McBrien families with origins traced to
Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)

Provenance B
: for Northern Ireland refer to Provenance L [Lough Erne region] or Provenance I [other Ireland]

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B-1                     Charles McBrien (…) m. —
[India and UK]
    B-2                     James McBrien (c1842…1901-) m. Elizabeth Martin (c1844…1901+)
[Lancashire, Yorkshire]
    B-2.1                  William Reuben McBrien (1872…1876)
    B-2.2                  Charles Otto McBrien (1877…1920) m. Minnie Ethel Dawson (c1880…1955)
[Yorkshire, Sussex]
    B-2.2.1               Robina Mary McBrien (1903…1972) m. William John Morgan (…)
    B-2.2.2               Ronald Charles McBrien (1910…1993) m. Ivy Grace Forster (1911…1980)
    B-3                     Catherine McBrien (…) m. Mathew Muir (…) [Greenock]
[Greenock Scotland]
B-4                     James McBrain (c1820…1870+) m. Jane —
[Scotland; New York; Pennsylvania]
    B-4.1                  James McBrain (1841…) m. Susan McNeil (1850…)
[Scotland; New York; Pennsylvania; Illinois]
    B-4.2                  William McBrain (1844…) m. ?
    B-4.3                  Andrew McBrain (1854…) m. ?
    B-M                    Miscellaneous [England]

B-1 Charles McBrien (…) m. —
[India and UK]

Judith McBrien (5 March 2001), living in England, wrote:
“My paternal grandfather (Charles McBrien) and his brother married two sisters. The former and my father were born in India and later returned to UK.”

B-2 James McBrien (c1842…) m. Elizabeth Martin (c1844…)
[Lancashire, Yorkshire]

This was McBrien Lineage #24 on the pre-2002 WebSite
per Christopher McBrien (13sep2002, updated 01jan2004)

James McBrien, born circa 1842 near Manchester, England, was the son of JOHN McBRIEN, born circa 1817 in Ireland; in 1871 both were musicians, James living at 206 Chester Road, Hulme, Lancashire. James married Elizabeth Martin on 6 February 1871 in Manchester Cathedral, Hulme, Manchester; born circa 1844 she was the daughter of builder JAMES MARTIN and CAROLINE FRY (Caroline had been born circa 1819 at Brighton in Sussex). James and Elizabeth seem to have been the parents of:
Some of this family is shewn in the 1901 census at 12 Eckington Gardens, Saint Paul, Deptford LND:
( 12 Eckington Gardens, Saint Paul's, Deptford [Page 78] [1901])
Name Position Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace eYoB
Charles O McBrien Head Single 23 Telegraphist (w) Bilton, YKS 1878
Elizabeth McBrien Mother Widow 56 . Dover KNT 1845
Henrietta McBrien Sister Single 25 Shirt Collar Machinist (w) Camberwell LND 1876
Caroline Martin GMthr Widow 82 . Brighton SSX 1819
William White Visitor Single 11 . Walworth LND 1890
Henry Scheele Boarder Single 21 Clerk Coal (w) ?Vreijh GMY 1880
Oskar Scheele Boarder Single 20 Clerk Coal (w) ?Vreijh GMY 1881
Employment Status (E:employer, e:employed, w:worker, n:neither).
eYoB = estimated year of birth (Not included in Census: based on simple subtraction of age from Census year).
Chris McBrien (5feb2002) noted these contemporary records in the 1992 IGI:
McBryan, John : christened 7 April 1822 at Manchester (Saint John); parents Thos McBryan / Harriett
McBrien, Margaret : christened 12 June 1837 at Liverpool (Saint Peter); parents John McBrien / Jane
McBreen, John and Hall, Elizabeth: married 16 May 1836, Manchester
MacBran, Susanna : christened 9 January 1854 at Liverpool (Saint Peter); parents George MacBran / Mary
McBrian, Emma : christened 25 May 1856 at Preston (.Saint John); parents Edward McBrian / Elizabeth Emma
McBryan, Fanny : christened 1 March 1857 at Manchester (Cathedral); parents John McBryan / Fanny

B-2.1 William Reuben McBrien (1872…1876)

William Reuben McBrien, son of JAMES McBRIEN and ELIZABETH MARTIN, was baptised in September 1872 at Fylde, Blackpool, Lancs. He died about May 1876 at Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

B-2.2 Charles Otto McBrien (1877…1920) m. Minnie Ethel Dawson (c1880…1955)
[Yorkshire, Sussex]

Charles Otto McBrien, born August 1877 at New Park, Bilton, Harrogate, North Riding, Yorkshire, son of JAMES McBRIEN and ELIZABETH MARTIN, married Minnie Ethel Dawson about September 1902 at Camberwell in south-east London. Minnie had been born circa 1880 at Dulwich in S.E. London; she bore Charles six known children:
It is thought that Charles Otto McBrien moved to London in 1900, and perhaps worked for the Irish Times in London. Charles Otto McBrien, press telegraphist of 4 White Hawk Road, Brighton, died on 12 January 1920 at Preston Sanatorium, Brighton, East Sussex. Minnie McBrien nee Dawson died circa 1955 at Hove in East Sussex.

B-2.2.1 Robina Mary McBrien (1903…1972) m. William John Morgan (…)

Robina Mary McBrien, born August 1903 at Lewisham in London, was the daughter of CHARLES OTTO McBRIEN and MINNIE ETHEL DAWSON. Robina married William John Morgan, son of WILLIAM MORGAN and ANNE JONES, in 1932. Robina and William had three children:

B-2.2.2 Ronald Charles McBrien (1910…1993) m. Ivy Grace Forster (1911…1980)

Ronald Charles McBrien, born October 1910 at Forest Hill in S.E. London, was the son of CHARLES OTTO McBRIEN and MINNIE ETHEL DAWSON. Ronald married Ivy Grace Forster in March 1935 at Folkstone or Dover, Kent. Ivy, born 6 June 1911 at Womanswold, Kent, was the eldest of three known daughters of PERCY FORSTER and MABEL MARTIN. Ronald and Ivy had two children:
Ivy Grace McBrien née Forster died 15 May 1980 at Brighton, Sussex; Ronald died 23 November 1993 at Worthing General Hospital, Worthing, West Sussex.

B-3 Catherine McBrien, wife of Mathew Muir
[Greenock Scotland]

Catherine McBrien, wife of Mathew Muir, is listed as the cousin of Dr John Graham in his will of 1815 in Greenock Scotland. The will states :
"To Catherine McBrien, his cousin, wife of Mathew Muir, residing at Kilblain, Greenock - Five Hundred pounds Sterling"

Dr John Graham was the nephew of John Graham, who emigrated to North Carolina in the early 1770's: John Graham was g4-grandfather of Eileen Colgan [9 February 2001:].

B-4 James McBrain (c1820…1870+) m. Jane —
[Scotland; New York; Pennsylvania]

James McBrain and his wife Jane —, both born in Scotland, moved to New York then Pennsylvania. Their children were:
Stanley Paden (3 March 2000) is looking for information about descendants.

B-4.1 James McBrain (1841…) m. Susan McNeil (1850…)
[Scotland; New York; Pennsylvania; Illinois]

James McBrain (born 1841, Scotland) passed through New York and Pennsylvania on the way to Montgomery County, Illinois. There in 1866 he married Susan McNeil (born 1850 Alton, Madison County, Illinois); they were listed together in the 1870 census with no children at Litchfield, Montgomery County.

B-4.2 William McBrain (1844…) m. ?
[Scotland; New York; Pennsylvania; Illinois]

William McBrain (born 1844, Scotland or New York) was the father of:

B-4.3 Andrew McBrain (1854…) m. ?

William McBrain (born 1844, Scotland or New York) was the father of:

B-M Miscellaneous [England]

per Arthur McBryan of London (October 1999):
I phoned the only other McBryan in the London telephone directory, and he turned out to be ... from Kingston, Jamaica.

Roy Stockdill (12feb2000), addressing the Bristol and Somerset Discussion List regarding Bizarre Cricket Matches, wrote:
From Cricket's Strangest Matches: Extraordinary but true stories from 150 years of cricket, by Andrew Ward, pub. by Robson Books (paperback), ISBN 1-86105-293-6.
In May 1919 Somerset played Sussex at Taunton in the County Championship. After a relatively low-scoring game, Sussex needed only 105 runs to win in their second innings. One of the Sussex team, H. J. Heygate, had unfortunately become seriously crippled by rheumatism during the match! He had batted last in Sussex's first innings, making a duck (out with scoring a run) and had not fielded at all during the Somerset second innings. It was assumed by Sussex that he would not be needed to help them win the game, as 105 was a low target. However, Sussex wickets fell cheaply and the score reached 104 for 9 - the scores were tied and Sussex still needed one run to win. The unfortunate Heygate, virtually unable to walk because of his rheumatism, was dressed in his everyday clothes but agreed to crawl to the wicket in an attempt to bat as last man for Sussex and win the match.
However, under a law of cricket - Law 45 - a batsman is allowed two minutes to reach the playing pitch. Poor Heygate had only managed to get as far as the door of the pavilion after four minutes, whereupon the Somerset players appealed to the umpires and he was given out (somewhat unsporting of them, one might think!) before he could even get to the wicket. The game was declared a tie - the first such result in the County Championship since 1905.
Here are the teams - Somerset: Mr A E S Rippon, Mr A D E Rippon, Mr J C W McBryan, E Robson, L Braund, Mr J D Harcombe, Mr P P Hope, J F Bridges, Capt Amer, Mr J C White, H Chidgery. Sussex: Mr H L Wilson, Mr A K Wilson, Mr T E Bourdillon, Mr A C Somerset (a chap called Somerset playing for Sussex!), Mr R A T Miller, Mr J H Vincent, H E Roberts, M W Tate, G Stannard, G Cox, Mr H J Heygate.
I should explain, for the uninitiated in the pecularities of the world's finest game, that until fairly modern times (the 1960s), all first-class cricketers were classed as either Gentleman or Players, the Gentleman being amateurs (unpaid players with a private income) and the Players professionals (i.e. paid full-time cricketers). Strict class distinction was enforced, the amateurs and professionals changing in different dressing rooms and the Gentleman were always given the title of "Mr" or their military rank, while the Players were described merely by their initials.

Martin Southwood added.....
>>One more for Roy's list.
I once heard of a cricket match being played in the middle of the Bristol Channel, which, for our global friends, is about ten miles wide between Somerset and Wales. Apparently, there is a long spit of sand running down the centre to about west of Burnham known as the Culver Sand and there have been intrepid souls who have boated out to arrive at low tide, played a quick game of cricket, and got back in the boats again as the tide was rising! I cant recall any dates or where they hailed from but I'm sure somebody will know and enlighten us!<<


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