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These families lived in the Stretton-on-Dunsmore - Cubbington - Radford Semele area of Warwickshire (WAR) England from about 1730 to the 1800s.

Early Generations (5)
    1                   William Boyes (c1717…) m. Elizabeth —— (c1720…) 
                                      [Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire]
    1.1                Robert Boyes (c1753…1824) m. Elizabeth Ward (1756…1819) 
                                      [Cubbington, Warwickshire]
    1.1.1             William Boys (c1779…1851+) m. Elizabeth Webb (…1841-51)          John (1804…) Boyce and Sarah — 
    1.1.2             Mary Boyes (c1781…) and ? (…) 
                                     likely the mother of Elisabeth Boyes who married Joseph Batcheldor
    1.1.3             Thomas Boys (c1785…) and Elizabeth Hobbs (c1789…) 
                                      [Leamington (Priors), Warwickshire]          Harriett Boys (1819…1870) m. Henry Knox       Julia Alice Knox (1852…1933) m. John Alfred Imrie (1846… 1925) 
                                      [Warwickshire; Queensland]

    2                   William Boyes (1816…) m. Jane Raven 
                                      [Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire]
    2.1                Joseph Boyes (1845…) m. Anne Lewis 
                                      [Willoughby, Warwickshire; Kensington - Hammersmith, London]
    2.1.1             Joseph Boyes (1872…1913) m. Caroline Emma Lloyd 
                                      [Kensington - Hammersmith, London; Swansea,.Wales]          Dulcie Lilian Avis Boyes (1904…1986) m. Albert Victor Tancock 

Other Warwickshire records

1.  William Boyes (c1717) m. Elizabeth ?? (c1720?)

[Much of the information for this lineage was made available by Malcolm Boyes , One Name Researcher for the Boyes family, and is used with his permission.]

William Boyes, born circa 1720, and his wife Elizabeth —, born circa 1720, apparently married at Stretton-on-Dunsmore c.1742, were the parents of:

1.1  Robert Boyes (c1753…1824) m. Elizabeth Ward (1756…1819)

Robert Boys, born circa 1753 to WILLIAM and ELIZABETH BOYES and baptised 30 September 1753 at Stretton-on-Dunsmore WAR, married Elizabeth Ward at Cubbington WAR on 16 October 1775. Bob Wallis (pers comm. 15jan2004) considers Elizabeth likely to have been baptised at Cubbington on 28 March 1756, the daughter of RICHARD WARD and SARAH MORRILL who had married at Offchurch on 29 September 1745 (Sarah was baptised on 2 June 1723 at Milverton, the daughter of John Morral [probably the son baptised at Milverton on 27 August 1705 to John and Mary Morill]). Robert and Elizabeth were the parents of:

Elizabeth Boys née Ward died (or was intered) at Cubbington on 6 February 1819, aged 63 years. Robert Boyes died (or was intered) at Cubbington about 28 January/June 1824 aged 70 years.

1.1.1 William Boys (c1779…1851+) m. Elizabeth Webb (…1841-51)

William Boys of Cubbington, son of ROBERT BOY(E)S and ELIZABETH WARD, married Elizabeth Webb on 13 October 1801, with John Boys and John Judd as witnesses . The couple had some eight children (all baptised at Cubbington):

The 1841 census shews William Boyes, 60, a sawyer at Weston-under-Wetherley his wife Elizabeth (60) and sawyer son Thomas (30).

The 1851 census shews William, 71, a timber dealer and widower, in a cottage at Weston-under-Wetherley with sawyer Henry Hewitt (33, from Binley WAR), his wife Sarah Hewitt (36, from Cubbington) and their Weston-born children Frederick (8), William (6) Emily (3) and Joseph (8 months). John (1804…) and Sarah Boyce

John Boyce was a publican at Cubbington (he was possibly the son of WILLIAM BOYS and ELIZABETH WEBB, baptised at Cubbington in 1804.] John and his wife Sarah had four known children.

1.1.2 Mary Boyes (c1781…) and ? (…)

Mary Boyes, born circa 1781 to ROBERT BOYES and his wife ELIZABETH WARD, was baptised 31 January 1781 at Cubbington WAR. She was the mother of:
[For further details of Joseph and Elizabeth Batcheldor, refer to the Batcheldor file.]

1.1.3 Thomas Boys (1785…) and Elizabeth Hobbs (c1789…)

Thomas Boys of the parish of Cubbington (?son of ROBERT BOY(E)S and ELIZABETH WARD above) married Elizabeth Hobbs at Leamington Priors on 18 May 1807 . Three births are recorded for this couple:
Thomas and Elizabeth appear in the 1841 census for Leamington Priors:
(Leamington Priors war) [HO107; piece 1135; book 11; folio 50; page 12; line 12; GSU roll 464174]
Thomas Boys Head M
Sawyer in county [WAR] 1786
Elizabith Boys Wife M
. in county [WAR] 1791
Pos = Position in Household [implied]; MS = marital status [implied] (S:single, M:married, W:widowed).

The census of 31 March 1851 has Thomas and Elizabeth at Court Street, Leamington Priors, Thomas as a sawyer and Elizabeth as a charwoman
(Court Street, Leamington Priors)[HO107; piece 2072; folio 286, page 22; entry 82; GSU roll 87337-87338]
Thomas Boys Head M
Sawyer Cubbington WAR 1786
Elizabeth Boys Wife M
Charwooman Leamington WAR 1789
John Stephens Ldgr M
Railway Labourer Laverton GLS 1807
Pos = Position in Household; MS = marital status (S:single, M:married, W:widowed). Harriett Boys (1819…1870) m. Henry Knox

A photocopied "Birth Register" notes that Harriett Boys was born 11 December 1819, and died 7 December 1870, four days short of her 51st birth anniversary. Harriett, daughter of ELIZABETH BOYS, married surgeon Henry Knox. Harriett and Henry's children were:

Julia and John left England on 20 July 1874. Julia Alice Knox (1852…1933) m. John Alfred Imrie (1846…1925)

Julia Alice Knox was born in Leamington WAR on 14 May 1852, the daughter of surgeon HENRY KNOX and his wife HARRIET BOYS. Julia, spinster aged 26, married 32-year old bachelor gentleman John Alfred Imrie on 15 May 1878 at All Saints Church, Brisbane QLD, to the rites of the Church of England. The officiant was C G Robinson, the witnesses George E Munce and John Knox. John Imrie, born 14 June 1846 on Maria Island, Tasmania, and baptised 21 Sepember 1847, was the son of surgeon JOHN JENNINGS IMRIE and his wife ETTY BAILEY.

Julia bore John seven children [some of these details are per Cowan Macaulay Tree WebSite, accessed 2012]:
John Alfred Imrie died in September 1925 and was buried at Warwick, Queensland. Julia Alice Imrie nee Knox, widow aged 81 years, died 31 July 1933 at the residence of her son-in-law Alex D Bell in Guy Street, Warwick QLD, and was buried in the Presbyterian section of Warwick cemetery on 8 August. Julia had been in Queensland for 52 years.

Apparently Florence married a Mr Rowlands and begat Beryl Barrack who begat Barbara King who begat Rebekah King.

2. William Boyes (1816…) m. Jane Raven

William Boyes, born 11 February 1816, married Jane Raven on 12 May 1835 at Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire. William's father was listed as EDWARD BOYES and mother ELIZABETH . William and Jane were parents of:

2.1 Joseph Boyes (1845…) m. Anne Lewis

Joseph Boyes, born 19 January 1845 at Willoughby WAR, was the son of WILLIAM BOYES and JANE RAVEN. Joseph married Anne (?Sarah Ann) Lewis, December quarter 1871, Kensington, London; they were parents of:

2.1.1 Joseph Boyes (1872…1913) m. Caroline Emma Lloyd

Joseph Boyes, born circa December 1872 at Hammersmith, London, was the son of JOSEPH BOYES and ANNE (?or SARAH ANN) LEWIS. Joseph married Caroline Emma Lloyd of Barry, a seaport near Swansea. Caroline’s father ran a boarding house in Barry, and it is likely that she met Joseph there. Joseph was seemingly a seaman in his early life, though on his death certificate stated to be a railway worker in Swansea, then as now a sea port. He and Caroline were parents of:
A story has one of Dulcie’s brothers or sisters was born near Birmingham WAR. Joseph Boyes died 20 August 1913. Dulcie Lilian Avis Boyes (1904…1986) m. Albert Victor Tancock

Dulcie Lilian Avis Boyes, born 20 November 1904 at Swansea, was the daughter of JOSEPH BOYES and CAROLINE EMMA LLOYD of Barry, a seaport near Swansea. Dulcie married Albert Victor Tancock on 19 April 1924 at Swansea. He and Caroline were parents of:
Both Dulcie and Albert grandparents were deaf and dumb from childhood, so oral family history was rather difficult. Dulcie Tancock nee Boyes died 2 January 1986 died in Port Talbot near Swansea.

A grandson of the Tancocks, Dennis Hudd, lived in Western Australia in 1996 with his New Zealand wife Bobbie. Dennis’ mother, living in Cogan Wales (about 3 miles south of Cardiff) had been in contact with her Boyes cousins in Swansea, and said that there was another family of Boyes in Swansea. Dennis and Bobbie began researching their family history in 1987 when her grandmother asked if they could find a birth record in Victoria in the 1840s. Bobbie also has family links to Warwickshire with the following names in the Kenilworth area: Sutton, Webb, Ballard, Sheriff, Marriott. Dennis is being assisted in his research by a sister in Britain.

See also Boyes noted from Other Warwickshire Records.

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