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This family lived in the Warwick - Marton - Leamington Hastings area of Warwickshire (WAR) England from about 1730 to the 1800s.

1. William Masters m.(1758) Mary Gibbons

William Masters married Mary Gibbons (or Gibbins) at Marton on 3 December 1758 (the marriage was registered again at Leamington Hastings on 21 December 1758). Mary was possibly the daughter of EDMUND and MARY GIBBINS, baptised 1733 at Leamington Hastings. An Edmund Gibbins had married Mary Porter on 22 January 1731 at Leamington Hastings.

Offspring of William and Mary Masters included:

The on-line IGI [, as at Jan2009] includes baptisms to RICHARD and JANE MASTERS of Thomas Masters (14 March 1741), William Masters (25 February 1743) and Mary Masters (17 May 1752), and to MARY MASTERS or LINES of William Masters (16 May 1744) and to RICHD. and MARY MASTERS of Ricd. Masters (10 February 1793, died or buried 15 February 1793).

Related Families from the same area:
Batcheldor (various spellings), Boyes (various spellings).

Other (unrelated) Masters and Gibbons Lineages:
None known.

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This Page was Last Updated on 10th July 2010