McBrien families with origins traced to
Lough Erne region, Ireland
Provenance L
Inishmacsaint and Lough Erne, Counties Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan and Tyrone, Ireland

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L-11 Thomas McBrien m. Elizabeth Bruce

Maxine McBryan sent the following article to the McBrien Discussion list (15 January 2001):

The McBriens of County Fermanaugh
According to the family bible, Henry McBrien was born in Pettigo, a small town in County Fermanaugh, Northern Ireland which is in the parish of Dunkereen. His parents were Thomas McBrien and Elizabeth (nee Bruce). We're not certain how many brothers and sisters Henry had, but we do know that he had at least three brothers and one sister. Family tradition tells us that his brother, Thomas, went to Australia; we believe that Robert came to Upper Canada with his wife, Jane (nee Johnson) and family, around 1837. According to Henry's great granddaughter, Jessie (McBryan) Menhinick, there was another brother, William, who married Hannah Spense, and they had two sons, Thomas and William. Henry's one sister, Elizabeth, married Ovine Tracy. There may be other siblings who never left Ireland. Except for the Robert McBrien family, we have lost contact with the rest of Henry's brothers and sister.
In the Beer's Complementary Biography, printed in 1906, it says that Henry and, his wife, Mary left Ireland and landed at Quebec where they stayed for two year before moving up the St. Lawrence River to Cobourg, Upper Canada. During their stay in Cobourg, they purchased land from the Canada Company in 1830 and moved there in 1831. Henry had purchased the north half of Lot 34, Concession 5 in Whitby Township, Ontario County, while his son Edward bought the south half. Lot 34 was larger than most being two hundred acres, so father and son each had one hundred acres of land to work with.
They probably lived in a log house when they first settled on the lots, but when Mary's father passed away, they used the money she inherited to build a stone house which is still standing. Although her father's death date is unknown to us yet, we do know that the frame and stone houses began to become more prominent across Ontario in the 1840s and 50s. This house may have been built it in the 1830s.
Henry McBrien and Mary Allingham had been married for fifteen years when they emigrated. They were married in 1805 in the Parish of the Lower and Middle Inishmacsaint Church of Ireland in Rosscor, County Fermanaugh, Northern Ireland. That was an Anglican Church, because at that time only the Church of England was legally responsible for registering marriages. One had to be married in the Anglican church to be legally married under English law; it did not matter whether you were Presbyterian, Methodist, Quaker or Catholic. There is a record of their daughter, Elizabeth, being christened in 1806. Also in this registry is a record of baptism for Henry's son, Edward's baptism in 1811. The other children, who were born in Ireland, are Ann (1808/9), Hugh (1814), Isabel (1817). We are not sure if Mary (born in 1820) was born in Ireland or Quebec City. Thomas was the youngest born in 1823, and he must have been born in Cobourg if the story of them living in Cobourg for seven years is true. Hugh was the first member of the family to die in the New World. It was 1836 when he was one month short of his 22nd birthday that he died. He might have been killed in an accident as family tradition tells us. Pioneers who were inexperienced were frequently killed in logging accidents.
In 1830, Edward and Ellen Wilson were married in Cobourg, Ontario and moved to Whibty. He must have been a very enterprising man because according to his will, he had acquired quite a bit of land which he bequest to his children. There were ten children : Mary (born 1833) who married Philip Cooper; Ann (born 1834) who married John Brander; Sarah (born 1836) who married Samuel Jones; Isabella (born 1840) who married William Bowles; Hugh (born 1840?) who married Margaret Jones; Henry (born 1842) who married Christina Smith; Edward (born 1844) who married Angeline Stevenson; Jane (born 1846) who never married; Thomas (born 1848) who married Adelina A ltenbreck and William (born 1849) who never married.
In 1857, Edward invested in some land in the Huron Tract when he purchased Lot 5, Concession 5 of Bosanquet Township from the Canada Company. He transferred the ownership of this land to his daughter, Jane. In 1869, Edward's son, Henry purchased Lot 6, Concession 5 from Luke Robinson which was abutted to Lot 5 . When Henry married and moved down to Bosanquet, he and Christina lived on Lot 6.
Henry married Christina Smith on March 15, 1870 in a little church in Kinsale, Ontario, about two or three miles from the homestead. It was a Methodist church which still stands and his parents and grandparents are buried in the cemetery which surrounds it. In 1883, Henry purchased the north half of Lot 6, Concession 5 from William Hackney. It wasn't until 1898, that Henry bought Lot 5 from his sister, Jane, for $2,500.00.
There is the story of Henry McBrien/McBryan when he first came to Bosanquet. It is said that he drove a small herd of cattle with him, and he used a twig of a weeping willow from his father's farm. When he arrived in Bosanquet, he is supposed to have stuck that twig into the ground, and it grew into a gigantic weeping willow. It's a great story; however, 1870 is also the year in which the Grand Trunk Railway was completed to Sarnia. It is possible that Christina came by railway, while Henry was driving his small herd across the wilderness. Much of Southern Ontario had been claimed by this time, but most of it had not yet been cleared. There were very poor roads for him to follow, except the one major road, Dundas Street which ran from Toronto to London, Ontario. Even this was not a very good road. When he reached London, he would have probably turned onto the old London Road and than on to Egremont Road which led to Lambton County, turning north at one of the Concessions. There were many creeks and rivers to cross, not to mention the swamps to get by. Lambton County, in particular, was a very swampy territory.
In 1866, Henry McBryan was involved in a very significant event ... the Fenian Raids. He was a private who had been sent to the Niagara Peninsula with the 34th Battalion to head off the raids of the Fenians (Irish Nationalists) which were believed to be heading for that area. He was at the Battle of Rigdeway, the only major battle which took place during this futile attempt to invade Canada. Of course, the Fenians lost. The government of Canada did not see fit to reward their men for their services for quite some time later, when in 1901 the provincial government decided to give them land grants. Henry's piece of land was Lot 1, Concession 3, Lybster Township up in the Thunder Bay District. Before you think this was a noble jester on the part of the provincial government perhaps you should know that this was the exact same time in which the Provincial government was trying to open up the "New Ontario" (that is Northern Ontario), and they were trying to get settlers into this area. Of course, Henry was an old man and did not accept it. In fact, he wrote to the government, asking if they would buy the land back. They did, for fifty dollars.
Henry must have been very civic minded, because there was a school house built on part of his land. According to the Land Registry Office, Henry sold one quarter of an acre to the Trustees, School Session, No. 5 for twenty dollars. The earliest records of this frame building is in 1881 when the trustees were John Brander, Henry's Brother-in-law, Henry McBryan and George Japp. The teacher was Sarah McCordic. In 1888, there was a need for a larger school. An auction for the old school was held; Henry purchased it and had it attached to his house. His nephew, Henry Brander, was the first teacher at the new school. He was paid $325.00 per year and had the responsibilities of janitor in addition to his teaching duties.
In 1894, Henry took over the responsibilities of John Dallas as director for Lambton County in the an insurance company known then as the East Riding of Lambton Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This was a cooperative organization which has now grown into a major Lambton County Insurance Company. It began in 1875 when a group of local farmers decided that they needed fire insurance protection. Each policy holder had one vote. Henry held the office of director for Bosanquet until his death in 1910.

Thomas McBrien and his wife Elizabeth Bruce were residents of Rosscor in the Parish of Inishmacsaint [refer to Selected Towns and Townlands, Parish of Inishmacsaint]. until at least 1784, but perhaps by 1791 were residents of Bannockmore FER. Maxine McBryan (pers comm, March 2000), strongly queries Bannockmore:

“There is nothing in my information to indicate this. There's a McBrien family bible somewhere that states that their son, Henry, (my ggg grandfather) was born in Petigo. So they may have moved from Petigo to Roscor, but even that is iffy. Henry could have gone to Roscor himself and married Mary Allingham there. Bannockmore is where Henry's brother, Robert, was suppose to have lived and his son, Robert, was born there according to family tradition. There is a townland just east of Roscor called Banaughmore (I think that's the spelling)and I'm betting that this is the mysterious Bannockmore.”

Rosscor townland and Rosscor Island lie at the western extremity of Lower Lough Erne, where it discharges into the River Erne, and within 3½km west-nor'west from Tiranagher More, 2km northwest from Ardgart and 3km north-northwest from Ardees Upper. Within the townland are Rosscor House and Rosscor Viaduct, the latter bridging the River Erne. [The author has not yet located Bannockmore; Maxine McBryan (April 1999) suggested it is Bannaughmore near Enniskillen].

Thomas and Elizabeth were the parents of:

Thomas and Elizabeth may be buried at in the church graveyard at Slawin FER, a townland immediately southeast from Rosscor . [Note that any relationship between these McBrien families and Mary Jane Openshaw nee McBrien remains unclear and unproven.]

L-11.1 Thomas McBrien

Thomas McBrien was the son of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife ELIZABETH BRUCE of the Enniskillen area FER (possibly of Rosscor in the Parish of Inishmacsaint, at the western extremity of Lower Lough Erne). Thomas emigrated to Australia (details unknown).

Apparently a Thomas McBrien of Enniskillen, a British Army engineer, came to Australia (possibly as a prisoner for desertion) around the 1830s or 1840s . No further details are known of him at present. Maxine McBryan (pers comm 21apr2002) wrote:

According to my great aunt Jessie McBryan Sevenson, Thomas was a son of Elizabeth Bruce and Thomas McBrien. His is an interesting story that no one seems to be able to get straight. The story of him deserting is just a story. No one knows for sure. Rumour has it that he came back to Canada, but after that, who knows. Whether he was an engineer in the British military, is also part of the legend.

L-11.2 William McBrien m. Hannah Spense

William McBrien was the son of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife ELIZABETH BRUCE of Rosscor in the Parish of Inishmacsaint FER, at the western extremity of Lower Lough Erne. William married Hannah Spense, who bore him two sons:

L-11.3 Henry McBrien (1784…1851) m. Mary Allingham (1787…1863)

Henry McBrien, born September 1784, was the third son of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife ELIZABETH BRUCE of Rosscor in the Parish of Inishmacsaint FER, at the western extremity of Lower Lough Erne. Henry married Mary Allingham on 3 October 1805 at Rosscor, Inishmacsaint, Co Donegal. Mary, born or baptised on 31 December 1787, was the daughter of "Lord" EDWARD ALLINGHAM and his wife ALICE [Allingham's Lordship is apparently not listed in Bourke's Peerage, and to Maxine McBryan is questionable: she does however believe that the Allinghams were freeholders and had land to call their own (pers comm May 2002)]. Henry and Mary had settled at Rosscor FER by 1806. Mary bore Henry seven children [dates vary betwen two sources]:

Regarding Anne (Nancy) McBrien: she may not have married. Maxime McBryan (pers comm, March 2000) notes that Ann is buried with her parents in Salem Church Cemetery in Kinsale, Ontario, and her name on the grave stone is McBrien, so it is not clear who John Sullivan was or who he married.

Henry and Mary emigrated to Canada (Quebec) c1820, towards the end of their child-bearing years, settling in Whitby Township in 1830. Henry McBrien died 1851 and Mary died in 1863, at Kinsale ONT, where they are buried in the Salem Church cemetery. In a lone plot nearby was buried a young woman, Mary Jane McBrien, daughter of George and Mary McBrien. George and Ellen (nee Dundas) McBrien (see section L-15.1) are buried about ten miles away at Brooklin, Ontario.

Possibly related, a Gertrude Alingham McBrien was born in Ontario on 13 August 1897, the daughter of bartender J. L. McBRIEN and Annie E BASCOM of Uxbridge.

L-11.3.1 Edward McBrien (1811…1897) m. Ellen Wilson (1804…1877)

Edward McBrien, baptised 9 June 1811 (or 9 February 1808 or 18 February 1809 or 17 February 1811?) in Fermanagh, was a son of HENRY McBRIEN and his wife MARY ALLINGHAM. Edward married Fermanagh-bornEllen Wilson in Coburg Ontario, and moved to Whitby; they raised ten children:

Ellen McBrien nee Wilson died 1 November 1877. Her husband Edward died on 30 January 1897 and was intered at Salem Church Cemetery, Kinsale, Ontario.

L- Mary (Ellen) McBrien (1833…) m. Philip Cooper (…1908)

Mary (Ellen) McBrien, born about 1833 in Canada, first child of EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married Philip Cooper; they raised nine children:

Philip Cooper died in October 1908.

L- Ann McBrien (1834…1917) m. John Brander (1836…1886)

Ann McBrien, born 25 January 1834 in Canada, second child of EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married John Brander (born on 10 May 1836); they raised eight children:

Ann Brander nee McBrien died on 4 December 1917 and was intered in Arkona Cemetery, Arkona, Ontario; John Brander predeceased Ann on 5 July 1886.

L- Sarah Ellen McBrien (1836…1880) m. Edward Samuel Jones (1822…1907)

Sarah Ellen McBrien, born 24 September 1836 in Canada, third child of EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married Edward Samuel Jones in 1858. Edward had been born on 16 February 1822; they raised nine children:

Sarah Ellen Jones nee McBrien died on 22 February 1880; Edward Samuel Jones died on 22 July 1907.

L- Isabell V McBrien (1840…1916) m. William Bowles (1834…1912)

Isabell V McBrien (“Bella”), born 1840 in Canada, fourth child of EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married William Bowles in 1859. William had been born in 1834; he and Bella raised nine children:

Bella Bowles née McBrien died on 10 December 1916 and was intered in Groveside Cemetery, Brooklin, Ontario. William Bowles died in 1912.

L- Hugh McBrien (1840…1921) m. Margaret A Jones (1841…1926)

Hugh McBrien, born 1 March 1840 at Whitby in Canada to EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married Margaret A Jones in 1864. Margaret had been born in 31 October 1841. They had seven children:

Hugh McBrien for 34 years a resident of Whitby, , farmer aged 81 years 2 months and 10 days, died on 10 May 1921 and was intered in Salem Cemetery, Kinsale, Ontario. Margaret McBrien née Jones died on 5 August 1926.

L- Henry McBrien (1842…1910) m. Christina Smith (1849…1935)

Henry McBrien, born 5 November 1842 in Canada, son of EDWARD McBRIEN and his wife ELLEN WILSON, married Christina Smith on 15 March 1870 in Kinsale, Ontario. Christina had been born on 25 September 1849. Henry and Christina raised ten children:

Henry McBrien/McBryan died 6 June 1910 and was intered at Arkona Cemetery, Arkona, Ontario; Christina McBrien nee Smith died 13 November 1935.

L- Hugh Allingham McBrien (1891…1976) m. Violet Rebecca Clemens (1898…1933)

Hugh Allingham McBrien, born 18142 in Canada, son of HENRY McBRIEN and his wife CHRISTINA SMITH, married Violet Rebecca Clemens and raised eight children:

Dan McBrien (pers comm 5 March 2001) mentioned “a Smith McBryan/Elizabeth Campbell who had a sister named Ellen (Ella) McBryan who married a Tom McBrien. … They had children Harry, Maxine, and Margart”. Dan also referred to the wife of Edward McBrien, son of Henry McBrien and Mary Allingham, as “Mary Ellen Wilson”. Maxine McBryan (pers comm 9 june 2002) identifies him as “John Smith McBryan … a farmer in north Lambton (Bosanquet Twp.)”, and her grandfather.

L-11.3.2 Thomas Allingham McBrien (1823…1894) m. Laura Mahalah Rogers (1838…1904)

Thomas Allingham McBrien, son of Irish-born HENRY McBRIEN and his wife MARY ALLINGHAM, was baptised 9 June 1823 in Canada. Thomas, apparently noted as Irish-born and 31 on his wedding registrationi, married Laura Mahalah Rogers on 20/23 January 1859; both were residents of Whitby. Laura, aged 21, had been in Whitby born 20 March 1838; the daughter of JOSEPH ROGERS and PHOEBE BOWERMAN. A son to Thomas and Laura was:

The farm near Brooklin where Henry Walter McBrien was born was the the homestead of Henry McBrien and Mary Allingham. Thomas inherited the farm [Maxine McBryan received a photograph of the “big beautiful house” from Dan McBrien.]

Thomas died on 23 January 1894; Laura died on 4 January 1904 and was buried in Salem Church Cemetery.

L- Henry Walter McBrien (1863…) m. Mary Ann Crummer (1868…)

Farmer Henry Walter McBrien, son of THOMAS ALLINGHAM McBRIEN and his wife LAURA MAHALAH ROGERS, married Mary Ann Crummer at Davisville Ontario January 1893. The groom was aged 29, born and resident at Whitby; the bride aged 29, born and resident at Pickering, the daughter of ROBERT and CAROLINE CRUMMER. Children of Henry and Mary, born on a family farm near Brooklin, Ontario, include:

L- Henry Meredith McBrien (1898…1965) m. Ethel Marie Hahn (1906…2002)

Henry Meredith McBrien, son born 1898 to HENRY WALTER McBRIEN and his wife MARY ANN CRUMMER at Brooklin, Ontario, served in Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I. Henry moved to Detroit Michigan after WWI and married Ethel Marie Hahn ("Marie", born May 1906). Children of Henry and Marie were:

During the depression the family moved from Detroit back to the Brooklin farm, where Marjorie was born; things did not go well and soon they moved back to Detroit. Henry died in 1965. Ethel died on 18 May or June 2002; she was remembered as "…an absolutely lovely person, and such a loving Grandma…" by her grand-daughter Laura Robin McBrien [daughter of Thomas Daniel McBrien and Patricia Holt].

L-11.4 Robert McBrien (1791…1846c) m. Jane Johnson (1786…1874)

Robert McBrien, born 9 March 1791 at Bannockmore FER, fourth son of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife ELIZABETH BRUCE, married Jane Johnson. Robert and his family emigrated to Canada after Robert's elder brother Henry (ie. post 1820), settling at Whitby Township, Ontario, in 1836 where Henry was living; they were at Lot 32 Con. 6, Whitby township ONT c1840.

Robert and Jane were parents of five children:

Robert died aged 57 years c1846 at Florence ONT and was probably buried in Whitby Township; he was survived by his wife Jane until 1874; she she died in Lambton County.

Maxine McBryan (16 March 2000) provided the following details on Robert and Jane and their son Robert based on notes received from Brian Gawne, who lives in the south end of Lambton County (Maxine lives at the north end). Some of the information came from stories of Robert written for the first family reunion in 1937:

"Robert McBrien was born at Bannockmore, County of Fermanaugh, Province of Ulster, Northern Ireland on March 9th, 1819, and was christened at Turberat Church by the Rev. Mr. Richards. He was the fourth child of Robert and Jane McBrien [nee Johnson]. His childhood was spent at Bannockmore, playing about the Brook Drumhern, not far form Lough Erne."

A note on Jane Johnston: According to the family story which was written in 1937 for the Robert McBrien family reunion, Robert had died before 1870, because this is what it says, in part:

"In July 1870, Sarah McBrien died and left her family of small folk, but in the meantime Grandfather Robert McBrien had died in Whitby, and Jane McBrien had moved to Bosanquet (to live with her son, Robert and Sarah).

"She lent a hand towards the care of the small grandchildren and very soon Robert and Margaret Jane were doing a fine job of mothering their small brothers and sisters. Jane McBrien died at her son Robert's home in the spring of 1874, a spry little old Irish lady who was never ill in bed a day."

Where Jane is buried is a mystery? Common sense seems to indicate that she would be buried in Arkona Cemetery with her daughter-in-law, Sarah, since it would not be convenient to take her all the way back to Whitby to be buried with her husband, Robert. I have an awful suspicion that she was buried in what was known as the Bradley Cemetery which was just north of Forest, Ontario. This cemetery is a bit of a scandal because it was a private cemetery in which the owner sold lots to individuals. In the late 1800s, the Bradley property was sold to the town of Forest and some of the graves were moved by family members, but not all of th graves were moved. That property is now paved over with a parking lot and a big arena. No one has any records of who was buried there because Bradley didn't keep a record of who he sold plots to…

P.S. … according to this story … [Robert and Jane] almost ended up in Australia … where Robert and Jane were headed when circumstances made them come to Canada.

[Maxine McBryan (12 May 2001) wrote that “[Jane] is still a mystery … One day I might go look in Beechwood Cemetery in Forest where she is most likely buried. She might be in the notorious Bradley Cemetery, too, which means she is resting in peace under a parking lot”. And again (10 May 2002) wrote “… someone told me that Jane is buried in Arkona Cemetery … she might be buried with her daughter, Catherine Iles”.]

[Note re Tuberat Church noted above: Michael Clarke < (9 April 2000)> replied that it may Tubrid Church, a well known landmark: "Tubridd (the spelling on the OS Map) is about 2.5 kilometres north of the village of Kesh in northern Fermanagh. ... There is a large old Church of Ireland church, with a church hall on the opposite side of the road, and behind that a big old graveyard. It was surrounded by large mature trees many of which came down in the hurricane at Christmas 1998." Bannagh River and Bannagh Bridge are not far from Tubrid Church.

Jan Hart's Fermanagh Presents WebSite has information and inscriptions for Tubrid Church in an article by John Cunningham and birth, marriage and death information from 1812 to 1840 for the Parish of Drumkeeran.]

[Note re Bosanquet per Maxine McBryan: as of January 1, 2001, Bosanquet will … amalgamate with five other local communities and be known as Lambton Shores.]

L-11.4.1 Catherine McBrien (1811…1866) m. Andrew Iles (1799…1888)

Catherine McBrien, baptised 5 May 1811 [Maxine McBryan (1999) suggested she was born in 1812] in Inishmacsaint, Fermanagh Ireland, daughter of ROBERT McBRIEN and JANE JOHNSON, married Andrew Iles in Ireland, probably circa 1833 (at least before 1837). [Maxine McBryan (May 2001) suggested Andrew was born in c1807]. Catherine and Andrew had six children, two before immigrating to Canada about 1840, as follows:

[* in eMail of 15mar2000.]

Bill Lanier (November 1999) did not list Hugh but did add:

The family settled in Whitby, Ont. for a few years then moved on to Warwick in Lambton Co. Ont. Catherine died on 22 January 1866 at Whitby ONT and was intered in Arkona Cemetery, Bosanquet Township, Lambton Co., Ont.

Andrew re-married in 1868 to Mary Chester. By Mary Andrew apparently had one further child:

[** in eMail of 16mar2000.]

Andrew Iles, born 1799, died in 1888 and was intered in Arkona Cemetery, Bosanquet Township, Lambton Co., Ont.

L- Francis Iles (1843…1883) m. Jane Thomson (1838…1905)

Francis Iles, son of ANDREW ILES and CATHERINE McBRIEN, was born in 1843. Francis married Jane Thomson; they raised children including:

L- George Johnston Iles (1877…1946) m. Alice E Tanner (1870…1939)

George Johnston Iles, son of FRANCIS ILES and JANE THOMSON, was born in 1877. Francis married Alice E Tanner; they raised children including:

L-11.4.2 Hugh McBrien (18xx…1860) m. Nancy Mary French (c1827…1898)

Hugh McBrien, born in Fermanagh Ireland, son of ROBERT McBRIEN and JANE JOHNSON, married Nancy Mary French, born about 1827. Hugh and Nancy had five known children:

Hugh McBrien died 15 January 1860 in Whitby ONT. Nancy Mary McBrien nee French died 23 June 1898.

L-11.4.3 Johns(t)on McBrien (1816…) m. Rachel O'Connor (1822…)

Johnston McBrien, born in 1816 in Fermanagh Ireland, son of ROBERT McBRIEN and JANE JOHNSON, married Rachel O'Connor, born about 1822. Johnston and Rachel had three known children:

Murray Le Masurier (November 2000) wrote:

Johnston McBrien is listed in the 1851 Directory of York County (which at that time also included Ontario County) and is at Lot 28 Con 1 Whitby Township. That address would place him in the downtown business district of the old Town of Whitby. Johnston is also listed on the 1851 List of Tavern Keepers at the same address. He is not listed in the previous directory which is 1846/7 and he is not listed in the 1851 Census of Whitby (which was taken in January 1852). It looks like Johnston McBrien was a tavern keeper in Whitby for only a few years in Whitby from after 1847 to 1851.

Dan Houser (January 2001) forwarded the following Canadian 1851? census data:

Part 2, Page173 UC=Upper Canada, Ire-Ireland
Line Name Occup Born Age M/S Relig eYoB*
McBryan, Johnson Ire 35 M 1816
McBryan, Rachel Ire 30 M 1821
McBryan, Jane UC 5 S 1846
McBryan, Elizabeth UC 4 S 1847
McBryan, Robert UC 2 S 1849
11 McBryan, Thomas Farmer Ire 25 S CE Deaths 1M 68yrs Dropsy, in 1851 1826 (1783)
12 McBryan, Mary UC 18 S CE 1833

Maxine McBryan responded (14 January 2001):

I believe that Johnson McBryan and Thomas and Mary are brothers and sister, children of Robert and Jane McBrien. Notice that Thomas has 1 male who died at the age of 68yrs. I believe this to be Robert McBrien.

Maxine subsequently doubted the relationship of Mary to the others:

There is no sister, Mary. It looks like Catherine was the only girl in that family. Johnston and Thomas are Robert's brothers.

L-11.4.4 Thomas McBrien (1818…) m. Elizabeth Switzer (…)

Thomas McBrien, born in 1818 in Fermanagh Ireland, son of ROBERT McBRIEN and JANE JOHNSON, married Elizabeth Switzer (“Liza”), they were the parents of:

L-11.4.5 Robert McBrien (1819…1901) m. Sarah Crawford (1833…1871)

Robert McBrien, born 9 March 1819 at Banaugh More townland just south of Pettigo, Fermanagh Ireland, the son of ROBERT McBRIEN and JANE JOHNSON, was seventeen when the family emigrated to Canada. Robert married Sarah Crawford about 1850. Sarah, born in 1833, was the daughter of ROBERT CRAWFORD and his wife ELIZABETH McBRYAN. Robert and Sarah moved to Bosanquet Twp., Lambton County in 1855 (it is thought with Sarah's brothers); they had eight children, all born in Whitby and Bosanquet Townships:

Robert is listed in the 1871 Ontario census in Lambton County, but with the spelling McBrine [pers comm Maxine McBryan, 12 May 2001]. [The 1871 census has a Robert McBrien born circa 1821 in Wawanosh West Twp. in Huron County ONT, along with a large number of other McBriens (some of whom share the names of Robert and Jane's children).] The family shows up in the 1881 Census of Ontario on Lot 4 Concession 14 Camden Twp., Kent Co., Ontario with Robert as a widower. This possibly is where the family lived prior to their move to Kent Co. as all the children were born in Ontario. According to the 1901 Census, Robert senior immigrated in 1840.

Sarah McBrien nee Crawford died 10 July 1871 in Lambton County; Robert's mother, Jane, came down to Lambton County to help look after the children; she died in 1874 (possibly buried in Arkona Cemetery, Bosanquet Twp.). Shortly after that, Robert pulled up roots and went a little south to Camden Township in Kent County which is just south of Lambton County. Widower Robert McBrien died 22 August 1901 in Camden Twp., Kent Co., Ontario. The family is buried in St. Matthew's Cemetery in Florence ONT as Anglicans, excepting Sarah who was intered at Arkona Cemetery, Arkona, Ontario.

L- Hugh McBrien (1855…1928) m. Fanny Mary Leeson (1857…1892)

Hugh McBrien, born 31 July 1855 in Ontario Canada, the son of ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married Fanny Mary Leeson on 12 December 1888. Fanny had been born in 1857. Hugh and Fanny had one child:

Fanny Mary McBrien nee Leeson died 17 September 1892 (intered at St. Mathew's Cemetery, Florence, Ontario); upon her death, Hugh and Robert moved back to live with his father and brother. Hugh McBrien died 3 March 1928.

L- Robert Leeson McBrien (1889…1970) m1. Minnie Florence Ruthledge (1892…1827); m2. Viola May (Prince) Walker (1887…1977)

Robert Leeson McBrien, born 3 November 1889, son of HUGH McBRIEN and FANNY MARY LEESON. After his mother's death in 1892, Robert and his father moved back to live with his grandfather and uncle. Robert married Minnie Florence Ruthledge in 1912; Minnie had been born 3 March 1892. They had two children:

Minnie Florence McBrien nee Ruthledge died 4 April 1927. Robert's second marriage was to Viola May (Prince) Walker (born 4 April 1887). They had one daughter:

Robert Leeson McBrien died on 9 May 1970. Viola May McBrien died 8 August 1977.

L- Catherine McBrien (1857…1918) m. Sylvester Lyman (…)

Catherine McBrien, born 1857 to ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married Sylvester Lyman: they had four children:

Catherine Lyman nee McBrien died in January 1918.

Greg Lyman (, 21feb2001) sought

“…information on my GG-Grandfather Sylvester Lyman who was born in Canada between 1821 and 1833. He married Harriet Johnson in Iowa in July 1862. We were always told that he was married before. …We were always told that we were Irish, but all the Lymans I have found are English, including several Sylvester Lymans: none of them match our family oral history.”

L- Elizabeth McBrien (1858…1905) m. William Vance (…)

Elizabeth McBrien, born 1858 to ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married William Vance: they had one child:

Elizabeth Vance nee McBrien died on 23 May 1905.

L- Thomas McBrien (1859…1944) m. Ellen McBryan (1874…1929)

Thomas McBrien, born 21 February 1859 to ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married his cousin Ellen McBryan (“Ella”, born 23 January 1874) on 9 April 1902. They had at least three children:

Ellen “Ella” McBrien nee McBryan died on 17 June 1929. She was a great-aunt of Maxine McBryan. Thomas McBrien died on 23 February 1944 (interment at Trinity Cemetery, Howard Twp., Kent Co. Ontario).

L- Robert Henry McBrien (1903…1992) m. Violet May Mills (1906…1997)

Robert Henry McBrien, “Harry”, born 21 June 1903 to THOMAS McBRIEN and ELLEN McBRYAN, married Violet May Mills (born 20 April 1906) on 30 March 1933. They had three issue:

Robert Henry “Harry” McBrien died 8 November 1992; Violet May McBrien nee Mills died 25 June 1997 (intered at Trinity Cemetery, Howard Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.)

L- Mary Ellen Maxine McBrien (1906…1996) m. Warren Wright (…1958)

Mary Ellen (?Eleanor) Maxine McBrien, [“Maxine”], born on 23 September 1906 to THOMAS McBRIEN and ELLEN McBRYAN, married Warren Wright on 28 March 1952; there was no issue.

Warren Wright died on 27 January 1958, Mary Ellen Maxine Wright nee McBrien survived until 1996; she died Wednesday 18 September 1996 at the Presbyterian Village, Redford, Michigan. They were intered in Trinity Cemetery, Howard Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.

L- Margaret Maise Irene McBrien (1914…1956)

Margaret Maise Irene McBrien, born on 7 February 1914 to THOMAS McBRIEN and ELLEN McBRYAN, never married. She died on 3 September 1956, and was intered in Trinity Cemetery, Howard Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.

L- Sarah Ann McBrien (1862…1946) m. James Stinson (…)

Sarah Ann McBrien, born on 4 April 1862 to ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married James Stinson. Sarah died in 1946 without issue and was intered in Windsor Grove Cemetery, Essex Co., Ontario.

L- Mary Eleanor McBrien (1868…1911) m. Orpheus Stevens (…)

Mary Eleanor McBrien, born in 1868 to ROBERT McBRIEN and SARAH CRAWFORD, married Orpheus Stevens. Their children were:

Mary Eleanor Stevens nee McBrien died on 5 February 1911, and was intered in St Mathew' s Cemetery, Florence, Ontario.

L-11.5 Elizabeth McBrien m. Orvin Tracey

Elizabeth McBrien, born at Bannockmore FER, only daughter and youngest of five children of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife ELIZABETH BRUCE, married Orvin Tracey.

L-12 Hugh McBryan m. Hannah (or Anne) McEntaggert or McTaggert (…)

Hugh McBryan, a farmer and blacksmith of Enniskillen FER, emigrated to Canada, settling about ten miles from Forest, Ontario [where in 1997 lived Maxine McBryan, whose McBriens came from Roscor FER, and is related to John McBryan (Millett, Alberta) and J J (Joseph) MacBrien (Toronto)]. Hugh married Hannah (or Anne) McEntaggert or McTaggert. Maxime McBryan (pers comm, March 2000) recalls that Tom McBryan (a descendant of Hugh) told her that Hugh went to Huron County just north of Lambton, not to Bosanquet Township, Lambton County as previously indicated by this author.

Records at St. Michael's, Enniskillen, suggest that they had four children:

L-12.1 William McBryan (1856…) m. Catherine Foster

William McBryan, son of HUGH McBRYAN and his wife HANNAH, renounced his claim to his father's farm in Fermanagh and went to Scotland with his younger brother Hugh. They became apprenticed to an engineering firm in the Greenock/Glasgow area. William married Catherine Foster in Glasgow in December 1882, and moved to London. Their children were:

L-12.1.1 William McBryan (1884…1967) m. Jane Flynn

William McBryan, born 23 January 1884, son of WILLIAM McBRYAN and CATHERINE FOSTER, married Jane Flynn. They had at least one child:

William died on 2 June 1967.

Thom Howells , in December 1999 of South Okanaga, British Columbia, Canada, is a grandson of William McBryan and his wife Jane Flynn, and has much information back at least as far as his great-grandparents William and Catherine.

L- Arthur John McBryan (…c1997) m. Zita Joanna Poll

Arthur John McBryan, son of WILLIAM McBRYAN and JANE FLYNN, married Zita Joanna Poll, an Austrian. They had four daughters (two of whom were married and living in America in 2001) and two sons:

L-12.1.2 Charles Hugh McBryan (1886…) m. ?

Charles Hugh McBryan, born in London in 1886, had at least one son:

In March and April 1997 Tom < > visited his daughter, Mrs Ian Luck at 14 Laglan Street, Corindale, Queensland; he had previously visited Australia when she lived in Canberra.

L-13 James McBrien (c1790?…) m. Eleanor Likely (c1790?…)

James (Jas.) McBrien and his wife Eleanor Likely (Elinor Likly), residents of Ardies townland in the parish of Inishmacsaint, County Fermanagh, were the parents of:

Note: The 1846 Slater's Directory covering areas within County Donegal lists 1,176 names including the following :

See also Section L-22.1.1, Denis McBrien (c1823…) m. Anne Likely .

L-14 Denis McBrien (c1775…) m. Catherine Spence

Denis McBrien (born circa 1775 or 1785) married Catherine Spence about 1803.They both died at Ardees, Lower Inishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh. Denis and Catherine had children:

L-14.1 Edward McBrien (c1810…) m. Mary —

It is believed that Edward McBrien (baptised 26 August 1810, Ardees, Roscor, County Fermanagh) was the son of DENIS McBRIEN and CATHERINE SPENCE, and that he in turn was the father of:

[Note: Prior to July 2002 it was thought that Denis McBrien born circa 1815 at neighbouring Callagheen [see Lineage L-22] had been born in 1823, the son of EDWARD and MARY McBRIEN, and part of Lineage L-14. That Denis, who married Anne Likely, may have been a son of Denis McBrien born 1775 and brother to the above Edward of neighbouring Ardees. It was also thought that Edward had been born at Ardees circa 1800].

L-15 Robert McBrien (c1820…) m. Jane —

Robert McBrien and Jane née Kellie Johnston of County Fermanagh emigrated with the children born at the time about 1837 to Whitby, Ontario [per eMail from Kim Cameron-Friel of Beaumont, Alberta, 30apr2011]. They were parents of (at least):

Kim Cameron-Friel of Beaumont, Alberta eMailed [eMail, 26 May 2010] asking "Are you missing a daughter of any McBriens at Whitby?":

... We have been searching for awhile on a set of 3rd greatgrandparents - specifically John Johnston born at Bath (Earnstown, Ont) and his wife Eliza / Liza (as per census) McBrien - she born at Ireland abt 1835.

Having recently sorted out John's birth family - he was the son of Andrew Johnston and wife Maria nee Young who resided at Whitby, Ont. I did a search of the area for McBriens as it was unlikely that John would have met his wife anywhere else but where he resided as was the norm of the day ... Anyway this was true for all his siblings whose spouses came from the area where the Johnstons lived. It was doing this research and looking at the McBriens of Whitby that I realized our Eliza or Liza is likely a daughter of Robert and Jane's. Her birth year fits well with that of the others such as George (wife Ellen) who remained at Whitby.

To date I have not yet been able to find a marriage record for John and Eliza or her death record- the first known daughter of John and Eliza was born at Whitby abt 1860 so I am guesstimating they married most likely abt 1859 and the family appeared to move to Reach Twp within a year or 2 or the next daughter's birth. Liza/Eliza is last with the family on the 1881 census at Reach and by 1891 John is remarried (interestingly enough to the widowed mother of my 2ndgreatgrandfather John Willet - as he married John and Eliza's daughter Margaret Ann).

Anyway I have a sneaky feeling Eliza is part of the Whitby McBriens based upon their proximity to her husband's family. I also note that some of John & Eliza's children were clearly named after John's parents Andrew and Maria and find it most interesting as well that the 1st born daughter carried the name of Jane( not found in John's family with 2nd daughter carrying her paternal grandmother's name) and the 2nd born son carrying the name of Robert ,again not found in John's family line ( while the 1st born was named after John's father).

So would you happen to be [missing] an "Eliza/Liza" by chance?

Carolyn Johnston [eMail, 27 April 2011] was "wondering the same thing about Eliza McBrien--my husband's GGGrandmother". Carolyn added [30 April 2011] that she has not found anything that connects Eliza to Robert and Jane but Port Perry archives record the marriage by Baptist minister William Hurlbert of John Johnston, 24, resident Whitby, to Eliza Brien, 22 in 1858 (no date but I assumed between July 10 and Oct 26), witnessed by William Ambury of Scugog. On their son Andrew's marriage certificate, the parents are listed as John Johnston and Eliza McBrian. No Ontario death record for Eliza has been located to date. The 1881 census shows Eliza with her husband and her seven children in Reach Township, just north of Whitby, Ontario:
[Reach, Ontario North, Ontario [Dist. 133, Sub-dist. B, Div. 1] [LDS FHL film# ?, NA film# ?])
Name Pos MS Sex Nationality Age Birthplace Occupation Religion eYoB
John Johnston Head M M .
51 .
Eliza Johnston Wife M F Irish 43 Ireland .
Methodist 1838
Mary Jane Johnston Dau .
F .
22 .
Andrew Johnston Son .
M .
18 .
Geo. Johnston Son .
M .
16 .
Margrat Ann Johnston Dau .
F .
14 .
Rachel Johnston Dau .
F .
11 .
John Johnston Son .
M .
7 .
Ethel May Johnston Dau .
F .
3 .

Kim Cameron-Friel
  eMailed [30 April 2011, cc Carolyn Johnston] re Whitby McBriens:

re"… Carolyn’s email query. I am the “Kim of Beaumont, Alberta” who posted the question at your website back in 2010 that Carolyn included in her email to you .
We have very very little on Eliza other than the info I have indicated in that posting to your website. As I pointed out John was of Whitby as were Robert and Jane McBrien (and of course son George & wife Ellen remained there) and given that most married those local to them, it made sense that she was likely to have at least lived nearby (census records all state she was born in Ireland abt 1835 and I am aware that Robert & Jane nee Kellie Johnston McBrien came with the children born at the time from Ireland in abt 1837 or so to settle at Whitby).
As I also mentioned regarding the Irish naming pattern of John and Eliza’s children , which we know was in use in Canada up to the mid 1850s and then became less common show the 1st daughter carrying the name of Jane (Mary Jane) with the 1st born son carrying John’s father’s name (Andrew). We then see the 2nd daughter (Isabella Maria) named for John’s mother and a second born son carrying the “Robert “ name. When reviewing all of John’s ancestors (parents, gr and grgr grandparents,etc) there were no Robert or Jane as monikers.
One other thing I discovered which appears unusual is that all of John and Eliza’s children married near or at the place the family lived after they moved from Whitby one or 2 yrs after the birth of the 1st born daughter who was identified on records as being born at Whitby in 1860 (Reach Twp, Ont which if I am correct was at one time considered a part of Durham Cty) with the exception of this 1st born daughter – she married at Lambton Cty, Ont to a John Wenino who immigrated to Lambton Cty from France (although they were actually from Germany) and this is the ONLY place he ever resided at in Canada until he and this daughter of John & Eliza’s married & moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota where they remained). Now Lambton Cty is a distance away from Whitby and Reach & seems rather odd that she would be so far from family - clearly not the norm unless she happened have family at Lambton Cty? Why I find this interesting is that it is known that one of Robert and Jane’s sons lived at Lambton Cty. This son’s wife died and he was left a widower with small children. Jane (wife of Robert and this son’s mother) was at this time a widow as well- and moved to Lambton Cty where she cared for the children (it appears until her death). This odd fact makes me think that perhaps Mary Jane ended up meeting John Wenino at Lambton Cty where she and he married because she may have gone to lend a hand to Grandmother Jane with her uncle’s young children or perhaps was just visiting her relations.
So so far Ross that is all I can place on the table for Eliza at this time but although not definite, certainly alludes to there is likely a family connection to Robert and Jane of Whitby."

L-15.1 George McBrien (c1841…) m.(1863) Ellen Dundas (c1844…)

George McBrien, son of ROBERT and JANE McBRIEN of County Fermanagh, emigrated to Canada (Whitby Twp., Ontario) in 1855. There he married compatriot Ellen Dundas on 28 January 1863, in the Anglican church in the village of Brooklin, Whitby Township. Witnesses were Mary Jane Cowan and Thomas Wilson. George and Ellen were the parents of:

Ellen was a niece of Maria Dundas; it is believed that they remained in close contact throughout their lives. Maria, born circa 1822, was the wife of James Robinson (born circa 1822). James and Maria emigrated from the Parish of Inishmacsaint, Fermanagh, in 1855 and settled in Brougham, a village in Pickering Township, very close to the Whitby Township border. Murray Le Masurier of Toronto Ontario, is a descendant of James and Maria.

Ellen emigrated in 1861 on her own to Canada from Fermanagh to marry George. She was the daughter of THOMAS DUNDAS of Fermanagh. George and Ellen lived all their lives in the Village of Brooklin in Whitby Twp.

The 1901 Census of Canada, Province of Ontario, shews George and Ellen as follows :
McBRIEN, George, aged 60; immigrated to Canada in 1855,
McBRIEN, Ellen, aged 57; immigrated to Canada in 1861.

L-16 Michael McBrien (c1820…) m. Bridget Cassidy (1824…1889)

[This was McBrien Lineage #20 on the pre-2002 WebSite]

PATT CASSIDY of Drumgormly, Devenish Parish, born 1767, married 1809, blind aged 84 in the 1851 census, was the father of Francis Cassidy (born circa 1823?), Briget Cassidy ("Bidy", born 1824/5) and Edward Cassidy. Bidy married Michael(e) McBrien/McBrine about 1848, living in Drumgormly townland (Devenish parish). The Roman Catholic baptisms of Michael and Bridget's children included:

[there may have been another child between Patt and Mary.]

Bidy died on 5 March 1889.

"Mick McBrine" was listed on rent rolls for John D Brien's estate, townland of Drumgormly, in late 1860s.

Janet Cassidy-Stroh (, January 2000, July 2001) wrote that she was a descendant (great-great-granddaughter) of

Patrick Cassidy (born 1804), who was probably from Drumgormly just outside Derrygonnelly; Patrick wrote poetry using the penname "Knockmore" [after a cliff that is a landmark in the Derrygonnelly area]. Patrick married Mary McCaffrey who was born 1816, most likely at Lisdoodan. Mary was a cousin of the Flanagan family of Aghakeerin. Peter B O Flanagan (born 1807) emigrated about 1830 to the United States where he became a Jesuit priest: while pastor at Holy Trinity Parish, Georgetown, District of Columbia, he sent for Patrick and Mary Cassidy and their four children: they emigrated in 1842. [Patrick may have been Bidy's sister; perhaps there were also brothers Edward and Michael Cassidy].

An Edward Cassidy (who may have been Brigit's brother) was a sponsor at the child Michael's baptism.

A Michael (Mick) Cassidy lived in Drumgormly in the 1800-1840s period, was married with several children. He ran a public house (though it may have simply been from his own house on his farm).

The Cassidys of Drumgormly are also related to the Loves, who were in Drumgormly in 1790s--early 1800s, later (and recently) in Derryvary Beg, near Monea. A Francis Cassidy of Drumgormly married Sarah Love of Derryvary Beg, they were second or third cousins.
A Michael Cassidy of Drumgormly was accused but acquitted of being a Ribbonman in the 1820s in the Derrygonnelly area. A John Maguire was accused and convicted on the testimony of Dominick Noon and transported to Australia; Noon was murdered for being an informer. Janet has reason to suspect some of her forebears (Cassidys and Flanagans) were Ribbonmen and possibly involved in the murder. The Ribbonmen used to hold meetings in the caves in Knockmore.

Peter Dolan (, July 2001, researching Cassidy, Dolan, Davitt, Hutton, all from the Derrygonnelly area) is the great-grandfather Samuel Cassidy, valuator born about 1830/1840, and his wife Margaret Hutton. Samuel and Margaret's daughter Susan Cassidy, born 1859 at Derrygonnelly, emigrated to Melbourne, Australia about 1880. In 1887 in Brisbane, Australia she married William Dolan (born 1860 in Pettigoe, Donegal to Felix Dolan (born 1831 at Derrygonnelly, farmer) and Mary Doherty (born 1839, Pettigoe), married 1859 in Donegal (presumably Pettigoe) and emigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1866 with three children: William, Catherine and Mary). [Felix Dolan's parents were Owen Dolan, farmer, and Mary Davitt presumably also of Derrygonnelly area, presumably born about 1800/1810. Mary Doherty's parents were Peter Doherty, tailor, and Mary Reid/Reed, both of Pettigoe, Donegal.]

L-17 Robert McBrien (c1820-25…) m. - - (…)

[This Lineage, based initially on information from the late Mark Edwin King [11jan2000] and Bill Barber [15may1999], was substantially updated 14jan04 and 22jan2005 per eMails from Ross McClelland in Vancouver []].

Robert McBrien, a mason, was the father of (at least):

Bill Barber [, January 24, 2005] commented that he located "…Robert born in 1819 and another born in 1824 in Fermanagh, but they seem to be more connected with Lower Inishmacsaint, i.e. Slavin Church rather than Benmore. Benmore was built about 1827, so there were no earlier graves there. Those McBrien's from Middle and Upper Inishmacsaint before 1827 were buried in Church Hill and Derrygonnelly" .

L-17.1 Archibald McBrien (c1844-5…1910) m. Margretta Rogers (…1921)

Archibald McBrien, born about 1844-45, son of mason ROBERT McBRIEN, married Margretta Rogers, on 27 February 1868 in the Parish of Inishmacsaint to the rites of the Church of Ireland, as witnessed by Anthony Ovens and Robert Wood. Margretta was the daughter of mason WILLIAM ROGERS.
Archibald and Margretta were the parents of (at least)[order uncertain]:

Archibald and Margretta McBrien, who died 28 January 1910 and 8 January 1921 respectively [great-grandparents of the wife of Ross McClelland], their infant twin sons Harry and Willie, their son Edwin John McBrien and his wife Mary Elizabeth are buried all in the Methodist/Church of Ireland grave yard adjoining St Ninnidh's Parish Church, County Fermanagh (Benmore to the locals) [not in Slavin].

L-17.1.1 Edwin John McBrien (1871…1934) m. Mary Elizabeth McKeague (c1889…1967)

[This was McBrien Lineage #21 on the pre-2002 WebSite]

Edwin John McBrien, born or baptised on 1 Sepember 1871 to ARCHIBALD McBRIEN and MARGETTA ROGERS, married Mary Elizabeth McKeague on 14 July 1920 in her parents' home at Drumenaghmore, Fermanagh. Mary was born circa 1889, the daughter of WILLIAM HENRY McKEAGUE and ELIZABETH DANN. Edwin and Mary were the parents of:

Edwin John and Mary Elizabeth McBrien are buried in the Methodist/Church of Ireland grave yard adjoining St Ninnidh's Parish Church, County Fermanagh (Benmore to the locals), their inscription written as:

In Loving Memory of
EDWIN JOHN McBRIEN of Drumenagh Beg,
d. 28 April 1934 aged 63 years

d. 21 Jan 1967 aged 78 years

Nearby at Benmore is another headstone reading

In Memory of
John McBrien
of Tully
For 15 years Sexton
of Benmore Church
Died 21st Dec. 1904, Aged 81 years
--- Faithful Unto Death
And Will --Thee A Grown of Life
Rev. - -
Also of James, his son
Died 6th Feb. 1898, Aged 14 years
God Taketh the Good
Too Good On Earth to Stay
Also his Wife
Died 3rd July 1923, Aged 78 years

L- Muriel Elizabeth McBrien (…1992) m. Albert King (…)

Muriel Elizabeth McBrien, daughter of EDWIN JOHN and MARY ELIZABETH McBRIEN, left Fermanagh after schooling to serve her time in a drapery store in Strabane where she met and married Albert King. Muriel and Albert set up their home in Strabane where they raised eight children:

L-18 Owen McBrien (c1850…1912) m. — — (c…)

[This was McBrien Lineage #22 on the pre-2002 WebSite]

Owen McBrien, born about 1848-1851 in Kinawaley Parish, County Fermanagh, died 18 September 1912, aged 70(?). Aged about 20, Owen emigrated from London in April 1861 to New York City; from there he lived in Mercer Co, Pa. in a town called Stoneboro. He could read and write, signing his name on the emigration papers (?as Mc Brean). He may have been buried as McBreen in an unmarked Catholic grave. He was the great-great-grandfather of Joe Ewing (husband of Sandra ) in the USA.

The Griffiths Valuation Index of 1860 lists many Owen McBriens from Kinawley Parish, which straddles two Counties (Fermanagh and Cavan) :

Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864
Mc Brien, Owen — County : Cavan
Parish : Killinagh Location : Cornahaw
Parish : Killinagh Location : Moneygashel
Parish : Kinawley Location : Altbrean
Parish : Kinawley Location : Sralahan
Parish : Tomregan Location : Doon/T/B'connell/Bawnboy
Mc Brien, Owen — County : Fermanagh
Parish : Aghalurcher Location : Town of Lisnaskea
Mc Brien, Owen — County : Leitrim
Parish : Cloone Location : Rassaun
Parish : Oughterragh Location : Glennan Beg

An Owen McBrien married Mary Malanphy in 1914 at Kinawley, Parish of Florencecourt .

L-19 James McBrien (c18xx…) m. Catherine McSorley — (c18xx…)

[This was McBrien Lineage #23 on the WebSite per Catherine 07feb2000]

James McBrien and Catherine McSorley, likely to have married in Ireland, were parents of

James, Catherine and Sarah don't appear to be resident in Ontario at the time of the 1871 census.

Catherine (, 7 February 2000, researching the McSorley line) considers it likely that this James McBrien was from Trillick, County Tyrone; her McSorley lineage is from Trillick, and she believes Catherine McSorley wife of James McBrien is related to her lineage (possible a sibling or first cousin). Her great-great-grandfather was James McSorley, a native from Trillick/Kilskeery, Tyrone, who married Matilda Hart. James McSorley died in Ontario on June 25 (or 26), 1890; his tombstone recording an age of "77 years, 12 days" — suggesting 13/14 June 1813 for a birthdate. Other adult McSorleys include Hugh, John (possibly two or three of this name), Mary (married to Anthony Higgins), and possibly Sarah in Ontario in the 1835-1850 period: any family connection between these names is yet to be substantiated.

L-20 Samuel McBrien (c1840/50…1912) m. Mary Dowling (…)

[This is McBrien Lineage #xx on the WebSite]

Samuel McBrien, born in Beleek, Co Fermanagh circa 1840s or 1850s, married Mary Dowling (possibly born in Timooney) in Clara, Co Offlay about 1873 and settled in Roscrea, Co Tipperary. Samuel was a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). He and Mary had ten children, including:

Robert's son R.E. McBrien < (27 May 2000) > would appreciate any information on who his ancestors were and where he was buried.

Bill Barber replied with the following information regarding Inishmacsaint Samuel McBriens:

Birth, Child, Parents, Father's Occupation, Townland, Parish, Source

1919, Samuel David McBrien, Samuel & Katherine, Creamery Manager, Belleek, Inishmacsaint, Slavin Records
1736, Samuel McBrien, Death 5 Oct. 1813, Age 77, LDS 0992663/F100158
1 Feb 1807, Samuel McBrien, Ardies, Inishmacsaint, LDS 0258520
1 Jul 1810, Samuel McBrien, Ardies, Inishmacsaint, LDS 0258520
Samuel McBrien, Middle & Lower Inishmacsaint, Death 5 Oct 1813, Age 77, Derrygonnelly, LDS 058523
1948, Samuel Thomas McBrien, William John & Mary Rebecca, Shop Assistant, Belleek, Inishmacsaint,Slavin

All of these McBriens were buried at SLAVIN CHURCHYARD near Belleek in Roscor. There were other McBrien burials at Derrygonnelly. I have many photos and additional McBrien records. No Baptisms of any Samuel was found between the 1840 to 1860 period. Could that have been his middle name?


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