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1796 Flax Growers List - Fermanagh
As part of the governments initiative to encourage the linen trade, free spinning wheels or looms were granted to individuals planting a certain area of land with flax. Individual growers had to apply for the grants, and the number of spinning wheels granted was indicative of the size of the applicant's farm. [Obviously, if a forebear didn't apply they would not appear on the list]

The lists of those entitled to the awards, covering almost 60,000 individuals, were published in 1796 "by order, James Corry, Sec., Linen Office. Printed by B. & J. Williamson, printers to the Right Hon. the Trustees of the Linen Board." A typescript copy is available at PRONI on the Search Room shelves. A microfilm is also available. PRONI Ref. T.3419

Jim Dawe extracted the following Fermanagh McBrien and related names (circulated June 1999):

County Fermanagh
A list of persons to whom premiums for sowing flaxseed in the Year 1796 have been adjudged by the Trustees of the linen manufacture.
Pursuant to the scheme offered by them for encouraging the growth of flax throughout the Kingdom, viz.
To the person who should sow between the 12th day of March and the 1st day of June 1796, with sufficient quantity of good sound flax-seed, any quantity of land, well prepared and fit for the purpose not less than 1 acre 4 spinning wheels, - 3 roods 3 ditto, - 2 roods 2 ditto, - 1 rood - 1 ditto. And to the person who should sow in like manner any quantity of like land, not less than 5 acres, a loom, or wheels, reels, or hatchells to the value of 5o shillings, and for every 5 acres over and above the first five a like premium.

Parish of Aughalurher - Wheels
    Patrick McBryan 1
    Henry McBryan 1
Parish of Aughavey
    Philip Dundas 1
    Matthew McBryan 1
    Murphy McBryan 1
Parish of Belleek
    (No McBriens listed)
Parish of Cleenish
    Henry McBryan 1
    Francis Mcbryan 1
    James McBryan 1
Parish of Drumkeeren
    George Alingham 4
    Hugh Dundas 4
    William Alingham 1
Parish of Drummully
    Owen McBryan 1
    Patrick McBryan 1
Parish of Enniskillen
    Thomas McBryan 1
    Henry McBryan 1
Parish of Kinally
    Michael McBryan 1
    Patrick McBryan 1
    Robert Stevenson 1
Parish of Maherkilmoney
    Thomas Dundas 2
Parish of Maherycross
    John Dundas 1

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