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Emma Eugenia
1/Æ1 Barque; 383t.; 1833…1869+

Selected voyage(s):
The 383 ton A1 British barque Emma Eugenia made six passages to Australia, the first five as a convict transport. She departed London on 6 November 1837 mastered by G Wade, reaching Sydney on 9 February 1838 with 199 prisoners.

The Emma Eugenia left London/Woolwich again on 24 November 1841 mastered by Geo. Kettlewell, arriving in van Dieman's Land via the Cape of Good Hope on 9 April 1842, after a voyage of 136 days .

The Emma Eugenia brought 191 female prisoners (one of whom died during the voyage) together with 14 children, one passenger and government stores. The Surgeon Superintendent on this voyage was John Kidd, RN. The Emma Eugenia departed on 13th/18 May for Lombock and Batavia with ballast.

Kettlewell mastered her again on her third voyage, departing London on 30 November 1843 and reaching HobartTown on 2 April 1844 with 170 female prisoners. On this voyage she was mastered by Wilfred Beech.

Her fourth voyage was in 1846, departing Portsmouth on 10 February and reaching HobartTown on 5 June with 164 female prisoners. On this voyage she was mastered by Wilfred Beech.

The Emma Eugenia made her final trip as a convict transport mastered by F T Davies, departing London on 30 October 1850 and reaching HobartTown on 7 March 1851 with 170 female prisoners.

In 1852 the Emma Eugenia had an 11-year Æ1 certificate from Lloyds. She received new topsides, general repairs, felting and doubling in 1850, and sheathing with some damage repairs in 1852. The Emma Eugenia made another passage to Australia, though as an immigrant ship, departing Plymouth on 23 March 1852 and gaining Portland Bay on 8 July, returning to London via Swan River and Batavia.


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