Lineage 5: Charles Crockford m.(c1860?) Sarah Westall, of Berkshire)
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Lineage 5
    5                       Charles Crockford (c1829…1891) m. Sarah Westalll (c1831…1899)
    5.1                    John Lee Crockford (1862…) m. Annie Allen (1865…)
    5.1.1                 Marjorie Evelyn Crockford (1907…) m. George Michael Vock              Evelyn J Vock m. — McDonald

5 Charles Crockford (c1829…1891) m. Sarah Westell (c1831…1899)

per Evelyn McDonald (pers comm 16 February 2004), who can trace her Crockford line back to about 1548, thanks to Ken Rhoades and others.

Charles Crockford, born about 1829 at Waltham St Lawrence Berkshire, married Sarah Ann Westall on 25 August 1857 at Faringdon, Berkshire. Sarah had been born about 1831 at Ashbury, Berkshire. Charles and Sarah appear to have had at least seven children:

Charles Crockford died on 23 June 1891 at Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire. Sarah Ann Crockford née Westell died 13 November, 1899. One of Charles and Sarah's sons was reportedly a Grenadier Guard

5.1 John Lea Crockford (1862…1933) m. Annie Allen (1865…1952)
[Berkshire; NSW Australia]

John Lee Crockford, born May 1862 at Twyford, Berkshire, was a Captain in the Salvation Army at Burnham Westgate, Norfolk, when he married Annie Allen at Thornham, Norfolk, in November 1892. Annie was born in November 1865. They had seven children:
This Crockford family emigrated to Australia in 1912 and 1913. John Lea Crockford died on 20 September 1933 at Pheasants Nest NSW. Annie Crockford née Allen died 11 May 1952 at Punchbowl NSW.

5.1.1 Marjorie Evelyn Crockford (1907…1978) m. George Michael Vock

Marjorie Evelyn Crockford, born June 1907 at Capel St Mary, Suffolk, married George Michael Vock: in 1925. George was the son of GEORG MICHAEL VOCK and MATILDA MOONEY (married June 1897; eight children). George and Marjorie had at least one child: Evelyn J Vock m. — McDonald

In 1997 and 1998 Mrs Evelyn J McDonald of Tahmoor NSW wrote to the author regarding Berkshire Crockfords, especially of the Hurst / Waltham /St. Lawrence / Binfield area. She had also heard from a person organsing a Crockford One Name interest group, and a lady researching the Crockfords of the Hurley / Maidenhead area, especially William who married Elizabeth Surfleet in Southhampton in 1870.

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