and his wife ANNE [or CAROLINE?] BENFIELD. Caroline bore Joseph four children:

Joseph died on 4 August 1859 at Gladesville NSW, two days before the birth of his youngest daughter; his widow was to marry his brother James two years later at Canterbury NSW.

1.3.2 James Morrow (c1826…1876) m. Caroline Morrow née Fuller (1829…1867)

James Morrow, ?baptised January 1826 at Dungannon, was the third child of ROBINSON MORROW and his wife MARY MOORE. James married Caroline Morrow née Fuller, widow of his older brother Joseph, in 1861. James and Caroline had four known children:

Caroline died at Young in 1867 [at which time her mother was noted as CAROLINE]. James died in Victoria in 1876.

1.3.3 Thomas Morrow (1832…1911) m. Rose Cecelia West (…1864)

Thomas Morrow, baptised? November 1832 Dungannon TYR was the fifth of six children born to ROBINSON MORROW and his wife MARY MOORE. Thomas married Brisbane-born Rosa Cecelia West. Rose bore Thomas two children:

Rosa Cecelia Morrow née West died at Inglewood on 24 August 1864. Thomas Morrow, aged 78 years, died at Bendigo on 22 July 1911 and was buried at Inglewood.

Jon Morrow found the following transcription in 1997:
Erected by Thomas MORROW In Memory of his beloved wife Rose Cecelia who departed this life 24/8/1864, 23 yrs.Son Andrew Thomas d. 7/12/1864 age 6 mth & 7 days.
Also Mary ORR, Mother of Thomas. d. 22/12/1895 (or 1893?)
Also Thomas d. 22/7/1911, 78 yrs. Native of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

Jon commented:
Thomas Morrows parent's are given on his death certificate as Robinson MORROW and Mary MOORE. However you will note from the headstone that she is called Mary ORR. I checked the death indices - there is no Mary MORROW about that time, no Mary MOORE or Mary ORR in 1895, but there is a Mary ORR died Bendigo, age 90, in 1893 (Hence I think there is a transcription error from the headstone).

Other passengers in Sydney arriving aboard the Elizabeth in 1844, not necessarily related, included

Other Morrow Families

O-1 James Morrow (…pre1844) m. Isabella McCurdy

James (or John) Morrow married Isabella McCurdy circa 1800 in Dungannon TYR. Their family included (born in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, but not necessarily in the following order):

James(/John) died in Ireland before 1844. James' brother George Morrow emigrated to New South Wales aboard the Elizabeth in 1844 with David. Isabella emigrated to Victoria with her daughter-in-law Margaret Morrow née McCallum aboard the Dragon in 1857.

O-1.1 David Morrow (c1823…) m. Mary Milligan (c1816…)

David Morrow, a literate Episcopalian farm labourer from Disenlrirght TYR, the son of JAMES MORROW and ISABELLA McCURDY, emigrated aboard the Elizabeth when 21, arriving at Sydney in good health on 20 January 1844. With David was his wife Mary Milligan, 28, a literate Episcopalian farm servant from Donoughmon TYR, the daughter of THOMAS and MARGARET MILLIGAN, in good health. Her parents were both alive at the time of her emigration.

David's uncle George Morrow was also aboard the Elizabeth, as were his two nieces Eliza Agnew and Isabella Agnew, children of his widowed sister Jane Agnew née Morrow; an Eliza Lonsdatic travelled under David's care.

Shortly after arriving in Sydney, the family moved to Port Phillip in Victoria; David's mother came out aboard the Dragon in 1857 and joined them. (Several of the Morrow families moved to Victoria). David's father James was deceased prior to October 1844; both of Mary's parents were alive at that time.

O-2 William Morrow (c1821…) m. Elizabeth Webster

William Morrow, born circa 1821 in Co Tyrone, married Elizabeth Webster in the 1840s, perhaps in Portadown Co Armagh, a few miles from Dungannon. They named their first son James. The family left Belfast for Montreal in 1852, moving to the United States in 1853. Reed Morrow of the US is a great-great-grandson of William Morrow.

Like Cora Bailey née Benson, she had suffered the effects of infantile paralysis. She died of kidney trouble. The couple had no children.

O-3 Jane Morrow (…) m1847. John Hall
[Killeeshil near Dungannon, Tyrone IRL]

Dave Hall of in Co Leitrim. Ireland [11 Nov 2010] eMailed seeking any information regarding a John Hall, son of ALEXANDER HALL, who married Jane Morrow, daughter of JAMES MORROW, at Killeeshil, Tyrone (near Dungannon) in 1847 [perhaps on 21 March 1847, per IGI? Batch M70195-5 (Daves search)]:

From John's marriage I have 2 sons, Matthew born 1849/50 and James born 1852 but mother's name not recorded, same with their marriages. The family were evicted when John cut down a tree for firewood around 1858.
I am hoping a Morrow researcher might recognize this particular record.

Dave later noted [22 Feb 2011] that his query seemed resolved:

Just found …,501089.0.html so it looks like this isn't my John as he stayed in Ireland. … At least knowing he is not "my" John son of Alexander is a help. … My John is a different John.

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Other (probably unrelated) Morrow Lineages:


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