Lineage S-1: John Crockford (c1760…1784) m. Joan Perkins (c1760…1832)
Exford and Winsford, Somerset; South Molton, Devon
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Lineage S-1
    S-1                       John Crockford (c1760…1784) m. Joan Perkins (1756…1832)
    S-1.1                    William Crockford (1791?…1851-) m. Joan Vacary (…1881+)

S-1. John Crockford (c1760…1784) m. Joan Perkins (1756…1832)

John Crockford married Joan Perkins at Exford, Somerset, on 22 April 1780; John signed the register and Joan made her mark; witnesses were John and Thomas Greenslade. [Perhaps John Crockford was the child baptised at Cutcombe on 17 July 1751, son of Thomas and Alice Crockford [rf Lineage C-6, though it is likely that John born 1851 married the widowed Ursula Chapman née Crockford at Cutcombe on 5 November 1787 (with issue Thomas and Mary) [rf Lineage Lineage C-6.1.1]]. Joan was probably the daughter of JOHN and BETTY PERKINS baptised 1 October 1756 at Exford.

John and Joan were the Exford parents of:

John Crockford was buried at Exford on 29 May 1784.

Perhaps the widowed Joan had another child later:

Joan Crockford, aged 75, was buried on 4 March 1832 at Exford. [This age is consistent with the baptism-date of Joan Perkins cited above.]

S-1.1 William Crockford (1791?…1851-) m. Joan Vicary (…1881+)

William Crockford of Exford SOM, perhaps the base-born son of JOAN CROCKFORD baptised at Exford on 28 August 1791, married Joan Vicary (Vickery) in Winsford parish church on 23 April 1817. They were the Exford parents of:

By the 1851 census Joan was a widow and the family had moved to South Molton in Devon.

The 1881 census shews Ann Crockford an unmarried general servant, Elizabeth Crockford and unmarried nurse with family, William Crockford a married agricultural labourer with family and perhaps Jane Crockford married to an agricultural labourer with family, all at South Molton, Devon:
Name Position Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace eYoB
(South Molton, Devon / 64 East Street [Piece 2241, Folio 24, Page 7])
James Galliford Head Married 60 Agricultural labourer Meshaw DEV 1821
Jane Galliford Wife Married 60   Exford SOM 1821
Mary Galliford Dau Un-married 26 Wool carder South Molton DEV 1855
James Galliford Son Un-married 23 Wool spinner (WCV) South Molton DEV 1858
(South Molton, Devon / Hinds Court [Piece 2241, Folio 64, Page 27])
Henry Lane Head Married 75 Agricultural labourer South Brent DEV 1806
Elizabeth Lane Wife Married 70   Molland DEV 1811
Ann Crockford Brdr Un-married 59 General servant Exford SOM 1822
(South Molton, Devon / 3 Cooks Cross [Piece 2241, Folio 78, Page 22])
Mary Crockford Head Un-married 30 Lodger; Dressmaker South Molton DEV 1851
Alice Crockford Dau . 1 Lodger South Molton DEV 1880
Thomas Crockford Son . 2w Lodger (twin) South Molton DEV 1881
Eva Crockford Dau . 2w Lodger (twin) South Molton DEV 1881
Elizabeth Crockford Mother Un-married 56 Nurse Exford SOM 1825
(South Molton, Devon / 18 Southernhay [Piece 2241, Folio 76, Page 18])
William Crockford Head Married 45 Agricultural labourer Exford SOM 1836
Susan Crockford Wife Married 36 . South Molton DEV 1845
Ann Crockford Dau . 13 Scholar South Molton DEV 1868
Emma Crockford Dau . 10 Scholar South Molton DEV 1871
Mary Crockford Dau . 6 Scholar South Molton DEV 1875
Pos = position in Household; MS = marital status (S:single, M:married, W:widowed); X = Employment Status (E:employer, e:employed, n:neither). eYoB = estimated year of birth (Not included in Census: based on simple subtraction of age from Census year).

Susan Moore (, 16 July 2003) is a descendant of Joan Vickery's brother Robert.

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