McBrien families with origins traced to
Provenance C

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Note that Lineages are placed according to the provenance of the earlest known McBrien progenitor.
Since many emigrated from Ireland, researchers should also check the Lough Erne and Other Ireland provenances.
C-1                   John McBrien (…1870c) m. Margaret (…)
[Toronto, Ontario]
                                     [descendants to Louisville, Kentucky, Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado]
    C-1.1                John Hazzard McBrien (…) m. (c1880) Rebecca Duff (…1943)
    C-2                   Henry McBrien (c1862…) m. Annie Govier (c1864…)
    C-2.1                Harvey Ernest McBrien (1895…) m. Mary Jean Campbell (…1993)
    C-2.1.1             Donna Jean McBrien (1930…) m. William McDonald (1931…)
    C-2.1.2             Sally Jean McBrien (…) m. William Barry (…)
    C-2.2                Norman Henry McBrien (…1957) m. Nora Elliot (…)
    C-2.2.1             Richard Clare McBrien (1926…) m. Florence Moroun (…)
    C-3                   Norman Arthur McBrien (1921…1942)
    C-4                   Thomas McBrine and Mary (Margaret) Merrick
[St John's, New Brunswick]
    C-4.1                Thomas McBrine and — —
    C-5                   Edward MacArtney (…) m. Mary MacBrine (or MacBrien) (c1840…)
[New Brunswick – Massachusetts
    C-5.1                Frances Amelia MacArtney (1863…) m. William MacVay (c1844…)
    C-6                   Frances Marguerite MacBrien or McBrien (c1930…)
[Nova Scotia]
    C-7                   Muriel McBrien (1916…1995) m. Ewing Kauffman (1916…1993)
[Toronto, Ontario]
    C-8                   William McBrien (c1859…c1842) m. Elizabeth Burke (c1863…1938)
    C-9                   Francis or Frank McIlveen (1855…1909) m. Angeline McBrien (c1859…)
[Huron, Ontario]
    C-10                 Johnathon McBrien (1861…) m. Elizabeth — (1867…)
[Canada, Alaska, Massachusetts]
    C-11                 William John McBrien (1958…1930) m. — — (…)
[Seaforth, Ontario][descendants to Michigan]
    C-A                 Index to the 1851 Census of Whitby Ontario
    C-B                 Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario
    C-C                 Index to the 1851, 1871, 1881 Censuses, Golden Grove, St John's, New Brunswick
    C-D                 Soldiers of the First World War - Canadian Expeditionary Force
    C-E                  Provincial Certificates Granted to Teachers in 1867
    C-M                 Miscellaneous [Canada]

C-1 John McBrien (…1870c) m. Margaret (…)
[Toronto, Ontario]

John McBrien and his wife Margaret moved to Toronto, Ontario about 1868. John was a shoemaker, and died about 1870. Their children included:
Margaret, widowed, and sons John Hazzard, Richard and William (plus daughters?) stayed in Toronto. John Hazzard McBrien married Rebecca Duff. They eventually moved to Atlanta, GA and Denver, CO.

C-1.1 John Hazzard McBrien (…) m. (c1880) Rebecca Duff (…1943)

John Hazzard McBrien married Rebecca Duff in Toronto, Ontario, Canada circa 1880, and are believed to have lived in Toronto, moved to Louisville, KY in late 1800s, and later to Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado. They had at least five children:
Rebecca McBrien nee Duff died in Denver in 1943, but was burried in Atlanta. John H. McBrien and family appear to have arrived in Colorado circa 1915. It is not known whether John died in Denver or Atlanta, but is suspected he is burried near his wife.

Scott Jacob (2000 and 2001) is researching this line.

C-2 Henry McBrien (c1862…) m. Annie Govier (c1864…)

[This was McBrien Lineage #18 on the pre-2002 WebSite]
Henry McBrien, aged 24 (born circa 1862) and Annie Govier, 22 (born circa 1864), both Methodist residents of Hullett in central Huron County, Ontario, were married in a Methodist ceremony at Hullett on 30 June 1886. A bachelor farmer born at Goderich Twp. Ontario, Henry was noted as the son of HUGH McBRIEN and RACHEL McBRIEN née BINGHAM. Annie, a Hullett-born spinster, was the daughter of JOHN GOVIER and SOPHIA GOVIER née MATHEWS. The marriage was witnessed by Nettie Govier and Nelson McBrien, both of Hullett. Goderich is on the shore of Lake; Hullett is about 12km to the east.

Henry and Annie were parents of
Mike McBrien eMailed [, 17 March 2009]:
My great grandfather was Henry McBrien who married Annie Govier. I cannot find his parents. Were they from Canada or Ireland. How do I find this information?

Other families associated with Goderich, Ontario, are those of Jeremiah McBrien who married Elizabeth Cummings (
see Lineage L-26.1), and David McBrien and Mary Fowler (see Lineage L-27).

C-2.1 Harvey Ernest McBrien (1895…) m. Mary Jean Campbell (…1993)

Harvey Ernest McBrien, born Sepember 1895, married Mary Jean Campbell (died February 1993); they
were the maternal grandparents of Lisa Carter (pers comm). Their children were:

C-2.1.1 Donna Jean McBrien (1930…) m. William McDonald (1931…)

Donna Jean McBrien, born March 1930, married William McDonald (born July 1931). Their children were:

C-2.1.2 Sally Jean McBrien (…) m. William Barry (…)

Sally Jean McBrien, daughter of HARVEY ERNEST McBRIEN and his wife MARY JEAN CAMPBELL, married William Barry; they had one child:

C-2.2 Norman Henry McBrien (…1957) m. Nora Elliot (…)

Norman Henry McBrien, born Auburn, Ontario in the late 1890s [mother’s maiden name was GOVIER] was raised in nearby Goderich, Ont. His family was Protestant and ran a public house, but after his marriage to Nora Elliot he converted to Catholicism. Children of Norman and Nora, all raised Catholic, were:
Norman became a U.S. citizen in his late teens or early 20's. One of his twenty-two grandchildren is Melissa McBrien now of Birmingham [Detroit], Michigan, an ear, nose and throat specialist, married with two daughters (pers comm).

C-2.2.1 Richard Clare McBrien (1926…) m. Florence Moroun (…)

This section updated per information form Marcia McBrien (, 12aug2004)
Richard Clare McBrien, son of NORMAN HENRY McBRIEN, married Florence Moroun circa 1958; they had five children:

C-3 Norman Arthur McBrien (1921…1942)

"Cat" (22 May 2001) enquired after Arthur McBrian who was in Germany during World War II, assumed to be of Irish descent. Jim Dawe suggested he might be Norman Arthur McBrien (correct spelling) born 31 July 1921, a Leading Aircraftman with the the Royal Canadian Air Force, killed in action in Europe on 31 August 1942. Of Irish descent three generations before, he is buried in Groveside Cemetery, Whitby, Ontario.

C-4 Thomas McBrine and Mary (Margaret) Merrick
[St John's, New Brunswick]

Thomas McBrine and Mary (Margaret) Merrick of St John's, New Brunswick, had four children:
Thomas was a painter in St John's, New Brunswick, and was listed in the Canadian 1896 census.

C-4.1 Thomas McBrine and — —

Thomas McBrine, son of THOMAS McBRINE and MARY (MARGARET) MERRICK, and — — were the parents of (at least):

C-5 Edward MacArtney (…) m. Mary MacBrine (or MacBrien) (c1840…)
[New Brunswick – Massachusetts]

Edward MacArtney and Mary MacBrine or MacBrien [spelling not definite], owners of a hotel in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, were the parents of (at least)

C-5.1 Frances Amelia MacArtney (1863…) m. William MacVay (c1844…)

William MacVay, an Ulster Scot, born in County Antrim in 1844, moved to Canada where he met and married Frances Amelia MacArtney, daughter born 1863 of EDWARD MacARTNEY and MARY MacBRINE or MacBRIEN (or McBRIEN). They had at least one son:
Jordan MacVay of Sydney, Nova Scotia (20/21aug2001) wrote:
My grandfather, Francis Reginald MacVay, was the son of William MacVay and Frances Amelia MacArtney. William was an Ulster Scot, born in County Antrim in 1844. He met Frances MacArtney when he moved to Canada, and I'm told her parents owned a hotel in Fredericton, NB. Her brother Robert owned the MacArtney's clothing stores in Massachusetts, USA. Frances MacArtney's mother was, according to at least one of my older cousins, a McBrien (not sure which spelling was really used).
The first names Reginald, Franklyn, Armour, Alice, Maud, and Kirk don't seem to be accounted for on the MacVay side, so they're either in the MacArtney family tree or that of the McBriens.
… there may have been a family of McBriens (again, not sure which spelling they used) in Saint John, New Brunswick. Another possibility is that my branch of the McBriens may not have been Canadian at all, since my family at the time lived in St. Stephen, just across the river from Calais, Maine. Apparently the kids all went to school across the river, and as I mentioned, the MacArtneys owned clothing stores in Massachusetts. So maybe this was a branch of the McBriens that moved to the US.

C-6 Frances Marguerite MacBrien or McBrien (c1930…)
[Nova Scotia]

Frances Marguerite MacBrien or McBrien is thought to have been born circa 1930 in Nova Scotia
Chris (on is seeking information.

C-7 Muriel McBrien (1916…1995) m. Ewing Kauffman (1916…1993)
[Toronto, Ontario]

Muriel McBrien was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She graduated from Ontario Ladies College in Whitby and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where she earned a degree in economics and political science. In the early 1960s Muriel McBrien met Ewing Kauffman (born 21 September 1916 on a Cass County farm near Garden City, Missouri) at a medical convention in Miami and they married in February, 1962. She is credited with encouraging her husband to purchase the Royals baseball team in 1968, providing an integral part of Kansas City sports and entertainment.

Ewing died in his sleep at his Mission Hills home in August, 1993. Muriel died as a result of complications from cancer surgery in March, 1995. Through their foundations, the Kauffmans left a living legacy to the Kansas City community. The Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation was founded to support the performing arts and health care causes. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation champions youth development and entrepreneurial leadership.

[Extracted from, 15 February 2002].

C-8 William McBrien (c1859…c1842) m. Elizabeth Burke (c1863…1938)

William McBrien, born circa 1859, probably in Ontario, married Elizabeth Burke, probably in Ontario. She had been born circa 1863, probably in Ontario. Their children were:
Elizaabeth died about 1938, William died about 1942: they are buried at Pierson, Manitoba.

[Extracted from, 15 February 2002: please check details with submitter].

[WebMaster Ross Beattie has Beatty relatives at Bobcaygeon and Dunsford].

C-9 Francis McIlveen (1855…1909) m. Angeline McBrien (c1859…)
[Huron, Ontario]

Francis McIlveen ["Frank"] (born July 1855, Huron, Ontario, died 18 January 1909, son of THOMAS McILVEEN and ANN JANE LUNDY) married Angeline McBrien (born circa 1859, Huron, Ontario).

[Extracted from, 15 February 2002: please check details with submitter].

C-10 Johnathon McBrien (1861…) m. Elizabeth — (1867…)
[Oregon, Canada; Alaska; Massachusetts]

The 1910 Census; City of Skagway, Alaska (part 3 of 4) lists the following:
[This information from].

C-11 William John McBrien (1858…1930) m. — — (…)
[Seaforth, Ontario; Michigan]

William John McBrien (born 9 January 1858, Seaforth, Ontario, died 13 December 1930, Clinton, Ontario) had at least one son:
[Al McBrien wrote (24mar2002, to Maxine McBryan) seeking information.]

C-E Provincial Certificates Granted to Teachers in 1867

Provincial Certificates Granted to Teachers in 1867, from Ontario Sessional Papers 32 Victoria 1868 (2) on :
The Normal School for Ontario.
Provincial Certificates Granted by the Chief Superintendent of Education
Provincial Certificates Granted To Male Students, and Valid 31st Dec., 1867.
McBrien, James 225

C-M Miscellaneous [Canada]

This information was forwarded by Kathy Cormier (30 April 2001) from a person researching the Golden Grove area on the outskirts of St John, New Brunswick:
1851 Census
Year Name cName Age Pos PoB eNB Occ
1851 McBrien John 60 head Irish 1847 Labourer
1851 McBrien Catherine 40 wife Irish 1847
1851 McBrine Francis 25 head Irish 1840 shoemaker
1851 McBrine Martha 18 wife Irish 1840
1851 McBrine John 1 son Native
1851 McBrine John 35 head Irish 1839 shoemaker
1851 McBrine Esther 30 wife Native
1851 McBrine James 8 son Native
1851 McBrine Joseph 45 head* Irish 1850 labourer
1851 McBrine Margaret 35 wife* Irish 1850
1851 McBrine Peter 12 son* Irish 1850
1851 McBrine Patrick 2 son* Irish 1850
(living in household with Daniel McOtty)

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