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[Openshaw is the name of a district 4km east from Manchester (now in Greater Manchester, and once noted for engineering and railway locomotive works). Today there seem to be many Openshaws living in the northern areas of Manchester around Bolton, Tong and Little Lever, but almost none in Manchester itself. A background of some of the Bury branches of the Openshaw families is given in the extensive Obituary of James Alfred Openshaw ( 1836 - 1893 ) extracted from the Bury “Times” of 21 January 1893, transcribed by Nigel Openshaw and uploaded to the InterNet by Ross Andrews.]

Early Gener ations

1.  Thomas Openshaw (c1801…1883) m. Mary Jane McBrien (1808…1879)

Thomas Openshaw, born at Bury near Manchester, Lancashire England, circa 1801, was the son of cotton manufacturer THOMAS OPENSHAW. Young Thomas joined the British Army, and was serving with his regiment, The Rifle Brigade, in Canada c1831 when, aged 31, he married 20 year old Mary Jane McBrien. The marriage took place at either Halifax, Nova Scotia or Fredericton, New Brunswick. Mary Jane, daughter of THOMAS McBRIEN and his wife SYDNEY LANNIA (?Tannia) McBRIEN (“formerly McBrien”), was a native of Tiranagher (written as Terriaugher on her death certificate) townland, Inishmacsaint parish, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. [For further details of the McBrien families, 'click' here]. Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Registers for the Rifle Brigade shew Thomas' entry dated August 1843, with residence noted as Sligo [Ireland, 24km west-sou'west from Mary Jane McBrien's birthplace}.

It is not yet established when Thomas and Mary Jane Openshaw arrived in Tasmania from Canada; they may have come via New Zealand, perhaps with his regiment. Thomas and Mary Jane were the parents of two daughters:

The Tasmanian Directory for 1866 lists a Thomas Openshaw as a farmer at Gordon in the Kingsborough district of Tasmania:"OPENSHAW, Thomas    --   Farmer      --     Gordon"

Thomas Openshaw and his wife Mary Jane had moved to Invercargill, New Zealand sometime before the end of March 1872, as attested by advertisements in the Southland Times, Putanga 1551, 15 Poutūterangi 1872 (p1), Issue 1553, 19 March 1872 (p1), and Putanga 1554, 22 Poutūterangi 1872 (p1).

Records shew that at least between 1875 and 1879 Thomas in Invercargill (Southland) received a pension of 11d per day (approximately £4 3s 5d paid quarterly) for his service in the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own).

The Southland Times, Issue 3120, 11 June 1878, page 3, carried the following public noticei:

East Invercargill, 8th June, 1878.
To Mr Thomas Openshaw,
McMaster's street,
Sir, - In consideration of your having this day withdrawn an Information laid by you against me in the Resident Magistrate's Court,Invercargill, I hereby publicly apologise for and retract certain slanderous expressions against you and your family, made by me on the afternoon of Saturday, the first day of June instant,
Further, I also express my deep regret that I should have made use of such, expressions they being uterly false and groundless. And I promise that on no future occasion will I make use of such or similar expressions regarding you or those connected with you, or give any cause whatever for the breach of the peace.
I also agree to pay all costs incurred in this matter, including the publishing of this apology.
I am, sir,
Yours very respectfully,
Geo. C. Baker,

Mary Jane Openshaw nee McBrien died on 12 October 1879, aged 69 years, at East Invercargill.

On the 1881 electoral roll for Invercargill, province of Otago, Thomas Openshaw was listed as a pensioner resident in Invercargill, a freeholder holding sections #61 and #62 at Sylvan Bank. The Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand - October 1882 notes that Thomas Openshaw, gardener of East Invercargill, owned no County land but possessed land in the Borough of E. Invercargill. A George Baker of East Invercargill, likely Thomas’ son-in-law, owned land in the Borough of Invercargill.

Thomas, aged 82 years, died at East Invercargill on 6 June 1883. The Southland Times, Issue 4652, 8 June 1883, page 2, noted: "DEATHS. Openshaw.– On the 6th inst., at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr George Baker, East Invercargill, Thomas Openshaw, aged 83, formerly of the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, Dublin, and late of the Ordnance Stores, Hobart."

Thomas and Mary Jane Openshaw were interred at the East Road Cemetery, Invercargill. They were stated to have been residents of New Zealand for eight and ten years respectively, indicating they had migrated to New Zealand c1871-3, several years after Phoebe’s family (c1862).

[The 1846 Convict Muster records a Charles Openshaw, sentenced to 14 years in Glasgow c1831, as having arrived aboard the Kate Stuart Forbes(?), and having been granted a free certificate. Deaths are also recorded for John Openshaw on 8 November 1857 in Launceston, aged 43, (he would have been born c1814 and perhaps a brother of Thomas) and John Openshaw at Pt Cygnet on 31 December 1869, aged 34 (therefore born c1835 and perhaps a brother of Phoebe and Elizabeth or a brother of John above). There are also some Openshaw births, deaths and marriages registered in New South Wales. A Chas Openshaw arrived in Victoria on 24 September 1857 per the White Star (fiche 131 014).

Peter E Openshaw, born 1939 in New Plymouth, NZ: (we) lived in Te Atatu South until 1991 when (we) travelled to live in Uganda. Returned to live in Rotorua, New Zealand; moved to Campbelltown near Sydney, Australia in 1996. His Openshaws came from Bolton, Lancashire..

1.1 Phoebe Ann Openshaw (1832…1899) m. George Baker (1829…1907)

Phoebe Ann Openshaw, born c1833 CAN, was the daughter of THOMAS OPENSHAW and MARY JANE McBRIEN. On 16 August 1852, one month after her younger sister Elizabeth married, Phoebe, aged 19, and George Baker, a carpenter aged 23, were married in St George's CoE Hobart. George’s parentage is unknown, though he was born “at sea”. In 1859 Mr and Mrs George Baker were residing in Kelly Street, Hobart Town.

Phoebe and George were the parents of a large family, of at least ten children; the following partially speculative list is based on known birth registrations and age and gender details, lacking names, of living issue per Phoebe’s death certificate. In Tasmania were born:

The Baker family moved to Invercargill, New Zealand, c1862, where probably six (possibly eight) further children were born:

Advertisments in the Southland Times during 1880 shew Mr George Baker a carpenter and builder residing in McMasters street, Invercargill. A George Baker of East Invercargill, likely Phoebe’s husband, was listed in the Return of the Freeholders of New Zealand - October 1882 as owner of land in the Borough of Invercargill. Likewise, a George Baker, carpenter at Macmaster Street, Invercargill, is listed in Stone’s Dunedin and Invercargill Directory, 1886.

It is difficult to identify George in the 1881 electoral roll; Phoebe was not listed in the first electoral roll of 1893 when women were granted suffrage [New Zealand, then a British colony was in 1893 the first self-governing nation to extend the right to vote to all adult women; the colony of South Australia followed in 1895 but was also the first to allow women to stand for election].

The 20 October 1896 Electoral Roll included "218 Baker, Bertha Phoebe, McMaster street, East Invercargill, artist, residential … 219 Baker, George, East Invercargill, carpenter, freehold, part sec. 53 McMaster's estate … 222 Baker, Helen Augusta, McMaster street, saleswoman, residential … ". Phoebe was in the 1896 Supplemental Roll: "Baker, Phoebe Ann, McMaster st., East Invercargill, wife, residential". Also on the Supplemental Roll was "Baker, John, Southland Home, Invercargill, brickmaker, residential".

Phoebe Ann Baker née Openshaw died on 2 August 1899 at McMaster Street, Invercargill, aged 66 years. She was interred in the Church of England section of the East Road Cemetery [Invercargill], sharing her parent’s grave.

George Baker, a joiner and old age pensioner, died on 22 September 1907 at Lorne Farm, Southland NZ, and was buried at the Easter Cemetery, Invercargill. He was stated to have been born “at sea” and to have been in the colony for 55 years (this would yield 1852, the year of his wedding to Phoebe: since they moved as a family to New Zealand c1862, perhaps the ‘55 years’ was an error and should have been ‘45 years’; alternatively perhaps he emigrated to New Zealand c1852, went to Tasmania, married, stayed awhile, and moved back to New Zealand ten years later)..

Phoebe Ann Baker nee Openshaw died on 2 August 1899 at Invercargill, aged 66 years.

George Baker died on 22 September 1907 at Southland NZ.

1.1.1  George Charles Baker (1853…1910) m. Jane Colyer (1860…1943)

This branch is based on data sourced by Rob Bulford (per eMail 30aug2014) from
George Charles Baker, born May 1853 in Hobart, Tasmania, first of fourteen childen of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW [the male Baker born c1853 on Phoebe’s death certificate], married Jane Colyer in 1880 in New Zealand in 1880. Jane was born 1 November 1860 at Eversley, Emerald Hill, Victoria to JAMES COLYER (1829-1880) and his then wife MARY HUGHES (1827-1864).

George and Jane had five know issue [all with a given name 'Charles']:

George Charles Baker died on 26 February 1910 in Dunedin and was buried in the Andersons Bay cemetery in Otago. Jane Baker née Colyer died on 9 March 1943 in Dunedin, NZ..

1.1.2  Annie Maria Baker (1854…1937) m. Frank Arnold Coxhead (1851… 1908)

This branch has been based almost entirely on the excellent evolving Early New Zealand Photographers WebSite dealing with Frank Arnold Coxcomb [uploaded 29aug2012 by in Christchurch NZ; accessed 31jan2013], augmented by data for more recent generations on
Annie Maria Baker was the second child of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW. Born 29 September 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania [presumably the female Baker born c1856 on Phoebe’s death certificate], Annie married Frank Arnold Coxhead at St John's Church, Invercargill, NZ, on 7 December 1876. Frank Arnold Coxhead, born 30 November 1851, London, England, was a son of FREDERICK COXHEAD (who became a customs house agent in Otago). Frederick, his wife and six of their children – including Frank, aged about 5 years 11 months, arrived in Otago, New Zealand, on 14 February 1858 in the 706 tons Palmyra which had departed Gravesend on 28 October 1857.

Frank and Annie had four know issue:

Frank and Annie departed New Zealand about July 1893 for California.

Frank Arnold Coxhead died on 8 March 1908 at Berkeley, California, USA, aged 56 years. Annie Maria Coxhead née Openshaw died on 28 April 1937 at Berkeley.

1.1.3  Emilie Elizabeth Baker (1856…1856)

This branch is based on data sourced by Rob Bulford (per eMail 30aug2014) from
Emilie Elizabeth Baker, was born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1856, third of fourteen childen of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW: she died there the same year.

1.1.4  Frederick Openshaw Baker (1858…1904) m. Mary Shanahan(?)

Frederick Openshaw Baker was the second male child of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW. Born in 1858, his birth was registered in Hobart. According to his death certificate, Frederick Baker married Mary Shannahan in Melbourne c1884 (the union supposedly childless), though there is no apparent registration apparent in either Victorian, Tasmanian or NSW indexes.

Births were registered to a George Baker and Mary Anne Shanahan in the Melbourne area, though much earlier than 1884 – about a generation earlier in fact, from 1858 to 1867. Several of these children died young; they were Mary Ann Baker (1858…1858), John Berrisford Baker ((1859…), Mary Anne Baker (1861…1863), William Henry Baker (1862…1863), George Walter Baker (1864…) and Amelia Baker (1867…1867). It is likely that the George Baker - Mary Anne Shanahan family has no place in this lineage at all.

Frederick died in Dunedin on 18 November 1904, aged 47.

1.1.5  John Thomas Baker (1859…1959?) m. Alice Maud Hanlen (1870…1940)

This constuct is based on a lead from Rob Bulford (per eMail 30aug2014) and data on Glenys Jackson's Family Tree of Ross and Glenys [accessed 03sep2014].
John Thomas Baker, born in Hobart, Tasmania, son of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW, married Alice Maud Hanlen in 1894 in New Zealand. Alice, born 10 April 1870 in Thames to ALEXANDER MICHAEL HANLEN (1840…1918) and his wife ISABELLA SYMS (1946…1916).
John Thomas Baker and Alice Maud Hanlen were the parents of:
Leonard John Charles Baker (birth registered in New Zealand 1q1896; death aged 60 years registered in New Zealand in 1956; perhaps his marriage(s) to Beryl Victoria Marsden registered in NZ in 1924 and/or Doreen Mary Loader in 1932),
Bertha Vera Phoebe Baker (birth registered in New Zealand 2q1898; marriage to Peter Valentine Connelly registered in New Zealand in 1925),
Violet Leila Baker (birth registered in New Zealand 1q1905) and
Alan Stanley Baker (birth registered in New Zealand 2q1910).
Perhaps it was John Thomas Baker, son of GEORGE and PHOEBE, whose death age '85' was registered in New Zealand in 1959 [the John Thomas Baker whose death was registered in 1927 was age '68']. The death of Alice Maud Baker née Hanlen, age 69, was registered in New Zealand in 1940.

1.1.6  Alfred George Baker (1863…1913) m. Mary Ann Savage (c1866…1943)

Alfred George Baker was the fifth (and first New Zealand-born) child of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW. Born in 1863 at Invercargill NZ, Alfred married Mary Ann Savage in Dunedin on 18 December 1886. Mary, born in Glasgow SCT c1866, was the daughter of JAMES SAVAGE (born Co Antrim IRL c1829, died Dunedin 5 July 1905), who c1859 in Co Antrim had married NANCY REID (born ?Co Antrim, died in Glasgow pre 1869), and c1869 in Glasgow married Mary Hurans (Died ?Dunedin).

Alfred and Mary had seven children:

Alfred, like his brother Frederick a mechanical engineer, died in Dunedin on 15 September 1913. Mary survived Alfred by three decades, dying in Dunedin on 11 September 1943.

Isabella Baker was mother of Neville Lake, of Snells Beach, Warkworth New Zealand (1995). Neville married Beverley Cade, they had at least three children: Stephen Lake, who emigrated to Canada, settling at North Bay about 200km N from Toronto (pre-1990…), Cathy Lake, who married and in 1997 lived with her family at Mangawhai some 50 km north from Warkworth, and Moria Lake who married and in 1997 lived with her family at Hamilton.

1.1.4  Hilda Augusta Baker (1874?…1914+) m. Charles Joshua Martin (…)

Hilda Augusta Baker, perhaps born in 1874 in Invercargill, was the fourth [surviving] daughter of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW. Hilda married Charles Joshua Martin, second son of JOHN TICE MARTIN, 24th October, 1900, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin, as noted in the Otago Witness, Putanga 2434, 7 Whiringa-ā-rangi 1900 (p39):

"MARRIAGES. MARTIN—BAKER.— On the 24th October, 1900, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin, by the Ven. Archdeacon Robinson, Charles J., second son of John Tice Martin, Invercargill, to Hilda A., fourth daughter of George Baker, Invercargill."

The Electoral Roll of 20 October 1896 listed "222 Baker, Hilda Augusta, McMaster street, saleswoman, residential". The 1911 and 1914 Rolls have "Martin, Charles Joshua, Clyde street, Invercargill, warehouseman" and "Martin, Hilda Augusta, 151 Clyde street, Invercargill, married.".

1.1.5  Ada Kate Baker (1877…1940) m. James Lawrence (1870…1923); and Leslie Charles Deller (1885…1918)

Ada Kate Baker was born in 1877 in Invercargill, the youngest child of GEORGE BAKER and his wife PHOEBE ANN OPENSHAW. The following details are principally per Robyn Winter's WebSite [accessed 19nov2011].

Ada lived in Invercargill and then at Rawene Road, Birkenhead; she was a piano tutor. Ada married James Lawrence, son of JAMES LAWRENCE and FRANCES MARSH RODGERS, on 10 July 1901 in Invercargill, NZ, as noted in the Otago Witness, Putanga 2471, 24 Hōngongoi 1901 (p49): "LAWRENCE—BAKER.— On the 10th July, 1901, at St. John's Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Stocker, James, third son of James Lawrence, Bannockburn, to Ada K., youngest daughter of George Baker, Invercargill.". James was was born 9 September 1870 in Bendigo, Otago, NZ. James and Ada and James' brother Thomas went to Australia. James and Ada were the parents of:

The NZ Electoral Rolls have "Lawrence, James, Bannockburn [Wakatipu, Otago], miner" and "Lawrence, Ada Kate, Bannockburn, married" in 1905-06 and "Lawrence, James, Summer Street [Auckland East], meat preserver" and "Lawrence, Ada Kathleen, Summer Street, married" in 1911 and 1914. They also shew "Deller, Leslie Charles, Aitken Terrace, Glenmore [Glen Lynn, Auckland], basket-maker" in 1911 and "Deller, Leslie Charles, 77 Clarence street [Auckland West], wicker-worker" and "Deller, Kathleen, 77 Clarence street, married" in 1914. The Rolls shew "Lawrence, Ada Kathleen, Summer Street, married" in 1918, "Deller, Ada Kathleen, 52 King George avenue, Epsom [Roskill, Auckland], widow" in 1919, "Deller, Ada Kathleen, Rawene Road, Birkenhead [Auckland], widow" in 1928, "Deller, Ada Kathleen, 27 Newell Street, W.3 [Glen Lynn, Auckland], widow" with"Deller, Daphne Mary, 27 Newell Street, W.3, spinster" in 1935 and the two at 31 Newell Street in 1938.

Ada Kathleen and John Lawrence split up when Vera and Horace were young. Horace was sent to live with his father in Perth when he was about 7 years old.

James Lawrence died in September 1923 at Mt Pleasant, Meekatharra, Western Australia.

Ada was the mother of two children by Leslie Charles Deller (son of CHARLES DELLER and MARY ANN PLUMB, birth registered at Ballarat East in 1885):

On 13 August 1917, Australian-born Private Leslie Charles Deller, basketmaker of 131 Victoria St., Regimental Number 56259, a member of the 1st Division of Reserve, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, embarked the Mokoia, HMNZT 91, at Wellington NZ for Glasgow with the 29th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, to serve with the 1st Division Allied Forces in Europe, noting next-of-kin as "Mrs A.K. Lawrence (friend), 131 Victoria Street, Auckland". Private Leslie Charles Deller, 3rd Battalion Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, died of wounds in France on 11 January 1918; rf. Menin Road South Military Cemetery, Belgium.

Ada died on 29 December 1940 at Auckland Hospital and was buried on 31 December 1940 at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. A death notice in the paper:

DELLER. On December 29, 1939, at Auckland Hospital, Ada Kathleen, Widow of the late Leslie Charles and loving mother of Daphne, Kathleen and Vera, ? Newell Street, Point Chevalier - in her fifty-eighth year. Interred this day at Waikumete Cemetery."

Robyn Winter states that "The above headstone was made by William Gardner (married to Vera nee Lawrence) out of concrete and he transported it to Waikumete on a trailer. The irony of it is that she was NEVER married to Lesley Deller. It was because of the wishes of her daughters (Daphne and Kathleen) that this was done."

1.2  Elizabeth Margaret Openshaw (1854…1893) m1. Thomas George Kidd (1830…1864-82);
m2. Joseph Hewitt (1841…1921?)

[Nova Scotia, Canada →Sligo, Ireland → Tasmania and Victoria, Australia →Sydney NSW]

Elizabeth Margaret Openshaw, born 1834 in Canada and baptised at Halifax, Nova Scotia, younger daughter of THOMAS OPENSHAW and MARY JANE McBRIEN, married Thomas George Kidd, son of JOHN KIDD and his wife SOPHIA MATILDA OUGHTON, on 15 July 1852 in Hobart Town TAS. Four children are known to this marriage. Elizabeth was known to be alive in 1883. It appears that Elizabeth as a widow married again, becoming Elizabeth Margaret Hewitt. Elizabeth had given written consent to Sophia's 1882 marriage, suggesting Thomas had already deceased.

Elizabeth, a widow, married Joseph Hewitt in Sydney about 1867. Apparently she raised some seven male and one felmale issue. It appears she bore Thomas five or six children and Joseph three. Issue to Thomas appears to have been:

At least five, probably six, children are accorded this couple [per revision in 2012 bases on Elizabeth's 17 December 1893 death certificate], of which the first were born in Tasmania and the last in Sydney:

The consent of Elizabeth to Sophia's marriage implies that Thomas had deceased by 1882. A Thomas Kidd was listed at 37 Mount-street, Pyrmont without occupation in the 1863 and 1864 Sands Directories: Sydney and New South Wales, Australia, 1858-1933.

The death of a Thomas C Kidd, son of JOHN and SOPHIA, was registered at Campbelltown in 1863.

Elizabeth, aged 31, married Joseph Hewitt in Sydney about 1867 according to her death certificate, with at least three issue:

The death of Elizabeth Marion Hewitt formerly Kidd née Openshaw, aged 57 [viz: born c1836] at Carrington Avenue, Hurstville on 17 Decembet 1893, was registered at Hurstville by her husband. Joseph detailed her father as Thomas Openshaw Walker, a military man, and her mother as Elizabeth McBrien. He noted that his wife had been born in Nova Scotia and had lived 35 years in the Australian colonies Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. She had married twice, firstly aged 17 [viz: c1853] in Hobart to Thomas Kidd, and secondly aged 31 [viz: c1867] to himself in Sydney. Joseph listed Thomas George (40), John Frederick (37), Arthur (35), Henry Bernard (32) and Sophia May (30) as the children of her first marriage and James (25) and Allan Boyd Galbraith (23) as the children of her marriage to himself. It appears he only listed the children that survived their mother.

The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 23 December 1893 noted: "HEWITT -December l8, at Hurstville, Elizabeth Marion, loved mother of Thomas George Kidd." The NSW BDM Indexes note her parents as THOMAS O and ELIZABETH.
For further details see the Kidd file.

Possibly Related OPENSHAW Families:

None known.

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NSW: McBrien.

Other (probably unrelated) OPENSHAW Lineages:
[The 1846 Convict Muster records a Charles Openshaw, sentenced to 14 years in Glasgow c1831, as having arrived aboard the Kate Stuart Forbes(?), and having been granted a free certificate. Deaths are also recorded for John Openshaw on 8 November 1857 in Launceston, aged 43, (he would have been born c1814 and perhaps a brother of Thomas) and John Openshaw at Pt Cygnet on 31 December 1869, aged 34 (therefore born c1835 and perhaps a brother of Phoebe and Elizabeth or a brother of John above). There are also some Openshaw births, deaths and marriages registered in New South Wales.]

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