McBrien families with origins traced to
Provenance I
Note: for the Lough Erne region
(Counties Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan and Tyrone) refer to Provenance L

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    I-1                     Margery McBrien (c1749…1811) m. Patrick Beggan (…), Donagh
    I-2                     John McBrien (c1833…) m. Johannah — (c1840…)
    I-2.1                  Thomas Henry McBrien (1868…) m. Mary F Scanlon (1840…)
    I-2.1.1               John A McBrien (1906…) m. Dorothy Goodfield (…)
    I-3                     Henry McBrien (1778…) m. Fannie Ray (1796…)
    I-4                     William McBrien (…) m. Elizabeth Reynett (…) [Louth]
    I-M                    Miscellaneous [Other Ireland]


I-1 Margery McBrien (c1749…1811) m. Patrick Beggan (…), Donagh

Maureen Batty < , 13 May 2001> wrote regarding Donagh headstones:
Erected by PATRICK BEGGAN of Eshnadarragh in memory of his wife MARGERY BEGGAN alias McBRYAN who departed this life 3rd February 1811 aged 62 years. Also Thomas Beggan of Coolnashillagh who dept. this life on 6th January 1893 aged 84 years.

I-2 John McBrien (c1833…) m. Johannah — (c1840…)

According to US 1880 census records, farmers John McBrien (born 1833, Ireland) and his wife Johannah — (born 1840, Ireland) immigrated in 1861 [a year after Owen McBrien] and settled on Long Island, New York (it is believed the town was Huntington). A family story is that John and Johanna met each other "on the boat" and married once they had settled in America: the above-mentioned census records seem to support this story, since they show an immigration date of 1860 and a 1861 marriage date.
John and Johanna had three children, including:
Robert McBrien of Salisbury, Maryland < , 19feb2001 > is researching McBrien's from Huntington, Long Island, New York.

I-2.1 Thomas Henry McBrien (1868…) m. Mary F Scanlon (1840…)

Thomas Henry McBrien, born 1868 in New York, was the eldest son of Irish immigrants JOHN McBRIEN and his wife JOHANNAH —. Thomas moved from New York north to Hartford, Connecticut, where he ran a meat-packing business. He and his wife, Mary F. Scanlon (born 1870, Ireland) had seven children, including:

I-2.1.1 John A McBrien (1906…) m. Dorothy Goodfield (…)

John A. McBrien, born 1906 in Connecticut, the son of THOMAS HENRY McBRIEN and MARY F SCANLON, married Dorothy Goodfield. John and Dorothy had three sons:
Angela Modrick is a daughter of Robert McBrien. In her generation, there are a combined nine descendents of Robert, Peter and John; she and her siblings are the parents of a combined six children, the youngest (as at December 2000) being a daughter born ?May 2000 to Angela and Jim Modrick.

I-3 Henry McBrien (1778…) m. Fannie Ray (1796…)

Henry McBrien and his wife Fannie Ray parented five children:
Sharon Marsh (, on, 16 January 2001) is researching thfis lineage.

I-4 William McBrien (…) m. Elizabeth Reynett (…) [Louth]

William McBrien and Elizabeth Reynett married about 1865; she was the daughter of OLIVIA JOHNSON and JAMES REYNETT of Waterford. William and Elizabeth then lived in Castlebellingham, Louth, and were the parents of:

Jane Hills ( or, 16 June 2003) is a descendant of the grandparents of Elizabeth and probably of William - her great great grandfather was a cousin of Elizabeth, and it is possible that the McBriens were also blood relatives. Jane wrote:

My ancestors are the grandparents of Elizabeth Reynett and William McBrien. That is, my great great grandfather and Elizabeth were cousins. I have a feeling that the McBriens are related too, that is, cousins married cousins … Let me know if you, or someone in the McBrien side who is directly related, would like the information. There is quite a bit and would take a fair amount of time but I would be happy to pass it on to a descendant.

I-M Miscellaneous [Other Ireland]

Ken Harvey < , 11 May 1998 > wrote regarding Samuel McBrier (or McBriar), steel work labourer, who married Agnes Turley; Samuel was possibly born around 1830 in Ireland. In 1998 Ken knew of only one son, Alexander, who married in Newcastle-upon-Tyne) in 1881, though an elderly cousin of Ken&#x2019;s grandfather suggested that there were other children, though he could not remember any details. The majority of McBriers Ken has found on the IGI have been around Killinchy/ Killyleagh.

From the “British Isles – Vital Records Index” [Copyright 1998 by The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints]:

From the 1659 Census, County Kerry, Ireland (per
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McBrien 6

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