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Early Generations (2)
    1.        James Rowe (1801c…1850) m. Ellen Carroll (1806c…1852; m2. William Richardson)
                    Ellen Carroll's Second Marriage and Subsequent Years
    1.1      Mary Ann Rowe (1827…1907) m. Ralph Jackson Kay (1833…1922)
    1.2      James William Rowe (1828c…1884) m. Bridget Carney or Kearney (1835c…1915)
    1.3      John Thomas Rowe (1831…1875) m. Ellen Garraty (…)
??? Other Female Convicts Surnamed Carroll aboard the Lady Rowena
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Other (probably unrelated) Cross or Jackson Lineages


The Rowe family traced herein came from the Sunderland area of England about 1800; the Carroll line hailed from Cork, Ireland.

Early Generations

1. James Rowe (1801c…1850) m. Ellen Carroll (1806c…1852; m2. William Richardson)

James Roe, bachelor aged 27, and Ellen Carrott, spinster aged 22, as James Rae and Ellen Carrot, each of Sydney, married at S James' CoE, King Street Sydney in August 1828. James would have been born c1801; Ellen would have been born c1806. Inserted above his age is "of Mary 2nd", and above hers "of Lady Rowena": these were convict transports, hence the need for the "consent of the Governor" for the wedding.

The Mary II, with James Rae aboard, had arrived in Sydney Cove on 23 January 1822. The 546 ton Calcutta registered ship had sailed from Portsmouth England on 5 September 1821 with a crew of 45, 176 male prisoners and a detachment of the 57th Regiment. The Bound Indent of the Mary II list James as a sweep from Sunderland, sentenced to life in Nottingham(town) Assize on 16 March 1821. He was 21 years old, 5'4" (163cm) tall, of florid complexion and with red hair and grey eyes. [The IGI indexes the baptism os a James Rowe, son of Thomas Rowe and Trulove at S Mary's church, Nottingham, on 7 April 1805: however since the James Roe of Mary II was said to be a native Sunderlander these may not be the same person. A James Rowe, son of John Rowe and Mary Ovington, was baptised in Sunderland on 3 February 1799 , this couple having married in that parish on 3 October 1798. Note that Mary and John were the names chosen by James Roe and Ellen Carroll for two of their children.]

Ellen Carroll, on the Lady Rowena, arrived in Sydney on Wednesday 17 May 1826. The Lady Rowena was a 320 ton class A1 barque built in Montreal in 1825. On this voyage she sailed from Cork on 19 January 1826, reaching Sydney after a direct voyage lasting 118 days with 100 female prisoners, 13 of their children, 2 free women and their 4 children, plus produce for the colony. Ellen was listed in the Bound Indents as Ellen Carroll, 20, uneducated single Catholic from Cork, a houseservant by calling, who had been convicted in Cork on 25 March 1825 of house robbery. With no previous convictions, she was sentenced to seven years. She was 5'0" (152cm) tall, of ruddy complexion and with dark brown hair and light blue eyes; upon arrival in New South Wales she was assigned to Thomas Cloury of Sydney.

Ellen Carroll and James Rowe had three children:
Ellen Roe, as Eleanor Carroll, wife of James Roe, was granted her Certificate of Freedom on 15 August 1832. Her complexion had become fair, and she had an angular scar on the top of her forehead. She had been granted a Ticket of Leave on 5 October 1829 (#29/829), which was deposed to have been lost. Sometime thereafter, and before 1838, Ellen and James parted: she apparently took her children north with her.

The Index of the General Return of Convicts in NSW, 1837, notes James Roe, 38, from the Mary of 1820, as being assigned to Major Lockyer at Hunters Hill, upstream from Sydney Cove. James Roe was granted a Ticket of Leave on 13 August 1840, in which he was allowed to remain in the Parramatta district on the recommendation of the Goulburn bench. This was altered to the Goulburn district on 7 October 1840, following a letter from the Parramatta Police Magistrate. A Conditional Pardon was finally signed on 9 June 1849. James Rowe died at Glenrock, near Marulan NSW on 21 July 1850. He would have tasted less than a year of full freedom in New South Wales, after 28 years of his sentence.

In 1831 James Rowe (on son James' baptismal certificate) was stated to be a 'schoolmaster'; in 1850 (on his own death certificate) he was said to have been a 'groom'; in 1875 (son James' death certificate) his calling was given as a 'coachman', and in 1907 (daughter Mary Ann's death certificate) his occupation was listed as 'vetrinary surgeon'.

Ellen Carroll's Second Marriage and Subsequent Years
Ellen Carroll, aged 32, married William Richardson at S Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Patricks Plains NSW, was in April 1838. Both were residents of the parish. Both had been convicts, and Ellen was noted as 32 years old, of the Lady Rowena, free from her seven year sentence. William was 29, with a Ticket of Leave from his 14 year sentence which had seen him transported to Australia aboard the Layton I (2), arriving in Sydney on 8 November 1829. The Layton, an E1 class 492 ton ship built at Lancaster in 1812, left London on 23 June 1829 with 190 male convicts embarked for a voyage of 138 days.

The Layton's Muster Roll noted William as a 20 year old labourer from Warwickshire, an unmarried Protestant with no education.He had been convicted in Warwickshire on 29 April 1829 for stealing clothes; it was his third conviction. He was described as 5'5" (165cm) tall, of dark ruddy complexion and with dark brown eyes and grey hair. He had a perpendicular scar in the centre of his forehead, marks on his left leg, and an anchor [tattooed] between his right thumb and finger. The authorities disposed of him by assigning him to work for T O Farnell of Kissing Point.

By 1846 Ellen appears to have become an acquaintance of Robert Cross, the maternal grandfather of Ralph Jackson Kay who was to marry Ellen's daughter Mary Ann Rowe in 1852. Ellen was a witness at the marriage of Robert Cross and Mary Jane Adamson in the Whittingham Parish CoE church (Singleton) in March 1846.

Ellen Richardson, as Ellen Richerson, nee Carroll, laundress of Singleton, aged 46 years, was buried on 24 April 1852 at Singleton Cemetery: the full inscription reads:
Of your Charity Pray for the soul of
Died Nov 27th 1884
Aged 57 years
Leaving a wife and six children to mourn his loss.
"He was a man simple and upright
fearing God and avoiding evil"
also of
Mother of the above
Died April 16th 1852 Aged 55 years
Died 18th Aug 1918 aged 83 years
Passed away 21st June 1956 Aged 87 years
If these dates for Ellen true, then she had been dead eight days when buried. Even today, this would be a considerable and unusual delay, and in 1852 it would have been rather extreme. It may reflect an unusual cause of death. [Val Potter also considers Edward's age should read 92 years].

1.1 Mary Ann Rowe (1827…1907) m. Ralph Jackson Kay (1833…1922)

Mary Ann Rowe (or Roe) was the daughter born in Sydney in October 1827 to JAMES ROWE (or ROE or RAE) (born c1802) and ELLEN CARROLL (or CARROTT, later m2 RICHARDSON). Ralph Jackson Kay, born January 1833 at Singleton NSW, was the son of JEREMIAH KAY, butcher, and JANE CROSS (1809 … 1893). He married Mary Ann Roe at West Maitland NSW, in March 1852. Ralph Jackson and Mary Ann Kay had eleven children (for further discussion of this family, see KAY lineage notes).

Mary Ann Kay nee Rowe died at Wyong in June 1907. Ralph Jackson Kay, wheelwright aged 89 years, died at New Lambton NSW in May 1922.

1.2 James William Rowe (1828c…1884) m. Bridget Carney or Kearney (1835c…1915)

James Rowe, born c1828 and baptised in February 1829, in S Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral Sydney, was the child of JAMES and ELLEN ROWE of Parramatta. It appears that James, son of James Rowe, schoolmaster, and Ellen Carroll , was baptised again on 14 July 1831, with his younger brother John, at S Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, his birthdate being written as 29 March 1831. This would appear to have been an error, reflecting John's birthdate.

James married Bridget Carney in September 1852, in the Singleton Roman Catholic church. They had seven children:
Apparently James and Bridget Rowe had a hotel at Broke, and when police were at the hotel James would put a candle in the window to warn the bushranger Frank Ward, alias Thunderbolt, that it was not safe for him to visit the premises.

James Rowe, labourer, died at Singleton in November 1884, aged 57 years. John Rowe, James' eldest son and resident of Newcastle NSW, was the informant to his death certificate. Bridget Ellen Rowe nee Carney or Kearney, pensioner aged 82 years, died in August 1915 at Bowman Street, Singleton. The informant to her death certificate, her son Edward, deposed that she was born in Co Mayo, Ireland, the daughter of John Kearney. Married at age 17 years, she had lived some 68 years in New South Wales. She was survived by six of her children.

1.3 John Thomas Rowe (1831…1875) m. Ellen Garraty (…)

John Rowe, son of JAMES ROWE and ELLEN CARROLL, was baptised in July 1831 in Sydney.

Elaine Smith of Bethania QLD [October 2002] eMailed the following details:
According to the birth certificate for their eldest child, John Row married Ellen Garraty on 14 September 1868 at ??Zamminbar NSW. John Rowe stated on the birth certificates that he was born at Maitland NSW (in, variously, 1831, 1834 or1832). Ellen Garraty stated that she was born in 1851 at Scone NSW (this matches her death certificate, but not her second marriage which implies 1854). Written surnames varied: Roe, Rowe or Row; the Garraty spelling also varied. Ellen had six children to John between 1869 and 1879, all Queensland born:
John Thomas Richardson alias Rowe, carpenter aged 43 years, died at Carcoar Hospital NSW in March 1875.

In 1882 Ellen Garraty remarried to John Johnson using her maiden name (not Rowe) [possibly she was never married to John Rowe].

Other Female Convicts Surnamed Carroll aboard the Lady Rowena.
Three other female convicts surnamed Carroll were also listed in the Bound Indents of the Lady Rowena:

#11 - Ellen Carroll, 68, (???Ellen's mother), uneducated Catholic widow and mother of two children, was a spinner from Cork. She had been convicted in Cork in August 1825 for stealing money: her first conviction, it earned her a seven year sentence. She was described as 5'1¼" (156cm) tall, with a yellow complexion and grey hair, and hazel eyes inflamed on arrival in Sydney. She was assigned to innkeeper Robert Campbell of Sydney. This Ellen Carroll was granted a Certificate of Freedom on 22 August 1832, by which time she had suffered a broken left wrist, her eyes had become grey and small, and she was nearly bald.
This Ellen Carroll may be the same person detailed in the Irish Convict Database [SLNSW]. Therein is Ellen Carroll alias Connor, tried in Cork, imprisoned in Cork, sentenced to transportation. In a document dated 11 October 1825 (document reference PPC 2533), daughter Ellen Barrett petitioned the authorities, stating that her mother was in the care of a lunatic asylum in Cork prior to her removal to the County gaol.

#24 - Mary Carroll, 38 , a married Protestant convict from Cork with one child. Mary could read, and was a needlewoman by calling. She had been convicted in Cork on 9 August 1825 on a charge of stealing a cloak, and received a seven year sentence for this her third offence. Physically, she was 5'3½" (161cm) tall, of ruddy complexion and with dark brown hair and brown eyes. On arrival in Sydney she had a problem with the front teeth in her upper jaw which were listed as a characteristic on the ship's Muster Roll. Mary was disposed by the authorities to Mrs Clarkson of Sydney. Whether Mary was related to either of the Ellen Carrolls on board is unclear.

#37 - Mary Carroll, 33 , was a childless married Catholic from Dublin. She was able to read, and her husband was apparently already in the colony. A houseservant, she had been convicted in Dublin on 2 January 1825 for stealing a watch. Her third conviction, it gained her transportation on a seven year sentence. She was 5'4½" (164cm) tall, of fair to ruddy complexion with her nose a little flat. Her hair was brown, her eyes hazel. Assigned to Francis Cox of Sydney, the ship's Muster Roll includes a cryptic later addition: "Dead as stated by Mary Carroll #24" - ie Mary aged 38 from Cork.

The 1828 Census (compiled edition) refers to these women, although not all details correlate. Ellen Carroll, 57 (sic) was a Protestant (sic) Government Servant residing at the Factory at Parramatta. A Mary Carroll, 35, was a Catholic Government Servant at the same place; another listing gave Mary Carroll, 35, a Catholic Government Servant employed a servant to Robert Bogg of Pitt Street Sydney. There was also a Catherine Carroll, 24, residing at the Factory; she was given as having arrived in 1826 aboard the Lady Rowena.

The 1837 General Return of Convicts index includes a Mary Carroll, 38, from the Lady Rowena of 1826, at gaol, in Sydney. Whichever Mary this was, she must have transgressed the law in NSW to have warranted incarceration beyond the original seven year term.

The Convict Death Register held by the AONSW , contains names forwarded by magistrates and other public officials for deaths of some but by no means all convicts. Generally these names are for those not granted their freedom, but include some names as free. There appears to no mention in the Register of James Rowe or any of the above Carrolls, by whatever spelling or other names, or of similar surnames associated with the appropriate transport vessel.

Possibly Related Families:

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Related Families from the same areas:

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Other (probably unrelated) Rowe or Carroll Lineages:
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