Ross Beattie's FROST, TUDBALL and WEBBER Lineages
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Early Generations


This family is first identified about Exford, Cutcombe and Wheddon Cross in north-western Somerset.

Early Generations

1 William Webber (…) m. Elizabeth Tudball (1647?…)

William Webber and Elizabeth Tudball were married at Exford on 5 November 1668. Elizabeth Tudball was probably the daughter baptised at Exford in October 1647 to JOHN and JOAN TUDBALL (marriage not located in Exford records). William Webber may have been the son baptised at Exford 9 May 1641 to WILLIAM and MARGARET WEBBER, or perhaps though less likely [given age and children's names] the son baptised at Exford 16 June 1650 to MAURICE WEBBER (died 30 December 1694) and EMOTT ALMSWORTHIE (died 8 February 1687G [1786J]) who had married at Exford in June 1640.

Offspring of William Webber and Elizabeth Tudball included;

1.1 Ursula Webber (1678…1729) m. William Frost (…1741?)

Ursula Webber and William Frost were married at Exford on 22 April 1704. For further details see Section 2 below.

2 William Frost (…1741?) m. Ursula Webber (1678…1729)

William Frost and Ursula Webber were married at Exford on 22 April 1704. Their offspring included;
Ursula Frost, wife of William, was buried at Exford on 21 November 1729; a William Frost was buried at Exford on 15 November 1741.

2.1 Jane Frost (1718…) m. Hugh Crockford (…)

Jane Frost married Hugh Crockford at Wiveliscombe on 29 July 1739. (for further details see Crockford notes)
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There are many Tudball and Webber events recorded in the registers of Exford, Cutcombe and surrounding parishs.

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