McBrien families with origins traced to
Lough Erne region, Ireland
Provenance L
Inishmacsaint and Lough Erne, Counties Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan and Tyrone, Ireland
split into five files, 22nd May 2003
Lough Erne Lineage List
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L-61 Joseph McBride (c1805…1852-) m. Sheliah - (…1852+)
[Kilmacrinan, Donegal]

Joseph McBride and his wife Sheliah — were the parents of (at least):

An unmarried farm servant aged 26 years, Mary immigrated to Sydney NSW aboard the Symonds in 1852; she was described as a Roman Catholic, unable to read or write and in good health. She had no relations extant in the colony; her father was deceased and her mother living in the city of Cork. Mary made no complaints regarding the voyage, for which a fee of £1 had been paid.

L-62 Michael McBrien (…) m.1839 Anna Gallagher (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Michael McBrien married Anna Gallagher on 22 August 1862, with one child baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone:

L-63 Mary McBrien (…) m.1853 Fergus McCusker (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records indicate Mary McBrien married Fergus McCusker on 7 February 1853, with two children baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone:

L-64 Charles McBrien (…) m.1864c Ellen Gallagher (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records indicate Charles McBrien married Ellen Gallagher circa 1862, with two children baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing at Carnalea townland, they were the parents of (at least):

L-65 Sarah McBrien (…) m.1864c Thomas McGlaughlin (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records indicate Sarah McBrien married Thomas McGlaughlin circa 1864, with five children baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing at Dressoge townland, and perhaps in 1874 at Galbally, Thomas and Sarah were the parents of:

L-66 Hannah McBrien [O'Brien/McBride] (…) m.1864c Felix McKeough (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records indicate Hannah McBrien [O'Brien/McBride] married Felix McKeough circa 1864, with five children baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing at Glengeen townland, Felix and Hannah were the parents of:

L-67 Margaret McBrien [or Maguire] (…) m.1866c James Corey (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records indicate Margaret McBrien [or Maguire?] and James Corey had two children baptised in Dromore parish, Tyrone:

L-68 Catherine McBrien (…) m.1866 Edward McGlaughlin (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Catherine McBrien married Edward McGlaughlin on 13 February 1866 in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing at Carnalea townland, Edward and Catherine were the parents of:

L-69 Thomas McBride (…) m.1864 Brigid McGlaughlin (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Thomas McBride married Brigid McGlaughlin on 1 April 1864 in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing at Minegar townland, Thomas and Brigid were the parents of.

L-70 Hugh McBrien (…) and Ann Breen (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Hugh McBrien and Ann Breen of Dromore parish, Tyrone, were the parents of:

Kevin O'Brien eMailed [, 19 April 2009] adding information regarding Patrick McBrien:
I ... visited Dromore last June. I met with Father Patrick McEntree who helped me discover from church records for the first time that my grandfather was a McBrien not O’Brien. No one is Oz was aware of this.
Patrick McBrien b. 11.7.1865 emigrated to Australia and lived in the NSW town of Tumbarumba as Patrick O’Brien.
There is in my records an earlier birth, Francis O’Brien (McBrien) b. abt 1850, which is not shown on the website, do you know anything of this birth in Dromore?

L-70.1 Patrick McBrien (1865…1943) and Bertha Wilson (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone; Tumbarumba NSW]

Patrick McBrien was baptised on 11 July 1865 in Dromore tyr [parents residing Corlaghdergan townland]. He emigrated to Australia (probably as Patrick O’Brien: it appears the family used O'Brien from about 1872) and in 1896 as Patrick O’Brien marriage to Bertha Wilson at Tumbarumba nsw. They were the parents of:

The death as Patrick O’Brien [baptised McBrien], son of HUGH and MARY ANN was registered at Tumbarumba NSW in 1943.
Kevin O’Brien of French’s Forest in Sydney (2009) is a son of Jack and Florence O’Brien.

L-71 Patrick McBrien (…) and Cecelia McGauhey (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Patrick McBrien and Cecelia McGauhey of Dromore parish, Tyrone, were the parents of:

L-72 Thomas McBrien (…) and Elizabeth Armstrong (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Thomas McBrien and Elizabeth Armstrong of Dromore parish, Tyrone, were the parents of:

L-73 Daniel McBride (…) m.1871 Ellen Teague (…)
[Dromore, Tyrone]

[Dromore Roman Catholic transcriptions per Michael O'Donnell (used with permission)]
Roman Catholic records shew Daniel McBride married Helen Teague on 10 January 1871 in Dromore parish, Tyrone. Residing on Minegar townland, Daniel and Ellen [sic] were the parents of:

L-74 Phillip McBrien [or McBreen] (c1780…) m. — (…)
[Bailieborough, County Cavan]

This was USA Lineage U-6 on the pre-2002 WebSite, titled "McBriens of Wisconsin (1850s…) and Joseph (Jack) McBrien of Minneapolis, MN (…1960s)"

<, 19feb2001 > believed to be Lorraine Watkins is researching McBriens from Grant County, Wis(?) area in the second half of the 19th century and the Joseph (Jack) McBriens [was this John Joseph Clark McBrien ("Jack"), son of Joseph Anthony McBrien and Alice May Clark?] of the Minneapolis, MN area into the 1960s or later.
Kelly (McBrien) Taschler of Minneapolis, MN, USA [] wrote (12 July 2003) providing details of this lineage as follow

Phillip McBrien (variants Philip, McBreen) was listed in the 1846 directory of occupations as a spirit dealer and boot repairer in the Market Square in Bailieborough, County Cavan, Ireland. He had at least two sons:

L74-1 Thomas McBrien (1803…1860) m. Sarah — (…1881)
[Bailieborough, County Cavan; Wisconsin USA]

Thomas McBrien was born in 1803, probably in Bailieborough, County Cavan. The son of PHILLIP McBRIEN (or McBREEN), Thomas married Sarah — [maiden name unknown]. Thomas died 1 January 1860, in Benton, Wisconsin USA. Sarah died on 22 July 1881, also in Benton. [Kelly Taschler would like to know more about this line.]

L74-2 Phillip McBrien (1805…1874) m. Mary Waggoner (née —) (1821…1876)
[Bailieborough, County Cavan; Wisconsin USA]

Phillip McBrien, son of PHILLIP McBRIEN (or McBREEN), was born April 1805, in Bailieborough, County Cavan. According to his obituary, he graduated at the College of Physicians, Glasgow, Scotland. He immigrated to the U.S., stopping in New Orleans in 1845. He later stopped in St. Louis. There was an epidemic of diptheria there. A widow by name of Mrs. Waggoner called him to make a professional call on her little girls, who were very ill. The children both died. Dr. McBrien married the widow, in 1846 or 1847. His obituary says that he settled in Galena a year or two before beginning his practice of medicine in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Mary Waggoner was born February 1821, perhaps in Kentucky. Phillip and Mary had seven children:

Dr Phillip McBrien died June 1874 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Mary McBrien (formerly Waggoner, maiden name unknown) died March 1876, in Hazel Green, Wisconsin.

L74-2.1 James Owen Sebastian McBrien (1848…1924) m. Eliza Turnail (1848…1919)

James Owen Sebastian McBrien was born December 1848 in New Diggings, Wisconsin. James married Eliza Turnail on 15 August 1876. Eliza was born June 1848, in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. James and Eliza had seven children:

James Owen Sebastian McBrien died March 1924, in Minneapolis, MN. Eliza McBrien née Turnail died March 1919, in Lancaster, Wisconsin.

L74-2.1.1 Mary Rose McBrien (1877…) m. Frank Heidel (…)

Mary Rose McBrien, daughter of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, was born August 1877, in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Mary married Frank Heidel.

L74-2.1.2 Elizabeth Theresa McBrien (…) m. Walter Weber (…)

Elizabeth Theresa McBrien, daughter of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, married Walter Weber. Elizabeth and Walter had seven children:

L74- Catherine "Kitty" Weber (…) m. Francis Richgels (…)

Catherine Weber, daughter of ELIZABETH THERESA McBRIEN and WALTER WEBER, also known as "Kitty", married Francis Richgels. [Birth and death details for Kitty and Francis are unknown]. Kitty and Francis had seven children:

L74-2.1.3 James Phillip McBrien (1881…) m. Frances — (…)

James Phillip McBrien, son of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, was born January 1881 in Galena, IL. His wife's name was Frances —.

L74-2.1.4 Lewis McBrien (1882…1945) m. Elizabeth Emma Callaway (c1884…1949)

Lewis McBrien, son of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, was born November 1882 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Lewis married Elizabeth Emma Callaway. Elizabeth and Lewis had one child:

Lewis died 8 August 1945 in Minneapolis. Elizabeth died May 1949.

L74- Marian McBrien (1914…) m. Harold Jerome "Jerry" Mulcare (…2000)

Marian McBrien, daughter of LEWIS McBRIEN and ELIZABETH EMMA CALLAWAY, was born April 1914, in Minneapolis. Marian married Harold Jerome Mulcare ["Jerry"] on 28 November 1953, in Minneapolis. Jerry was born September 1914 in Minneapolis. Marian and Jerry adopted two children:

Jerry died 27 May 2000 and was buried in Lakewood Cemetary in Minneapolis.

L74-2.1.5 Catherine Isabella McBrien (…) m. Earl Henry Showalter (…)

Catherine Isabella McBrien, daughter of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, married Earl Henry Showalter. Catherine and Earl had three children:

L74- Catherine Showalter (…) m. George Brown (…)

Catherine Showalter ["Kitty"], daughter of CATHERINE ISABELLA McBRIEN and EARL HENRY SHOWALTER, married George Brown. Kitty and George had ten children:

L74- Patricia Showalter (…) m. Dan Jones (…)

Patricia Showalter, daughter of CATHERINE ISABELLA McBRIEN and EARL HENRY SHOWALTER, married Dan Jones. They had five children:

L74- Mary Ruth Showalter (…) m. Steve Loper (…)

Mary Ruth Showalter, daughter of CATHERINE ISABELLA McBRIEN and EARL HENRY SHOWALTER, married Steve Loper. They had four children:

L74-2.1.6 Joseph Anthony McBrien (1885…1947) m. Alice May Clark (1884…1980)

Joseph Anthony McBrien, son of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, was born March 1885 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Joseph married Alice May Clark on 31 May 1907 in Lancaster, Wisconsin. Alice, also known as "Gram B", was born October 1884 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Joe and Alice had three children:

Joseph Anthony McBrien died 27 April 1947 in Minneapolis, MN. Alice Alice May McBrien née Clark died 28 December 1980 in Minneapolis, MN. Both are buried in Lakewood Cemetary, Minneapolis.

L74- John Joseph Clark McBrien (1912…2001) m. Ruth Elizabeth Walter (1910…1996)

John Joseph Clark McBrien ["Jack"], son of JOSEPH ANTHONY McBRIEN and ALICE MAY CLARK, was born April 1912 in Minneapolis, MN. John, an attorney, married Ruth Elizabeth Walter, a nurse, on 29 May 1939 in Minneapolis. Ruth was born June 1910 in Clinton, MN. John and Ruth had five children:

Ruth Elizabeth McBrien née Walter died 5 January 1996, in Sun City West, Arizona. John Joseph Clark McBrien died 5 June 2001. Both are buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Farmington, MN.

L74- Alice May McBrien (1922…) m. Robert Morris Moore (1920…)

Alice May McBrien, daughter of JOSEPH ANTHONY McBRIEN and ALICE MAY CLARK, was born April 1922. Alice married Robert Morris Moore on 27 April 27 1943 in Minneapolis. Bob was born June 1920. Alice and Bob have two children:

L74- Mary Helen McBrien (1930…) m. Robert George Ziemer (…)

Mary Helen McBrien, daughter of JOSEPH ANTHONY McBRIEN and ALICE MAY CLARK, was born December 1930 in Minneapolis. Mary married Robert George Ziemer September 1951, in Minneapolis. They were later divorced. Mary and Bob had two children:

L74-2.1.7 Margaret Ellen McBrien (1887…) m. John Chester Regan (…)

Margaret Ellen McBrien, daughter of JAMES OWEN SEBASTIAN McBRIEN and ELIZA TURNAIL, was born October 1887, in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. Margaret married John Chester Regan. Margaret and John had two children:

L74- Mary Regan (…) m. George Peterson (…)

Mary Regan, daughter of MARGARET ELLEN McBRIEN and JOHN CHESTER REGAN, married George Peterson. Mary and George had one child:

L74- Jane Regan (…) m. Russ Pirovano (…)

Jane Regan, daughter of MARGARET ELLEN McBRIEN and JOHN CHESTER REGAN, married Russ Pirovano. Jane and Russ had six children:

L-75 Thomas McBrien (…) m. Ellen Shannor O'Reilly (…)
[Co Cavan]

[This lineage was the result of merging Lineages A-1, A-2 and A-14 on 24 December 2003 following information from Robin McBrien who named Thomas and Ellen as the progenitors, noted Patrick's wife and son Andrew and provided substantial detail on the life and descendants of John McBrien, which was then seriously augmented by information from Cheryl Ryan on 31 December 2003 who kindly sent Chapter 5 of a book she produced for a Mullavey reunion in 1995 (copies of the book are available from Cheryl for $30 plus postage; it includes much more detail regarding these McBriens and their related families than utilised herein)].

Thomas McBrien married Ellen Shannor O'Reilly [or Riley]. They are thought to have lived in County Cavan, Ireland, and were the parents of (at least):

L-75.1 John McBrien (1825…1913) m. Rose Mullavey (1844…1881)
[Co Cavan and Albury NSW]

John McBrien, born 1825 in County Cavan, was the son of THOMAS McBRIEN and ELLEN [or ANNE?] SHANNOR O'REILLY. His grandson (John McBrien) was told that John arrived in Sydney in the 1850's as John O'Brien, but changed his name to McBrien as there were so many O'Briens. This story was supported in recent years by Leo Plunkett, a neighbour now deceased, whose father, Thomas Plunkett, had known John McBrien in Ireland and always referred to him as "Johnnie O'Brien."

John married Rose Mullavey at Albury on 11 November 1869. They were the parents of:

John McBrien (born 1825) took up a grant of land at Bowna, a village of about 150 people located on the Albury-Sydney Road on Mullengandra Creek where it joined Twelve Mile Creek. The village was mapped in the 1850's and sales of surrounding allotments began in mid-1858, mostly adjoining the Mullengandra Creek and to the east of the Twelve Mile Creek. It was officially proclaimed a village on 20 March 1885, but abandoned when "drowned" by the rising waters of Lake Hume in 1933; a further raising of the dam level in the 1950's flooded more land. Bowna Reserve is a tourist attraction today opposite the site of the original village.

Rose Mulla(r)vey hailed from County Cavan, and was the sister of John's neighbours Peter and Patrick Mullavey. Cheryl Ryan (née Mullavey) of Albury <, December 2002> eMailed RootsWeb's Kiernan message board:
… My great grandfather Peter Mullavey came from Ballyconnell, Cavan to Bowna, near where I live in NSW, Australia. His brother Patrick and sister Rose also emigrated to Bowna. They were the children of Denis Mullavey and Mary Kiernan. I have been not been able to find any further details of Denis & Mary, but not from lack of trying. Peter was born c1845, Patrick c 1833, Rose c1848.

Cheryl later noted (31 December 2003 ) that:
Rose and her brother Peter emigrated from Co Cavan on the "Hotspur in 1862". Another brother Patrick emigrated in 1859 on the "Parsee". They all settled at Bowna, just north of Albury. The township of Bowna is now under Hume Weir, but the land they settled was north of the township on what is now the Hume Hwy - the grandson of John and Rose (also John McBrien) sold the last of this land in 1999 and he and his wife [in 2003] live in Albury (John is 88).
Greg and I visited Co Cavan in 1999 and stayed with Jim & Margaret Mullavey, the only Mullaveys surviving in Ireland - they own a B&B at Butlersbridge, Co Cavan. I am not sure where John McBrien came from in Co Cavan, but I assume that it was not far away, as John's neighbours at Bowna were on the northern side Patrick Mullavey and then Peter Mullavey and to the south Nicholas Devine, who married Mary Mullavey and was also a neighbour from Cavan (Mullaveys and Devines had been next door neighbours in Cavan). Patrick McBrien was another neighbour not far away.
There were other natives of Cavan in the same district, so I assume that most knew each other before emigrating.
Lucy Mullavey [who married John McBrien's brother Patrick McBrian in 1877] was the third child of Thomas Mullavey and Elizabeth McDonald. Thomas and his brother Patrick were both convicted of larceny in Cavan in June 1848 and transported to Tasmania for 7 years. They arrived on the "Lady Auckland" in Sept 1852.

The Bowna entry in Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory read as follows:
[per and]
          MULLAVEY Patrick farmer --- Bowna
          MULLAVEY Peter farmer --- Bowna
          McBRIEN John farmer --- Bowna
          McBRIEN Patrick farmer --- Bowna

Rose McBrien, aged 33, daughter of farmer DENIS MULLAVEY and MARY (formerly KIERNAN), died at Bowna on 18 July 1881. She had been in New South Wales for 16 years, so would have emigrated circa 1865.

John, son of THOMAS and ELLEN, died on 19 November 19, 1913.

L-75.1.1 John McBrien (1870…1954) m. Nellie Victoria Berger (…1968)

John McBrien, born at Albury in September 1870 to JOHN McBRIEN and his wife ROSE MULLAVEY, married Nellie Victoria Berger at Albury in 1914. Nellie hailed from Springdale, near Temora NSW. John and Nellie were the parents of one child, a son:

John McBrien died 20 September 1954; Nellie McBrien née Berger died 16 May 1968.

L-75.1.2 Mary Ellen McBrien (1872…) m. Thomas Benjamin Knappett (…)

Mary Ellen McBrien ["Cissie"], born March 1872 to JOHN McBRIEN and his wife ROSE MULLAVEY, married Thomas Benjamin Knappett at Albury in July 1917. Thomas was born in Sydney in 1886, the son of THOMAS JAMES KNAPPETT and JENNIE McGRATH.

Very little is known of Thomas and Cissie. They had no children and it is believed that they lived most of their married life in Pemberton Street, Albury. When her brother James died in 1932, it was recorded that Cissie lived in the "Upper Murray." On the Albury electoral roll of 1938, Thomas is listed as an "agent" living in Smollett St, Albury.

L-75.1.3 James Thomas McBrien (1874…1932) m. Agnes Sarah Seymour (c1874…1858)

James Thomas McBrien, born at Albury in May 1874 to JOHN McBRIEN and his wife ROSE MULLAVEY, married Agnes Sarah Seymour at Albury in February 1903. They were the parents of:

James T McBrien died May 1932, aged 57 years. Agnes McBrien née Seymour died February 1958, aged 84 years.

L- Joseph Harold McBrien (1903…1983) m. Mary Minetta May Ortlipp (c1913…)

Joseph Harold McBrien, born in Albury on Christmas Day 1903 to JAMES T McBRIEN and his wife AGNES S SEYMOUR, married Mary Minetta May Ortlipp at Albury in 1933. They were the parents of:

Joseph H McBrien died February 1983. Mary McBrien née was aged 90 years in 2003.

L- John James McBrien (1905…) m. Adelaide B Vonthein (c1907…1984)

John James McBrien, born in Albury in October 1905, married Adelaide B Vonthein at Albury in 1931. They were the parents of (at least):

Adelaide McBrien née Vonthein died 15 January 1984, aged 77.

L- Rose Elizabeth McBrien (1908…1981) m. Thomas Edward Eames (…1982)

Rose Elizabeth McBrien, born at Albury in January 1908, married Thomas Edward Eames in Carlton, Melbourne, on 10 October 1937. They were the parents of one child:

Rose Eames née McBrien died in Broken Hill on 28 February 1981; Tom died 14 months later on 5 May 1982.

L- Mary Agnes McBrien (1910…1976) m. Jack Danson (…)

Mary Agnes McBrien ["Molly"], born at Albury in August 1910, married Jack Danson in 1936. They were the parents of one child, a daughter.

Molly Danson née McBrien died on 31 March 1976.

L-75.1.4 Margaret McBrien (1877…1962) m. Edward William Henry Jones (…1942)

Margaret McBrien, born 17 April 1877 to JOHN McBRIEN and his wife ROSE MULLAVEY, was baptised by Rev Richard Butler on 26 April 1877 - her sponsors were Patrick McBrien (her uncle) and Mrs Wright. Margaret ("Maggie") married Edward William Henry Jones at St Patrick's Church, Albury on 18 November 1916. Witnesses were LR Cox and MA Richardson and the celebrant was Rev PJ O'Reilly. Edward was the son of HENRY WILLIAM JONES and his wife HANNAH KENNEDY, of Melbourne. Maggie and Edward had one daughter:

and adopted another:

By a previous marriage, Edward had one son:

Following the death of his first wife in 1910, Edward moved to Albury in 1911.

Edward died on 22 June 1942; Maggie died on 25 May 1962, and is buried with Edward in Albury cemetery.

L-75.2 Patrick McBrian (c1840…1891) m. Lucy Mullavey (…1917)
[Co Cavan; Albury and Wagga Wagga, NSW]

Patrick McBrian, born in County Cavan circa 1840, was the son of farmer THOMAS McBRIEN and ELLEN SHANNOR O'REILLY. Patrick emigrated to Australia circa 1861, aged about 21 years. The marriage of bachelor farmer Patrick McBrian of Bowna, aged 37, and spinster Lucy Mullavey took place at Albury on 21 June 1877. Lucy was the third child of THOMAS MULLAVEY and ELIZABETH McDONALD of Kilmore, Co Cavan. Thomas Mullavey and his brother Patrick were both convicted of larceny in Cavan in June 1848 and transported to Tasmania for seven years, arriving in Australia on the Lady Auckland in 1852. Lucy had been living with her parents at the time of her marriage.

Thomas and Lucy McBrian were the parents of:

Labourer Patrick McBrian, aged 50 years, son of THOMAS McBRIAN and ELLEN RILEY [sic], died at North Wagga Wagga on 15 April 1891.

Lucy McBrian née Mullavey remarried at Wagga Wagga in 1893, to William Roach. The death of a Lucy Roach, noted as the daughter of THOMAS and MARY, was registered at Wagga Wagga in 1917. [Interestingly, an Ellen McBrine had married a Michael Roach at Grafton in north-eastern NSW in 1877.]

Perhaps a late registration, a birth was registered at Wagga Wagga in 1903:

L-75.2.1 Andrew McBrien (1882…)

Andrew McBrien, son of PATRICK McBRIAN and LUCY, was born born 8 February 1882, birth registered at Hume/Albury.
[this sub-lineage L-75.2.1 altered on 11 January 2014 following an eMail from Su Tayler, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia [7 January 2014, researching the Marsh side of the family], the family of Andrew Charles McBrien and Aimee Jane Rainey Marsh becoming lineage L-8.2.
The family 'A-1 Andrew C McBrien (…1963) m. Aimee Jane ?Raine Marsh (…1921); had previously been merged with Lineages A-2 and A-14 on 25 December 2003 to form Lineage L-75 [the provenance changing to Lough Erne area, Ireland]

L- Roy McBrien (1915…c1974) m. Mollie Irene Burden

Roy McBrien (born in Wagga Wagga in March 1915 and raised there by an aunt) was the son of ANDREW McBRIEN and his wife AIMEE JANE ?RAINE MARSH. Roy, believed to have been strongly Roman Catholic, married Mollie Irene Burden at Wagga Wagga about 1943 and they raised at least three children:

Roy McBrien, born 1915 at Wagga Wagga, enlisted into the Australian Army in April 1942, noting his next-of-kin as Charles McBrien.

In 1998 Mollie, who distantly knew of Leslie, Amy Lorna (but known as 'Lorna') and Edna, lived in Penrith.

The family rumour was that forebears had been very much publicans and those that weren't spent much of their time in those types of establishments.

About 1988 while living in Adelaide, David McBrien spoke to a Peter (?) McBrien who was running a hotel there and who had just announced the birth of his son David in the Adelaide Advertiser, the name no longer appears in the Adelaide telephone directory.
David also recalled seeing McBriens mentioned on the Goulburn War Memorial for the First World War.

L-76 Francis McBrien (…) m. Catherine McGuire (…)
[Ireland; Victoria, Australia]

[This lineage is based on the Victorian BDM Indexes].
Farmer Francis McBrien and his wife Catherine McGuire of Ireland were the parents of (at least):
Perhaps there was also:

Hotel keeper John McBrien died at 84 Balmain Street, Richmond, Victoria, aged 77 years, on 16 October 1929. He died as a result of cardiac failure after a six week bout of bronchitis, and was buried to Roman Catholic rites in Footscray Cemetery. He had purportedly been in Victori for 50 years, and in West Australia for five years.

L-77 Thomas Brock (c1794…1844) m. Mary Hamilton (1800…1871)
[Inishmacsaint Ireland; Ontario Canada]

[This lineage is based on work of Daniel Brock in Ontario, who has done a great amount of research on the Brocks of Fermanagh, per Amanda Brock to the FermanaghGold Discussion List, 2 February 2004.].
Thomas Brock, born circa 1794, Killymore, Inishmacsaint, Ireland, married Mary Hamilton. Mary, born June 1800 in Ireland, was the daughter of JOHN and ANN HAMILTON of Hamilton Manor House, Ireland. She had several brothers. An older sister was the grandmother of Lord Lansdowne.

The children of Thomas and Mary's children, all born in Killymore, Inishmacsaint Fermanagh were:

Thomas Brock died in 1844 at Scarborough Twp, York County, Ontario; Mary Brock née Hamilton died on 7 June 1871 at Jarvis, Ontario.

Quoting Amanda Brock's eMail (2 February 2004):

"It is believed that it was this Thomas Brock who, together with John Sanderson, proposed to build a wall, in Oct. 1825, around the chapel of ease at Slavan. Between 1823 and 1842, the family farmed variously in the townlands of Coolom, Gortmalee, and Muggalnagrow (Magillagroo or Mugilagroo). About 1834, a Thomas Brock was renting 28 acres, 1 rood, 15 perches, in the townland of Muggalnagrow, from the Marquis of Ely, at 8 per annum
Thomas is said to have inherited his father's lands, presumably in the townland of Killymore, Co. Fermanagh, Ire., but decided to immigrate to C.W., thinking he could do better there for his younger children. He left his oldest son, William, to inherit the freehold (of leasehold), and sailed for Canada in 1844 with a married dau., Anne, her husband, John McBrien, and their two children, as well as a then unmarried dau., Mary. The party was said to have been at sea for four months (probably four weeks), during which time, the married dau. and her two children died of enteric (typhoid) fever, despite the fact that Thomas had given $500 to the captain to have the ship put in at an island (in the St. Lawrence?) in an attempt to save the daughter's life. Thomas himself died just three weeks after arriving at the farm of his sister, (3019) Mary Brock Armstrong, and brother in law in Scarborough Twp., York Co. His remains are said to have been interred in St. Paul's Anglican Churchyard, L'Amoreaux, Scarborough Twp., just to the north of the present Lawrence Ave.
Unaware of Thomas' death, his widow, Mary, and six of their children (John, David, Jane, Eleanor, Kitty and Elizabeth) came out to Scarborough Twp. in 1845. In Jan. 1852, Mary was living, with five of her children, in a one storey log house in the adjacent Markham Twp., and next door to the family of William and Ann Armstrong Cherry (see 4063). On 14 March 1860, Mary married a widower, William Leith (b.c. 1814, in Ire., son of Robert Leith and his wife, Mary), who owned Leith's Hotel, in Caledonia, CW; the marriage was registered, by Rev. B.C. Hill, on 24 Jan. 1862; William's age was given as 46, and Mary's as 48. William had at least two children by his first marriage to Mary ???: Malcolm (b.c.1841, Ire.) and William Leith (b.c. 1850). Mary Hamilton Brock Leith raised William after her marriage to his father. Mary died on 7 June 1871, and was interred in St. Paul's Anglican Churchyard, Jarvis, ON."
Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Inishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh, Ire., [1834?], p. 32, Public Records Office, Belfast, Northern Ireland [PRONI])
Source: The Brocks Of The Townland Of Killymore Of Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, Together with Many of Their Descendants - A work in progress as of April 16, 2001, by Daniel J. Brock

L-77.1 Anne Brock (1823…1845) m. John McBrien (…)
[Inishmacsaint, Ireland; Canada]

Anne Brock, born May 1823 at Killymore, Inishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh, daughter of THOMAS BROCK and his wife MARY HAMILTON, married John McBrien on 29 February 1844 in Killymore. They were the parents of two children. The family was en route for Canada, with Anne's father Thomas and her sister Mary, when Anne and the two children died of typhoid fever.

L-77.2 Francis Brock (1825…) m. Elizabeth McBrien (1819?…1891?)
[Inishmacsaint, Ireland]

[Details in this section were provided by Maurice Mckimm (pers comm 05Feb2004)]
Francis Brock, born February 1825 at Killymore, Inishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh, son of THOMAS BROCK and his wife MARY HAMILTON, married Elizabeth McBrien on 29 February 1844 in Killymore. Children of Francis and Elizabeth were:

Maurice Mckimm thought Eliza Brock née McBrien was buried in Garrison on 7 May 1891 aged 72.

L-77.2.1 Catherine Brock (1857…) m. William Brock (…)
[Inishmacsaint, Ireland]

Catherine Brock, born in Leglehid near Garrison in February 1857, was the daughter of FRANCIS BROCK and ELIZABETH McBRIEN. Catherine married William Brock, son of JOHN BROCK of Killymore who was probably a cousin of Francis Brock's father. William and Catherine were the parents of at least one daughter:

L-78 Charles McBrien (c1844…1901+) m. Letitia — (…)
[Fermamagh; Rosscommon-Leitrim;
descendants in Ireland, England and USA via Canada]

[This lineage is the work of Bridget McBeath of Croydon, England [, Jan-Feb2006]
Charles McBrien, believed to have been born about 1844 in Fermanagh, lived in Newtowngore, Co Leitrim but was born in Fermanagh. The 1901 Leitrim-Roscommon census shows Charles a farmer born in Co Fermanagh, with his wife Letitia —, sons Thomas and Gabriel, daughter Letitia and unmarried sister-in-law Isabella Briggs [if correct usage, this implies Letitia's maiden surname was Briggs, excepting another marriage by Charles]; all his other children must have left home by then. It appears Charles and Letitia had nine children including:

A cousin of Bridget McBeath thought that the parents of Charles were Dennis McBrien and Anne Likely [cf Lineage L-22; note though that Charles son of Denis and Anne is said to have married Minnie Johnston, with three issue (1878, 1880 and 1884)]. Apparently there was "…mystery about [Samuel's] father's family in Ireland … but we don't know what it was".

L-78.1 Samuel James McBrien (c1876…1922+) m. Emma Bettley (…)
[Rosscommon-Leitrim; descendants in England]

Samuel James McBrien, born 1876 the son of CHARLES McBRIEN and his wife LETITIA —, emigrated to England as a young man. He married Emma Bettley in 1905 at Watford, England; they were the parents of:

Perhaps the Emma was the Emma Bettley listed in the 1901 census as a housemaid aged 18 years (born at Brixton Hill, London) in the household of Helen Baring at 31 Adelaide Crescent, Hove (All Saints' parish), Sussex [RG13/936, folio 20; page 32, entry 149].

L-79  John [“Jack”] McBrien (c1748…1832) m — — (…)
[Drumadillar, Fermamagh]

[Mary K Lim of Yateley, England [12 February 2008] provided the detail on which the following lineage is constructed: the first two generations are interpretations of this author. Mary has a photograph of the old McBrien house in Drumadilar that she took several years ago before it was pulled down. Mary is a descendant of [part of] the family which stayed in Ireland.]

John McBrien of Drumadillar [known as Jack], referred to by Willie Parke in his book Glimpses of Old Derrygonnelly, died in 1832 aged 84 years [rf Section 1]. He had a nephew, Thomas Nixon. He also seems to have had at least one child, a son:

The Enniskillener of 6 December 1832 records the death of “John McBrien of Derrygonnelly, land surveyor, a confidential under agent of the Archdall family;... he was an old and respected member of the Masonic Institute (in his 84th year)”. The Impartial Reporter of the same date gives his name as John M’Brine.

L-79.1  Jack McBrien (c1772…) m. Mary Birney (…)

John [“Jack”] McBrien was thought by Mary Lim [2008] to have married Mary Birney in 1797, suggesting a birth date circa 1772. For this reason, this author postulates that he was the son of Willie Parke’s ‘JACK McBRIEN of Drumadillar’. John and Mary were the parents of:

As Mary Lim commented: “If this Jack is the one in the Enniskillener of 6 /12/1832 death ac., it would make him 70 when  my great-great-grandfather Carson was born”. Mary has not been able to locate this Jack’s grave.

L-79.2  Carson McBrien (1816…1872) m. Mary Fiddis

Carson McBrien, born 1816, son of JOHN McBRIEN and MARY BIRNEY, married Mary Fiddis on 10 July 1856 in the Enniskillen Registrar’s office. Carson gave his occupation as farmer. Carson and Mary were the parents of:

Carson McBrine died in 1872, aged 55 years [spelt Mcbrine on death certificate].

L-79.2.1  Maria Jane McBrien (1859…) m. George Henry Mckeany

Maria Jane McBrien, born 1859 at Drumadillar, daughter of CARSON McBRIEN and his wife MARY FIDDIS, married George Henry Mckeany on 8 June 1875 in Monea Church. George farmed at Drumanure. He and Mary were the parents of:

Maria Jane and George Henry Mckeany are buried at Monea church.

L-79.2.2  John Carson McBrien (1860…1880) m. Mary Fiddis

John Carson McBrien, born 1860, son of CARSON McBRIEN and his wife MARY FIDDIS, married another Mary Fiddis. They were the parents of four children including:

L-80  George McBrien (c1815…) m. Mary — (…)

Valerie Anderson posted a query on (2 June 2007) detailing the following family, which Valerie suspects came from the Derrygonelly area.

George McBrien and Mary — were the parents of (at least):

L-80.1  James McBrien (1840…1908) m. Mary Brown (1840…1928)

James McBrien, born 15 July 1840 in Ireland, son of GEORGE and MARY McBRIEN, immigrated to Canada in 1855. A farmer, James married Mary Brown on 30 May 1878 in Wroxeter, Howick Township, Huron County, Ontario. Mary had been born 14 July 1840 in Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland, the daughter of THOMAS BROWN and MARY THOMSON. Mary Brown had emigrated from Scotland in 1877 and by 1878 was living in Morris Township, Huron County. Prior to emigration, she was recoreded at Heatheryhall, Earlston in 1841 and Heatherly Haugh, Darlingfield, Earlston in 1851. James was noted in 1878 as a resident of Turnberry Township, and in 1881 and 1901 with Mary. In 1908 they were at Lot 53, Concession 1, Turnberry Township.

James and Mary were the parents of (at least):

James died on 25 August 1908 at Turnberry Township, Huron County. Mary McBrien née Brown on 25 Sepember 1928 in Wroxeter.

L-80.1.1 Jemima McBrien (1884…1968) m. Watson Samways Jewitt (1877…1960)

Jemima McBrien, born 14 March 1884 in Wroxeter, Howick Township, Huron County, Ontario, the daughter of JAMES McBRIEN and his wife MARY BROWN, married Watson Samways Jewitt on 14 January 1903 in Turnberry Township, Huron County. A farmer, Watson had been born 30 April 1877 in Bluevale, Morris Township, Huron County, the son of THOMAS JEWITT and JANE PYKE. In the 1911 census Jemima and Watson were listed at Turnberry, Huron East, Ontario. Jemima and Watson were the parents (at least):

Watson Samways Jewitt died 26 March 1960 at Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Jemima Jewitt née McBrien died 2 February 1968 in Victoria Hospital at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Further information on the Jewitt family (Watson’s forebears and siblings) and be found in Darla Mazurek’s 2000 RootsWeb thread and Valerie Anderson’s 2003 Ancestry Board thread at

Note: RootWeb’s, dealing with Marriages at St. James Cathedral, 1842-1846, from Landmarks of Toronto, volume 3, p.395 ff, by John Ross Robertson (submitted by Marcie Lawrence) includes:
      10 May, 1845, by license, Christopher JOHNSTON, of the township of York, bachelor, and Jemima McBRIEN, of the city of Toronto, spinster.

L-81  James McBrien (c1816…1900) m. Mary Johnston (…1906)

Trevor Johnston eMailed [19 December 2009]: The attached photographs may be of interest to the Mc Brien clan

I hope this information is of use to you. My father and mother, Thomas James & Isabella Johnston and my sisters Moyra and Jennifer are buried in the above Mc Brien family grave just to the rear of Slavin Church.

James McBrien and Mary Johnston were the parents of eight children:

"Edward Bruce and his daughter[s], one of whom is … Catherine McBrien." -- Trevor Johnston [, 19 December 2009].
"The folk standing in front of the car are Thomas James McBrien and his wife Catherine.Thomas James McBrien was the son of James McBrien and Mary McBrien (nee Johnston ). Catherine McBrien is a daughter of Edward Bruce. Thomas James McBrien was my father's (Thomas James Johnston) uncle" -- Trevor Johnston [, 19 December 2009].

Abraham emigrated to New York in 1880 and married English-born Mary (born February 1858) in 1889: they were the parents of James C (born c1891) and Fredrick W McBrien (born December 1892). In the 1900 US census were noted as aliens residenting at 174 West 135th St., Manhattan Borough, New York

L-M Miscellaneous [Ireland: Lough Erne]

Shane McBrien of Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland < > contacted Mike Kirke on 8 November 1997.

Kathy Cormier < , 30 August 2000 > wrote:

We are trying to trace a Christopher McBrine/McBrien who came to Canada from Ireland about 1856 (he was born about 1831), but he moved to a small village [near Saint John NB] where other people of the same name (spelling varies) lived and they had come over in 1830 and we feel they are likely related. One of these was Keys McBrien who would have been born about 1800 [he came from Fermanagh in 1830].…[Early records of these families in Canada sometimes used the spelling McBrien and sometimes McBrine. In recent times the family has used McBrine only].

Ross Beattie has on file:

7 February 1802: Keys McBrine to Chris. McBrine and Marg. Robinson of Drimbad – Baptism, M&L Inishmacsaint

Carole Foster of Wallsend, NSW Australia < , 28 April 2001 > wrote:

William Johnston married Margaret Donaldson at Inishmacsaint on 15th March 1803. Their children included Margaret c1803, Sarah 1811, William 1812 and Margery 1815. John Johnston came to Australia in 1832 and his will in 1892 mentioned sisters Margaret Moore and Margery Sanderson. Another sister may be Jane Elliot.

Ross Beattie has on file:

Marriage in Church Hill Church in Inishmacsaint parish 16 March 1803: Wm. Johnston of Inishmacsaint to Margaret Donaldson of Inishmacsaint, by Licence, with issue:

Anne, to Wm. Johnston and Margaret Donalson of Black-Slee, baptised 11 January 1807 at Upper Inishmacsaint;
Sarah, to William Johnston and Margaret of Bohevney, baptised 1 September 1811 at Upper Inishmacsaint;
Wm., to Wm. Johnston and Margt. of Black-Slee, baptised 17 May 1812 at Upper Inishmacsaint;
Simon, to William Johnston and Margaret of Bohevney, baptised 24 December 1813 at Upper Inishmacsaint.

Also the burials (in Upper Inishmacsaint records)

12 June 1802: Simon Johnston of Black Slee, aged 31 (born c1770)
8 December 1802: Jas. Johnston of Black Slee, aged 70 (born c1732), in Derrygonelly churchyard.
30 April 1803: Robt. Johnston of Boheveny, aged 42 (born c1760), in Derrygonelly churchyard

Wendy and Keith Backhouse < , 27 March 2001 >, wrote regarding:

The marriage … between James Kilpatrick and Eliza Ellen Tumath 10/6/1891at St Ninnidh Church, Benmore, Parish of Innishmacsaint. James was a gardener and his Father John was a cutter. …The bride was from Tully and the groom from Drummeron.

Abigail Coane Leibel < , 17 July 2000 > seeks

“any references to the Coane, Coen family who came from Higginstown in the parish of Inishmacsaint. They are quite elusive, especially for the years 1780-1810.”

Doug Fletcher in Canada < , September 22, 2000 >wrote:

I recently obtained from PRONI a copy of a map of Tiranagher Beg townland from 1843 showing three occupiers; John FERGUSON, John TIMONEY and Robert ROBINSON. The 1861 Griffiths and the Tithe Applotments from the 1830's have the same names as occupiers.

Barry Brock < , 24 September 2000> responded:

John Ferguson also shows up in Knockaraven, Inishmacsaint rent ledgers as having a lease on 9 acres that began in May 1843. In the same Townland, Patt Timony and Patt Timony Jr had 20 acres each with the lease starting at the same time and owned by the Marquis of Ely.

Beth Speicher < , 13 March 2000 > found a field book for part of the estate where one of her ancestors lived: it had a page for each tenant on the estate. Here is a sample page from for the townland of Dresternan in Inishmacsaint Parish, Co Fermanagh:

Name: Peter McCaffry
Townland: Dresternan
Family: wife, 2 boys 1 girl, 1 grandson
Religion: C
A. 25 R. -- P. --
Rent £10 s.-- d.--
Lease dated 1796
Still to expire Elinor McCaffry, Edward McCaffry & Thomas Harr (sp?)
Note: On the same farm live the copartners--James McCaffry, wife, sister & 2 girls
Widow Keon 2 boys & 3 girls
Widow Carrel (sp?) 3 boys & 2 girls
On some pages under "still to expire" it says "at will." And other coments include things like "Hard working people", "A dirty set."
For the lowest level of tenant, the "tenant at will" and the landless people who rented from season to season, there are often NO records at all. However, there is just no way of knowing what exists for the area where your family was from without searching at NA or PRONI.

From the “British Isles – Vital Records Index” [Copyright 1998 by The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints]:

*McBrien, Catherine; Birth; 17 March 1868, Newtownbutler, Ferm, Ire;
father: James McBrien, mother: Rose Bailly [FHL Number 101162]

*McBrien, Ellen; Birth; 10 February 1869, Drumquin, Tyrone, Ire;
father: Dennis McBrien, mother: Ally McCanny; [FHL 101181]

*McBrien, William; Birth (Bastard); 8 January 1869, Ederney, Fermanagh, Ire;
mother: Catharine McBrien; [FHL 101181]

*McBrien, Mary Jane; Birth; 2 February 1869, Dromore, Tyrone, Ire;
father: Thomas McBrien, mother: Susan Armstrong [FHL 101181]

*McBrien, Margaret; Birth; 3 March 1872, Dromore, Tyrone, Ire;
father: Francis McBrien, mother: Rose McIlroy [FHL 255841]

*McBrien, Patrick; Birth; 14 March 1871, Gortin, Tyrone, Ire;
father: Patrick McBrien, mother: Cathrine Mullen [FHL 255841]

McBrien, Hugh; Birth; 29 October 1870, Ballyconnell, Cavan, Ire;
father: James McBrien, mother: Ellen Murphy [FHL 101217]

McBrien, Mary Jane; Birth; 9 November 1871, Belleek, Fermanagh, Ire;
father: George McBrien, mother: Margaret Stewart [FHL 255833]

McBrien, —; Birth; 20 December 1871, Belleek, Fermanagh, Ire;
father: James McBrien, mother: Rebecca Spence [FHL 255833]

McBrien, Michael; Birth; 25 October 1871, Florence Court, Fermanagh, Ire;
father: Cormick McBrien, mother: Anne Carbury [FHL 255833] see also "lineage" I-M.

pers comm Sharryn Phillips < , 2 August 1999 >, from Army Discharge papers and marriage records:

from 2 x great grandfather Army Discharge papers.
James Dundass, born 24 May 1828 in Devenish, Derrygonnelly, Fermanagh, son of WILLIAM DUNDAS and MARIA PARKER, married Elizabeth Walsh/Welsh. James and Elizabeth were parents of:

James and Elizabeth were great-great-grandparents of Sharryn Phillips of Cronulla, Sydney, Australia .

Fr. Leo Wearden (< >, 3February 2000) seeks information on:

John Martin and his wife Mary McBride of Fermanagh. They had two children Phillip and Maryanne born in the 1840's, though there may have been others.
Maryanne Martin married James McManus of Cavan in Creswick Vic. in 1868.
Fr. Leo is aware of a Michael Martin who when he came New South Wales was identified as coming from Maguiresbridge, though on his headstone it states he came from Kinawley. It is not known if there is any connection with the family of John and Mary.

Pete McBride < , 29 April 2000> wrote:

My g-g-g-grand parents John McBride and Margaret McBride (née McNamee) on Patrick's side, and John Matthews & Jane Matthews (née Mullens or Mullen). … My g-g-grand father Patrick McBride was born about 1832 in Co. Tyrone. My g-g-grand mother Ellen McBride (ne Matthews) was born around 1838, and married Patrick in Tyrone 1854. They moved to NZ around 1864 (with children John b. 1855, Thomas b.1857, Kate b.1858 and Mary Ann b.1861. all born in Co. Tyrone)

My g-grand father Patrick McBride was born around 1864 in Auckland, New Zealand. Also born in NZ were his brother Charles about 1868 and sister Mary Margaret about 1870. The family moved to Australia abt 1870. There were 3 more children born in Australia, but all died very young.

Jill Dale of Ottawa (< >, January 2000) is researching:

the families of John Bruce (1799-1882) and his brother Robert Bruce (1796-1878) who emigrated from Tullychurry, County Fermanagh, to Canada circa 1838 and settled in Cartwright Township, County Durham, Ontario. Through another Bruce researcher, the Bruce family can be traced back to 1617 - a John Bruce a swordsman at Inishmacsaint.

per Jane Lyons < 24 December 1999>, to Bill Barber, re Tullynageeran graveyard, Aghavea, County Fermanagh:

This is just stone number … no date for Margaret, Hugh & grandchildren, and then Owen in 1735 at 47 yrs old.
Aghavea -Co. Ferm IID11 McBrien Margaret, Hugh & grandchildren
Tullynageeran 18 McBrien Owen Nov 1735 47 [also has Rov. Mc agilloy on this stone]

From the Principal Registry Office, per Jane Lyons < 22 October 1999>:

Dundas, James
Effects Under £450
23 June 1859
The Will of James Dunphy late of Ballyusty-beg in the County of Fermanagh Farmer deceased who died 27 May 1859 at the same place was proved at Armagh by the eoaths of Noah Dundas Senior of Drumgrow and Noah Dundas Junior of Ballyusty-beg both in said County (Beleek) the Executors.

From the Enniskillen Chronicle/Erne Packet of 13 August 1812, per Janet Caiside, 31 December 2000:

To be sold,
The interest in the lands of Castle-Balfour, near Lisnaskea, being for two
Lives, under [?] Townley[sp.?] Balfour, and James Harr, Esqrs.--Proposals to
be received by James Dundas, Carlisle, England, and John McBrien, Churchhill.
6th Aug 1812.

Rich McGlew (1998 ) sent the following information from Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland by Sir Bernard Burke, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., 4th Edition, London, 1958 to Rootweb's Fermanagh Discussion List:

Captain William Brandon, Royal Navy, from County Fermanagh, married Frances Crawford; their issue included:

Rev. James Brandon and his wife Rebecca Brien, married on 15 Sepember 1803, were the parents of:

Rev. William Brandon, Liskinfere Rectory, Clough, Co. Wexford (born 1810, died 1878) married Jane Johnson (died 1889) in March 1836; they were the parents of:

Rev. Ernest Augustus Brandon, Rector of Leighlin & Wells (born 1852, died 1932) married Catherin Maude Brownrigg (d. 1942) on 15 January 1879); they were the parents of:

Rich McGlew suspects that his direct line is from the Captain William Brandon, who perhaps also had another son named William or Gerard.

Thomas Johnston, born about 1833 in Inishmacsaint, son of FRANCIS JOHNSTON and ANN CREIGHTON (born about 1814), left Plymouth, Devon eng on 16 August 1855 aboard the Kate, arriving in Sydney on 4 December 1855. Thomas purchased land at Parramatta in western Sydney on 16 June 1865, receiving a Certificate of Title on 14 October 1885. Thomas married Letitia Warren (born about 1843, died 1902) on 6 July 1865 at All Saints CoE, Parramatta. Their children were:

Thomas died at Boundary Street, North Parramatta on 18 June 1914.

Penny Parker of Edmonton, Canada (< >, 30 May 1999) is a descendant of Margaret Glenn and Andrew Stuart (Stewart), married on 19 February 1846 at Belleek, Fermanagh, Ireland.

William Elliott and Jane Trotter in the Parish of Inishmacsint, County Fermanagh, were the parents of:

Claragh is apparently east of the town of Derrygonally and west of Lough Erne and close to the townlands of Fedian, Concaroe and Enaghan. Bonnie & Merv Robillard < > (26 June 1999) is interested in the families of Trotter, Elliott, Bell and Bothwell, from these areas.

James Eaton, born July 1800 in the townland of Monawilkin (Moneywilkin), Parish of Inishmacsaint, was the son of JAMES EATON and CATHERINE WILLIS. He emigrated to Canada (circa 1824) and died in Ontario. He was the great-great-grandfather of Richard W. Eaton of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada < >. Richard obtained this information from “Fermanagh Friends” which also listed Margaret Kerr (Eaton), Sarah Kerr (Eaton) and Jane Armstrong (Eaton) having children around 1800.

James Patrick McCanny and Joy Beatty, married in Rome in 1993. Joy is the daughter of the late THOMAS ROBERT BEATTY of Derrygonnelly, Co Fermanagh. James and Joy taught English in Turkey in late 1997. Their address is: 6, Upper Celtic Park, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland BT74 6JA.

From < , 20 April 1998 >, Abstracts of Irish Wills extracted at New York Public Library:

..p. 113 # 268 Montgomery, Hugh, Derrygonely, Co. Fermanagh, Esq.
10 Feb. 1720. Full, 2 pp., 8 March 1722.
My wife, exor. MY eldest son Nicholas, second son Hugh, third son Richard. Daughter Jane, daughter Margarett, daughter Sidney. Daughter Sarah, her husband Brockill Green. Brother Robert Montgomery of Derrybrusk and my friend John Corry of Castle Cole, Co. Fermanagh, exors. £5 to poor of parishes of Inishmacsaint and Devenish.
Drumero als. Dunbarr als. The estate of Derrygonelly. Lands in manor of Diranafogher als. The estate of Monea. Fosailton and church land.
Witnesses: Robert Weir, Monghan, John Trotter, Robinstown, and Alexr. Atchison, Corryard, all in Co. Fermanagh, gents.
Memorial witnessed by: Alexr. Nesbitt, Dublin, gent. And his servant Daniel Byrne.
34,525,22803. Nich. Montgomery (seal).

The following article was distributed on RootsWeb Review's Missing Links, Vol. 6, No. 1 (4 January 2001):

GOING HOME: County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, by Valerie (McClelland) Anderson, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada < >
My husband and I recently returned from the most fantastic adventure in Northern Ireland. Much of it was very emotional.
[Photographs from the trip are online at ]
We found Drumcrow Cottage, Inishmacsaint Parish, County Fermanagh, from which my great-great-grandfather, William McCLELLAND (1800-1892), sent letters to my great-grandfather, William McCLELLAND (1833-1911), in London, Ontario, Canada and Letellier, Manitoba, Canada. William McCLELLAND Sr. died in Drumcrow Cottage in 1892. Had we arrived two weeks later, it would have been gone, demolished. Drumcrow Cottage was built about 1630-40 and is located near the village of Derrygonnelly.
When I started to search for my Irish heritage 16 months ago, the only clue I had was the inside address of letters that read Drumcrow Cottage. I assumed this was somewhere in Northern Ireland. The search was to fulfill a promise made to my father, who died in 1984, that when I retired from teaching, which I did two years ago, I would find our family in Ireland. It was a promise that I thought many times I would not be able to keep. The search seemed to be impossible. My big break came at the end of July 2000.
The church in the background is Inishmacsaint Church of St. Ninnidh at Benmore near Derrygonnelly, where the marriage of my great-great-grandparents William and Frances MOORE was recorded. Their deaths in 1889 and 1892 are also registered there.
We met a relative, Elizabeth McCLELLAND, and her family, who still live in the Caldrum Glebe area. This seems to be the only family with the surname McCLELLAND left in the area. It appears that the majority of my McCLELLAND relatives immigrated to Canada, the U.S.A., or Australia.
Willie K. Parke is a local historian in the area and has written two books, THE PARISH OF INISHMACSAINT and GLIMPSES OF OLD DERRYGONNELLY.
We were followed by a film crew from Canada. Tom Davidson is the producer of the program, "Going Home," which will be presented on the History Channel sometime in the Fall of 2001. I should have a completed copy of the program sometime in March.

The following article was sent by Ken & Helen Harris < , 21 October 2000 >:

1851 Census fragmets
… some of the names I found in an LDS film …
The cataloguing of the films of census 1841/1851 fragments and substitutes used for proof of age for Old Age Pension application is confusing but I plan to persevere. The following was LDS film 0258525 Vol 36 (cont) mixed counties & baronies - Fer was on the end of the reel.
Family of CUNNINGHAM of Dungooley, Co Louth, JOHN CUNNINGHAM aged 1 year and three months -
3 Mar 1911 - Applicant JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Census return 1841 for townland of Dungooly, Parish of Faughart, Barony of Dundalk, Upper, County of Louth - searched - no return for family of ANDREW and MARGARET CUNNINGHAM has been found.
Sunday 30th Mar 1851 Census
ANDREW CUNNINGHAM 34 M head of family married in 1841 Farmer: read Eng/Irish b Louth
MARGARET " 30 F wife housekeeper " " " b Armagh
JOHN " 1 yr 3 months son b Louth

PATRICK McMANNUS 56 M head of family Farmer cannot read Irish b Fer
ELLEN "" 50 F wife housekeeper "" b Fer
BRIDGET "" 2 F dau b Fer

THOS McGUIRE 26 M married in 1844 Labourer b Fer
MARY " 25 F " Housekeeper b Fer
ROSE " 2 F dau b Fer

JAMES MAGURRIN 50 M head married in 1831 Labourer b Fer
BRIDGET " 59 F wife "" Sprigir b Fer
MICHAEL " 4 M son b Fer

HUGH SCOLLIN 47 M head married in 1845 Labourer can read b Fer
SUSAN " 34 F wife "" Housekeeper "" b Fer
SUSAN " 5 F dau b Fer

PAT CASSIDY 84 M head widow married in 1809 Labourer blind b Fer
(with McBRIEN family - also listed)

JAMES NOBLE 38 M head married in 1835 Farmer can read b Fer
JANE " 42 F wife " " Housekeeper can read b Fer
nts Fermanagh
ANNE " 11 F dau cannot read " "

Daniel Houser in Michigan [25 May 2003] wrote:

I have some papers from Tubrid Church in Ireland listing the following info.
William Brien and Anne Marshall Married Aug 10, 1827. …
I have the following information from the Tubrid Church in Ireland. Eliz dr. of James and Marg. Stewart. June 30, 1833. Probably batism record. … I have some Iles connections from Haldimand Twp., Ontario. My 3rd Great Grand mother was Elizabeth Jane Stewart who Married Chistopher Iles on August 9, 1827, From the Tubrid Church records. I am wondering if James Stewart is the brother of my Elizabeth Stewart Iles.

Jim Dawe [17 May 2003] wrote:

My target surname is actually "Stevenson/Stinson/Lipsi(e)tt" of Whitby, Ontario, Canada and I had only one uncorroborated source from 1911 that said that this family was from Fermanagh. …
Neighbours of the Stevensons in Whitby were McBryans from Fermanagh (again no specific location there). There was an intermarriage of these two Whitby families at the third generation that came to Canada in the 1830's. My gut feeling was that these two families connected or were friends/neighbours in Ireland and travelled together to Canada. …
… searching for Lipsetts… I found the clue that these Stevensons came from Inishmacsaint, Donegal. Here were two baptisms for Thomas Stevenson and Margaret Lipsett's children namely Eliza and Charles in the Townland of Carrigolagh! The baptisms match to within months of their birth dates.
Since Stevenson and Stinson are alternate spellings I did a search of that - I see Gustavus Stinson (Stevenson) marriage to Jane Stinson - Gustavus settled in the York Mills area north of Toronto. A descendant of Gustavus & Jane, John Stevenson and I have been working on the hunch that he was related to my Stevensons. There is no townland listed in the marriage excerpt but we knew that Jane was the daughter of Richard and Mary Stinson who also settled in the York Mills area. Well, here is a baptism listed for Richard Stinson and Mary Birney for their son Robert which fits the birth date for the Robert also settled in Canada - the clincher is that Richard Stinson and Mary Birney live in Carrigolagh also!
… I find the Stevenson's Whitby neighbours, Edward McBrien and Mary Allingham with the baptism of their son Edward in nearby Roscor plus several familiar related families.

Bill Barber [] 4 January 2004 eMailed the McBrien Discussion List []:
   Some other records I have found. Burials in Inishmacsaint:
      Thomas McBryan, born abt 1688, Buried 18 Sept. 1767, Age 79, The Old Graveyard, Derrygonnelly
            - ("Glimpses of Old Derrygonnelly, W. Parke)
      Jane McBrien, born abt 1733, Buried 31 October 1813 in Derrygonnelly, Age 80
      Samuel McBrien, born abt 1736, Buried 5 October 1813 in Derrygonnelly, Age 77
      Mary McBrien, wife of Thomas, born abt 1776, Buried 20 Jan. 1862 in Slavin, Age 82
      Thomas McBrien, Lower Ardies, Buried 20 January 1862
      Thomas McBrien, Whealt-Slavin, Buried 9 January 1802
      John McBrien, Buried 25 November 1802 in Derrygonnelly.

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