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Early Generations (3)
    1.           Robert Guy (c1782…1852) m. Margaret Simpson (c1781…1864)
 Sarah Ann Guy (c1812-14…1883) m1. John Hazell (…1851?), m2. William Newell (c1819…1896)
1.1.1        Sarah Ann Hazell (1836…1922) m1. Robert Thomas Darbey (c1830…1871); m2. Henry William Hinton (…1873+)     Mary Louisa Darbey (1865…1933) m. Alfred Lockwood Holmes (c1860…1917)
    1.2           Margaret Guy (c1821…1898) m1. William Hickey (c1815…1882); m2. Thomas McArdle (…)
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Robert Guy and Margaret Simpson married somewhere in Ireland about 1800, probably at Newry, County Down; they died in New South Wales, Australia, in the mid-1800s. At least two of their five daughters (Sarah and Margaret) appear to have preceeded Margaret to NSW; each married twice in Sydney; Sarah and her mother are buried in Camperdown, Sydney.
[Thanks are due to John Dean of Mosman, Sydney (1999,2000) who researched the background of Margaret (b1821) and the marriages of Sarah Ann (b1836), and the Newry connection]

Early Generations

1.   Robert Guy (c1782…1852) m. Margaret Simpson (c1781…1864)

Margaret Simpson, daughter born c1781 in Ireland to grocer EDWARD SIMPSON, married Robert Guy in Ireland c1801 when she was about 20 years old. Margaret emigrated circa 1844 to New South Wales, where she died in 1864. She bore Robert five known children, all girls stated to be alive in 1864 (three deceased by 1883), including:

When Sarah Anne Newell formerly Hazell née Guy died at Newtown, Sydney, on 25 January 1883, her sister Margaret Hickey née Guy noted her as “the only and beloved sister of Mrs. W. Hickey, of Double Bay, Sydney.”

Margaret Guy née Simpson, 'relict of Robert', died at Newtown on 30 July 1864, and was interred 1 August 1864 in the Camperdown Cemetery at S Stephen's CoE Newtown, near the cemetery's present north-eastern corner. Her death certificate, attested by her son-in-law William Newell of Newtown, gives her age at time of death as 83 years; this would mean she had been born c1781. She had borne five children, all girls stated to be alive in 1864. She had married Robert Guy in Ireland when she was about 20 years old. According to the certificate, Margaret had lived some 20 years in Australia, indicating immigration c1844, which if accurate would indicate that she had arrived some nine years after her daughter Sarah had immigrated and married.

It is not known what became Robert Guy. A Robert Guy of Newtown, aged 79 years, died 15 October 1852 and was intered next day in the CoE section of Camperdown Cemetery: this would give an approximate birth year of 1773. He was in the right place at the right time to have been Margaret’s husband. A notice in The Sydney Morning Herald of 18 October 1852 read [the different dates and ages are noted]:
"Guy, Robert— 16 October 1852. Late of Newry, Co. Down, England. Aged 70, at his residence, Newtown."

1.1   Sarah Ann Guy (c1812/14…1883) m1. John Hazell, m2. William Newell (c1819…1896)

Sarah Ann Guy was the daughter born in Ireland circa 1812/14 of ROBERT GUY and MARGARET SIMPSON. Sarah, 21, arrived in Sydney as an assisted (bounty) immigrant on 27 February 1835, aboard the female immigrant ship the Duchess of Northumberland which had carried mainly single females from London, Dublin and Cork. She was engaged by a Mrs Macvitie, whose husband Thomas was a manager with the Bank of Australia.

Sarah married John Hazell [sometimes transcribed as Harell] in 1836 at S James' CoE, King Street, Sydney. It appears John had been transported to Australia, arriving in the Royal Sovereign on 11 December 1835, later becoming a constable. While resident in Parramatta Street, Sarah bore John one child,

When Sarah was baptised at S James' on 15 January 1837, her father was stated to be a constable; her mother's 1883 death certificate suggests that this daughter was then still alive. It is not known what became John Hazell; it is possible that he was re-assigned as a convict (to Patricks Plains near Newcastle), dying aged 50 in a lunatic asylum at Hunters Hill in Sydney on 25 August 1851 and intered to the rites of the CoE.

In 1838 spinster (sic) Sarah Hazell née Sarah Ann Guy married bachelor shopman William Newell at S Philip's CoE in Sydney NSW. William Newell, born c1818 in (?Dublin) Ireland, was the second child and eldest son of WILLIAM NEWELL (1797…1853) and his first wife ANNA —. Sarah bore William Newell seven children:

Sarah Newell (formerly Harell, née Guy), 69, died at home in Mechanic Street, Newtown NSW on 25 January 1883. Her death certificate indicates that her father had been a 'currier' (someone who dresses or colours leather after it has been tanned) (?carrier), and that she had resided some 48 years in NSW. She was survived by her husband William, five sons and three daughters (presumably this includes the child of her first marriage).

The widowed William, now aged about 67, remarried in the chapel of Trinity School at MacDonaldtown near Newtown NSW on 29 November 1885 (?1884), his second wife being the 23 year old spinster Margaret Allan. Margaret bore William four children. William Newell (jnr.), house and land agent, died on 21 July 1896 in his home at 29 Horden Street, Newtown.
[For further details of William Newell and his family, follow this link.]

1.1.1  Sarah Ann Hazell (1836…1922) m1. Robert Thomas Darbey (c1830…1871); m2. Henry William Hinton (…1873+)

Sarah Ann Hazell was the sole issue of JOHN HAZELL and his wife SARAH GUY. Born December 1836 when her parents were residing in Parramatta Street, Sydney, she was baptised at S James' in  January 1837, when her father was stated to be a constable. Sarah's marriage, as Sarah Ann Hazell Newell, to Captain Robert Thomas Darbey, was registered at St George, Sydney, in 1858, The Sydney Morning Herald of Thursday 23 December 1858, Saturday 25 December 1858 and Thursday 27 January 1859 noting: "MARRIAGE. On Tuesday. 21st December, at St. Peter's, Cook's River, by the Rev. Mr. Nixon, Captain R. T. Darbey of the brig Amherst, to Sarah Anne Hazell, eldest daughter of Mr. William Newell, auctioneer, of this city.”

Sarah bore Robert three children:

Captain Robert Thomas Darbey was lost with his ship the Centurion when it disappeared in early 1871 en route from Liverpool England to New York. Sarah's subsequent marriage to Henry William Hinton was registered in Sydney in 1873, with one issue:

Sarah lived for a time with her son-in-law Alfred Holmes, later returning to Newtown where she is said to have owned many houses which her son Henry Hinton mortaged, the mortagee later exercising power of sale.

Sarah Ann Hinton (formerly Darbey, née Hazell) died in 1922 at Newtown NSW, aged 83 years.  Mary Louisa Darbey (1865…1933) m. Alfred Lockwood Holmes (c1860…1917)

Mary Louisa Darbey was the third child of SARAH ANN HAZELL and her husband, sea-faring Captain ROBERT THOMAS DARBEY. Mary married Alfred Lockwood Holmes in Sydney on 6 February 1890, The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 1 March 1890 (p1) reporting: “HOLMES-DARBEY-February 6, at St. Philip's Church, by the Rev. J. D. Langley, assisted by the Rev. W. A. Charlton, Alfred Lockwood Holmes to Mary Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Captain R. T. Darbey.”; they were the parents of:

The death of Alfred Lockwood Holmes, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH, on 20 February 1917, was registered at Petersham and noted in The Sydney Morning Herald of Thursday 22 February 1917 (p6).

The death of Mary Louisa Holmes née Darbey, indexed as the daughter of WILLIAM R and SARAH A, was registered at Waverley in 1933; The Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 21 July 1933 (p8) noting:“HOLMES.—July 20, 1933 Mary Louisa Holmes, of Kobada Flats, Oliver-road, Roseville widow of the late Alfred Lockwood Holmes and mother of Frederick and Nessie, aged 68 years.”.

1.2  Margaret Guy (c1821…1898) m1. William Hickey (c1815…1882); m2. Thomas McArdle (…)

Margaret Guy, born in Ireland [at Newry, County Down] circa 1821 to ROBERT GUY and MARGARET SIMPSON, emigrated to Australia, arriving in Sydney in 1842? as Margaret Gray?. Margaret Guy married William Hickey in 1843 in St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Sydney.

William Hickey, of Double Bay NSW, died in 1882, aged 67 years. His death certificate was attested by his "uncle" Walter Turon Newell of William Street, Double Bay, who stated that William, born in Liverpool [ENG], was the son of warehouseman MICHAEL HICKEY and MARGARET SIMPSON [regard her surname as an error: Walter would have been Margaret’s nephew] and had been resident in New South Wales for 41 years. He had married Margaret Guy in Sydney when 27 years of age; no children were noted.

The widowed Margaret Hickey (née Guy) subsequently married Irish-born widower Thomas McArdle, a ?squatter, in 1886 at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic church in Sydney. Thomas McArdle named his parents as farmer ?PETER McARDLE and MARY MULLIGAN; Margaret named hers as carrier (?currier) ROBERT HICKEY [regard that surname as an error] and MARGARET SIMPSON. At the time of her 1886 marriage, Magaret Hickey lived at Woolloomooloo NSW.

Margaret McArdle (formerly Hickey, née Guy), aged 77 years, died in 1898 at Double Bay, Sydney.

[John Dean (2000) thinks that Margaret perhaps emigrated from Cork on the Sir Edward Paget, arriving in Sydney on 14 February 1842, her name appearing to be written as Margaret Gray.]

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